US and South Korea hold live-fire drill - BBC News

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  • Senada Pasic
    Senada Pasic 3 days ago

    If they don't stop now , since North Korea has, I will understand if China or anyone else backs them, because I certainly wouldn't help the states or South Korea if they ignite a war when given the chance for peace- it's God's law too.
    Maybe South Korea wants the states attacked?they are in charge there and need to stop the tests.

  • Keelishaye Downer
    Keelishaye Downer 3 months ago

  • Shahzad Atif
    Shahzad Atif 3 months ago


  • bastourma1
    bastourma1 3 months ago

    The military industrial complex still alive and well I see

  • Riya Dahal
    Riya Dahal 3 months ago

    why cause global warming and act like you care about the planet?

  • Sakib SakibHasan
    Sakib SakibHasan 3 months ago


  • sahittya rahman
    sahittya rahman 3 months ago

    We all voted for trump. You all voted for this clown. Now enjoy the circus.

    • Ricky Grimshaw
      Ricky Grimshaw 3 months ago

      sahittya rahman You're from the Middle East and to be be honest the countries in the Middle East have vile and terrible leaders so don't blame Trump

  • cuadradoperfecto
    cuadradoperfecto 3 months ago

    Monkey see........monkey do.They gave a lesson to the planet!

  • Leo Whieldon
    Leo Whieldon 3 months ago

    Poor hill

  • joan hurt
    joan hurt 3 months ago

    what is going on at the moment is so detrimental to the human spirit , I pray for the people of Korea , North and south , nothing good will come of this vitriolic assault on the human soul , be safe x

  • Diego Muniz da Silva
    Diego Muniz da Silva 3 months ago

    The Brazilian workers ask for help, our rights are being stolen by the false government.

  • RJ Rony
    RJ Rony 3 months ago

    someone tell me why?

  • 아자다지
    아자다지 3 months ago +1

    thank you American

  • A Gaming
    A Gaming 3 months ago


  • Michael Mariner
    Michael Mariner 3 months ago

    The U.S has to find a way of provoking someone,anyone..They need an excuse to blame the crashing $ on,China rules All!

    • Michael Mariner
      Michael Mariner 3 months ago

      I'll wait here for the Nukes and smile as they light up the Night sky..

    • Michael Mariner
      Michael Mariner 3 months ago will be their last Ride..and they'll lose this War along with all the Others too..And i am not Going!

    • cool cucumber
      cool cucumber 3 months ago

      Start ironing your uniform soldier boy, because the US is taking our NATO allies for a little ride into rice land.

  • Lee M
    Lee M 3 months ago +1

    This footage is almost one year old. Fuck off with your propaganda!

  • california bear007
    california bear007 3 months ago

    let's ride North Korea a new one

  • Millend_Rai
    Millend_Rai 3 months ago

    call of duty advanced warfare flashbacks

  • Dominic Miller
    Dominic Miller 3 months ago

    flex if you got 'em

  • Sammy Spaniel
    Sammy Spaniel 3 months ago

    This nonsense has got to stop. Please don't take our nation to war for no good reason. There is no one threatening our borders. Not a single shot has been fired. The U.S has no say as to how North Korea's attitude should be toward the world. If they fire a shot we'll deal with it but until then the U.S. has no right to any preemptive attack.

  • Luke Figgins
    Luke Figgins 3 months ago

    Better the prep for fighting takes place now and causes a war than in a few years when NK develops ICBMs that can hit the West Coast USA, Sidney, Europe etc.

  • Andrea Dzeržinskij
    Andrea Dzeržinskij 3 months ago

    Is this a new way to de-escalate the situation?

  • Muzaffer Deliali
    Muzaffer Deliali 3 months ago +1

    Wait , what ? The WWIII has begun?

    • Ricky Grimshaw
      Ricky Grimshaw 3 months ago

      Thankfully I'm not American so I don't have to live under Trump 😉 Surely ISIS was nothing to do with the US considering they were attack on 9/11 which caused the USA to declare war on the Taliban and Al Qaeda etc to try and end terror but ISIS rose to try and kill everyone in name of their religion which they hijacked from an innocent religion but gave Islam a bad name.

