OpenAI + Dota 2

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  • StefanusHendy
    StefanusHendy Hour ago

    TI8 OpenAI team created wkkwwk

  • Aleen Baruah
    Aleen Baruah 7 hours ago

    Damm this is epic man

  • Namo Munglang
    Namo Munglang 13 hours ago


  • Namo Munglang
    Namo Munglang 13 hours ago

    Progress is technology is only good went it doesn't harm the mankind. But since the western has taken control of world power the end of the world is possible. It might happen in any matter of time.

  • Kshitij Jhalak
    Kshitij Jhalak 16 hours ago

    Feels good to see that I am not the only one that never won against *bots*.

  • Elvis Camilo
    Elvis Camilo 19 hours ago

    We have self-driving cars. These bots should be tangible.

  • mel rivero21
    mel rivero21 21 hour ago

    how to open AI?

  • jon levert
    jon levert Day ago

    Do super smash brothers melee next

  • Abu11Ibrahim Gaming

    i do not know what to say to get likes

  • Dimitar Venov
    Dimitar Venov Day ago +1

    Well I got an idea, how about you let the AI play ranked games, perhaps he can find a way to deal with griefers and game ruiners? Coz so far no one's got a clue how to solve that problem. That for me would be the crown achievement of an AI. Now I dont want to sound like I don't appreciate what you guys have done, this is truly remarkable and you deserve nothing but praise for your work, but I think that an AI can have a much bigger impact on gaming if it tackles the biggest issues that are plaguing not just Dota, but all online multiplayer games.

  • Shivam Gaur
    Shivam Gaur Day ago

    Is this bot reported for communication abuse!!

  • Magnus Teekivi
    Magnus Teekivi Day ago

    Imagine OpenAI + Runescape. :O

  • Conrad Genio
    Conrad Genio Day ago

    The final boss AI in TI 8.
    AI would be included in the group stage.

  • Cody Dockerty
    Cody Dockerty Day ago

    Reported for botting

  • Paul Berne
    Paul Berne Day ago

    That's cute, how about a fair match. Feed the bot with the rendered pixels ;)

  • Roman Hill
    Roman Hill Day ago

    Yes but, what does the 2nd amendment say about AIs? I need more than a dog to guard my place from the New World Disorder. :D

  • Day ago

    I hope that the Dota OpenAI get as same as toxic like a 12-year-old ..

  • Turko MDF
    Turko MDF Day ago

    How is this different than having a script ?

    • qwertyrewty
      qwertyrewty 6 hours ago

      Turko MDF bots will not talk like that. Bots can talk telephaticly. It will be like .................. then the reply is ....................

    • Turko MDF
      Turko MDF 13 hours ago

      Thanks bro , really. Why even communicate , right ? Lets just talk with bots and stuff like that. Bee boop

    • qwertyrewty
      qwertyrewty 14 hours ago

      I suggest you do research, its 2017, google it

  • ahmed magdy
    ahmed magdy Day ago

    we need AI vs LOL

  • Gianflavio FX
    Gianflavio FX Day ago

    "this event was us introducing our dota project to the world, the next step is league of legends"

  • DENisVali
    DENisVali Day ago

    It`s awesome! Ave Robo and AI Ave! p.s. with #love from #Russia ^^

  • Daniel Right
    Daniel Right Day ago

    Here is the best way to markiting of such thing

    Announce that any team who will beat up(no matter how many matches) this OpenAI in 5vs5 game will get a BILLION! or TEN!

  • Nickarlo Santos
    Nickarlo Santos Day ago

    OpenAI Team VS Liquid could be happen TI8 ?

  • Tymski
    Tymski Day ago

    Now I want to be part of OpenAI Team.

  • mohit temghare
    mohit temghare Day ago

    Next year ai will win ti

  • Öztürk Tolga
    Öztürk Tolga Day ago +1

    Song name? Can anyone find it guys?

  • Whiterun Guard
    Whiterun Guard Day ago

    Scary AI

  • Adoniss
    Adoniss 2 days ago

    Wait if the AI predicts where you go in the darkness, does that mean it is just guessing where the human is heading like a regular human? Or is the AI conscious ? Cuz it sounds like the AI it's just the BOT in veteran mode.

    SONGS N STUFF! 2 days ago

    666th comment

  • Vincent Wang
    Vincent Wang 2 days ago

    This guy blinks so much!

  • KLearn
    KLearn 2 days ago

    Freaking crazy, man! Looking forward to what it is going to do in a couple months.

    FINAL_B 2 days ago +1

    E-sports A.I ''XXX'' vs A.I. ''YYY'' in a few years.

  • Buffalocat C:
    Buffalocat C: 2 days ago

    I thought Elon hated AI

  • Ben Walker
    Ben Walker 2 days ago

    should branch into LoL and see if they can finally knock SKT off their fucking pedestal

  • Darwin Perez
    Darwin Perez 2 days ago

    this guy needs some sleep...

  • Dragon Dios
    Dragon Dios 2 days ago

    music name ?? pls

  • Maxime Carpentier
    Maxime Carpentier 2 days ago

    What is the chair brand in the video?

