Gordon Ramsay Cannot Believe Italian Restaurant Has A Drive-Thru! | Kitchen Nightmares

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  • Tim Pickens
    Tim Pickens 43 minutes ago

    Eat n park has a drive through and that's a sit down restaurant

  • The Critic
    The Critic 8 hours ago

    She wants the D?

  • Kent Yaya
    Kent Yaya 9 hours ago

    what season and episode is this?

  • Oceanic Flight
    Oceanic Flight 11 hours ago

    I'm glad they blured out the Chevrolet Logo. Otherwise I wouldnt know hes driving a chevy Tahoe lol

  • OsteoidMantis
    OsteoidMantis 13 hours ago

    As someone who is half Italian, I cringed at the restaurant.

  • Smifficus
    Smifficus 17 hours ago

    3:02 Dylan Klebold? is that you?

  • steve Kos
    steve Kos 22 hours ago

    lol. all those people at the tables claiming the food doesn't taste good and that it tastes weird. if the food was really that bad, then they wouldn't have as many customers there that are shown being there.

    SNIPER SHOTGUN 23 hours ago

    my question is why they cover the chevy logo on the chevy tahoe

  • Dino
    Dino Day ago


  • Asian Productions

    At 2:21 the lady said she's going to need a spoon.

  • Tubeite
    Tubeite Day ago

    The soup is fucking RAAAWW!

  • T Ana
    T Ana Day ago

    There's an Italian restaurant called Tuttu Fresco and they have a drive thru too. But there food is so good! It's so fresh and has a lot of flavor! I'd really recommend it!!!

  • silhou_
    silhou_ Day ago

    looks like -fast- food

  • Disfan 1811
    Disfan 1811 2 days ago

    3:32 You forgot to give him a spoon how's he supposed to eat his *spoop*

  • guy Farting
    guy Farting 2 days ago

    So Gordon did the youtuber way of food reviews. In a car.

  • Iiam Brown
    Iiam Brown 2 days ago

    He smells good

  • zeke new york knicks

    And.....This is why I don't eat out anymore

  • IEscaped TheAsylum
    IEscaped TheAsylum 3 days ago


  • i dunno what to name my channel

    what is the episode?

  • Pistol SpaceAir
    Pistol SpaceAir 3 days ago

    I vividly remember there being a drive thru at a Buffalo wild wings once. It was removed after about 3 months :/

  • Raypokemon sea
    Raypokemon sea 3 days ago

    Did anyone here the girl say he smells really good? Like whatttttt????

  • Gcode
    Gcode 4 days ago

    How's he supposed to eat his spoop?

  • MunMun MurMur
    MunMun MurMur 4 days ago

    3:36 "You didnt give me a spoon"
    Are you really so dumb that you couldn't figure out that he would need a spoon and didn't get one yourself?

  • Ecotelope
    Ecotelope 4 days ago

    Looks like McDonalds

    DEFxRECON 4 days ago

    I love the thumbnail because he's all like "Lord Almighty, please kill me."

  • HelloKitty11365AJ
    HelloKitty11365AJ 4 days ago


  • Meme Machine
    Meme Machine 4 days ago

    Can't find the lasaga

  • X
    X 4 days ago

    You can't call this an Italian Restaurant...

  • N8orius Gaming
    N8orius Gaming 4 days ago

    Gordon Ramsey used "IT'S RAW"! It was super effective.

  • Ma5jay5dontxdoxthat
    Ma5jay5dontxdoxthat 5 days ago

    Watch this episode the mother and daughter are horrible human beings.

  • UltraPi
    UltraPi 5 days ago


  • AngelsTheyAreFalling

    Who else thinks Gordon is hot as hell

  • Christian Lied
    Christian Lied 5 days ago

    "Why are you making me do this mom", lol

  • Comrade Lenin
    Comrade Lenin 5 days ago +1

    "The food isn't cooked with much love."
    *Puts food in microwave*

  • Taco Panda
    Taco Panda 5 days ago +1

    "He Smells really good"

  • bipolar disorder
    bipolar disorder 6 days ago

    yucky kitchen

  • Boo Sweets
    Boo Sweets 7 days ago

    They all look like drop out high school students, especially the mom whose a super super senior.

