Sam Harris Discusses His Ben Affleck Debate on Real Time with Bill Maher

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  • Chris Blair
    Chris Blair 3 hours ago

    I didn't watch this whole video but I imagine that it ends with them both sucking eachothers dicks.

  • Anhjun Lozfen
    Anhjun Lozfen 3 hours ago

    I thought BATMAN was supposed to be intelligent.

  • Adam Weishaupt
    Adam Weishaupt 9 hours ago

    Affleck ticked all the boxes of the modern liberal who has hijacked every liberal principle. He sulks, he doesn't listen to the opposing point of view, and when he is losing the argument all he can do is yell "racist" at the other person.

  • martyn spooner
    martyn spooner Day ago

    I think Afleck was trying to big himself up as the great liberal saviour at the expense of Sam Harris. You cannot be racist against a belief system simply because it is not a race . Maybe someone should explain that much at least to Afleck . I had the impression he thinks he is much more important than he actually is . Ironically it was not that long ago when actors were afforded the same station as jugglers or the court jester . The court jester sounds appropriate and I admired Sam Harris for remaining so dignified when attacked by that clown.

  • boe willing
    boe willing 2 days ago

    Sam is one of the few logic people leftover on the left side,

  • Bob K
    Bob K 5 days ago

    "It's the people who do it, not the Philipeses"
    Ben - one stupid motherfucker - Affleck

  • donald trump
    donald trump 5 days ago

    Affleck checkmated you.

  • blueman31
    blueman31 6 days ago

    Sam Harris and Bill Maher are conflating criticism of the doctrine of Islam with the criticism of the muslim as people. Those two things are connected anyway. There are differences inside the different beliefs throughout the Muslim communities. Practise as in what people are doing and the social context are even more important. The American media should talk about sociological and religious characteristics of societies in the muslim world with greater sense of accuracy and finesse.

  • Andrew Lohbihler
    Andrew Lohbihler 6 days ago

    He was probably on steroids. These drugs cause rage and delusions, something religious people have without the aid of drugs.

  • Jonsin 1459
    Jonsin 1459 7 days ago

    Interviewer is of the opinion that an A list Batman playing superstar was intellectually challenging and intimidating to a great mind. Fucking Americans.

  • Shalashaska 994
    Shalashaska 994 7 days ago

    Only in this era can someone like bill Maher be seen to be the intelligent and sensible one on a panel

  • dreastyork
    dreastyork 8 days ago

    Ben Affleck is a moron.Everyone should boycott everything he does from now on.His career should be dead!!!!

  • Ossie Dunstan
    Ossie Dunstan 9 days ago

    jews aren`t a race either, i am not bigot but abhor islam and any one who protects and screams that is moral, even those muslims that do nothing are just as guilty as those who blow up shit.

  • DhDeadMan
    DhDeadMan 10 days ago

    This interviewer felt like he was having a hard time not to make it obvious that he wanted to fuck Sam

  • manco82
    manco82 10 days ago

    Leftists like Afleck are so fucked up in the head, that's beyond any reasoning.

  • Aiden Hall
    Aiden Hall 10 days ago

    I wanna know how Dave Rubin got those scars

  • Aiden Hall
    Aiden Hall 10 days ago

    Affleck is too stupid to see that he is proving Harris' point right after he said it

  • Janet Devereaux
    Janet Devereaux 10 days ago

    I was a big fan of Sam Harris until I read his background very carefully. He appears as a naturally gifted intellectual and scientist who speaks about deep philosophical issue with ease. But the description closer to the truth is that he is a rich kid who spent his money on books and cultivating an image. His neuroscience PhD is simplistic by neuroscience standards - studying religious differences manifest as physical differences. His paper on the topic was selected as one of the most poor usage of methodologies in the year it was published.

    But the slick talking intellectual presses on. In his email exchange with Noam Chomsky, he looks like an annoying fanboy eager to get a photo with his idol, while putting up two fingers behind his head. He repeatedly insults and patronizes Chomsky, a man who has demonstrated more intellectual chops several times over. And that's coming from someone diametrically opposed to Chomsky's political views.

  • DenDen
    DenDen 11 days ago

    Trump is a genius?????

  • Mr Gruust
    Mr Gruust 11 days ago

    funny thing is he sees how the audience cant decide for themselves if someone is racist and then goes on and delivers all the goodies that can be used by actual racists..... LOL

  • Einstein Dude
    Einstein Dude 12 days ago

    Shit, I really wanted to enjoy Justice League

  • MLee Potts
    MLee Potts 12 days ago

    Where are the women on this panel? When half the world is run by patriarchal religion...

