A hacker explains the best way to browse the internet anonymously

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  • LightningKraze
    LightningKraze 3 days ago

    Try Hotspot Shield or Turbo VPN. THEY'RE SICK! Turbo VPN doesn't log your activity. Not sure about Hotspot Shield.

  • Mathias Wiehrdt
    Mathias Wiehrdt 4 days ago

    you could use tor and tunnel bear a vpn so you can encrypt your internet and you would be set but idk why you would want to do that unless you have a nuke or whatever XD

  • Spartan6742
    Spartan6742 5 days ago

    Guess I found a new place to watch porn

  • Michael Echeverria
    Michael Echeverria 6 days ago

    What if Tor is secretly a scam to expose people's information?

  • S VhonDaCoolDave S
    S VhonDaCoolDave S 7 days ago

    and this is where cheeze pizza are..the most disturbing shit

  • KiIler Bear
    KiIler Bear 7 days ago

    What if use this to hide my history?

  • TheChaoticWolf
    TheChaoticWolf 8 days ago

    Tor is not completely secure at all, whoever is in control of the exit node is in control, and it's hosted by the feds

  • Dark
    Dark 16 days ago +1

    The silk road guy fucked up by using hes own email on a public tor fourm

  • Captain Freaking America

    Porn is so much better 😤

  • Unknown Watcher
    Unknown Watcher 19 days ago

    I'm looking for a comment that makes a joke about this vid

  • The Land of Nod
    The Land of Nod 25 days ago

    If your computer is used as a node (exit or not) for questionable activity won't that criminalise you for something you've not done?

    • The Land of Nod
      The Land of Nod 4 days ago

      Makes sense, thanks for the reply.

    • nyx211
      nyx211 11 days ago

      Not necessarily. For example, the authorities don't arrest the owners of your ISP whenever they trace illegal activity from IP addresses that the providers control. They pressure your ISP to reveal their logs and user data.

  • Tico
    Tico Month ago

    Nigga I'm just gonna be a good hacker and do what I want.

    Any good websites to learn to hack? Not Mimo

  • Grant Hooch
    Grant Hooch Month ago

    lol the government sees all the porn i watch

  • RedShredTV
    RedShredTV Month ago

    Dear government, I am learning about this, not seeing how to.

  • Chris Gavidia
    Chris Gavidia Month ago

    Just make your own internet

  • Zkie
    Zkie Month ago

    Now I can watch porn, without them tracking me and finding out i am watching porn.

  • Tony Gambino
    Tony Gambino Month ago

    The thing is, you can always deny it. Unless they have physical evidence that you sat down and typed that on your computer, then you are fine. I would just say someone else typed on my computer. Why don't these people caught on Twitter just say someone hacked their account or got the password or something?

  • thekyuwa
    thekyuwa Month ago

    How on earth is he a hacker? He s just saying to use Tor... he s not talking about tails, Vpn and all that shit... what a stupid video

  • Rok
    Rok Month ago

    oh cool this is so just educational....



  • Brian Donnelly
    Brian Donnelly Month ago

    vpn->virtual machine>vpn>tor>httpseverywhere(if on tor) most safe?

  • Maurice Lennon
    Maurice Lennon Month ago

    Lies tor is controlled by the government now

  • RyanWake bradtelle
    RyanWake bradtelle Month ago +1

    nothing is unhackable or untraceable, in this case tour does make you safer and harder to track, which for most people is perfect. that is because unless you did something to make yourself stand out there's no reason to go through all the effort to find some guys weird p*** or whatever. but let's say you are trying to hide from something. no matter how many encryptions and vpns are between you and your destination there is still a traceable path between you path. I haven't been keeping up to date with recent developments my only idea how to make this safer would be, not just encrypting files but changing their sizes to randomized sizes above their actual size or multiple smaller ones. that way it would be almost impossible to guess what you are doing based on the size of the file. also you could greatly increase the encryption potential of a file by having extra data in its that does not mean anything other than being a lock. on top of that multiple people based on people going to similar parts of the internet, like if 50 people were going to YouTube and 50 people were going to Silph Road or whatever. lots of their files would be shared between multiple people. no I think this trade-off is worth it because it wouldn't just be harder for the FBI or a hacker to track you it would also be harder for the person the extra files are going to because if they really wanted to search through it they would have to search through all the files when they be getting hundreds of files a day. I would love to hear anyone's opinion or any new potential advice for the successor to onion or just an update.

