Why Forgetting Your ID Is The Worst

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  • This guy is every bouncer’s worst nightmare.

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  • Runtime: 2:29
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  • That Male Nurse
    That Male Nurse 10 months ago +3

    Meanwhile if he was a chick he would not get ID'd

  • Gigantics
    Gigantics 10 months ago

    That bouncer is a douchebag

  • Hella Edge
    Hella Edge 11 months ago +1

    My cousin David lost his id, now he's just Dav.

  • alexkg1
    alexkg1 Year ago +1

    I'm in my 30's and I still get carded at bars. I'll take it as a compliment

  • Lariswanderlust
    Lariswanderlust Year ago

    I was extra confused before I remembered that in the US you have to be 21.

  • Ashley Perez
    Ashley Perez Year ago

    Chris is so hot

  • Marco Lau
    Marco Lau Year ago

    So as a Californian in Aachen I was like, "so do I need ID to buy some Gluhwein?" And they were like "you don't look anywhere close to 16..."

  • Mohamed Algouhary

    I was born in 1996 and I remember 9/11 like it was yesterday.

  • tashlikesmakeup
    tashlikesmakeup Year ago

    lmfao this is great and accurate the part about the 90's shows was on point

  • Amir Marat
    Amir Marat Year ago

    Fat prick.

  • Silva Stewart
    Silva Stewart Year ago

    Actually, it's 2015. People born in 1995 can not get into bars (at least 21+ so the majority). My life would be very different if that were true :(

  • Jinae106
    Jinae106 Year ago

    omg brink though! lolll

  • Daniel Diaz
    Daniel Diaz Year ago


  • Jesh H
    Jesh H Year ago

    Actually if the age limit is 21 people born in 1995 still cant get in till next year

  • Juhbekah
    Juhbekah Year ago

    I was born in 97' and I remember 9/11...

  • danigirl103
    danigirl103 Year ago

    It IS the worst if you don't look your age. I'm constantly told I look 16 but I'm 25. Yea, if I forget my ID I'm just goin home lol

  • cov859
    cov859 Year ago

    Forget id stay in car or whteva

  • orlendatube
    orlendatube Year ago

    why would you NOT have your ID?!  I am never without mine-its as important as having a credit card and your phone...jesus...Its part of going in public...

  • Alexandra M Jones

    I was born in 1995 and I really really remember 9/11. That comment was rude

  • Bri ughFuckGoogle

    I was born in 1995 and I do remember 9/11 happening. And yes, that's all I got out of this video.

  • pathetic mortal
    pathetic mortal Year ago

    know the feeling, got Id'd for a 15 when i'm nearly 19.she thought i was 13/14 -_-.

  • Pulkit Singh.
    Pulkit Singh. Year ago

    I took a screenshot of my ID works some times... ;)

  • Mega Bacon
    Mega Bacon Year ago

    I tought that would be another scary vídeo hahaha

  • Tomiwa Arogundade

    Lord, we've all been there...

  • Maelgranados Gallegos

    Always me!!!!!

  • Brandinnoo
    Brandinnoo Year ago +1

    Yes people born in 1995 can rember 9/11 I was born in 96 and clearly remember the day

  • candy twist
    candy twist Year ago

    Club going up, on a Tuesday

  • KRISmas Eve
    KRISmas Eve Year ago

    "THIS IS A LEGAL DOCUMENT!" *holds up loose-leaf paper*

  • xxIluvyouguysxx
    xxIluvyouguysxx Year ago

    I was born in 1995 and I remember 9/11, Chris...

  • Izzi Spiridigliozzi

    people born in 1995 can't get in the bar lol. They are all 19 or 20. 1994 people can lol

  • A F
    A F Year ago

    God damn just let him in

  • ex0duzz
    ex0duzz Year ago

    That guy looks like he could be 40+, so this wouldn't happen in real life.. either way he should be happy people are asking for his ID still(well, at least he would be if he had his ID with him lol)

  • Ben Burgoyne
    Ben Burgoyne Year ago

    People born in 1995 could not get into that bar....

  • Fer Rugama
    Fer Rugama Year ago

    i love when this 2 do videos!

  • jefreeb
    jefreeb Year ago

    God forbid this ever happens to me, I always have to bring my ID when I got out since I don't look my age at all.

  • Rebekah Pinkel
    Rebekah Pinkel Year ago

    I look like am 16 but am 19 and I get triple checked I have gotten into clubs to be taken out again because they thought I had a fake like who has a fake in the U.S. for being 19? Like I just came to dance let me dance

  • matthewkoz
    matthewkoz Year ago

    Fiddlesticks is the best!

  • noortje4ever
    noortje4ever Year ago

    Im from 1995 and I remember 9/11. I am not even American.