    • Muzaffer Deliali
      Muzaffer Deliali 3 months ago

      Only solition for "world peace" is Trump vs Putin vs Kim Jong-Un. They should FFA 1v1v1. :P

    • Muzaffer Deliali
      Muzaffer Deliali 3 months ago

      The reason of Middle East problem is a US and some other countrys. They wants oil but actually the world doesnt need oil for energy. With solar energy people can do more and thats not a toxic for world.

    • Muzaffer Deliali
      Muzaffer Deliali 3 months ago

      US support terrorist and bombs Syria and other countries support terrorist bomb other terrorist so humans kill each other for btw Russia creating robots as "Terminator". Robots doesnt need language,religion and ofc race for being united. Probly after WWIII they will take management may they should. Or human race will stop own race and ofc will destoy whole planet.

    • Ricky Grimshaw
      Ricky Grimshaw 3 months ago

      Muzaffer Deliali It started with the Middle East with the rise of ISIS and Al Qaeda etc so it's been coming for years. Stay strong and hope we as humans unite as one to stop it from escalating any further

  • Number one
    Number one 3 months ago +1

    North Korea won't have a chance against America, British, Australian, French, and other NATO troops. Many of these NATO countries like Germany and Belgium haven't been paying their NATO dues, so we'll make them fight for their keep.

    • Ricky Grimshaw
      Ricky Grimshaw 3 months ago

      jim jackle Even Russia and China will be on our side

  • MC1R Gene
    MC1R Gene 3 months ago

    How much did this just cost the US tax payer, too much!

  • Dilton X
    Dilton X 3 months ago +1

    If only one of those white X's was Kim Jong Un.

  • azem321
    azem321 3 months ago

    the biggest terrorist organisation at work again

    • Ricky Grimshaw
      Ricky Grimshaw 3 months ago

      I'm not American but they're our closest allies so I wish them well in fighting terrorists such as ISIS etc but wish for innocent civilians to stay safe

    • Alex II
      Alex II 3 months ago

      +azem321​ You're retarded if you think the US is worse than ISIS. It's fucked up yes but at least it's not intentional... Let me remind you of the following incidents from ISIS which they purposely carried out on your own people...

      - Alexandria Egypt- April 9 2017... 47 dead
      - Tikrit Iraq- March 8 2017... 26 dead
      - Kabul Afghanistan March 8 2017... 40+ dead
      - Sehwan Pakistan February 19, 2017... 88 dead
      - Balochistan Pakistan November 12, 2016... 56 dead
      - Quetta Pakistan August 8 2016... 77 dead
      - Baghdad Iraq, July 7 2016... 56 dead
      - Baghdad Iraq July 3, 2016... 300+ dead
      - Istanbul Turkey June 28, 2016... 45 dead
      - Baghdad Iraq May 11, 2016... 50 dead
      - Kabul Afghanistan April 19, 2016... 64 dead
      - Lahore Pakistan March 27, 2016... 70 dead
      - Baghdad Iraq March 25, 2016... 30 dead
      - Aden Yemen March 25, 2016... 29 dead
      - Anbar Iraq March 20, 2016... 24 dead
      - Nigerian Village January 30, 2016... 65 dead

      Want me to keep going?

    • azem321
      azem321 3 months ago

      Ricky Grimshaw US is a much bigger terrorist group that Isis and it is also in the middle east carrying out its terrorism on a daily basis. if the middle East were to have a rememberance day for innocent civilians killed because of American christian terrorists and it's cronies there would be no day on the calendar that would be left free. did you know America is the best funded terrorist group in the world that's one of the reasons why they cause so much corruption on the earth. North Korea has every right to defend itself and it's land from these terrorists and its allies. whether it be by attaining nuclear arms or other means why can't they have nuclear weapons when the biggest terrorist organisation does. US is the only terrorist organisation to every use nuclear missiles in history and that to on innocent civilians. A war should be launched by the peace loving people of the world against the US to end its bloodshed and bring it down so that it stops interfering in other peoples affairs without killing the innocent civilians living within the US who oppose it's terror.

    • Ricky Grimshaw
      Ricky Grimshaw 3 months ago

      azem321 The only terrorists are in the Middle East with ISIS etc

  • ryanyboy99
    ryanyboy99 3 months ago

    XD fake news, this happen like 1 year ago. You guys show this like it's just happen

  • OasisofSpirit
    OasisofSpirit 3 months ago +1

    Anthony Rock - FUCK OFF! The last thing the USA needs is another progressive pussy Obama Type! Best plan for you is get the hell out of America before 2020! And if your planning on YouTube to help you it is a definite sign your an idiot! Get out of your mommies basement and breath some fresh air, its obvious the carbon monoxide level there has affected your brain! What a LOSER! CORPORATE INTERESTS? FOOL!!!

