Survive Being Buried Alive - EPIC HOW TO

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    Starring Joe Bereta -
    Episode Animated by Bryan Wieder -
    Written by Matthew Brian Cohen
    Produced by Joe Bereta and Michael Rainey -
    Executive Producer - Andy Signore -
  • Science & TechnologyScience & Technology
  • Runtime: 6:41
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  • Dolap Gaming
    Dolap Gaming 5 hours ago

    And how would you survive being cremated???

  • dharamjit madahar
    dharamjit madahar 7 hours ago

    i dont have to worry about being buried alive i have to worry about being burned alive.

  • Zhafri Norhisham
    Zhafri Norhisham 14 hours ago

    How to survive being friedzone

  • ADr0id Daily
    ADr0id Daily 2 days ago

    maybe he needed some water because its so hot in hell

  • me+food〈3
    me+food〈3 3 days ago

    This video was so suffocating I could almost feel it

  • eriksonda prijatelj
    eriksonda prijatelj 3 days ago

    how to survive a school

  • Michael B. Perryman, Jr


  • SophiaCantadia 14
    SophiaCantadia 14 4 days ago

    how to become a YouTuber😉😉😉

  • Nathan Russell
    Nathan Russell 4 days ago

    How to commit credit card fraud

  • MythicLevy
    MythicLevy 5 days ago

    Why not just spit? The saliva will go down whatever direction the ground is.

  • Brandon Family
    Brandon Family 5 days ago +1

    Justine from Escape the Night Season 1 could have used this info

  • Striking Cheetah
    Striking Cheetah 6 days ago +1

    6:02 zombies!!!

  • Jeff Stouffer
    Jeff Stouffer 7 days ago


  • EndGame
    EndGame 8 days ago

    Hell is much more terrifying than being buried alive.

  • Scrub Fiji
    Scrub Fiji 9 days ago

    Imagine how sad that would be haveing your 2 year old son die then have him come back alive again only to die

  • Cranycane Dimples
    Cranycane Dimples 9 days ago

    WHY DID I READ THIS AS BEING burnt alive *smh* 😐

  • Piizzasia
    Piizzasia 9 days ago

    Who is buried under tons of pillows and someone sat on you so ur neck and shoulders hurt and typing wid ur left hand?welp me

  • James Brown
    James Brown 9 days ago

    Who else came here after watching the movie "buried"??

  • Maeve Gillies
    Maeve Gillies 10 days ago

    I was almost in an avalanche, cause I live in Colorado

  • I Am Lonely
    I Am Lonely 13 days ago

    ima ask my family to bury me with a shovel in my coffin

  • amor De primavera!
    amor De primavera! 13 days ago

    How to survive Donald trump

  • Vivek sai kode
    Vivek sai kode 13 days ago

    do how to make a machine gun

  • Laughingpug
    Laughingpug 14 days ago

    yeah that's the thing in an enclosed space the amount of oxygen doesn't matter as much as you think. You don't typically ever run out of oxygen you die from the carbon dioxide build up long before you run out of air.

  • Starclan Warrior
    Starclan Warrior 14 days ago

    Last person on earth plz

  • BattleWolfGaming
    BattleWolfGaming 15 days ago

    your my hero i am scared to DEATH of being buried alive. i know you shouldent panic in any situation.

  • PandaPlays
    PandaPlays 15 days ago

    If i would be buried alive i would die because i have claustrophobia

  • King Aaron
    King Aaron 15 days ago

    How to cheat death

  • Louise bell
    Louise bell 16 days ago

    What if true soil overflows and gets into the coffin what would happen next?

  • violetqueen RG
    violetqueen RG 19 days ago

    😲 omg, anyone think that really crazy?!?