  • muggedinmadrid
    muggedinmadrid 13 days ago

    Harris shows his intelligence. He is both dignified here and in that Affleck debate. The gentleman holds himself really well, even if you disagree with his views, as I do slightly, you have to respect the man for his comportment. The way he debates, encourages dialogue. Affleck lost his composure and that sort of hot-headed hostility can destroy debate and productive discussions. This potentially could polarise people further which is counter-intuitive.

  • Scott B
    Scott B 14 days ago +1

    Let's look at a Pew pole that surveyed how many Muslims in majority Muslim countries support stoning adulterers. We will look at Nigeria, Egypt, Turkey, Indonesia, and Pakistan.

    Turkey: 16 percent
    Egypt: 82 percent
    Indonesia: 42 percent
    Pakistan: 82 percent
    Nigeria: 56 percent

    Turkey: 11 million
    Egypt: 68 million
    Indonesia: 96 million
    Pakistan: 150 million
    Nigeria: 52 million

    This adds up to over 375 million people. I rounded down every time and even chose more moderate countries like Turkey and Indonesia. 375 million makes up over 20 percent of ALL Muslims and this is only FIVE FUCKING COUNTRIES. I did not include India, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Algeria, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, etc. Not to mention that most of the people surveyed were probably city dwellers and the rural populations are much more extreme. It takes 10 minutes to disprove this myth. I am not denying the existence of moderate Muslims, but these numbers are very disturbing.

  • Jonathan O' Neill
    Jonathan O' Neill 14 days ago

    Ben Afflec is a fuckin mong

  • RFSA180
    RFSA180 15 days ago


  • Roberson540
    Roberson540 16 days ago

    What does he mean by "the OFFICIALLY codified doctrine of islam" ????????   lmao  Ben.... go home.

  • Simon Ginks
    Simon Ginks 16 days ago

    When Affleck was Batman he was a total racist xenophobe.. he tried to kill Superman just cos he came from another planet and was different.
    You're a hypocrite Ben

  • Bryan G
    Bryan G 18 days ago

    Possibly on steroids? As a man who has taken plenty of Test.....his singular focus.....he was definitely on.

  • Christina Davidis
    Christina Davidis 19 days ago

    Ben was a fool. Im always impressed how calm collected and intelligent Sam is in his wording. Ben didn't fool anyone who is aware of what you stand for Sam don't worry. Keep up the good work.

  • Teri G
    Teri G 19 days ago

    low blow sam re ben. ben was not hostile in debate; you were just pushing our own agenda and felt threatened when you were taken off your arrogant guard.

    • Teri G
      Teri G 19 days ago

      "your own agenda"

  • Fingers
    Fingers 23 days ago

    who cares. Harris is an opportunist so what stop saying shit and than whine. not everything Harris sais is empty but he said some generalisations that eve. he didnt articulate

  • Jermaine Parker
    Jermaine Parker 23 days ago

    This Sam Harris guy has a high view of himself. I guess he doesn't realize his affinity for circumlocutory and pointless bought of speech. I guess it fools some people. Smh. Just make your point and shut up.

  • ANDYofzz
    ANDYofzz 23 days ago

    Superman: Sam.... Harris
    Ben: why did you say that name!!!!

  • Bipbop66
    Bipbop66 25 days ago

    I think that Affleck is just to sensitive......Sam Harris is a joy to listen to. Didn't think that being a damn good brain surgeon would also give you an engagingly lucid personality as well.....!

  • Section8 millionaire
    Section8 millionaire 27 days ago

    this guy is a intellectual blackbelt.- joe rogan

  • Andrew Blanton
    Andrew Blanton 27 days ago

    It's not often you see Dave giddy, but Sam is his giddy

  • TheaterPup
    TheaterPup 28 days ago

    Eh, I don't think people will be so quick to listen to Affleck again after his antics lately.

  • James Riffe
    James Riffe Month ago

    It blows my mind that people don't understand what he is trying to say. They automatically shut down, don't listen, & just start name calling while spewing out their opinions. He is talking about the ideology itself & the flaws within that ideology.

    What has happened to liberals? I use to agree with them a lot more on a lot of things but they have completely turned bat shit crazy & it's almost as if they have lost brain cells. They take almost everything out of context, shut down & make their interpretation match their argument, all the while they think they are never wrong. Conversations are not a thing anymore, they don't try to understand what that person is saying. Thoughts are independent & you have to treat it as so, not group that thought with a way you think a certain group thinks.

  • Sebastian Dangerfield

    Affleck looked drunk or high on something. Didn't his eyes look red? I wonder if Affleck will sue him for the steroids comment.

