Milo Yiannopoulos Interview | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

  • Added:  6 months ago
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    The controversial senior editor of Brietbart News and author of the upcoming book, "Dangerous," joins Bill Maher to discuss free speech and his reputation as an internet troll.

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  • Runtime: 11:06
  • Milo Yiannopoulos  Breitbart News  Dangerous  Leah Remini  A&E  Scientology and the Aftermath  Jack Kingston  Republican  Georgia  Malcolm Nance  Larry Wilmore (Comedian)  

Comments: 14 496

  • Kevin S.
    Kevin S. 10 hours ago

    i support president trump, and am a big fan of milo's. thank you milo! and heres to bill maher for being... cool, and a liberal...ha ha.

  • Jaden Jahci
    Jaden Jahci 16 hours ago

    6:11 to 6:14 is in fact not a true statement...but then again Suckers will believe anything.
    The Fun House Mirrors (commentary style)

  • coolpras26
    coolpras26 17 hours ago

    What a wonderful faggot. And I'm not talking about Bill.

  • Chris at OEG
    Chris at OEG 19 hours ago

    Bill..why the only reason you brought up Trump at the end and not the beginning is bc you didnt want to hear an actual articulate and pragmatic response... but hell, it is your show.

  • Rene Quintanilla
    Rene Quintanilla 19 hours ago

    Ans then cut the interview.

  • Rene Quintanilla
    Rene Quintanilla 19 hours ago

    New low jokes standar with bill .

  • Kekistani nationalist

    Two pedophiles.

  • cpfalcon51
    cpfalcon51 Day ago

    BLM is *only* in favor of violence against cops (a stance that has, at the very least, indirectly led to the murder of several officers recently)... but yeah, totally not a hate group or anything... way to have your head in the sand there, Bill

  • Michelle Bryant
    Michelle Bryant Day ago

    When Trump talked about the Paris agreement, he just sees that the US improved their environment but no one else. Why should we pay and not that country. By now they should have lower something.
    Not Trump, but where is all the money going?

  • Nicky Campbell
    Nicky Campbell Day ago +1


  • Spencer Chilo
    Spencer Chilo Day ago

    I dont agree completely with either of them, yet i like them both

  • david marshall
    david marshall Day ago

    Laughter doesn't neccesitate agreement sometimes it's because you think what's happening is ridiculous or the person is uncothe which is a form of ridiculousness I guess.

  • Andre Fluet
    Andre Fluet 2 days ago


  • The Cat
    The Cat 2 days ago

    As a conservative GOP voter, this faggot is disgusting piece of abomination. He will burn in hell.

    • Lisa Ddd
      Lisa Ddd Day ago

      mixing is an abomination, not homosexuality

  • E.V. Barone
    E.V. Barone 2 days ago

    Bill Maher, doesn't have the manly "coglioni's" to have Ben Shapiro on as a guest. And no, the conversation would not be a one sided debate, as some think, it would be Ben Shapiro shutting Maher down.

  • Liquid_sky
    Liquid_sky 3 days ago

    william maher is a virtue signalling pussy

  • SPPSports
    SPPSports 3 days ago

    Milo & Shapiro are my two favorite conservative personalities. Really want Shapiro on Maher's show, but I think Shapiro will execute Maher with facts and evidence.

  • Ben Black
    Ben Black 3 days ago

    That was refreshing to see actually. Civil debate between two ends of the political spectrum. We need more of this.

  • llochissimo
    llochissimo 3 days ago

    What a cunt

  • Egidio
    Egidio 3 days ago +1

    Such a con with Bill, and Bill still is a donkey!  (my apologies to the donkey, it really hurts to compare! ) .

  • FAnimaniac
    FAnimaniac 4 days ago

    I'm not even gay but Milo is one sexy motherfucker. just sayin.

  • Linn B
    Linn B 4 days ago +1

    Does Maher still not believe that Black lives matters is a hate group or what? Really? Wow.. I always loved Maher, but hearing him saying this lie, is absolutely horrible. BLM is a black supremacist group, they have called for the genocide of white people many times. BLM didn't have a problem with the killing of 8 cops or kidnapping and beating up a handicapped boy, and Maher says that they are not a hate group??!!