  • Evelyn Yao
    Evelyn Yao 20 days ago

    Thumbnail looks like Ryan Reynolds

  • Cameron Johnson
    Cameron Johnson 22 days ago

    This is my nightmare

  • Kirito Usumaki
    Kirito Usumaki 23 days ago

    what if a mob boss buries you

  • Breezy Boo
    Breezy Boo 23 days ago

    how to survive a school shooting

  • Chloe Gutsch
    Chloe Gutsch 24 days ago

    Please make a how to deal with depression please! I need help

  • Captinrex 276
    Captinrex 276 25 days ago

    Why whoud you be carrying a snow mobile😂😂😂

  • Jaxon Spinuzza
    Jaxon Spinuzza 26 days ago

    Nuke war

  • FunweyGames
    FunweyGames 26 days ago

    How To survive a explosion 7 feet away from you. please think of this \(^o^)/\(^o^)/

  • eric777100763
    eric777100763 26 days ago

    is there an app on my iPhone for calling when buried alive can someone please let me know thank

  • Ansh Kataria
    Ansh Kataria 27 days ago

    Who thought about kill bill vol.2 while watching this video?

  • Seb Sports
    Seb Sports 27 days ago

    2:46 "a study done in 1905" ...have a more recent study or nah

  • AGuyInTheCrowd
    AGuyInTheCrowd 28 days ago

    Survive being buried alive...

    Hey, that rhymed!

  • Aniston Walker
    Aniston Walker 29 days ago

    I actually already know how to do most of this thanks to "The Complete Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook". Yay!

  • Minato Namikaze
    Minato Namikaze 29 days ago

    I simply want to be cremated so that i never will be buried alive its my worst nightmare

  • Romanian Pikachu
    Romanian Pikachu 29 days ago

    "To Know If You Are Going Down Or Up" *Ffs You Go Up Down And Fall From Sky Your Mind Knows If You Are With Your Head Down Or Up*

  • lildaboss554
    lildaboss554 Month ago

    I been buried alive before

  • mobman47
    mobman47 Month ago

    I'm watching this to see if Joan Ferguson can escape the box she was buried in

  • Candy Soto
    Candy Soto Month ago +1

    Zombies explained

  • Candy Soto
    Candy Soto Month ago +1

    Why did I think the thumbnail said burned 😕😐 good idea for an episode

  • Smooki Smooku
    Smooki Smooku Month ago

    Instructions unclear:

    Dug up a child's grave, and gave his bones to my dog.

  • Paradox
    Paradox Month ago

    How to not die

  • Riddle
    Riddle Month ago +1

    About the 2 year old Brazilian. The reason why is maybe because one part of his lungs was open but then covered.

  • Spyro2706
    Spyro2706 Month ago

    Dean Winchester wants his outfit back hahahaha

  • SGT_ Bagel
    SGT_ Bagel Month ago

    How to have Sex

  • Ravenclaw member
    Ravenclaw member Month ago

    A good way to know where the surface is in an avalanche is peeing. The pee will go the opposite of where the surface is. Disgusting but life saving.

  • Emilis CHOREVAS
    Emilis CHOREVAS Month ago

    You just gave me another reason for having nightmares :(

  • ReinBow
    ReinBow Month ago

    U die then u know that u thirsty so u came back to life drink a cup of water and then die again. Wow interesting

  • Yoboss360
    Yoboss360 Month ago

    3:17 can't die on an empty stomache

  • elina deshpande
    elina deshpande Month ago

    This my worst fear, wit an added topping of claustrophobia, so thanks man. really, thanks.

  • Creative Noose The Moose

    1st Step: Be Dean Winchester.

    GROW PROS Month ago +1

    how to not panic when you are burried alive😆

  • FoxCrashTV
    FoxCrashTV Month ago

    but what if someone like, ties you to a chair and buries to in a concrete or cinder block wall? what then?

  • Lucifer
    Lucifer Month ago

    I just watched buried

  • TRU3 9OOO
    TRU3 9OOO Month ago


  • Miss Marilyn
    Miss Marilyn Month ago


  • Raccoon Proof
    Raccoon Proof Month ago

    What if you get buried alive by someone who is intentionally doing it?

  • Amey Beast
    Amey Beast Month ago

    imagine watching this video in a coffin you been buried aive

  • Ganta Kanata
    Ganta Kanata Month ago +1

    Soooo if ur bured naked ur fucked

  • WOW wow
    WOW wow Month ago

    what if your in a vault you're probably screwed

  • Tuniverse. dark
    Tuniverse. dark Month ago

    Thanks, I've been trying to get out of my coffin for three hours now

  • Timothy Hoang
    Timothy Hoang Month ago

    ok be honest guys who came here after watching that buried movie?

