Alien Covenant Prologue - Why did David Kill the Engineers

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  • Mr H Reviews
    Mr H Reviews 2 months ago +333

    Just a quick one from me guys, I may do an announcement video on this however I thought id drop it here first.
    Thanks to everyone of you, I have been invited to attend the world premiere of Alien Covenant, along with the alien day event I still cant quite believe it. So another heartfelt thank you from me to you! I will be seeing covenant on thursday, reviews will be released the moment I am allowed to!

    • callyharley
      callyharley 27 days ago

      There simply has to be many planets that have the Alpha Engineers on them & hopefully they'll be pissed. Scott has the next film to save the whole project because the Covenant story was substandard.

    • Dinko Bradvica
      Dinko Bradvica 27 days ago

      Some fans are speculating that there is an Order of Alphas that is superior to Engineers,but thats just a theory.

    • Dinko Bradvica
      Dinko Bradvica 27 days ago

      Yep but this is the problem this so called "Engineers " that we saw in this video that David destroyded ,they werent as tall as Engineers or had black eyes like them,so like many fans are speculating and me to is that this were second sentient species like Humans created by Engineers but David in role and act of Lucifer decided to destroy Engineers creations on that planet.And your theory about Christiany can also be correct,but there chould be that Engienners dint destroyded life on Earth since it was protected by Yauta ( Predators ) ,yes Predators and AVP 1 and 2 movies are part of Alien univeres.Yauta are stronger and superior to humans and they can easily fight Engineer or Alien.

    • Cory Teague-Saturnyne
      Cory Teague-Saturnyne 1 month ago

      Who created the Engineers??? And why

    • Daniel Amendt
      Daniel Amendt 1 month ago

      It's obvious, David hated humanity (he mentioned this many times). The Engineers were going to destroy the earth approximately 2,000 years ago, but they stopped because they saw the potential in mankind. Ridley Scott explained in an interview that the 2,000 year time frame was not a coincidence. The Engineers are a much more intelligent and advanced race, so enlightenment, peace, love... ect. are what they believe in. With increased intelligence comes increased understanding. So 2,000 years ago the Engineers sent a missionary to Earth to see how the fledgling race was coming along. this missionary preached love and happiness.... sound familiar yet? But humans being dumb animals we panicked and naturally just crucified the guy. The engineers took this as proof our race wasn't worthy so they started to create their black goo to destroy us. But as seen in Prometheus there was an accident and the Xenomorphs destroyed the facility. So by the time the Engineers created more goo and returned to Earth, they found the teachings of their missionary being spread around (Christianity). This showed them that humans had potential. If Elizabeth had been allowed to contact the Engineers she would have shown them humans had become what we were designed for. Keep in mind she was a very compassionate human. This would have lead the Engineers to contact Earth and assist humans with leaving the planet. The thought of this terrified David, Humans everywhere! So he killed the Engineers to prevent this. Its why David said he won't let Humans leave their dying planet. So in other words he found out the Engineers weren't worse than humans.....they were so much better.

  • mhb11
    mhb11 7 days ago

    Why did David Kill the Engineers? Because they stood in the way of Ridley Scott making the 'aliens picking people off one by one' movie.

  • Hl A
    Hl A 9 days ago

    David kills her anyway!

  • jackoblllllllll
    jackoblllllllll 14 days ago

    why were the engineers gathering to welcome the ship?

  • Armin Barootian
    Armin Barootian 15 days ago

    well... after all what I have seen .. I have my own theory put up since I do not feel that mr. Scott wants to clear things up ... if you now think you know only what you know so far ... the aliens and how they look and what was first the eggs or the was a mistake...something went terribly wrong...something that never should have happened other words... these aliens are retards mixed up by davids inferno crossing several species....what this black goo is and what the engineers wanted with it is still open ... BUT ... I personally think that david is very disappointed that he is ... so superior...the created result of a breed that has barely control over itself and has very primitive and bizarre lifestyle habits ... He is disappointed that something Mortal has created him, and he is superior to man in so far as he is, and yet he is the second, and he is not allowed to create anything, and is primarily a servant, and has a clear duty to fulfill his tasks, and does not have any respect or feelings for anything or any living beeing just because of that! ... He saw in this trip the chance to create with the help of this liquid to turn tables....its his turn now!... since he is fascinated by it, he is not patient because he is really humanoid... if we people ...with all our plans and genetics had a zombieapocalypse to overcome ... a external person, alien, beeing...also has to answer genetic questions and an interference from the outside would be a totaly new game ... Why the engineers were on death course is Uncertain ... Perhaps we threaten with our curiosity the life of the engineers ...
    David is not interested in asking but he is better of his vision. He will never be a God since he is only a robot and he will always be. This fact bothers him greatly ... He has no sense of love and life ... Everything he starts dies and is just another plague ... He just can not understand that...And he sees himself in right. ... He is not doing any wrong...maybe? he?.. I give him the right .. I would have done the same way ... We will probably never know his soul ... I think that these aliens are his vain temptation of beeing a God. ..and its a huge fail...I am anxious since 1995 ... finally clear on mr. Scott...please....I have a life to live...