  • Jao Lin
    Jao Lin Month ago

    I think Ben Stiller handled this really well.

  • Long duk dong
    Long duk dong Month ago

    What's interesting to me about the argument between batman and sam harris/bill maher is that it was an argument between someone with a degree from Brown, someone with a degree from Cornell with a double major in English and History, and someone with a degree in philosophy from Stanford and a PhD in neurosciences from UCLA. Of course assflecks is an honorary degree from Brown. The idiot vs. the intelligent.

  • Ajay Pasricha
    Ajay Pasricha Month ago

    "It's gross, it's racist."

  • Fiona Faulkes
    Fiona Faulkes Month ago

    Ben Affleck looked drunk on the Bill Maher Show.

  • Daniel Bohl
    Daniel Bohl Month ago

    Don't have an argument? Attack the opponent. It's been working since Socrates.

  • Jana Kubalova
    Jana Kubalova Month ago

    Ben Affleck is an idiot, uneducated, unintelligent idiot

  • INatalkaI
    INatalkaI Month ago

    Ben Asslick is a vacuous, liberal try-hard. Embarrassing.

  • Brian Coulombe
    Brian Coulombe Month ago

    echo chamber.

  • Pranav Dwivedi
    Pranav Dwivedi Month ago

    I wonder what Christopher hitchens might have said here.

  • Kelly
    Kelly Month ago

    Now we see why Matt Damon got to play Will Hunting instead lmaoo

  • ProjectsBlack
    ProjectsBlack Month ago

    Ben the actor is like a confused and angry 5yr old. I cant understand why actors are consulted for their political and religious imput, as if they're some morally and or educationally superior person the public should look up to and respect. At one time actors were highly trained and talented people, only now the vast majority are nothing more than a pretty face, complimented with CGI and as many takes and edits than a cocaine addicted dyslexic with Tourette's.

  • J Hsu
    J Hsu Month ago

    Ben Affleck is uneducated on issues about Islam and Muslim. Ben Affleck and other Hollywood liberals are acting as the advocate of Islam and Muslim because many of their (Hollywood) patrons are from Islamic world.

  • Corina Amato
    Corina Amato Month ago

    People always conflate religious criticism with political criticism and you have to be somewhat astute to understand the difference.

  • Corina Amato
    Corina Amato Month ago

    I see Sam misunderstood in many forums and I find that odd since he is so intellectually clear and willing to "unpack" any subject. He gives so much dignity to free thinking in the world and works so hard to this end, I hate to see him melighned in this way.

  • Corina Amato
    Corina Amato Month ago

    Sam makes a statement. Then Ben counters some stupidity and they argue that Sam's position is the opposite of what he actually stated. Against ideas, not people. Then Ben doesn't understand Sam's position and when Sam points this out, Ben takes it as arrogance on Sam's part but Ben is speaking from ignorance.

  • Steve T
    Steve T Month ago

    I am genuinely confused by this. Sam harris introduced race into the debate, Affleck, who I'm not a fan of said, after the introduction of the race element, that what Harris was saying was racist. Both Harris and the host made claims of evidence that they did not back up because they cannot be backed up, but Affleck is the dumb

  • Busta Rhymes
    Busta Rhymes Month ago

    Fook this guy

  • Gerhard Hattingh
    Gerhard Hattingh Month ago

    Ben Affleck=what happens when all your friends are on your payroll, no one ever tells you when you do/say moronic things, just a constant stream of ego fluffers. You start to think you're as smart as Sam Harris. Had to repost this!! lol

  • AllenQuatermain2de
    AllenQuatermain2de Month ago

    its sad that Sam is so proud of his own ignorance on the subject. the fact that he doesn't get it, somehow, in his little mind, means he is right. this is the main problem with the left. arrogant in their ignorance.

  • Bathysphere
    Bathysphere Month ago

    Affleck was way in over his head intellectually.

  • conni70
    conni70 Month ago

    i never liked Ben as an actor, but didn't have an opinion of him as a person..after watching this self entitled display of mainstream, Hollywood political correctness, i really don't like him as a person either..

  • Victoria Anne
    Victoria Anne Month ago

    Ugh, I can't stand to hear Affleck speak. Aggressive idiot.

  • Berend Springbok
    Berend Springbok Month ago

    I think white people cant see their racist ways because they, like most people think that only white people of old ie their ancestors can be or do racist things.this man is clearly speaking in a racist manner but he fails to see it as such.