  • PowerBurger
    PowerBurger Month ago +1

    Now days they actually put cement tombs around the coffin to prevent the coffin eroding into the earth.

  • Henry richard
    Henry richard Month ago

    What if it rains?

  • Dummy 521
    Dummy 521 Month ago

    Imma tell my family to buy a cheap coffin

  • Gannie Pong
    Gannie Pong Month ago +1

    1:44 thank me later

  • Ava McCallum
    Ava McCallum Month ago

    How to survive a dinosaur! I mean like Jurassic park is all about dinosaurs and it's real isn't it? I mean like isn't it

  • Jajaziel8amtz
    Jajaziel8amtz Month ago

    And what if you get buried alive by the mob?

  • RenDEL GamING
    RenDEL GamING Month ago

    buried in sement lol

  • Michael Chatman
    Michael Chatman Month ago

    but sometimes they put concrete over them.....

  • Samantha Butler
    Samantha Butler Month ago

    Maybe it's just where I live where it's mandatory to have your coffin in a concrete box and then buried....

  • William GameNight
    William GameNight Month ago

    Epic how to survive the swamp

  • Light Saber
    Light Saber Month ago

    Can't you just shoot through it with mini shotgun

  • Tiger_ Lily
    Tiger_ Lily Month ago +3


    Tiger lillys will
    I want WiFi in my coffin
    I want a working outlet in my coffin
    I want my charger in my coffin
    I want my phone in my coffin
    I want all my stuff to go to my bff, my favorite cosin, my mom, and whoever is reading this.
    I want Me in my coffin
    I want headphones in my coffin (just in case i need to watch some shows)
    I want a cheapest coffin you can find

  • Jay Just Gamin
    Jay Just Gamin Month ago +1

    how to survive stepping on a lego

  • Randy T
    Randy T Month ago

    Hey, when you are F***** then you are F*****. Get over it and keep climbing!

  • Yusuf  Roblox and More!

    This guy was on a smosh vid! Noice

  • dead red self-esteem

    i was looking for more of a "how to survive being buried alive on purpose by people who hate you" but this is still good

  • Skull Sheep
    Skull Sheep Month ago

    There's a movie called buried its really good

  • Tatiana Rodriguez
    Tatiana Rodriguez Month ago

    i thought it said "burned alive."

  • what is cow ?
    what is cow ? Month ago

    what if you saw another dead body getting out of the coffin

  • Richard Watson
    Richard Watson Month ago

    how much dirt would i have to displace from outside into the coffin before i could actually climb out ? , also limiting my air supply and the coffin can only hold so much dirt and 6ft down is a lot of dirt and thats only assuming i can make a hole big enough to take dirt in the coffin , helps to have a pocket knife and a small hand shovel

  • R.I.P. Dino
    R.I.P. Dino 2 months ago

    for the kid that died woke up and then died that was his final burst of energy which is part of the death process

  • SRO3
    SRO3 2 months ago +1

    If you're embalmed after death which most people are, you're not going to wake up in your casket. They didn't embalm people back in the 18 and early 1900's, that's why people were sometimes buried alive. That would be an extremely rare occurrence now days.

  • Orion Molaro
    Orion Molaro 2 months ago

    veatrix kiddo much?

    BC ELITE 2 months ago

    wait, Ethan green? that's my friend's name

  • ASMRSanty 1
    ASMRSanty 1 2 months ago

    Thanks you told zombies how to escape

  • Ben Mogensen
    Ben Mogensen 2 months ago

    0:48 "Colorado Avalanche™"

  • Tyler Williams
    Tyler Williams 2 months ago

    I feel like someone is watching this in a coffin.

  • GOA Keopi
    GOA Keopi 2 months ago

    Actually...when you're buried you're in the middle of some sort of concrete block.

  • Lazer Dog
    Lazer Dog 2 months ago

    what if I make it in 15 minutes and 1 second ;)

  • Shanniya Walker
    Shanniya Walker 2 months ago

    I love these videos

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