  • Mattydigs
    Mattydigs 15 days ago +1

    Because this movie is shit?

  • Bobbie's World
    Bobbie's World 16 days ago

    My opnion is that at the begining of the movie, and I qoute; Weyland says "I am your father" and David knows he has to respond as "I am your son" as if he HAS to say it, in a very robotic way. The reason I say this is because somewhere in the movie someone says to David; "Weyland said, you have become too human" Which in a way explain how he used Dr Shaw, how he experimented on her, as if he were also interested in the new alien creation yet, taking revenge on human's as the engineers actually came from human's as well. The reason I say this as well is because of something that Weyland had said in the movie "Prometheus" saying; "There's one thing that David will never have that we have...a soul" and when David asked "Why did you create us?" and Mr Shaw saying "Because we can" then David says "Imagine having to hear that from your creators." From my side of view, I don't see David as a bad protagonist, but as an anti-hero of the movie, he is disappointed in the humans, thinking and quoting "They don't deserve a second chance" Yes I know I love the movie too much I've already seen Alien Covenant at least 12 times since it came out.

  • gem stone
    gem stone 16 days ago

    David didn't kill the Engineers. The people on the planet when the ship arrives aren't the Engineers. I know this because there's at least another 2 films to come and possibly a 3rd after it was initially indicated there could be 4. Ridley Scott has already said as much adding 'the Prometheus storyline is very complicated and complex'.

  • lee whitham
    lee whitham 16 days ago

    Its a cycle

    engineers make man
    man make synthetics
    synthetics destroy engineers
    synthetics make xenomorph
    xenomorph destroy man
    xenomorph make new life
    new life destroy synthetics

    the creators creation will create life that will destroy their creators creator.

    i know xenomorphs haven't made "new life" its just an example

  • hunteranubis
    hunteranubis 19 days ago +1

    They didnt pay Taxes to Wayland so he had to remove them

  • NE M
    NE M 20 days ago +1

    After the shit he pulled in the first movie, i don't know why she gave him his body back.

    The dumbarse.

  • TheLordUrban
    TheLordUrban 27 days ago +1

    Reminds me of the Olympians overthrowing the Titans.

  • Jaeger2011
    Jaeger2011 28 days ago

    The point Mr. Potter is not minding that it hurts.

  • javier Carrasquillo
    javier Carrasquillo 1 month ago

    david killed the engineers because the engineers rejected him in Prometheus david in a way was a nod to natzi Germany as he is trying to create a master race experimenting on the sleeping colonists like dr.mengele

  • Special Android
    Special Android 1 month ago

    He killed the engineers because it was in the script

  • Natsu Dragneel
    Natsu Dragneel 1 month ago

    i dont think their dead.. i think thats one of the planet cities. also maybe it was the planet not of the war ones but the creators. messed up.

  • SuperDenizen
    SuperDenizen 1 month ago

    Given the stuff the movie gave us, do one of Elizabeth Shaw starting from the end of Prometheus to her fate in Covenent.

  • VFX Todd
    VFX Todd 1 month ago

    I think it quite possible, that the "secret" David discovered may have been that he believed the Engineers were planning on destroying the human race. Possibly out of disgust that we, as a race, had not improved but declined given our propensity to kill one another. Just a guess.

  • Bob Platt
    Bob Platt 1 month ago

    Queer robot movie with a little bit of alien. Continuation of Hollywood to push the pro homo ideology, a little bit at a time, whether you agree or not it is not important to them.