  • Cosmin Oprea
    Cosmin Oprea 2 days ago


  • soniccinos
    soniccinos 2 days ago

    Whats the diference between OpenAI and any games included bots, like Counter Strike bots????

  • David Tharios
    David Tharios 2 days ago

    Fucking stupid. I'd rather develop AI for actual purposes than stupid Gaming bot.

  • Nelson Idr
    Nelson Idr 2 days ago

    This A.I. you create here if you think about it, is pretty scary. This thing cannot get tired or have any emotion what so ever, this thing was designed for only 1 thing and 1 thing only and that is ' Learning ' the more mistakes the more geniuses and smarter it'll gets, now can you imagine if this thing making mistakes atleast 1000000000 times for just in a day?

  • dicx dvacátýtřetí

    Dont fuck with videogames Musk, better get out to Mars or something...

  • Aurelian Dumitru
    Aurelian Dumitru 2 days ago

    SKYNET is here. So long human kind!

  • Mazen Al-Ali
    Mazen Al-Ali 2 days ago

    This is great for AI, awesome for DOTA pro's. but please, volvo, please...don't let them into the tourney's

  • Jupe
    Jupe 3 days ago +1

    Whats the song used in this

  • Kostas Albanidis
    Kostas Albanidis 3 days ago

    I was there when SkyNet began ...playing games.

  • Side of Garlic Bread

    5 Ai's will wreck the scene lmao

  • ゼロガス
    ゼロガス 3 days ago

    The technology exist to extend human's capabilities, not to replace humanity!!!

  • Michael Nevemore
    Michael Nevemore 3 days ago

    They said Pajkatt get 1 kill on it.

  • d4rkSide
    d4rkSide 3 days ago

    well nice job on AI i guess,but bad example

  • Martinc
    Martinc 3 days ago +1

    A new age of AI ?

    Holy shit, i want this AI to be trained in my fav RTS games like CoH 2 or CNC

  • nevimmcconnapsat
    nevimmcconnapsat 3 days ago


  • Michael Gumenny
    Michael Gumenny 3 days ago

    whats the music?

  • mdilligaf
    mdilligaf 3 days ago

    I think that last mission is going to fail - you won't make a team of humans and AIs that's better than a full-AI team. Not for more than a month, at which point the AIs take the lead forever.

  • Mr mr
    Mr mr 3 days ago

    fascinating and frightening what AI can do nowadays

  • Chem Åström
    Chem Åström 3 days ago

    can they use the same AI to play LOL?

  • Girls on Top
    Girls on Top 3 days ago

    aguante el lol

  • Siddharth A
    Siddharth A 3 days ago

    Link to any paper on this ??

  • Arman Rafian
    Arman Rafian 3 days ago

    Wow this is incredible. I did not think this would happen this fast.

  • MrKevinkins
    MrKevinkins 3 days ago

    Serves a grow man right to lose to a bot. Get a real job for goodness sake lol.

  • Александр Захаров

    лохонулся укропчек.Все крыш вам бандерлоги. Придется вам зарабатывать на жизнь как все нормальные люди .а не читерством

  • XLostGamer
    XLostGamer 3 days ago

    That Ai has no lag so of course it's going to beat a a human player this since fucking retarded bots are so normal

  • Gavin Helgeson
    Gavin Helgeson 3 days ago

    AI lol

  • Tourist
    Tourist 3 days ago

    does AI have the same access to sensory info as humans? seems unfair in a sense

  • putsomehotsauceonit
    putsomehotsauceonit 3 days ago


  • Joey Ortega
    Joey Ortega 3 days ago

    GJ Open AI. Pretty damn cool what you did here. That creep block was the most disgusting thing I've ever seen lol.

  • Pavel Slavětínský

    AI is gonna move us super far in all directions, or kill us all.

  • jlebrech
    jlebrech 3 days ago

    can you give dark souls AIs that level up by matching the player's level?

  • Huang Yao
    Huang Yao 4 days ago

    Is that means in the future, all data match will be played by AI and we just watch......

  • ForgottenLegend
    ForgottenLegend 4 days ago +1


  • what what
    what what 4 days ago

    elon musk is right beware of AI

  • McMinty MP
    McMinty MP 4 days ago

    Everyone in this comment section needs to stop giving Elon Musk credit for things HE has not accomplished and reevaluate their love for science. You're worse than the Steve Jobs people. At least he changed the world.

  • McMinty MP
    McMinty MP 4 days ago

    Elon Musk is like me saying "I want a cure for cancer"...hiring someone to create the cure. Then saying "SEE I CURED CANCER HA"

  • Daksh Miglani
    Daksh Miglani 4 days ago

    I'll try to apply similar algorithm to CS:GO.

  • Shabissen
    Shabissen 4 days ago

    Mixing AI and humans on the same team...the singularity is near

  • zseven
    zseven 4 days ago

    Next: League of Legends vs Faker and Dopa,
    CS:GO vs SK Gaming
    PLEASE! Would be so funny to watch how Faker and Dopa tilt

  • Chandler Phelps
    Chandler Phelps 4 days ago

    Is the AI trained on raw pixel output? Or is it receiving info from the game engine?