    Fucking hell Maher!! I am black myself and I can clearly see that BLM are terrorists. They are subhuman garbage. Disgusting racist filth straigh from the sewer just like the KKK. Both groups are low-IQ scum, who wants a race war!!

  • Canadian Kin
    Canadian Kin 4 days ago

    Liberals DO take the bate and they will do anything they are told even if they don't even understand it. Pathetic.

  • Jim Evans
    Jim Evans 4 days ago

    they wont have in on again - probably he woke too many people up

  • Kieren Moore
    Kieren Moore 4 days ago

    Liberals are so easily triggered, as morons are so easily entertained ... I'd probably laugh with (and at) him, in a private conversation (he can't trigger/hurt me), but I don't like him doing it on a large stage; he goes far beyond being a 'free speech advocate', to deliberately inciting/disrespecting individuals an groups. Americans have free speech - moreso than we do in Australia, or in Britain ... so he (and his fans) are kidding himself, if they think he's some sort of hero/stalwart against unreasonable censorship ... seriously, research some real heros of free speech etc, if you want someone/people to admire ...

  • Ape man Commeth
    Ape man Commeth 5 days ago

    He kinda silenced milo by shooting from one thing to another without a discussion! Should have made it longer or allowed him to speak more!

  • xXxXxCGPBxXxXx
    xXxXxCGPBxXxXx 5 days ago

    The only think Maher cares about is himself ...

  • the evil shed
    the evil shed 5 days ago

    has a dig at trump then pushes milo off the stage!

  • Grammar Nazi
    Grammar Nazi 5 days ago

    Jim Cap Videos

  • Grammar Nazi
    Grammar Nazi 5 days ago

    Jim Cap Videos

  • Jim Cap Videos
    Jim Cap Videos 6 days ago

    Please just keep Milo Yannypoopoolust---or whatever this child sexual predator's real name is---far away from our sons, nephews, and grandsons. Any grown man who laughs about child rape and admits he likes having sex with little boys should not be given ANY kind of public forum. Doing so only "normalizes" his sick and sickening ideas.

  • Music Lover
    Music Lover 6 days ago

    Mahr really does all/most the talking.

  • iron tanker
    iron tanker 6 days ago

    blm is a hate group you don't see trump support or going around destroying shit beating people up only blm people and Hilary pp do that

  • michaelwhittet
    michaelwhittet 7 days ago

    He's just a pointless contrarian.

  • voice stealer
    voice stealer 7 days ago

    pathetic abilities...

  • James in Baltimore
    James in Baltimore 7 days ago

    He's such a troll, in both senses of the word.

  • zzfour
    zzfour 8 days ago

    Milo shouldn't play cute, he can't pull it off.

  • faiz abbas
    faiz abbas 8 days ago

    People want him to take on Ben Shapiro. Bill isn’t good at debating he will get murdered

  • Brandon Moreland
    Brandon Moreland 8 days ago

    And this is where republicans get there news, lmao

  • monadbornslippy
    monadbornslippy 8 days ago

    Both of them can fuck off

  • Adam Pashley
    Adam Pashley 9 days ago

    Dodi and Dianna

  • Spas
    Spas 9 days ago

    Milo is just another guy who adapts himself to whats pop...

  • dujfraz
    dujfraz 9 days ago +1

    I'm confused why people are saying Maher was trying to destroy Milo... Maher isn't that type of person. He doesn't hunt for the "gotcha!" moments like Cenk Uyger or some shit. Milo is awesome and Maher is awesome, and I wish we more nuanced people like these two.

  • Sudhir Mada
    Sudhir Mada 9 days ago

    Love both these guys along with Ben Shapiro nd John Stewart

  • Matt Hare
    Matt Hare 9 days ago

    When "visuals" cloud the "message"...

  • Plague Bringer
    Plague Bringer 10 days ago

    That's it?
    That's the interview people were so upset with Bill for having?

    They didn't talk about anything.

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez 10 days ago

    Why are liberals crying, stop being a pussy dam!!!!!!

  • Louis Pemberton
    Louis Pemberton 10 days ago

    My two favourite people together, you need to get him back again for a longer interview.