  • Chuck McCleskey
    Chuck McCleskey 1 month ago

    Try not to put fucking spoilers in future thumbnails you click-bait piece of shit

    • Mr H Reviews
      Mr H Reviews 1 month ago

      +Chuck McCleskey lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol Mr observant, it isn't a spoiler oh, it's been out a month dude, get off the internet if you don't want to be spoiled, fool

  • killa1711
    killa1711 1 month ago

    Well his reason for killing mr waylaid (his father) was that he would be free. Maybe he saw that by killing the engineers he was freeing mankind.

  • JoyMike Stanford
    JoyMike Stanford 1 month ago

    personally, i think he just wanted to see what happened.

  • Jeff Phillips
    Jeff Phillips 1 month ago

    That wasn't the engineer homeworld. The inhabitants of that planet were not as tall as the Engineer in Promethius and they looked differently, skin, eyes. etc.
    I bellieve it was yet another planet the engineers created so when the Engineer ship showed up they were excited because they thought their Gods had returned.
    Why David killed them? Don't know.

  • Andrew Perry
    Andrew Perry 1 month ago

    did David read her dreams and find he actions purely self serving

  • Alexander Vyn
    Alexander Vyn 1 month ago

    He found out that movies sucked ass

  • Kelly Pfeiffer
    Kelly Pfeiffer 1 month ago

    Ridley should have used Styx's Come Sail Away when Tennessee was retracting the Space Sails in the beginning because Tennessee was a big fan of 20th Century pop music and then later at the end of the movie Tennessee could ask Walter when being put back into hyper sleep for Walter to play the same song he played earlier and David wouldn't know what song Walter had played. More entertaining and more exacting than, "help build our house" which is easily deniable and like Guardian of the Galaxy, it makes the use of modern music entertaining and helps out a plot point in the film. And to make it even more shocking at the very end have David as he has
    put the two astronauts to sleep and chooses a piece of classical music
    to walk alone in the ship instead of picking the classical piece of
    music Ridley used in the film, have David select the opening piano of
    Styx's Come Sail Away. This way your wondering... if David knew the song
    Tennessee wanted why did he not say it.... Is he David? Is he Walter?
    Have they been merged or corrupted? For you to find out later...

  • Thefunkyrikitiki
    Thefunkyrikitiki 1 month ago

    Those arent Engineers, not trying to burst any bubbles

  • Roger Patterson
    Roger Patterson 1 month ago

    David didn't like Shaw he just pretended to so she would retrieve his parts and put him back together at the end of P. He was trying to obtain and develop the pathogen by poisoning her lover who then impregnated her. He wants to be the destroyer of both the Engineers and (through the Alien) destroyer of humans.

  • Ivin3690
    Ivin3690 1 month ago

    god damn it, it wasn't the engineers he killed. They were a different humanoid species who genuflected to the engineers. What David most likely learned about the ways of the engineers was that creating life is the one thing that turns you into a god, and david, wanting to leave a legacy, picked this random race to start out. This whole video is therefore null.

  • ThePresentation010
    ThePresentation010 1 month ago

    The directors who made movie stated why He killed the engineers. Because they create and destroy. And they were set on destroying. That disgusts David. so David took them out first. Simple as that. The question now is does he care for the humans?

  • madnohten
    madnohten 1 month ago

    Doesn't it make sense that David killed Shaw in hypersleep ?

  • beepIL
    beepIL 1 month ago

    "Why did David Kill the Engineers"
    Because ridley scott is a lazy fuck

  • Ian H
    Ian H 1 month ago

    Well, if anything this movie takes the wind out of the sails of the conspiracy theorists. With Prometheus they could rank on the whole aliens-created-humans spiel, but with the notion of human-created androids anniihalating the supposed must really put a wrench in their spokes.

  • Johan Harriz
    Johan Harriz 1 month ago

    Has anybody ever tell you tht you sound like jamie olliver the chef?

  • Allan Lomas
    Allan Lomas 1 month ago

    So the engeneers where like 100.000 guys and they all lived in one place and liked to stand together in case someone was coming to kill them... yeah...

  • Abhishek chaubey
    Abhishek chaubey 1 month ago

    The character arc of david is that he loves shaw but she dies making him realise the unworthy creators should be destroyed as soon as possible. Worthy creators should allowed to create. In future audience will be shown his love towards shaw so that we could feel bad for him. We are misled intentionally to think that he killed shaw so that there are no loose ends. That is why all the sequence inside the ship was cut to leave it on imagination.