  • James Grey
    James Grey 3 months ago

    taxpayer fraud exercise. This looks like footage from Kosovo

  • CaptainUseless
    CaptainUseless 3 months ago

    Let's just fuck em up and be done with this stupid fatass' regime

  • Phil Zilla
    Phil Zilla 3 months ago

    Just poke the dog again and again, some day he will bite. And we really think we are the good ones...

  • Tazer Urbex
    Tazer Urbex 3 months ago +3

    Donald Trump's Pissing Contest with North Korea continues... XDDD

    • Yama Kazoo
      Yama Kazoo 3 months ago

      Yeah lol... it's not like these drills have been held annually since the 50's or anything XDDD... oh wait!

  • Jessman9000
    Jessman9000 3 months ago

    reedy to get your asses kicked again boys!? SAY IT WITH ME! MERICA MERICA!

    This will end like the rest, with us running back home with our tails between our legs... And we will be stepping over 100's of thousands of civilian corpses on the way back as well.

    I feel sorry for the south Koreans, they will be the victims of two powerful man-babies getting into a fist fight.

    • like 2 have fun
      like 2 have fun 3 months ago

      Jessman9000 - At least you admit you a wussy. North Korea gonna kick yor arse

  • The K&S Channel
    The K&S Channel 3 months ago +9

    What about the wildlife??

  • IronicallyVague
    IronicallyVague 3 months ago

    And of course North Korea will stand down, only until the USA and everyone else leave

    Then they'll start the same 'ol shit again and throw another parade

    Rinse, lather and repeat

  • chairshoe81
    chairshoe81 3 months ago +9

    there goes a couple million of our tax dollars

    • Reece Lawson
      Reece Lawson 3 months ago

      LOL a couple million? More like 20.

    • Mr Dark
      Mr Dark 3 months ago

      chairshoe81 And it could have made America great again

  • Ottla Kafka
    Ottla Kafka 3 months ago

    But i dont want ww3 or to die...

    • aFabChickenKid
      aFabChickenKid 3 months ago

      John-Rosalinde Cenakartoffel A war with North Korea wouldn't be World War 3. It would be isolated to the peninsula like the first Korean War.

    • Mr Dark
      Mr Dark 3 months ago

      John-Rosalinde Cenakartoffel Ikr but America elected a political idiot and North Korea leader is just a prick. So we all got to suffer.

  • Greenpoloboy3
    Greenpoloboy3 3 months ago


  • Éric McCurry from Chibougamau

    President Trump is a real Commander and Chief !

  • Lionel Alanguilan
    Lionel Alanguilan 3 months ago

    At least they didn't film it for shitty propaganda

  • pablo9364
    pablo9364 3 months ago +1

    Should smutty news channels be reporting on sensitive issues such as Auschwitz and homosexuality . Freedom of speech leads to this . How far is too far?

    • Alex II
      Alex II 3 months ago

      what the fuck are you even saying?

    • JohnReese
      JohnReese 3 months ago

      pablo9364 about 999999 non retarded units

  • James Ru
    James Ru 3 months ago

    insanity.    Just go back to breeding and shopping and let the military worry about collecting up what's left of the world's resources.   Nevermind the waste, the environmental damage and the insult to civility.

  • Stuart Gardner
    Stuart Gardner 3 months ago +2

    That was awesome!

  • BbguM gnarl
    BbguM gnarl 3 months ago +23

    Big boys and their brainwashed toys.

    • BbguM gnarl
      BbguM gnarl 3 months ago

      Childhood Obesity & Soda I'm englush the puurfact el speako,you just failed to understand what I meant.

    • BbguM gnarl
      BbguM gnarl 3 months ago

      The big boys are the government leaders,their brainwashed toys are the soilders.

    • Мария Соколова
      Мария Соколова 3 months ago

      Maybe that's brainwashing toys?))))

  • Nathan King
    Nathan King 3 months ago +5

    The South Koreans and the Americas have always done military testing since the 1950s. They even did a covert military training in North Korean in the 70s. This is not news the is old facts...