  • Jane Eyre
    Jane Eyre 7 days ago

    His british accent is the only attractive one imo.

  • Motiejus KN
    Motiejus KN 7 days ago

    Well.. I prefer McDrive.

  • Zeff Ibrahim
    Zeff Ibrahim 7 days ago

    the red haired lady low key looks like Danielle bregolli

  • Doge GodA.k.a Anonymous Dude

    Killing Nino the movie 2017 still a better movie than twilight

  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 8 days ago

    ramsay plz dont turn into daymdrops

  • Sean Casem
    Sean Casem 8 days ago +1

    Gusse what was my add..................the new it movie #IT

  • Abror Kosimov
    Abror Kosimov 9 days ago

    Wtf man, african kids could have eaten that microwave!

  • Liam R
    Liam R 9 days ago

    Where'd he go?

  • Liam R
    Liam R 9 days ago

    I would rather eat McDonalds than this bullshit

  • Taamz Heart
    Taamz Heart 9 days ago


  • mikayla12223
    mikayla12223 9 days ago

    Everyone's complaining that the microwave is dirty but y'all, it is on the floor!!! Imagine how many times he has to bend over to cook that horrific food. Awful.

  • Mizukami Youn
    Mizukami Youn 9 days ago

    Bruh, that soup looked chunky...

  • Savior
    Savior 10 days ago

    I came for the Nino comments

  • Mark Lopez
    Mark Lopez 10 days ago

    That lady is an idiot. Her daughters name is denali?

  • SubarashiiFTW
    SubarashiiFTW 10 days ago

    At the end, you'll hear a NINOOOO

  • tonyrocksyeah
    tonyrocksyeah 10 days ago

    they need lamb sauce

  • RageQuit Productions
    RageQuit Productions 10 days ago

    As soon as I saw the cup I was like "no he is gonna be pissed"

  • slaughter ur daughter
    slaughter ur daughter 10 days ago

    the things he has to eat to tell them its bad lol😁🤣😂

  • Rainbow Panda says
    Rainbow Panda says 11 days ago +1

    4:03 NINOOOO!

  • ḭḉḕẇṏḶḟ
    ḭḉḕẇṏḶḟ 12 days ago

    Gordon is a multi-millionaire and he is driving that car? I would expect him to have an exotic or luxury car. Or maybe that is an expensive car, I don't know.

  • mrbigg151
    mrbigg151 12 days ago

    He's a good one bc with all the horrible food he tastes, he must have an iron stomach.

  • lily moloney
    lily moloney 12 days ago +1

    bish tf 😷😭

  • Hieu Lai
    Hieu Lai 13 days ago +1

    Evan my moms food looks better then this

  • Hyerim Park
    Hyerim Park 13 days ago

    everybody always mentions how he smells and now I'm curious

  • Blaze Shredz
    Blaze Shredz 13 days ago +1

    WTF ....a drive thru ... lolololol

  • The dropout bear
    The dropout bear 13 days ago

    Chicken and water-ice..? 😭😭😭

  • Monserrat Garcia
    Monserrat Garcia 13 days ago


  • Ryleigh Schuhmann
    Ryleigh Schuhmann 13 days ago

    whats next? drive through stores?

  • RandomFunGaming
    RandomFunGaming 13 days ago

    Is it me she looks and sounds like the girl from THE MOVIE TAMMY

  • biodude zerothree
    biodude zerothree 13 days ago

    Did anyone notice that same music from Eric Andre show at around 2:28?

  • Leon Phelts
    Leon Phelts 14 days ago

    Ninoooooo would have given him a spoon

  • Koutro
    Koutro 14 days ago

    Steak and shake is a sit down restaurant that has a drive-thru

  • David Hsu
    David Hsu 14 days ago

    0:21 we need mr clean

  • David Hsu
    David Hsu 14 days ago

    Would be hilarious if they added food coloring to the soup

  • Natalie Carr
    Natalie Carr 14 days ago

    Anyone know what episode this is?