  • Collin Ames
    Collin Ames 4 days ago

    I don't get what is impressive here. The tech is cool, but it isn't really new. The robot has virtually no lag in a game very dependent on execution.

  • Vegas Chill Trap
    Vegas Chill Trap 4 days ago +1

    what si this song ?

  • lledneah
    lledneah 4 days ago

    That is a dream becoming true.
    I dont like playing pvp games (like a tilt), so all the time I get bored playing vs AI
    OpenAI can run in whatever game and just learn to play that or need an base to start off?
    I would like to see him playing Dark Souls, but I don't think it was done for the purpose of entertaining, but would be great to show the capacity. (And this in the place of the AI of the bosses, it would be fantastic)

  • SneaKy
    SneaKy 4 days ago


  • Christopher Humphrey

    Maybe robots should rule the planet. Humans haven't done a good job so far.

  • rcholnoky09
    rcholnoky09 4 days ago +1

    killer smarthome tech, better price than tplink

  • dan bee
    dan bee 4 days ago

    Skynet before u know it

  • Victor Tous
    Victor Tous 4 days ago +1

    Now program it to beat StarCraft pros ;-D

    • xXslajerXx
      xXslajerXx Day ago

      easy as fuck. imagine that this bot could control every single unit of terran. he can make every single low health unit back and push forward one with full hp while building his base while doing 3 drops on enemy base and also managing every single unit

  • CrowJam
    CrowJam 4 days ago

    this is pretty fun and cool. Cant wait to see 5v5 vs BOTS. For one it will elevate esports not kill them. Having bots to train against is amazing

  • Savage Savant
    Savage Savant 4 days ago

    24 mill pot for a Dota have I been doing with my life!

  • Ruijie He
    Ruijie He 4 days ago

    Does it reacts to data flow? Or reacts to changes on screen image like human?

  • AndreThePate
    AndreThePate 4 days ago

    soon human players won't be needed to compete. they'll just let the ai do it for them :))

  • KC Clark
    KC Clark 4 days ago

    Is the bot being limited to human reaction times? Like, we've had AI enemies in games for years that are impossible to beat, but only because they can react faster than we can.

    This is not the same game as Chess, or Go, where it entirely comes down to making the right move, with no other real limitations. Playing a game like DOTA 2 is also about execution, consistency, and quick thinking. If you don't give the bot the same limitations as a real player, it just becomes unfair.

  • Kittyous
    Kittyous 4 days ago

    when I saw the title I thought it was OpenAl (Open Audio Library) and I was confused because Al and AI look exactly the same in this font.

  • Nevermore
    Nevermore 4 days ago

    Jokes aside: this does not really mean or prove anything. It's quite easy to teach bot how to play one specific hero against another specific hero under certain conditions. However, the only thing this bot has is reflexes. Teaching it the very concept of things like teamplay, strategy, smoke-gangs, roshan killing, different roles and lane positions will take years, so as of now you can relax, humans

  • Damstraight68
    Damstraight68 4 days ago

    You didnt build shit its the same AI seed you cuck

  • JnxakaBeasie
    JnxakaBeasie 4 days ago

    Reported for botting

  • jinnd319
    jinnd319 4 days ago

    Subbed. This is that shit I do like

  • Warden Greams
    Warden Greams 4 days ago

    Next step is 5 independent bot that can efficiently work together. Kinda excited. Most probably they are using deep learning for this.

  • B. Stone
    B. Stone 4 days ago


  • Zenn Exile
    Zenn Exile 4 days ago

    The best DOTA 2 players in he world are not on professional teams. I don't think more than 2 of these kids could beat me 1v1 and there are plenty as good and better than me. I know I know DOTA is a team game and winning PUBs is not the same as winning a tournament. But that does not mean tournaments are harder. Most of the time, the reverse is true. It only takes 1 buttsore, or lazy do nothing, to change an even match into a mountain climb.

    I find matches with a full team of competitive players mostly routine. You fall into set patterns because predictability needs to supplement communication where communication cannot come fast enough. Great players see these patterns as they emerge and counter them. ProPlayers don't bother with nuance. They stick with probability the vast majority of the time. They have to in order to win against other players who are also following the same formula. The Meta never evolves in an echo chamber.

    Competitive RTS is all about reinventing the wheel. When a new strat comes out, a dozen counter strats pop up. In professional matches, this dynamic is completely lost, and because of that skill levels end up stagnant. Drop that AI into 5k MMR. Then I'll be impressed if you manage an average MMR gain in solo que.

    Or better yet, force the bot to navigate the trenches. 1k-7k If you can do that, you actually did something.

  • Dt Master
    Dt Master 4 days ago

    Im here for the ai vs hooman video not for some nerd explaining

  • Klwir Qldf
    Klwir Qldf 4 days ago

    A computer beating a human on a computer? Yeah, well. ..

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