  • Onut K
    Onut K Month ago

    why does he sound like tom hanks

  • asian cyclist
    asian cyclist Month ago

    now im a professional web hacker :)

  • BonVilain
    BonVilain 2 months ago

    everytime someone talks about tor I just assume he's watching pedo porn.

  • XSavageV
    XSavageV 2 months ago

    Do not use
    Tor,just stay away from crime and install htmpps plugins.That's it.

  • VaryTea 398
    VaryTea 398 2 months ago

    Oh no by clicking next the FBIs. Tracking me

  • Thomas Sullivan
    Thomas Sullivan 2 months ago

    Sounded like an ad for that web browsing plug in. Astounding how media is manipulating us because of how fucking blind we are .

  • LoyalRacketeer _
    LoyalRacketeer _ 2 months ago

    When I think of tor I think of the Deep Web because of the fact that I hear people using it for that reason

  • Mike Mckeon
    Mike Mckeon 2 months ago


  • deadlykillman46
    deadlykillman46 2 months ago

    incognito is a life saver

  • ragazzi
    ragazzi 2 months ago

    Bullshit ! It's setting u up as, someone even more to be looked at ! It's a hoax don't trust shit like that ! There is nothing to filter anything, period!

  • Pingu Land
    Pingu Land 2 months ago

    I will never understand why people Re so worried about the government looking at search history phone calls etc, if your not doing anything illegal you should have nothing to worry anout

  • Joost
    Joost 2 months ago

    We all know incognito mode on chrome is the best tool to be untracable

  • william pilgrim
    william pilgrim 2 months ago

    Porn joke

  • eaxvac1
    eaxvac1 2 months ago

    Wtf. Useless video

  • AboodyPie
    AboodyPie 2 months ago

    I had a anti hack system ad before the video started

  • Nilton Rodrigues
    Nilton Rodrigues 2 months ago

    This is going to be my last smart piece of crap phone, don't know why I ever got this thing and now I'm stuck in a contract.

  • Nilton Rodrigues
    Nilton Rodrigues 2 months ago

    Listen fellas...when you go INCOGNITO at PRIVATE MODE it only tells your smartphone to turn on the spy camera so the government can really focus on you, DON'T BE AN IDIOT.

  • Alex Aceves
    Alex Aceves 2 months ago

    great I can watch porn safely now

  • poco9964
    poco9964 2 months ago

    Listen to this prick at your peril

  • Daniel Popescu
    Daniel Popescu 2 months ago

    I actually hope there are agents somewhere crying themselves to sleep after watching me through my web cam

  • The Final
    The Final 2 months ago

    Now i can watch porn in complete safety :D

  • DeMox
    DeMox 2 months ago

    tor isn't safe. it might work if you just wanna buy some drugs or guns, because the cia doesn't care about that. or they at least wont hunt you down because of it. but if you ever bought something illegal on the dark web, the nsa/cia probably recorded it.

  • Scott Gerlach
    Scott Gerlach 2 months ago

    Unfortunately this guy is wrong. All information is trackable. But if you need to hide then your doing something wrong. Just be good people.

  • 0 0
    0 0 2 months ago

    the last person you want to take advise from is a hacker

  • TheJjcczz
    TheJjcczz 2 months ago

    you could also use a VPN.