  • J P
    J P 14 days ago

    hello again dramatic music and jump cuts

  • Zanny Unoriginal
    Zanny Unoriginal 14 days ago

    "He smells really good" uh,

  • luis mendoza
    luis mendoza 15 days ago

    It's shaggy from Scooby Doo😭

  • Redi Beaux
    Redi Beaux 15 days ago

    The thumbnail had me dying

  • Nona The Jelly Ghost
    Nona The Jelly Ghost 15 days ago

    We have multiple of these, some of the places are pretty good. But some aren't. >.> This place is like the one I went to that literally had one of the workers follow me once I went to the bathroom and then they stood near me the whole time I sat down and waited.

  • Baldphamous Hd
    Baldphamous Hd 15 days ago

    That cup was the equivalent of a bag of Doritos 😂🤦

  • Ronnie Caballero
    Ronnie Caballero 15 days ago

    Did anyone else hear the Nino at 4:03? XD

  • Starshield Nightpone
    Starshield Nightpone 16 days ago

    what was the sound clip "Let's get over the bullsh*t" "I can cook" from?

  • M_ Animates
    M_ Animates 16 days ago

    Would if Gordon Ramsay went to my dads submarine? 🤔 I wonder what he would say...

  • Haley W.
    Haley W. 16 days ago

    we have a food chain here on Nebraska called fizzolis and it's legit all Italian food with a drive thru. People here swear by it but it's atrocious.

  • BenTheBoss
    BenTheBoss 16 days ago

    what season and episode is this? fucking piece of crap for not putting that in :P

  • RiceTanker
    RiceTanker 16 days ago

    That face in he thumbnail tho

  • obey the walrus
    obey the walrus 16 days ago

    * Gordon Ramsay pulls up *
    Boss- relax
    me - okay okay
    ramsay - hello
    me - our restaurant is ass my nigga, can u please fix this shit my nigga

  • Warlord Legends
    Warlord Legends 16 days ago

    you know what? if olive garden had a drive through I'd totally order from there

  • Connor gosser
    Connor gosser 16 days ago

    that red head girl is hot

  • Jenelle Sabaroche
    Jenelle Sabaroche 17 days ago

    That's my name jenelle

  • GDP 49
    GDP 49 17 days ago +1

    0:17 that guy looks like a messed up shaggy from scooby doo

  • Mr. Lenny
    Mr. Lenny 17 days ago +1

    Not gonna lie, a drive-thru sounds like the best way to get your garlic bread and get the fuck out

  • Nixon Hendrix
    Nixon Hendrix 17 days ago +1

    "stress and a microwave" just summed up my life

  • Austin CraftHS
    Austin CraftHS 17 days ago

    Why are you making me do this mooooooommmmmmm

  • NatalieRose
    NatalieRose 17 days ago

    "He smells really good" 😂😂

  • NeonGen2000
    NeonGen2000 18 days ago

    I actually like the idea of good restaurant food to go. Why can only fast food restaurants do the take-away thing? It just takes a little longer to prepare good food which may require some technology to overcome. Call ahead your order for example.

    Of course this particular restaurant didn't have good food. But still not a bad idea.

  • Y2K Blackout
    Y2K Blackout 18 days ago

    Where'd he go?

  • Benjy Harris
    Benjy Harris 18 days ago

    Stress and a microwave! Bit like a Mc-donalds

  • Keven Zhang
    Keven Zhang 18 days ago

    3:32 "you forgot to give him his spoon, how's he supposed to eat his spoop?" Hahahahaha

  • Diamond DJ
    Diamond DJ 18 days ago

    I swear this guy must shit caviar and truffles

  • Anthony Manansala
    Anthony Manansala 18 days ago

    Well I see the problem ... Drive Thru italian doesn't work.

  • diana rios
    diana rios 19 days ago

    Why do restaurant microwave their food?!?!? omg 😷😷😷

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