  • Luke
    Luke 1 month ago

    We can't simply blame the engineers when things go wrong because, no matter how well they plan, things don't always go according to plan.

    Henry Petroski

  • HajliHajlo
    HajliHajlo 1 month ago

    i felt a bit satisfaction when David dropping those vases on white heads.

  • Chris Edwards
    Chris Edwards 1 month ago

    This series is really starting to piss me off. The characters constantly do inexplicable things that are never *really* explained, and then we're given bullshit hints about how the answers will be revealed in the next movie. I feel like everything I know about David and the Engineers and the Aliens is still up in the air, because Ridley Scott refuses to give any concrete answers to keep profiting off of these ok-but-not-great movies.

  • stanislavmigra
    stanislavmigra 1 month ago

    He did it, because he is pervy psychotic megalomaniac with faulty circuits and wanna be god. So he removed real gods (engineers), knowing he had now tools to create new unique lifeform and become god.

  • Dave Brown
    Dave Brown 1 month ago

    david wants to play god plain and simple! and be the creator of the best.

  • A.M Skitz
    A.M Skitz 1 month ago

    Those weren't the Engineer's lmao. So many stupid fucking people on this planet.

  • titaniumonkey
    titaniumonkey 1 month ago

    he probably found out that they were sadistic and severely lacked compassion ( which he learned and experienced with shaw) so he got angry and just killed them all

  • Claire Stark
    Claire Stark 1 month ago

    Bad writting bassically. Theye needed to get rid of the engeneers for the Alien film.

  • Beverly Hyland
    Beverly Hyland 1 month ago

    So FUCK YOU for posting a MAJOR spoiler ON THE FUCKING TITLE you prick!

  • Al King
    Al King 1 month ago

    what if it's David's intention to create a new world for androids to populate?

    I also think the engineers agenda is to populate planets by creating humanoids to cultivate them then use the pathogen as a means to harvest. the suits on the ship resemble old apothecary masks, and they somehow stop any pathogen or "death" from entering the wearer.

    just an idea

  • Jools Ashton
    Jools Ashton 1 month ago

    David... wanted to play god.. he was not developed to create. However, he has learnt to destroy. Shaw was impregnated once and David let that happen. David was experimenting with the 'black goo' and as we seen was developing the genetic material and possibly using Shaw as the host, to create a controllable alien. "Gently blow on their nose like a horse".. used by many a horse whisperer. Was the mutation more about creating a weaponised, controllable alien species to take back to earth as his initial programming required.

  • thenajsays
    thenajsays 1 month ago

    why are you examining a murderous androids face? he barely shows emotion.

  • Vitam et Mortem
    Vitam et Mortem 1 month ago

    Because he learnt of their (unexplained) ways.

  • Guru Gaming
    Guru Gaming 1 month ago +1

    I just watched the film and now I can say David is a big cunt

  • Surge-Alvez
    Surge-Alvez 1 month ago +1

    This movie put me into hyper-sleep.

  • Garrett Oliver
    Garrett Oliver 1 month ago

    Shaw probably died he felt sorrow and loss and turned to anger towards the engineers he learned their ways meaning by what they do bio engineer. he putts humans because like himself he is a creation of creation

  • gold333
    gold333 1 month ago

    Alien: Covenant is so dumb. David did not kill engineers. Their body size, skin refractivity, eyes and behavior simply to not add up. They are the same size as the crew when they walk past.

    So the superior engineer master race who are atleast 4 BILLION years ahead of humanity (their creation, lol) in terms of evolution and scientific knowhow (4 BILLION,... not a thousand years ahead but 4 billion, a third of the age of the entire UNIVERSE lol), gets wiped out by a single robot.

    It's ridiculous. Like a childrens cartoon.

  • boglake22
    boglake22 1 month ago

    Doesn't it strike you as odd that the entire Engineer race would all gather for the return of one errant ship? Is no one on vacation, or at school, or living in some other cities or town? Also, if a space ship was entering the air space of your one city would you not exercise caution to ensure it's not piloted by enemies?

  • pmckeown40
    pmckeown40 1 month ago

    Bothers me how little information we get from these new films but it does give us plenty of room to imagine and interpret.

    I think David had an android's kind of affection for Shaw but thought he was giving her a gift/higher purpose in making her part of creating a perfect organism to make up for the disappointment the engineers were for him. He was created and surrounded by imperfect creations, including himself, and in finding the engineers to be as genocidal as humans he thought "I can do better".
    "Not too close I hope" is a statement of distaste for human imperfection, to my ears anyway.