  • Shachar Petrushka
    Shachar Petrushka 2 months ago

    an easier way would be to surf through an infected computer, should be easy for a "hacker" as the video title says

  • Hayden Heun
    Hayden Heun 2 months ago

    Tor's exit modes are very unsecured

  • Donald Tramp
    Donald Tramp 2 months ago

    This is fake news

  • roncyberfreak B
    roncyberfreak B 2 months ago

    BuilShit mister han man .. your ISP has a blackbox .. there are many other ways you have to figger out yourself :)

  • johnny llooddte
    johnny llooddte 2 months ago +1

    of course theres a backdoor into tor

  • Herman bigdick Munster
    Herman bigdick Munster 2 months ago

    I hope they see me jacking my hammer. I have a big rig and I hope they see me.please come see me agent man an I will let you jack my hammer.

  • xXSoRealSoRandomXx
    xXSoRealSoRandomXx 2 months ago

    Everyone is saying FBI, CIA, NSA. But really the Airforce is the biggest cyber space controller in the US. Y'all dont even know it's wild.

  • Lie Devil
    Lie Devil 2 months ago

    what kind of a hacker would suggest anyone to used Tor loo

  • kev
    kev 2 months ago

    1000 😊

  • Robert Heller
    Robert Heller 2 months ago

    finally i can download half life 3 (secretly being soild on the deep.web)

  • Dan Lokemoen
    Dan Lokemoen 2 months ago

    Ulbricht had to be physically tracked down and observed logging into a website because his pursuers could only infer things about him by investigating online. They were pretty sure that he was doing illegal things, but they couldn't prove it in court using what they had discovered through their online surveillance.

  • Luke Hoa
    Luke Hoa 2 months ago

    Who looked at youtube when they said HTTPS

  • Luca Comelli
    Luca Comelli 2 months ago

    Why is there a video that teaches you how to be anonymous on the internet that is completely public and still up? Maybe because this won't make you anonymous at all. The Government want to track us, spy us, so why would they let us know how to be invisible? Think about this.

    KEEVVY 2 months ago

    Tor, really?

  • ItzHydra
    ItzHydra 2 months ago

    just install a vpn then go to tor.

  • Paul Steed
    Paul Steed 2 months ago

    fuck you

  • Bob McCoy
    Bob McCoy 2 months ago +1

    *Ow I Tor my hamstring* 😭

  • Daniel NoneYa
    Daniel NoneYa 2 months ago

    best way is to do private mode then vpn then tor and if you have all three then you're set

  • youjustgottadrum
    youjustgottadrum 2 months ago

    TOR was breached years ago. This guy is not a hacker at all, lol.

  • Omar Shehab
    Omar Shehab 2 months ago

    So where's the hacker ?

  • Salpertia
    Salpertia 2 months ago

    You guys must be trying to get people caught (doing whatever they do online) tor is already compromised

  • Alex Stefanov
    Alex Stefanov 2 months ago

    A hacker that shows their face on camera doesn't know a thing.

  • Dakota Fisher
    Dakota Fisher 2 months ago

    So basically Tor is good, and a plugin to turn on a setting. Thanks

  • Jim Lowe
    Jim Lowe 2 months ago

    This is why I don't use the internet. I never send emails or search the web. I don't even use regular mail. All my correspondence is done on an old Royal typewriter and hand delivered by trusted friends.

  • March DD jr.
    March DD jr. 2 months ago

    Tor is full of holes, and needs a rewrite. It is not secure.

  • Flat Earth
    Flat Earth 2 months ago


  • Larry Panozzo
    Larry Panozzo 2 months ago

    Yeah Tor is not a good method. Lame video imo.

  • HueTubeR
    HueTubeR 2 months ago

    Unplug. Problem solved.

  • joesph carter
    joesph carter 2 months ago +1


  • Albert Gooch
    Albert Gooch 2 months ago

    I knew it was Kevin before he said who he was. this man is a legend.