  • F Ali
    F Ali Year ago


  • moth x
    moth x Year ago

    forgot my id once for this ska punk show, ended up meeting one of my favourite local bands and drinking in their tour van instead, it's not always the worst

  • Javier Aceves
    Javier Aceves Year ago

    people born in 1995 are turning 20 because I was born in 1994 and I just turned 21.

  • Mia Nelson
    Mia Nelson Year ago +26

    This kinda reminds me of that sponge bob episode where sponge bob tries to get into the fighting bar

  • Valentin
    Valentin Year ago

    im 22 and they keep asking for my id. (need to be 18+)

  • Michael Walsh
    Michael Walsh Year ago

    I was born in October 1996 and I remember 9/11.

  • sweetlife6299
    sweetlife6299 Year ago

    salty splatoon

  • Lord Chumpington
    Lord Chumpington Year ago

    This guy is at least 35...

  • Pansy Flower
    Pansy Flower Year ago

    I get carded all the time.... I am 34 years old.. LOL I get carded for drinks, I get carded at casinos.. LOL

  • ChildOfTheSun32
    ChildOfTheSun32 Year ago

    Guy looks about 37 years old. Why would he get ID'd?

  • blaqkhavok35
    blaqkhavok35 Year ago

    Legal drinking age in Australia is 18

  • yixing park
    yixing park Year ago +82

    he's so clearly over 18 though lol

    • Sand Scar
      Sand Scar Year ago

      +Kaya Sawyer theres both (so theres no reason to argue lol ) im in a college town and 80+% you need to be 21.

    • Kaya Sawyer
      Kaya Sawyer Year ago

      +Djmintyfreshful Um, yes. I live in America. I've been into clubs under the age of 21 *with* my ID. I think I'd know. 

    • Djmintyfreshful
      Djmintyfreshful Year ago

      +Kaya Sawyer Um, no

    • Kaya Sawyer
      Kaya Sawyer Year ago

      +Love Music Soul In America, you can get into a club at 18, you just can't drink.

    • Love Music Soul
      Love Music Soul Year ago

      But we live in America so we have to be 21 if alcohol is sold.

  • Tash Kash
    Tash Kash Year ago

    Went to my local liquor store the other day and strangely the girl never asked for ID

  • Nabiya Ri
    Nabiya Ri Year ago

    he's got the worst friends ever o.O

  • Tine
    Tine Year ago

    Did this a lot when I was 18/19

  • babydoll Quintana-Robbins

    ha ha.. "soul skater" from Brink..

  • Alejandra Lira
    Alejandra Lira Year ago

    Lol I live in Oxnard

  • niamh hughes
    niamh hughes Year ago

    he looks 30 why is he getting ID'd

  • Grace
    Grace Year ago

    Born in 1995, can definitely remember 9/11. Was deeply confusing as a 6 year old.

  • Brandon Chavez
    Brandon Chavez Year ago

    What if it where a female 😉

  • HeadHusky
    HeadHusky Year ago

    That's an interesting night. Seems like something that would be in a TV show,

  • neuroticrepress
    neuroticrepress Year ago

    Buzzfeed: featuring more first world problems!

  • Ciara Hynes
    Ciara Hynes Year ago

    I got into a club when I forgot my id by showing my instagram! I also didn't have to pay entry as my friends came out to meet me and they had already paid!

  • DowntownLAKid
    DowntownLAKid Year ago

    Yeah... The guys let me in. Idk why but when I don't have ID they usually just let me in. I love them

  • Miss Bakare
    Miss Bakare Year ago

    What crap friends. You never enter the club without everyone there

  • jfarrell 302
    jfarrell 302 Year ago

    I thought they were talking about Id like Id, Ego , and super Ego. Haha that wouldve been interesting

  • Taryn kandola
    Taryn kandola Year ago


  • GingeyD
    GingeyD Year ago

    1:20 chris is so cute i can't stop replaying HAHAHA

  • Catnap
    Catnap Year ago

    Hahaha, you people that need ID xD

  • isabella
    isabella Year ago

    Chris is literally me trying to get out of any situation,

  • EmoGii
    EmoGii Year ago

    I recently turned 18, which in the uk is legal age; I don't drink alcohol because it makes me tipsy very quickly, but when I buy a beer or something I never get id which is annoying because I enjoy showing my id

  • ahardy524
    ahardy524 Year ago

    Do they really ask everyone for id in clubs n the us

  • lucas5665
    lucas5665 Year ago

    21? jeez America. When are you going to get with the times and lower your drinking age already? What are people afraid is going to happen if they lower it by a couple years? People 17-20 are going to be drinking regardless

  • Jasmine Taylor
    Jasmine Taylor Year ago


  • Countryen
    Countryen Year ago

    More like a "Why someone forgetting their ID in frot of you is the worst"
    Would a driving licence help you in such a situation?