  • Patrick Richardson
    Patrick Richardson 10 days ago

    Bill Maher is the fag here

  • James Hargreaves
    James Hargreaves 10 days ago

    Well done Milo for going on a show where you knew they were going to try and belittle you, sticking to your guns and turning things around

  • Sean Kent
    Sean Kent 11 days ago

    @4:50-@5:00 Bill Mahr saying he defends jokes up until the point they hurt people.

    Little did he know he would tastelessly use the N-Word on a public broadcast.

  • AnotherOrangeJulius
    AnotherOrangeJulius 11 days ago

    Milo is a bottomfeeder.

  • N sand
    N sand 12 days ago

    Strange guy....... but his intelligence is alien-like.

    XDARUSHIXD 12 days ago

    okay dude just figured out if I talk shit that opposes my own self I'll get famous ,

  • cratedog64
    cratedog64 12 days ago

    What makes Milo unique is his discussion. When he really, seriously answers a question, you see the path that he's walking, and he makes sure that you can also see the things off the path. He hits point blank, its just some are so wrapped up in him being wrong they tune anything he has to say. He is the gay version of Shapiro.

  • Snake_XIX
    Snake_XIX 12 days ago +2

    Great episode, but why did Bill try to ruin it at the end? What was the point of that? What a little bitch

  • dabadadeeda
    dabadadeeda 12 days ago

    A Tale Of Two Douche Bags

  • Iamn00bish /SHOdan2
    Iamn00bish /SHOdan2 13 days ago

    Why can't milo go on a tv show without getting attacked

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe 13 days ago

    I think Milo is an idiotic narcissist who is wrong about so many things...

    I can't deny that he is hilarious though

  • GamersOtakusUnite
    GamersOtakusUnite 13 days ago

    Milo would murder Bill in a blm or white privilege debate , Bill only says stuff for his fan base, Milo states facts.

  • Jojo Crazy Cat
    Jojo Crazy Cat 13 days ago

    Bill is more gay then Milo, he sucks much rooster.

  • N Sheppard
    N Sheppard 13 days ago

    Bill says he will start with an open mind......that is hilarious! not possible! Close minded idiot I hate Bill Maher!

  • eightypuff01
    eightypuff01 13 days ago

    It's weird how many gay men gets more flamboyant or feminine when they are a bit nervous and gets slightly overwhelmed. I know gay men who are like that. And I think I saw that exact thing in Milo here. You can think what you like but I believe it was a huge deal for him to be on Maher and get this mainstream attention

  • Nóra Bánfi
    Nóra Bánfi 13 days ago

    Milo you absolutely beautiful gorgeous God given creature. Fuck...he should be an angel when he goes to heaven. ❤

  • Pau Pop
    Pau Pop 13 days ago


  • Chaos ZT
    Chaos ZT 13 days ago

    I lost all respect for Bill when he said that white privilege exists and that BLM isn't a hate group. Typical liberal brainwashed by the false agendas of Buzzfeed and Affirmative Action.

  • Samuel Lucido
    Samuel Lucido 13 days ago


  • spidey kid 3000
    spidey kid 3000 14 days ago

    So you let milo on but bill talks for 11 minutes straight.

  • DØØMR3Ss
    DØØMR3Ss 14 days ago +3

    Bill Maher is such a tool, and so is that audience. How do you applaud caring about the enviroment but not free speech and the differing of ideas? Pure sheep, only there to make Maher seem like he's making good points but those of us who can hear through the clapping actually can dissect his pointless argument, as if it's only a leftist policy to care about about the enviroment. Give me a break, Maher should take a lesson from George Carlin; enviromentalists hardly care about the earth, they just want a safe place to live. And Maher at the start, "I have an open mind," that's the biggest joke I've heard since there was more than two genders.

  • james watson
    james watson 14 days ago

    Histrionic personality disorder. Called it.

  • oydess robinson
    oydess robinson 14 days ago

    Maher says he's wrong about backing Trump and then ends the interview before Milo can respond. Is that because he would have made some interesting observations Bill couldn't refute?

  • Sevatar 11
    Sevatar 11 14 days ago

    I'll never get this need for people to label themselves liberal or conservative, dem or rep

  • Mishaal Abdullah
    Mishaal Abdullah 15 days ago

    "contracted feminism" LMFAO I DIED

  • Matt Dug Red
    Matt Dug Red 15 days ago

    god this guy is just a waste of space, of intellect, of a metabolism.