  • Jeshy
    Jeshy 2 months ago

    this is just a encrypted way to say Incognito is also not safe for you to watch your Kinky porn taste

  • Dengru25
    Dengru25 2 months ago

    FBI NSA CIA are like american spys

  • Alienami
    Alienami 2 months ago


  • Sotike天使

    Guys, going to straight up tell you, you cannot truly browse the internet anonymously. I recall a thread back on 8chan where this employee who worked for Microsoft was instructed to compromise chips, and made it so it cannot be detected unless you physically examined them with a microscope and took a guess at which pin was compromised.

    It had to do something with the new ME (brand?) or something along those lines, so if you have a newly built computer, you are already compromised. You can browse anonymously IF you get a computer that was made before this practice started, OR if made the CPU from scratch. Tails won't save you if the government really wants you, as you are already compromised at the HARDWARE level.

    There is no safety, if any fellow 8channers are lurking in the comment section, can you kindly provide an archive of that thread, as I seem to have lost my screenshots of said thread, thanks!

  • Neels Hattingh
    Neels Hattingh 2 months ago

    if they can fuck with dred pirate roberts i gues they can fuck with anyone tor or no tor

  • HairyBottom
    HairyBottom 2 months ago

    As soon as I heard the person speaking at the beginning of the video, I knew it was Kevin Mitnick. Kevin Mitnick was one seriously awesome hacker back in the day before he got caught. He always reminds me of another hacker/phreaker I liked that went by the name Captain Crunch. I wonder if Captain Crunch is still alive and what he's doing today.

  • IonMobile Gaming
    IonMobile Gaming 2 months ago

    U already posted this

  • Zero_h Gaming
    Zero_h Gaming 2 months ago

    Incognito tab everyone, use it

  • wealthy black man
    wealthy black man 2 months ago

    Fiber optic is the only securely transmitted way. A beam of light cannot be interrupted. The government is building it's systems upon this....fyi

  • Kenchixx「Nightcore」

    "so nobody can see inSOIde"

  • Totoy Bibo
    Totoy Bibo 2 months ago

    tor makes internet connection slow.

  • Dancing Spiderman
    Dancing Spiderman 2 months ago +1

    OK, so...
    He spoke about the differences between HTTP and HTTPS, and he mentioned TOR, but he didn't talk about TOR.

    Q: Is TOR HTTP or HTTPS , or is TOR completely different than the two? This video does not adequately describe TOR.

  • Niklas Kennedy
    Niklas Kennedy 2 months ago

    I use the Tor Browser Button with a VPN named Hotspot Shield and a HTTPS all Chrome extensions at the same time.

  • 245194LAC
    245194LAC 2 months ago

    Yesterday (June 6) it was announced that the NSA has cracked the code for access to track on TOR. Bummer.

  • Cory Lyons Music
    Cory Lyons Music 2 months ago

    everything on the internet is still data and encryption, which CAN be hacked, and if someone(governments or otherwise) wants to find you bad enough, they will...we can keep coming up with creative software that works at hiding for a while but for every programmer that designs these programs, there are 5 others working to break it...NOTHING is inpenetrable

  • TheGai
    TheGai 2 months ago

    Oh my goodness Kevin Mitnick I LOVED his biography!

  • red ice
    red ice 2 months ago

    a good vpn + tor browser is the safest way to surf the internet

  • 420 BlazeIt
    420 BlazeIt 2 months ago

    use incognito

  • Steve Bronson
    Steve Bronson 2 months ago

    https everywhere is fishy as well due to the fact that it's a chrome ext, which is being constantly monitored as we all know.

  • Miles Huff
    Miles Huff 2 months ago

    Look up NSA QUANTUM. NSA hijacks TOR connections using a man-on-the-side attack, and installs malware onto your computer.
    Between that and compromised hardware, nothing connected to the Internet is secure.

  • Tanki Unlimited
    Tanki Unlimited 2 months ago

    its not shape of u its more like taste of glue

  • Rishi Shinde
    Rishi Shinde 2 months ago +1

    most deep web hackers use remote location ,Linux os and laptop with os installed on pen drive.

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