  • allie498
    allie498 Year ago

    Team Pup n' Suds for life!!!

  • Rachele Mintken
    Rachele Mintken Year ago

    Omg I feel this so hard hahaha once I couldn't find my id so I ended up waiting outside while my friends went in (we were about an hour from home) and after waiting for a good half hour outside I realized I had just put my id in my pocket instead of my wallet @_@

  • Jamie Montes
    Jamie Montes Year ago

    Omg he's an aquarius and born in the year of the dragon?! IM AN AQUARIUS AND BORN IN THE YEAR OF THE DRAGON!

  • RapunzelEscape
    RapunzelEscape Year ago

    I'm 21 (going on 22), and most people mistake me for being 13-16 years old. I never go ANYWHERE without my i.d., but even though I always have it some people still can't believe I'm 21. Some people once placed a $100 bet on guessing my age. The struggle is real. T.T

  • Alex Guan
    Alex Guan Year ago

    That worker sums up Americans

  • Quisyfrottesypique

    "Do I look underage to you? Seriously? You need to tell my husband of 18 years, who is standing next to me, that you think that I am younger than that girl with the smooth skin and the fluffy hair." Yeah, late 40s attitude.

  • عبدالله الغامدي

    what is that place which require your ID to get in . We don't have like this in Saudi Arabia every place you can enter without ID

  • Laura Hanetseder
    Laura Hanetseder Year ago

    i would have been easier to just get the id....

  • crazyfreek41
    crazyfreek41 Year ago

    people who were born in 1995 cannot get into a bar. and some of us do remember 9/11, that kinda depends on their parents.

  • Angie Ninja
    Angie Ninja Year ago

    I look about 14 but I'm actually 19 so if I forget my ID then I'm screwed

  • Jay Venom
    Jay Venom Year ago

    Ugh I think he is so cute I love watching buzzfeed videos when he is featured. Sexy

  • bandanashxt
    bandanashxt Year ago

    Im so happy to see u guy back togheter

  • trapease
    trapease Year ago


  • SuzySuave
    SuzySuave Year ago

    In reality they would call the police/other bouncers to get rid of you.

  • Ronnie Kellett
    Ronnie Kellett Year ago

    Born in 1995! I forgot my ID at a freaking One Direction concert and panicked for a moment when she asked, I'm glad she let me through anyway but yes I didn't look under 14 I'm sure :D

  • Jacqueliene
    Jacqueliene Year ago

    He looks like he is over 30 so I don't even understand why he would get ID'd.

  • alianisz
    alianisz Year ago

    Are they twins?

  • Scheneca Crane
    Scheneca Crane Year ago

    Chris is literally me.

  • Caitlyn Taylor
    Caitlyn Taylor Year ago +1

    once, my mum was in tesco buying tobacco and she forgot her ID so they wouldn't let her buy it then the person behind her said "come on she doesn't look that young" it's like thanks for helping her out but are you saying she looks old?

  • Olivele
    Olivele Year ago

    I was born in 1995 and I can't get into any damn bars. Soon...

  • Olivele
    Olivele Year ago

    I was born in 1995 and I can't get into any damn bars. Soon...

  • Wolfiee112
    Wolfiee112 Year ago

    why didn't he just go home and grab his ID? or made sure he had it before they left? that's what I always do lol.

  • Conrad Wong
    Conrad Wong Year ago

    This doesn't make sense... No offense but he doesn't look underage...

  • One Lion
    One Lion Year ago

    Most good nightclubs absolutely require you to have an ID, as well as take your photo with a webcam on the computer when they check you a long with a photo of your ID, and hit the big button whether you're male or female, blah blah blah, dive bars like this with no real entrance, security that likely isn't qualified or have no training you could easily get in without ID the security guard in this situation would've just said whatever, but I know it's a skit that's supposed to represent a larger better venue.

  • Christian Galesias
    Christian Galesias Year ago +1

    I wouldn't get it without my friend.

    • Meh Meh
      Meh Meh Year ago

      That's quite the profile picture........

  • Sheena C
    Sheena C Year ago +1

    you can go to war at 18 but can't drink at 18 how does that work

  • Sara Alhajrj
    Sara Alhajrj Year ago

    once I was at the cinema for a +18 movie and then she asked how old are you and I blanked out and I said what ..and said I am 15 and then no no no 16 and is it oh my god no 17 oh my god I'm 18 and didn't have my ID she didn't believe me I talked just like him just telling her that I am 18 .. and I'm really 18

    • Erinyes
      Erinyes Year ago

      +Sara Alhajrj lol yeah people start forgetting how old they are past 20....though I see it's gotten earlier now. I ended up saying I was 20 last time when I was really 21. Both ages are still legal so I didn't have trouble like you xD

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