JUSTICE LEAGUE NEW Trailer #3 (2017) Batman Superman Superhero Movie HD

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  • ishwor 2074
    ishwor 2074 10 hours ago

    will superman return ... ?

  • Donovan Durkes
    Donovan Durkes 3 days ago


  • The WaPikmin
    The WaPikmin 4 days ago

    We need Green Lantern, Shazam and Martian Manhunter i'm sure they'll think of a way to get these guys in.

  • Bill Goldberg
    Bill Goldberg 4 days ago

    the superman is not in this movie

  • Bill Goldberg
    Bill Goldberg 4 days ago

    the superman is not in this movie

  • Bill Goldberg
    Bill Goldberg 4 days ago

    there is no superman

  • victor hernandez hernandez

    esperando con muchas ganas de verla

  • Sandra lHaurault
    Sandra lHaurault 6 days ago

    John Jonnz was part of original Justice League not an Cyborg,the same as Spiderman learned his skills by himself there was NO influence or connection with Tony Stark or Ironman. Ironman's nemisis was Dr.Doom get it right Marvel

  • Annoyingmint100
    Annoyingmint100 7 days ago

    Aren't they darseid's minion things!?

  • Kule Reuben
    Kule Reuben 8 days ago

    Amazing for this year

  • Troy Carter
    Troy Carter 8 days ago

    still no superman why put his name in the title ?

    SAJ ALI 9 days ago

    Oh look it's holocaust woman...

  • Chess Not Checkers
    Chess Not Checkers 9 days ago

    Crazy to think about all of these movies with plots of invasions via wormholes...Transformers, Avengers, I assume Justice League, and probably more...you'd think these directors and writers wouldn't use the same idea. Unless they think they're being prophetic. After all, the weirdness in this solar system over the last decade, esp recently has been fucking nuts. It feels more real than fake. All these state and country-sized ships floating around. Open talk of funding for a space fleet to protect Earth. Huge ships diving into and hanging around our sun. NTE's hovering above 🌎. A fucking trip. Makes you wonder...

    BOSNIANxLION 10 days ago

    2.35 epic

  • Mark Madison
    Mark Madison 10 days ago

    At 2:03 there's Rick Sanchez in the background.... This trailer is way cooler after noticing that

  • David
    David 12 days ago

    Where exactly was superman in all that ?????

  • Rubaisha khan
    Rubaisha khan 14 days ago

    Please, PLEASE make this good. I feel ashamed as a dc fan because of the movies. Just don't try catching up with marvel like before. It could be little, but it should be good. I hope they tried putting the efforts they put in their animated work.

  • krishna mukundh
    krishna mukundh 15 days ago

    YOU DC!!!!! If you lose superman, it's your ending,

    DRAGOTH BELMONT 18 days ago

    my Dracula's instincts tells me that Superman will appear only at the very end of the movie
    like " surprise bitches "

  • David Fifa
    David Fifa 18 days ago

    Barry Allen: What are your superpower again?.
    Bruce Wayne :I'm rich.

  • Polo Sanabria
    Polo Sanabria 18 days ago

    what about SUPERMAN!!!!!!???????

  • Jacqueline Mijango
    Jacqueline Mijango 19 days ago

    The creator of the movie said "It's not a justice league movie with out superman..." He said that in one of his interview of justice league.

  • evils222
    evils222 19 days ago

    - What are your superpowers again?
    - I'm rich.

    LMFAO :D

  • RememberEddieYork
    RememberEddieYork 19 days ago

    Now all we need is Apache Chief, Black Vulcan & Samurai.

  • Vinnie Moran
    Vinnie Moran 20 days ago

    What's with the weird rug on Affleck's head?

  • sarvesh rai
    sarvesh rai 20 days ago

    this trailer is incomplete without superman

  • Transitional energy
    Transitional energy 21 day ago


  • Leon Gibson
    Leon Gibson 22 days ago

    Meanwhile, at the Hall of Justice.

  • dada femi
    dada femi 22 days ago

    DCEU is using the cover of darkness to hide their crappy cgi

  • Shinkai9/kami16
    Shinkai9/kami16 24 days ago

    Barry's farther will be in this movie

  • Redeemer Nigoohaem
    Redeemer Nigoohaem 24 days ago

    Am i the only one who loses his shit when wonder woman is on ?

  • rdx Rakesh
    rdx Rakesh 24 days ago

    Where is the fucking supperman

  • Rakesh Lal
    Rakesh Lal 25 days ago

    It was superman who founded justice league.

