Top 5 iOS 11 Features!

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  • Szabi
    Szabi 4 hours ago

    My only issue is that when I’m “turning off” the Wi-Fi or the Bluetooth for example, the phone doesn’t turning it off, just disconnects from the network you used to be, I don’t know why they did this but I hope they gonna fix this!
    *iPhone SE iOS Beta 6*

  • DuhitzTina !!!
    DuhitzTina !!! Day ago

    I mean 11

  • DuhitzTina !!!
    DuhitzTina !!! Day ago

    How can you get iOS 22

  • Alex Eclavea
    Alex Eclavea Day ago

    the hype is real

  • Chelsea Fan
    Chelsea Fan Day ago

    But how to turn on airdrop?

  • peterkrepkiy
    peterkrepkiy Day ago

    Yea, we all know bixby sucks

  • It's Ali!
    It's Ali! 2 days ago

    Well I have iOS 11 and they now have fixed the beta for it so now you don’t have to tap the screen after completely sliding all of your apps, you used to have to swipe all of your apps up then tap the screen but now you don’t have to tap the screen any more, and if you don’t have any apps to swipe up it doesn’t let you go to that screen

  • Mel Weber
    Mel Weber 2 days ago

    whats the name of the backround picture?

  • m C
    m C 2 days ago

    Wink 😉 wink 😜 be my boyfriend

  • m C
    m C 2 days ago

    Be my boyfriend! He is the most intelligent YouTuber on YouTube

  • m C
    m C 2 days ago

    I'm addicted to his voice

  • DuD: Clash Royale
    DuD: Clash Royale 2 days ago +1

    Most of the things he says were already There

  • _babylex kay
    _babylex kay 2 days ago

    " wink wink " lol

  • Aden Sterchi
    Aden Sterchi 3 days ago

    Should I download the beta on my main phone?

  • maxiklaxi
    maxiklaxi 3 days ago

    Im pretty excited about the new Apple Music Friends feature. You will be able to add people to your Apple Music friends and share your playlists and stuff like that with them... (like Spotify)

    PS: Its already available in the newest Beta Version, but its only a Pre-Version for Beta users. I don't really know how it works...

  • JRB Gaming
    JRB Gaming 3 days ago +1

    When is this actually being released because I can't wait for screen recording

  • Che Scott
    Che Scott 3 days ago

    When he said hey siri my Siri went off lol

  • Carlos Kim
    Carlos Kim 3 days ago

    Just make home screen widgets already. Admit defeat to android in that department.

  • Aniket Rajnish
    Aniket Rajnish 3 days ago +1

    wink wink

  • Mr. Macaroni
    Mr. Macaroni 3 days ago


  • Matěj Adámek
    Matěj Adámek 3 days ago

    @Marques Brownlee I love your wallpaper! Where is it from?

  • Mahim Thomas
    Mahim Thomas 4 days ago

    Will this update work fine on iPhone6 ?

  • ozzyla1234
    ozzyla1234 4 days ago

    WOW! And a new font!!! Wohoo!

  • Rajdeep Sharma
    Rajdeep Sharma 4 days ago

    Is it only me or is there someone else too who wants those dots in place of the signal bars?

  • Abhinav Maruthi k
    Abhinav Maruthi k 4 days ago

    Wait he didn't mention anything about augmented reality. Does it mean we have to wait much longer ?

  • Liz Avis
    Liz Avis 5 days ago +1

    I don't like it tbh 😕

  • made by Rafi
    made by Rafi 5 days ago

    Cool videos

  • Jon Cena
    Jon Cena 5 days ago

    Hey what's up guys it's chubby h.d here

  • frank javier
    frank javier 5 days ago

    The dude trine record them teeties. Say girl, you got chatsnap?

  • hffghc uffififotiorttt

    Screen record porn

  • vicky chaudhari
    vicky chaudhari 5 days ago

    Hey siri My siri popped open 😁😁😁😁

  • Brady Sucks At Algebra

    is it going to be on the iPhone SE?