  • Julio Huerta
    Julio Huerta 1 month ago

    I believe David learned that Engineers hated Androids and that is why the Engineer took off his head, he felt that he was inorganic and thus wanted to take out humanity. SPOILERS.
    After David's actions in Covenant, I assumed he wanted to take them out because the Engineers would come to find out that they did not trust androids so they moved to learning how to create organic machines later to be that black death stuff aka alien genome, and Humanity would come to follow in their mistakes , but something went wrong for them. And then PROMETHEUS starts.
    I saw that their was a dissected woman on the table, I thought that was Shaw , anyone else think that too??
    I was disappointed to not see her in the film but overall FUCKING TERRIFIC FILM.. maybe some predators will come and they will expand their universe again and make it amazing once again!! I loved the movie! Good job Ridley Scott , what an ending holy shit

  • TheRueuhy
    TheRueuhy 1 month ago

    He fell in love with her which was not part of his programming. This lead to a protective, perhaps obsessive, view of Shaw that he felt she would be in danger once they arrived. He also had a creative nature that saw the beauty in their designs on altering genetics and dna structure. His ultimate act of love would be to use Shaw in engineering his vision of the "ultimate" species by using her dna and genetics. She would be "the mother" of his creation. He took a proactive step in protecting "the mother" and continuing a more progressive creation. His only solution to the problem was the obliteration of a lessor intelligence so he could create.

  • Stuart Hollingsead
    Stuart Hollingsead 1 month ago

    an engineer ripped his head off, could he expect anything less than the same thing from all the engineers in the city? thus kill them first before they can kill him, simple logic especially for an android...

  • SpecialHandlingUnit
    SpecialHandlingUnit 1 month ago +1

    The H stands for heroin :D

  • Mr. Bosporos
    Mr. Bosporos 1 month ago

    Why? Well he got decapitated by one and had to gain the trust of a woman, who was the only one that was able to put his head back where it belongs. Imagine how hard it is for a sociapathic Android to fake a friendship towards a woman for years and have an open ear to all her stories years after years with no place to go but just pure dark, wet and metallic floors and rooms, trapped till arrival. He gave up his integrity by actually liking one human being in particular although he hates them and repaid it back to Shaw by killing her during the cryosleep phase and experimenting with her reproductive organs afterwards (what a sick fuck David is). And then he took revenge on the engineers who are easily able to travel trough the universe but don´t seem to have some kind of NORAD System on the other hand that would have spotted an unregistered entry into their airspace eventually helping them to intercept this crazy andoid fuck and prevent their own holocaust. So he gave it to them and he did it good. So good that he cried because of how hard his boner got out of that.

  • M. Cobretti
    M. Cobretti 1 month ago

    I'm actually more curious about why he cries when he kills them? They created us and we created David so it's like he is killing his grandfathers? :D This is my favorite scene in the movie. I don't give a damn about the aliens. I'd like to know more about the engineers.

  • Shen Grant
    Shen Grant 1 month ago

    i love when walter say to david are not surprise to see me and david says no every good mission needs a synthetic..bigger meaning to that.

  • Mark Pitsilos
    Mark Pitsilos 1 month ago

    Don't understand why the Engineers are killed instantly though, in humans the infection takes hours to fully manifest.

  • Orphanlast
    Orphanlast 1 month ago

    I'm interested in what you have to say now that the movie has been released. Because it wasn't really explained well even in the movie

    • Mr H Reviews
      Mr H Reviews 1 month ago

      +Orphanlast tomorrow I have a video out with a quote from Ridley. It's shit explanation though lol

  • Marlo Hansen
    Marlo Hansen 1 month ago +1

    An engineer ripped his freaking head off. What do you mean why did he kill the engineers? Because he could, and he likes his head.