  • Alan Finkeldey
    Alan Finkeldey Month ago

    Affleck was in over his head

  • Aaron Lock
    Aaron Lock Month ago

    "youre a shifty jew" ? did I hear that? haha

  • Caoimhìn Leonhard
    Caoimhìn Leonhard Month ago

    Ben loves Jew cock and Jews love Muslims as they kill Christians and other Muslims far more then Israelites(khazars)

  • The Arabic Student
    The Arabic Student Month ago

    And even this doesn't get Harris on board with the right. I'm an Atheist on the right as well. It's not an oxymoron.

  • Gaddy Rejano
    Gaddy Rejano Month ago


  • Yurii
    Yurii Month ago

    Ben Affleck is a SJW cuck

  • sko ducks
    sko ducks Month ago

    Ben legit did look really coked out...

  • K A
    K A Month ago

    Dave is such a cunt

  • Sheik Husseain
    Sheik Husseain Month ago

    bin is an idiot

  • Jeff Gilbert
    Jeff Gilbert Month ago

    Two Genders (male,female) One Race (Human) Many Tribes (Japhethites, Semites and Hamites)
    Don't say nothing, Where do you think the term Anti-Semite came from?

  • BonzoBluegreen
    BonzoBluegreen Month ago

    Ben Afflek's underbite is bigger than his IQ. I'm not sure exactly that means. But I give his underbite a 10. So Ben must be pretty stupid.

  • sal christy
    sal christy Month ago

    Haha ben has this set anger that he can't get out of cuz he's too stupid to listen. Its a combination of him wanting people to like him, and he's dopey!! And notice how he can't be real?? Like he doesn't know how to NOT act. He's too dopey to engage in a conversation so he goes to his "im a liberal no matter what" script and can't snap out of it!! He needs a propeller hat and a paddle ball!! And go get a manicure and a eyebrow wax you girly bitch of a man! I bet you can't change a lightbulb you pussy

  • Brakiri
    Brakiri Month ago

    I will never understand why people listen to Hollywood stars and take their opinions seriously. Most of them never finished high school, don't have a degree in anything interlectually challenging and have no clue about reality. Most are low educated people who don't have the time or inclination to educate themselves. So why listen to morons who don't know what they are saying for your own deliberations? Because they are famous? Not a good reason.

  • J Garvey
    J Garvey Month ago

    But but but ben had a great time in the middle east filming a movie in the lap of luxury. That made him a islam expert .

  • john doe
    john doe Month ago

    Endowed by our forefathers?! XD

  • SEADiablo
    SEADiablo Month ago

    Ben... uninformed fuckwittery.

  • Ray Rivera
    Ray Rivera Month ago

    Lol, I've also been tagged as racist and intolerant amongst my friends for talking abut Islam. Now they think I'm the guy who supports Trump and believes in conspiracies. Most of the people are living in an island of ignorance and will go nuts the moment you confront their belief system with facts.

  • TTV5
    TTV5 2 months ago

    And it all went downhill from there

  • Ahmed Anssaien
    Ahmed Anssaien 2 months ago

    Dave Rubin would make an excellent Joker.

  • drewby613
    drewby613 2 months ago

    Notice how Affleck can't let him talk. That's every argument with a progressive. That's why they never have debates--they're whole approach to argument is never letting their opponent finish a sentence. Debates have rules that prevent that--ergo, they don't debate.

  • Megiddo Cuachic
    Megiddo Cuachic 2 months ago

    Ben Affleck..what a joke..How dare that stupid, air-headed hack try to spar with Sam...If only he'd been on a panel against The Hitch..he would have fucking ripped his ass in 2.

  • Mortimer
    Mortimer 2 months ago

    Charlie Hebdo found out what happens when you satirise islam ..

  • Ethan Knight
    Ethan Knight 2 months ago

    Affleck debates like a stubborn 13 year old with no perspective. What a child.

  • heyshe21
    heyshe21 2 months ago

    new fan of sam harris!!! the guy is SUPER smart and makes so much freaking sense!!!

  • Killing in the Name
    Killing in the Name 2 months ago

    Ban Aflack should go to the Middle East & test out his theories on Islam. Example try drawing Mohammad or say Allah dammit or whatever & see what happens. He should also bring his wife & kids & make his wife wear a bikini.

  • no el
    no el 2 months ago

    have you been checked for jaundice

  • Matt Naslund
    Matt Naslund 2 months ago

    I think it's funny that he can belittle BA when he isn't around. On Mahr, BA was making good points. Yes, there are people who hate everything America stands for. They are called "extremists", not Muslim. Saying 90 percent of Muslims are anti America, is just wrong. The people with the loudest voices, over there, are extremists. A lot of Muslims just want to live their lives. You can have problems with their views on equal rights or LGBT issues, but it wasn't long ago white people did barbaric things to honor their God. Every religion has it's problems. But lumping everyone together, as a threat, is truly gross & disgusting.