  • Ryan133
    Ryan133 6 days ago

    There's not gonna be no night mode? 😕

  • Devil
    Devil 6 days ago

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  • Logano Millert
    Logano Millert 6 days ago

    I have ios 11. It’s kind of complicated at first but then when you get the hang of it, it is lit af.

  • pwizzle 214
    pwizzle 214 6 days ago

    All we want is group FaceTime apple...

  • Jeramy Perez
    Jeramy Perez 6 days ago

    Great video but I hate your wallpaper

  • nautic33
    nautic33 7 days ago

    wink wink

  • Bruno Gustavo Rocha
    Bruno Gustavo Rocha 7 days ago

    When I will can download this on my iPhone 6s?

  • BlueCaterpillar7
    BlueCaterpillar7 7 days ago

    Wink wink

  • Team Kawaii
    Team Kawaii 7 days ago

    And get it

  • Team Kawaii
    Team Kawaii 7 days ago

    I can hack into it

  • Kartik Bhardwaj
    Kartik Bhardwaj 7 days ago

    When will this update come in Middle East?

  • eva idk
    eva idk 7 days ago

    but... ive been able to 'text' siri and im not on 11...

  • Diya Prasad
    Diya Prasad 7 days ago

    When can we download this?

  • Tanya Sierra
    Tanya Sierra 7 days ago

    When is this coming out

  • Soy Sauce
    Soy Sauce 7 days ago

    Best one is screen recording b

  • Magnus Dream
    Magnus Dream 7 days ago

    This thing is gonna burn *so* much battery life.

  • Κaterina Psora
    Κaterina Psora 7 days ago

    Wink wink snapchat doesn't seem to know you are taking a screenshot 😂 🤣

  • Telugu Vantakalu
    Telugu Vantakalu 8 days ago

    The only thing I'm honestly excited about is the screen recording feature

  • Sparkly Unicorn
    Sparkly Unicorn 8 days ago

    Is iOS 11 coming to iPods as well?

  • Hanzo-Overwatch-And more

    When are we gonna get hype for ios 12

  • RamZ
    RamZ 8 days ago

    Does iOS 11 work with iPhone se


    I can finally record pussy videos now. 🤠

  • Justin Anderson
    Justin Anderson 8 days ago

    dude ios 11 isnt even out yet so shut the fuck up you dumb cunt!! you got that calculater app from the app store

  • shaik abdul azia ahmed

    Which wallpaper are I using in this video on UR iphone

  • SEB
    SEB 8 days ago

    Please do iOS 6

  • 3many15
    3many15 8 days ago

    "Que tiempo hace?" That's not how I would say it in Spanish. Is that Spain Spanish?

  • Fares Dayem
    Fares Dayem 8 days ago

    When will IOS 11 be released

  • Josh Pierce
    Josh Pierce 8 days ago

    This a really great update. I still would love copy history. It'd be amazing to copy multiple video links and title them all differently so that you can send several videos to different people

  • William Rozario
    William Rozario 8 days ago

    I still won't be 100% satisfied with an iOS update until it looks like the old music app.

  • QuinnFTW
    QuinnFTW 8 days ago

    Wait does it work with iPhone 6s?

  • Andrew Vinson
    Andrew Vinson 8 days ago

    Apple really seems to be copying Material Design Language, found in Android 5.0 and up.

  • Andrew Vinson
    Andrew Vinson 8 days ago

    Apple decided to finally do what Samsung has done for a while, drawing on and sharing screenshots right when they're captured.

  • AJ Villegas
    AJ Villegas 8 days ago

    I haven't got the iOS 11 update yet

  • Carl Cotton
    Carl Cotton 8 days ago

    Where did he find that background

  • Don't Press Subscribe

    Still looks like shit. IOS was made for dirty casuals/Sheeples. Android will always be superior. FACT.