  • Elwood Hellsythe
    Elwood Hellsythe 15 days ago

    Milo gets OWNED by pussy liberals...doesn't go how you'd expect 😞

    Milo got fucking destroyed despite what his twelve year old fans in the comment have convinced themselves of. lol😆

  • Peter Zimmermann
    Peter Zimmermann 15 days ago

    "I do care about the environment and living". Damn. He got ya there Milo

  • George Wadding
    George Wadding 16 days ago

    Maher frequently looks like his audience is irritating him immensely.

  • George Wadding
    George Wadding 16 days ago

    Maher frequently looks like his audience is irritating him immensely.

  • Bry
    Bry 16 days ago

    I support Milos views but he is hyper as fuck. Gets on my nerves a lot. Needs to chill the fuck out.

  • tron cat
    tron cat 16 days ago

    I love that you didn't ban him from your show, but personally I can't stand him. How he uses the identity of himself and others to defend his irrational statements (propaganda)

  • gonfreitas02468
    gonfreitas02468 17 days ago

    Oooo of course no time to debate that

  • A Breivik
    A Breivik 17 days ago

    Bill Maher is a stupid whore

  • max
    max 18 days ago

    Dare you to put Shapiro on your show

  • shevx blank
    shevx blank 18 days ago +1

    I ship them

  • Narciso Margarito Humala Sulca

    Shitlo crapnopoulos is a fucktard full of shit, he's a a joke

  • vinnie McClung
    vinnie McClung 18 days ago

    He doesn't want to be gay he thinks that gay people are less then straight people
    He said it himself he would be better if he was straight
    Self loathing lunatic

  • TheGodEmperorofMankind
    TheGodEmperorofMankind 18 days ago +2

    When a fag is telling you to man up, you really need to man the fuck up liberals.

  • Anthony Giorgio
    Anthony Giorgio 19 days ago +1

    sitting here still waiting on my " white privilege"

  • Liz Clegg
    Liz Clegg 19 days ago

    I used to think Milo was quite interesting but now I'm starting to find him a bit overrated and he's starting to get boring. I think he's a bit of a flash in the pan.

  • vazquezb2011
    vazquezb2011 19 days ago

    I love when Milo says "Oh, come on, you can do better than that." I'm not so sure he can. Bill is not the intellectual giant he thinks he is. Which is why his show is good: he constantly invites conservative guests smarter than himself, out of misplaced over confidence.

  • quantum fox
    quantum fox 20 days ago

    No one send anything

  • Andy Martinez
    Andy Martinez 20 days ago

    Can Milo stay on ONE FUKCING TOPIC?!?!??
    Quit interrupting and have an adult conversation you ancient Muppet!

  • Sem Klee
    Sem Klee 20 days ago

    Milo is garbage unfortunely

  • A. emerald Woods
    A. emerald Woods 20 days ago

    "He's not that Republican." ???

  • fishbone3333
    fishbone3333 21 day ago

    I had never heard of this guy before this.   Does not everyone see that he is clearly trolling ?    His whole demeanor and delivery reek of insincerity.

  • John G
    John G 21 day ago

    I use to like Bill. now i think hes a fucking joke,. total idiot, ..Milo is the man though

  • Diet S
    Diet S 21 day ago +1

    Most homos r libtards

  • Jack Lynch
    Jack Lynch 22 days ago

    Anyone with half a brain cell could see that Milo owned this. Bill was constantly talking over him and wouldn't even let him debate him at the end. Milo said it during the interview "If you don't show up to the debate you lose" Bill was there but he wasn't there to debate. He was trying his damndest to control the conversation but fell flat with his obvious stupidity... "Black Lives Matter isn't a hate group" of course it fucking is! They called for the killing of police! And BLM doesn't really care about Black Lives... if they did they'd be looking into their own communities and realising that's where the real issues are. Bill Maher is an absolute idiot with an audience and I feel sorry for his brainwashed fans.

  • BendOfMind
    BendOfMind 22 days ago


  • William Ashton
    William Ashton 22 days ago

    Being gay and flamboyant doesn't mean he's not an asshole.

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