  • Comic Universe
    Comic Universe 25 days ago

    2:03 did u see Rick And Morty on that computer?

  • Jon Bongo
    Jon Bongo 25 days ago

    Yes I had a look again it is definitely a like sweep

  • Paradox R.N.O
    Paradox R.N.O 25 days ago

    I'm saying this now justice league will be better than civil war

  • Jon Bongo
    Jon Bongo 25 days ago

    Nice Wonder Woman wedgie when she's doing the leg sweep type move

  • Laptop021/jack
    Laptop021/jack 25 days ago

    i swear to god if superman dosn't come back i'm going to kill myself....

  • Michael Le
    Michael Le 25 days ago

    Sorry if I'm not caught up... But... No Green Lantern, or Martian Man Hunter...

  • Dex Man
    Dex Man 25 days ago

    I hope Sup coms at the end and saves the day... and the end

  • Nelson Camacho
    Nelson Camacho 25 days ago


  • Jorge Ojeda
    Jorge Ojeda 26 days ago

    Sin supermaaaaaan naaaaaaaaa basura marvel le va a dar piyuyo

  • alex curran
    alex curran 26 days ago

    They better make Steppenwolf badass

  • tessamia1
    tessamia1 26 days ago

    Superman got all those powers...he should be in the end to help.

  • JamesJamal98
    JamesJamal98 27 days ago

    Will definitely destroy the Avengers in the box office!

  • Barrythe Speedster
    Barrythe Speedster 27 days ago

    Zack synder should make berserk into a movie

  • Jordan Conley
    Jordan Conley 27 days ago

    Ben Afleck ruins every movie for me!

  • Ahmad Sharmizie
    Ahmad Sharmizie 28 days ago

    hope the sequel have superman n green lantern

  • Mrporkchop Is Me
    Mrporkchop Is Me 29 days ago

    Has anyone noticed those creatures look they are in bat man v superman???

  • Game Slime
    Game Slime 29 days ago

    Fake! It's not official trailer #3

  • W. Rivera
    W. Rivera Month ago

    they should have really had superman in this first JL flick.. it is not the same.

    I already give 4 rotten tomatoes

  • Holly Baldwin
    Holly Baldwin Month ago

    I still like The Flash actor from TV series - can't believe they didn't use him - well that's why Marvel kicks DC butt in moviedom

  • Keri Hernandez
    Keri Hernandez Month ago

    Apple encounter shoe veogrqo deny awful lately legend level relation flow profound.

  • Team Deo
    Team Deo Month ago


  • Seymore Butts
    Seymore Butts Month ago +2

    Do not reveal Superman yet! Too many films give the entire story away with one 3 minute trailer!

  • WhatevrNameIsntTaken

    same trailer twice, thanks assholes.

  • Khayri
    Khayri Month ago

    so what is your superpower?
    -I am rich

  • Geo garcia
    Geo garcia Month ago

    fuck no where is cw berry Alan he's way better the fuck this emo looking ass bitch can't be flash

  • kay C
    kay C Month ago

    everyone is saying that marvel is stronger that DC character πŸ˜‚ but they fail to realize marvels character are being controlled by the government in the movie like civil war... No one can control DC character they are waayy to powerful.. that like trying to arrest green lantern or superman its just not gonna happen dc is stronger

  • DynamicUrufu.
    DynamicUrufu. Month ago

    I see that this Flash actually dose something, unlike the CW version.

  • Brett Vinton
    Brett Vinton Month ago

    I hope it still kicks ass.

  • Mr.Jerry Fizz
    Mr.Jerry Fizz Month ago

    lex autor flip the picture in the Batman v spman and I think the devil will come and Superman will came up from the death

  • Rajat Sharma
    Rajat Sharma Month ago

    where is super man

  • anm21
    anm21 Month ago

    I'm so excited for this!!!!! 😍

  • cooldude56g
    cooldude56g Month ago +1

    I'm so sad this movie is probably gonna suck...

  • Brett Vinton
    Brett Vinton Month ago

    That's what I'm thinking.

  • Deathcoln's World
    Deathcoln's World Month ago

    DC is trying to pretend that Superman really died, but BVS says otherwise. Even Lego knows that Superman ain't dead!

  • Anonymous sound
    Anonymous sound Month ago

    Just here for Wonder Woman and proud to be so

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago

    Where is Superman? They wont show him to the movie starts from the way there doing these trailers.