  • pablo9364
    pablo9364 3 months ago +6

    BBC and CNN Fake news

    • Shashank Tripathi
      Shashank Tripathi 3 months ago

      pablo9364 and the fakest news of all is Russian state media.

    • It's just myself, so it is.
      It's just myself, so it is. 3 months ago

      pabl09364 My wee report there was far to honest compared to some of the bullshit CNN put on air.

    • pablo9364
      pablo9364 3 months ago

      Shea MacGioll you should work for the BBC news or CNN

    • It's just myself, so it is.
      It's just myself, so it is. 3 months ago

      Trevor McDoland was an oscar winning crisis actor during the Troubles in Belfast. None of the bombs or deaths ever happened, BBC lied about the whole damn thing. We used to dance the polka with British soldiers in the streets. When the cameras turned up and we threw sponge bricks at them, and they put ketchup on their faces, some lay down. Trev directed most of it, Peter Taylor wrote the story lines. The IRA never existed. Gerry Adams exposed it many times.

    • Fatcat Movies Inc of Team Plasma
      Fatcat Movies Inc of Team Plasma 3 months ago

      RT Fake News.

  • Danil Stepanchuk
    Danil Stepanchuk 3 months ago

    Расстрелять кучу земли рядом с Северной Кореей - бесценно, для остального есть master card.

  • MicroBox Of X
    MicroBox Of X 3 months ago +15

    Nice muscle flexing excercise right there. Unfortunataley pretty pointless, as any war with North Korea would be nuclear and missiles would be fired from miles away from underground bunkers.

    • jindoYu
      jindoYu 2 months ago

      MicroBox Of X there's a South Korean military plan for an immediate takeover/destruction of Pyongyang using conventional artillery and ballistic missiles.

    • modernwarrior24
      modernwarrior24 3 months ago

      with the old tech they have and amount of failures in terms of rockets i doubt it.

    • Pacific Express
      Pacific Express 3 months ago

      and we'll nuke them back :)

    • Isolatedfleet
      Isolatedfleet 3 months ago

      MicroBox Of X they may not have a nuclear device small enough to put on a rocket yet

  • Moo Moo
    Moo Moo 3 months ago +3

    Lol so mature xD

  • Sea Level Cain
    Sea Level Cain 3 months ago +1

    north korea is out on the beach with those tanks, trying to act tough but literally could get bobmbed from an entire country away

  • Anthony Rock
    Anthony Rock 3 months ago +20

    I'm running for POTUS in 2020 as a progressive. I will cut the military budget in half and invest it in our people and not bombs. if you believe in this type of vision and you believe in fighting these corporate interest that have taken over our government please join me and fight with me and take a second to subscribe to my channel. Once I get a thousand subscribers I'll be able to go live on YouTube which will help my exposure quite a bit. Thank you

    • Anthony Rock
      Anthony Rock 3 months ago

      MonkeyHazard but I do go to college for political science with a minor in history and I keep a 4.0.. but like I said electing the normal type of people to represent us isn't doing a bit of good is it

    • Anthony Rock
      Anthony Rock 3 months ago

      MonkeyHazard what good has electing people who have the normal type of qualifications done for us lately?

    • Salty Pasta
      Salty Pasta 3 months ago

      Just by reading your posts I can tell you're incredibly ignorant on the issue of foreign policy. Aside from me asking you not to run for the presidency, you will not succeed and it is completely unrealistic for you to run in the first place. The position of commander in chief is not for an uneducated pleb from the masses. The only reason DJT was an exception is because he's a known billionaire that was able to trick rednecks and middle America into voting for him. Also, you're a progressive.. ew.

  • Aron hughes
    Aron hughes 3 months ago +50

    I could think of better ways to use live ammunition Jesus how much money are they just chucking away

    • Olive Corf
      Olive Corf 3 months ago

      This is almost near NK, don't you think this military drill also a fire warning for NK?

    • Ernesto Figueiredo
      Ernesto Figueiredo 3 months ago

      Aron hughes better than human life

    • Michael Mariner
      Michael Mariner 3 months ago

      One country..Only 69 more to catch up with U.S...And they still wouldn't be hated as much as The U.S Elite.

    • Lanester 101
      Lanester 101 3 months ago

      The north koreans illigely invaded south korea in the 50s........

  • Polat Can
    Polat Can 3 months ago

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