    FNAF GUY 8 days ago

    you could already edit what you say to siri (type)

  • CHAD
    CHAD 8 days ago

    That spanish translation was wrong tho lol

  • Arjun Khatri
    Arjun Khatri 8 days ago

    In iOS 11 Gangstar rio doesn’t works

  • Captain Bomb
    Captain Bomb 8 days ago

    When you said hey Siri my Siri activated

  • daFLUFFYunicorn Clash Royale

    Who else is glad he linked the wallpaper

  • Matthew Dunlap
    Matthew Dunlap 9 days ago

    Don't wink too hard! It may get stuck that way. *Wink Wink*

  • Yang Izanagi
    Yang Izanagi 9 days ago

    Been Curious about IOS
    See this video
    Become more curious
    Guess it time to try IOS

  • FeDz Nero
    FeDz Nero 9 days ago

    iOs is becoming less simplistic and more customizable and more like andrid now. Apple has finally realised it's customers do not want to be treated like kids.

  • Beyond the pink velvet

    So many annoyed android users in the comments

  • Chukaye1
    Chukaye1 9 days ago

    Apple's really trying to make the Jailbreak obsolete

  • dheeraj dharipalli
    dheeraj dharipalli 9 days ago

    How to enable live translation for Siri with out touching home screen
    Reply me fast

  • Jbucket SS
    Jbucket SS 9 days ago

    What’s his wallpaper ?

  • sathish kumar
    sathish kumar 9 days ago

    Thanks for the wallpaper ✌️

  • Gabriel Manzo
    Gabriel Manzo 9 days ago

    excuse me, where i can get that wallpaper???

  • Relloy Keeth
    Relloy Keeth 10 days ago

    So sad my 7 is locked because I entered wrong password so many times

  • War_on_poverty
    War_on_poverty 10 days ago

    "stop fucking arguing" starts an argument about arguing lol

  • Naji Naji
    Naji Naji 10 days ago

    I like your wallpaper, can you drop a link?

  • Darren Pennings
    Darren Pennings 10 days ago

    What is the name of you background of your phone?

  • gsteevo
    gsteevo 10 days ago

    when can i update to iOS11? my iphone 6 is at 10.3.3 and i dont see any update available for 11 yet.

  • Jobs mine
    Jobs mine 10 days ago

    The biggest feature in IOS is that it's sufficient, smooth enough and perfect. It kinda always outwit android OS. Its more like a human than a machine. It's like it reads ur mind and gives you specifically what you want. Not a junk like others did.

  • eshal sal
    eshal sal 10 days ago


  • Jello Trooper
    Jello Trooper 10 days ago

    Boi that screen recording is gonna make this big. I can't tell you how many times I could save a random video off YouTube without buying YouTube red, or playing a game and wanting to record a part of it

  • tanner hamrick
    tanner hamrick 10 days ago

    How come it says I'm up to date? At 10.3.3

  • MZM Power
    MZM Power 11 days ago +1

    Anyone can tell me the link to the wallpaper he has on his phone?

  • Ray Chrysler
    Ray Chrysler 11 days ago

    When will it be out to iPhone se

  • Vince Friel
    Vince Friel 11 days ago

    Will the iPads finally get actual multitasking?

  • Ricky Teneza
    Ricky Teneza 11 days ago

    hey bro thanks for all your videos. you help out a lot. Cheers!!!

  • LaN tHe MaN
    LaN tHe MaN 11 days ago

    MIUI 9 redefined :P

  • Jude Griffin
    Jude Griffin 11 days ago

    so basically... they copied android.

  • xXNotAwesumXx
    xXNotAwesumXx 11 days ago

    I hate the screenshot feature.
    I respect your opinion but it just bothers me about the corner screenshot thing especially when I'm trying to type. It takes away 10 seconds and who even crops screenshots though?

  • Anna M
    Anna M 12 days ago

    I was contemplating whether or not to get the new iphone as my upgrade before and this iOS got me. Will totally purchase an iphone this year

  • MK18
    MK18 12 days ago +1

    Your wallpaper is amazing! I wish you could share it with us

  • Massiha Aarya
    Massiha Aarya 12 days ago


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