  • MrBarakzach
    MrBarakzach 1 month ago

    In my opinion this is what happened. There is a motive in movies like this. The new overthrows the old and the "Golem" turns on its maker. Note that in the beginning of the film David understands that to some extent he is superior to its maker, David may live forever while his creator will eventually decay and die. When David make this comment to his creator, his master puts David to his place by ordering David to bring him tea. David then thinks to himself why should I be a slave to an inferior race?!. This is why David is so up to creating what he thinks is the perfect species which result in Xenomorph. You can see this in many cultures. In Greek myth the new overthrows the old, Gods overthrow its creators (Titans) man overthrow its masters (Gods) there is a reference in the movie to shelly, cause Mary Shelley first wanted to name her novel "Modern Prometheus" and not Frankenstein. Prometheus was a titan and he has created men who eventually turned on its Masters (Gods). This is a cycle, just like in Greek myth. The titans where suppressed by their father and they overthrow him turning themselves to the superior race, eventually the gods where suppressed by the titans and overthrow them, and man who were created by Prometheus (a servant of the Gods) where overthrown by man, so David is in fact the modern Prometheus. Which brings a question I asked myself when I read Frankenstein, who is the real monster? The creator or the created?, our own creations may be our undoing?

  • Zkeierea Gaming
    Zkeierea Gaming 1 month ago

    its obvious. At the start of the film, he questioned why he had to take orders from his dad. Also stated that his dad would die, and david would not die of age.

    His dad got mad and just made david bring him tea. David hestitated for a second, and realize he is a servant to his father. Thats the moment his anger was born. He wanted to be the one to give out the orders, to be the creator, to be the GOD

    he passed down judgement on them

  • psycronizer
    psycronizer 1 month ago

    given that the Engineers have the obvious galactic technology that they do, I think, even in the trope of Alien logic, it would be virtually impossible that the Engineers are gone, they are certainly a multi solar system species, likely even inhabiting more than one galaxy, given their hyper sleep technology. So it would be VERY difficult to wipe out such a cosmically gregarious species.

  • FPietros
    FPietros 1 month ago +1

    we learned in covenant that David didn't care about Shaw AT ALL -
    In fact, he sacrificed her for his own xenomorph breeding experiments so this vid is out of date now...

  • 92680BOYD
    92680BOYD 1 month ago

    After seeing "Covenant" I don't think, that planet they landed on is the original home world to the Engineers. I'm guessing, Origae-6 is the actual planet of the Engineers.

    That large structure that the ship connected to before David unleashed the Black aerial virus or whatever, there could be other structures like that on other worlds that the Engineers have successfully expanded their species on.

    Plus, that was only one area of the planet, what about the rest of it?.

    If there is another movie coming, I'm hoping, Scott and his writers can give more information on the Engineers and how David will connect to future Alien films. The franchise is far from dead too, regardless of the reviews.

  • Nick Dillon
    Nick Dillon 1 month ago

    Is it like he killed them before they could kill us?

  • bluerisk
    bluerisk 1 month ago

    There are surely more Engineers alive - in other cities, or other colonies. More so, the ship in Alien (1977) had these eggs on board...ergo: there era more of them, they have still ships, and they could harvest the eggs...or David is not the actual creator, for the Xenomorpg depiction in the room with the black goo capsules and the altar just look like the Xenomorphes we know.
    But why and from where came the Queens?

  • hmmwtf
    hmmwtf 1 month ago

    I don't think david killed the engineer, I think he's just killed another race created by the engineers. Why? If Engineers can create life, they must do it to take planet ressource. So there is probably 1000 worlds like the one we see in Covenant and the humans were no different. I think the reason why the Engineers wanted to kill the humans in prometheus is because humans betrayed them.

  • eatthisvr6
    eatthisvr6 1 month ago

    it doesnt make sense to me that an entire space fairing civilization all lives in 1 small town on 1 planet

  • Elk Lord
    Elk Lord 1 month ago

    My name is Leopold "Butters" Stotch, King of Kings: Look on my works ye mighty and despair.

  • cdupright
    cdupright 1 month ago

    I see no females in the crowd that David kills.

  • Dan Wiley
    Dan Wiley 1 month ago

    Yeah.. I dunno.. I feel like he was trying to take credit for their work. Honestly, because he is a jealous bastard and all.

  • revolutionpm
    revolutionpm 1 month ago

    1:20-Excellent observation .! And I thought that I was being attentive to what was happening.

  • Louis Hackett
    Louis Hackett 1 month ago

    Mr. H, The reason David is compelled to annihilate the engineers is quite simple. He killed the engineers for a combination of two reasons, one, because they made his makers and his makers made him because they simply could, two, David knows he is greater than his makers for he will out live and out perform them but he himself cannot create life as they have. These two things are the motivations of David. Wiping out the maker's maker deprives the maker of the answer's they so thoughtlessly handed to David.