  • jon fitzmaurice
    jon fitzmaurice 2 months ago

    Ben truly made a colossus cunt out of himself, I remember it vividly!
    It appeared to me at least, it wasn't so much he wasn't listening to what they were saying, he just lacked the headspace to adsorb it.

  • fhead jones
    fhead jones 2 months ago

    Good muslim/ bad person, bad muslim/good person?

  • FarminElectra
    FarminElectra 2 months ago

    Liberals deserve Ben Affleck to be their spokesman. They love the attention an "A lister"garners and care not for intellect.

  • Faris A
    Faris A 2 months ago

    Here's why Sam Harris is actually a bad philosopher and academic. He got his PhD studying CAT scans on the brain state of religious and non-relgious people. You can look it up. Evidently, all of his conclusions were proven false. Now that's actually not that bad for neuroscience. However, Sam's problem is that every part of his methodology was shoddy and he hasn't tried to improve any part of it. He has contributed nothing to the field in a decade. Now he mostly just uses "neuroscientist" as a label to give himself more authority.

    Harris never tries to engage in Literary texts, in an academic sense; he simply draws up stawman fallacies and claims them to be true.

    Any respecteble academic would probably tell you that Harris's a sharleton that has gone mainstream. He's lazy and even says it in his books: "Many of my critics fault me for not engaging more directly with the academic literature on moral philosophy ... [but] I am convinced that every appearance of terms like ‘metaethics,’ ‘deontology,’ ‘noncognitivism,’ ‘antirealism,’ ‘emotivism,’ etc. directly increases the amount of boredom in the universe".

    He is considered a bad philosopher because of his arguments and not because of the philosophical positions he espouses. There are many utilitarians, naturalists, realists, atheists, determinists, and so on, but they are distinguished from Sam Harris by their rigorous arguments and exploration of novel issues. You can Google reviews of Harris's books by prominent athiest philosophers such as Daniel Dennett, Simon Blackburn, and Kwame Anthony Appiah to get a sense of what professionals think of his work.

  • MysticHydra
    MysticHydra 2 months ago +1

    Steroids? Who are we kidding? He was on Cocaine for his Batman role, plain and simple.

  • jonnine
    jonnine 2 months ago

    Benny! Benny's the name! I'm gonna squash you, Quade! - Total Recall is a good film.
    Oh and Ben Affleck is silly. Sam, please have a shave before you end up looking the same as Abu Qatada or someone such as that...
    Resist islamism while you can.

  • Jorge lopez
    Jorge lopez 2 months ago

    Lol at Rubin referring to affleck as "somebody of that level." The man acts and gets paid for it , that's it. He's not some deep philosopher or thinker. He's gonna say what the fuck benefits his career and following this "islamaphobia" agenda is what fits . If anything actors and holly wood folks in general should be the last people you should listen to if you're on the fence about these issues . They will say and act in a way that benefits their careers. They're actors in movies and are fake in real life as well. Props to affleck and his acting ability but that's as far as my props go .

  • John Pleaseg
    John Pleaseg 2 months ago

    Well, we can all watch the clip from the Bill Maher show, so I do not see why is he bothering lying that obvious :)
    Notice how much he is afraid of being called racist, because he knows that there is not a chance to come out entirely clean afterwards. He knows what makes people tick. He has done quite a similar thing in the Bill Maher show against muslims. He stated (to Ben Affleck, whit whom he did not allegedly speak with his entire attention) that 78% of the british muslims where under the opinion, that the norwegian caricaturist should be prosecuted. Now, leave it like that and most people will extract different moral value of it from the adequate. The hint is that muslims are incompatible with western societies and that is not true. If 78% of the british muslims were to believe that some guy should be prosecuted for blasphemy... maybe they have a point and the lawyers should look into it. There are laws for blasphemy in many countries in the EU and in the UK in particular. So, he might have broken some, he might have not... Who follows the story? Nobody! And nobody sees that those people are actually seeking justice within the laws of western societies. Most people will unconsciously assume that this is some Sheria BS and leave it like that. it`s easier...

  • Jeffrey Hinkle
    Jeffrey Hinkle 2 months ago

    I like Harris and Rubin a lot, but they as Jews, along with many others who think sensibly, HAVE to address the role of their own people in creating this culture, both in policies of unrestricted immigration, chiefly in Europe, and in mystifyingly sucking off muslims at every opportunity, and creating whole swaths of white idiots who believe exactly the same and hate themselves with a passion.

  • R Mc
    R Mc 2 months ago

    Sam needs to take a few lessons in stridency from Hitchens.
    Christopher would've eviscerated Afflek.

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