  • ArchPen
    ArchPen Month ago

    Trailer 3 Now!

  • Tony Stark001
    Tony Stark001 Month ago +1

    Superman still taking a nap i see πŸ€”
    I'll come back much never then.

  • viktor josevski
    viktor josevski Month ago

    Batman is the Black beta version, og iron man

  • superman prime
    superman prime Month ago

    fun fact did you know only kryptonite from this universe can only hurt him

  • Rin Lizer
    Rin Lizer Month ago

    where the supermanM

  • Miles Macy
    Miles Macy Month ago

    not new

  • Ayub Samuel
    Ayub Samuel Month ago

    Noticed the moment Lois turn around. I betcha it's teaser for Superman. No Superman no JL. Just saying though

  • Zeckmon
    Zeckmon Month ago

    I don't care dc war between marvel I just want to see the comic characters in big screen

  • Roy Jumonville
    Roy Jumonville Month ago

    clickbate at best

  • jeff alvarez
    jeff alvarez Month ago

    why is this "3d" cyborg in there ruining the fucking movie??

  • Sher Jung Thapa
    Sher Jung Thapa Month ago

    Where is the SuperMan?

  • Pedro S B
    Pedro S B Month ago

    cΓ³mo se corta el cabello sΓΊperman? ninguna tijeras podrΓ‘!

  • xhemexx
    xhemexx Month ago

    I think since Black Adam is in this, that Captain Marvel (Shazam) will be in this some time towards the end in a cameo!! Because Black Adam is Shazams villain.

  • Christopher Hause
    Christopher Hause Month ago

    Without Kal el there is no league.

  • Jeff_yourMusic
    Jeff_yourMusic Month ago

    I want Superman so badly!!!

  • b i r d b r a i n
    b i r d b r a i n Month ago

    I want to see the movies show how powerful the flash really is, he's basically more powerful than Superman

  • beaggyboy
    beaggyboy Month ago

    Woe x3, just a minute x2.
    Mr./Ms. producers, if Superman is included in the upcoming "Justice League" or any other following installments. please x2, return the actor (Mr.Cavill) to his original hair-do/style from that 20-13's debut-intro of an all new, fresh-faced "Supes" in 'Man Of Steel'. Cuz the recent installment of 'Bats versus Supes' : really made Mr.Cavill or a.k.a.Superman to look somewhat old-advanced. Likened him to probably somewhere in the order of as if he is in his 50s & it all boils-down to that awful hair style he'd been assigned with. Reminiscent to the hair-do that was what was the staple & found itself a common place with most dignified-upright male persons of that early 19-hundreds era. Sort of the "In" thing (fashion) of male hair-do of the day & Yuck! if not suck. Aw C'mon, most evryone commends he's 1 very handsome man in 'Man of Steel', but the contrary was heard of the man or rather figure in recent, wic sez he has age a lot from since. That's absolutely not true, howevr it's the lousy hair-do that is culpable.

  • ian favors
    ian favors Month ago

    Why didn't they include Martian manhunter

  • mr Junior
    mr Junior Month ago

    money is super power

  • Danger One Studio
    Danger One Studio Month ago

    Lois doing what Lois always does....nothing.

  • Diego Vazquez
    Diego Vazquez Month ago

    Fuck superman

  • Monarch Agency
    Monarch Agency Month ago

    0:34 LOIS????? YESSS!!! A SIGN!!!

  • Monarch Agency
    Monarch Agency Month ago

    do not say that Superman is really dead.

  • Dim Max
    Dim Max Month ago

    stupid vignette. putaclic

  • Mr Switch
    Mr Switch Month ago

    super man will be a bad ass till he almost kills batman in a fight. up until flash brings him his bitch to prove batman had not got her killed. then after he turns good. its going to be epic

  • KebenaranHAKIKI
    KebenaranHAKIKI Month ago

    ok, when i saw Justice League on animation, there's Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and Green Lantern not Aquaman.

  • Elizabeth HairStyles Pro

    What is your super power again? IM RICH omg bruce stop watching Avengers movies :v

  • Boom PaTuCara
    Boom PaTuCara Month ago

    After WW i got a feeling this movie is gonna be πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  • Natalia Richa
    Natalia Richa Month ago

    Cyborg look like cheap cgi video game character

  • bumblebeeeoptimus
    bumblebeeeoptimus Month ago


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