    • Mr H Reviews
      Mr H Reviews 1 month ago

      +Louis Hackett old video, prior to covenants release :) you are right though!

  • Bic narok
    Bic narok 1 month ago

    because the writers are idiots

  • pluckyduck11y
    pluckyduck11y 1 month ago

    BTW, it's worth pointing out those possibly are not the Engineers. They don't even look the same as the ones in Prometheus.

  • David ryan
    David ryan 1 month ago

    because i felt like it

  • Georgios Papadopoulos
    Georgios Papadopoulos 1 month ago

    Maybe the engineers did not want to kill humans and it was all made up by David in order to convince Shaw to repair him, in order for him to become a 'creator' of his own world by destroying the world of the engineers.

  • Blackmercy2
    Blackmercy2 1 month ago

    well as you said and aswell we all saw , yes its the engineer;s HOME planet, but ....what about the rest of the planets? no outposts? i believe there are somewhere.....

  • 21piratesatthedisco
    21piratesatthedisco 1 month ago

    He probably did it cause he wanted to create that new species, and in order to do so, he let pathogen loose on the people. Like you said, in order to create, one must destroy.

  • Gwen Doherty
    Gwen Doherty 1 month ago

    Don't really care anymore..i just love the Alien(s ).Suite of Films.& Musif with evergreen characters...I want to be entertained...nice analysis all the same.. 😊😎

  • The The
    The The 1 month ago

    After all said, it doesn't look like the engineers were all that now, anyway! We discover that the race beings on the home world that David kills at the begging are a sub-specie of the the engineers. They seem to be no more than hairless humans. They live in very basic dwellings. They seem to base all their technology on hollow-graphic manipulation. They experiment with their the black sludge a Lott, but do not understand it or can not control it completely. The higher cast Engineers are just as Ignorant about what they have and have no respect for any existing life. They are a bunch of arrogant ass holes!

  • will s
    will s 2 months ago

    David had a god complex

  • Vic Mar
    Vic Mar 2 months ago

    It looks like he learned that they wanted to be the dominating species in the universe . ..And by wiping out every other basically gives them universal domination. ..They seem like a very dominating species in the making and commanding of weather or not a planet lives or dies

  • B_DOT musictv
    B_DOT musictv 2 months ago

    i guess they were Verizon

  • Timurv1234
    Timurv1234 2 months ago

    Why are we sure this is their homeworld? And why are we sure these are Engineers at all?

  • Gerg Playo
    Gerg Playo 2 months ago

    Worst Alien movie ever.

    AWUNMATERIAL 2 months ago

    so do the engineers become the Predators?

  • Bigus Dickus
    Bigus Dickus 2 months ago

    Its because they was liberals

  • Pawaa OfPozativaty
    Pawaa OfPozativaty 2 months ago

    I'm upset because know we have to wait a number of years for another film fucking bullshit. that Shiite could not have destroyed all the engineers how does a higher race have flying air crafts and only one fucking station

  • Pawaa OfPozativaty
    Pawaa OfPozativaty 2 months ago

    this cyborg is having a break down it does not feel does not think it'll keep destroying until it is stopped. #ripshaw

  • Olek_Gannon
    Olek_Gannon 2 months ago

    he discovered they are trash that wipe out entire planet's like they are nothing more than experiment's something far worse than human's who can show compassion and moral compass...well some people.

  • Kragz88
    Kragz88 2 months ago

    So the idea of the movie's are David saw in a way we were the Gods because we created him, and humans can create (Sex or Machines AI) and so also The Engineers "made us" They wanted to destroy us.
    David may have found out why they created us and wanted to kill us humans off, and in creating the perfect organism became a God himself and if our Gods were no better then us humans then nothing can be.

    Thanks Ridely....
    (this is just me guessing)

    • Kragz88
      Kragz88 2 months ago

      I swear to God if this turns out to be true, then I should be a writer cuz that was 2 minutes of thought and I'm sure anyone else could piece it together as easily as they did for the movie.....(sorta)

  • tulsi beepat
    tulsi beepat 2 months ago

    Based on the interaction between David and the surviving engineer in Prometheus up to the said time in the prologue he may as you said learned some unsavory info on the Engineers and their plans to outright cull off humanity in a manner that was below he lofty beliefs concerning them added to Shaw's personal wellbeing hence the action taken.

    SCORPIO 2 months ago

    Why isnt the prologue in the movie?

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