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  • Andrew Di Rossi
    Andrew Di Rossi 3 months ago

    1000th like

  • Starkiller100
    Starkiller100 3 months ago +1

    Martin's laugh is the best thing on earth.

  • Rheanon Jasmyne
    Rheanon Jasmyne 4 months ago

    I disliked this because I DO want more of the engineers, I'm like Shaw, the question has been asked and I want answers.................... SO FUCK U !

  • Jonathan Akerele
    Jonathan Akerele 5 months ago

    Martin's laugh is hilarious! Gets me every time! =)

  • Adrijana Radosevic
    Adrijana Radosevic 6 months ago that a WHITE GUY in the studio there???????
    (just kitten lol)

  • Remember-ReadABook KnowYourHistoryHotep

    y'all got that kush

  • Anthony Fins
    Anthony Fins 7 months ago

    The original Alien's cast works partially because they are believable as blue collar workers. If they go for that again, Danny McBride will fit in if he doesn't quip too much.

  • roloug95
    roloug95 7 months ago

    What the fuck is Martin's problem with Fassbender?

  • Andrew Deen
    Andrew Deen 7 months ago

    honestly, it looks as much like a plant as it does an egg.. looks more like a flower or something if youd never seen it before.

  • youreallinsane
    youreallinsane 7 months ago

    I hope this turns out like Prometheus is Doom 3 and this movie is like Doom 2016.

  • HurpDerpTutle ols
    HurpDerpTutle ols 7 months ago

    maybe the shower scene is a dream sequence ?

  • ViralHero
    ViralHero 7 months ago

    So they are talking shit about the trailer but didn't bother to research the film at all. The "spores" are relevant to the plot. They probably don't even know what the Neomorphs are. They're stuck in the past and want it to be beat for beat like the original. Even though xenomorphs are beyond played out. They aren't scary or interesting anymore.

  • jmac2050
    jmac2050 7 months ago

    dam, yall do some professional bitching, you complain about the gore in
    the trailer, which is there to let you this ain't gonna be Prometheus,
    but aliens. Than complaining about the ques they use from the original
    movie, how many ways an alien burst out, ,either from the front or the
    back. I'm anticipating this regardless

  • Owl
    Owl 7 months ago

    xD Dark Fassbender and Light Fassbender lmao I can't I just can't ha ha ha

  • JohnnyZenith
    JohnnyZenith 7 months ago

    Straightforward horror. Yawn. I was looking forward to Prometheus 2.

  • Shonnae Robinson
    Shonnae Robinson 7 months ago

    First Happy New Year Double Toasted crew! Korey you owe us two videos man. The last fatality of 2016 was Mariah Carey 2016-2017 New Years Eve performance and Debbie Reynolds. 2016 went out with a blast and got that last minute bonus pay check.

  • Samantha Sanchez
    Samantha Sanchez 7 months ago

    anyone else know what happened to their "top 10 worst movies of 2016" :o

  • AnimationStreet Network

    I nominated you guys for best youtuber in my "award show". Also what happened to the worst of 2016?

  • fabio pereira
    fabio pereira 7 months ago

    Was i the only one disappointed by the last scene in the trailer? I was like "oh shit some horrible shit is about to go down and then was like oh is just the alien"

  • Brent Bunn
    Brent Bunn 7 months ago +2


  • Fab🎃
    Fab🎃 7 months ago +1

    Straight ripped snakes on a plane

  • NY Jay
    NY Jay 7 months ago

    ewwwwwwww. these dudes are trash.

    THEremiXFACTOR 7 months ago

    Korey and Martin are absolutely right. Prometheus did look too clean and glossy, and movie casts these days look like models.

  • Arnold Rivas
    Arnold Rivas 7 months ago

    After watching Alien, parts of Aliens and Prometheus I always had a thought. Since the galaxy is as big as is, 100,000 light years across...if the Alien in the movies is this bad and terrifying, I wonder if there are others we don't know? Not hybrids but others entirely, the unknown. Creatures that will make this thing look like a common dog by comparison or rather the unknowable Lovecraftian creatures that Engineers revered and scared of.

  • Greg jackson
    Greg jackson 7 months ago

    Danielle been benched for Gertz? Not about to hate on him, I jus think she bounced off the cast better. And wasnt afraid to call Korey out, which in itself led to some fun moments.

  • Ichimatsu Matsuno
    Ichimatsu Matsuno 7 months ago +1

    You tried Girts! You tried not to laugh. C- job lol.

  • Oldie Ivory
    Oldie Ivory 7 months ago

    ya funny asl lol first time watching #splash #wetgvng

  • JPin
    JPin 7 months ago +2

    "The creepy chick again" LOL. Ok, Michael Fassbender is a great actor but...c'mon! not this shitty roles again!

  • Ryan A
    Ryan A 7 months ago

    Prometheus was fantastic.

  • Joseph Marino
    Joseph Marino 7 months ago

    Could someone please fill me in on Tommy. I just discovered DT and have been watching older reviews and I miss him on the panels. Thanks

  • Mimi Salajan
    Mimi Salajan 7 months ago

    youtube pls top giving my such stupid suggestions....

  • Miles Callis
    Miles Callis 7 months ago

    although alien3 had its problems and yes plot holes I really love it especially the Assembly cut the acting and characters are really good

  • Lauren Elyse
    Lauren Elyse 7 months ago

    Is that the girl from Black Mirror ("White Bear")?

  • Vinny LT
    Vinny LT 7 months ago +5

    I need Co-Host 3000

  • Jay Vee
    Jay Vee 7 months ago

    It's kinda funny and sad that the makers of Alien: Isolation did a better job bringing back the feel of Alien than Ridley Scott himself

  • MrDman21
    MrDman21 7 months ago +4

    Blockbusters are becoming more lackluster.

    • MrDman21
      MrDman21 7 months ago

      +Darrius Cooper Good point.

    • Darrius Cooper
      Darrius Cooper 7 months ago

      Becoming? You mean they have been for a long time.

  • Rooster
    Rooster 7 months ago

    I actually had that winged alien toy as a kid

  • Jacob Bielski
    Jacob Bielski 7 months ago

    It just got worse as it went on, climaxing with the shower scene. And I'm so sick of the lonely, creepy girl singing singing songs in big empty hallways.

  • I Do Monologues
    I Do Monologues 7 months ago

    Guy to Coleman's left is so excitable.

  • Kevin King
    Kevin King 7 months ago +1

    I still have some of those Alien toys. They need to make a movie with those different creatures.

  • Montgomery Jackson
    Montgomery Jackson 7 months ago +3

    I think you guys are being too hard on the trailer.

  • Livin4Christ4Lyfe
    Livin4Christ4Lyfe 7 months ago +1

    They complained when Ridley did something new with Prometheus. Now they're complaining that he's sticking to the script by remaking Alien. Smh. Consumers don't know what we want...

  • RM J
    RM J 7 months ago +1

    As much as everyone loves Aliens (and it was the best followup in the franchise) the first still remains my favorite. Prometheus could have been good but I would have preferred that they didn't do the whole Mission to Mars humans come from engineers idea and had some better characters. The Space Jockey movie finally came and all I can give it props for is visuals and and some nods to the other movies. Will Covenant be good? Unlikely, but we'll see.

  • captain night owl
    captain night owl 7 months ago

    Didn't like Inherent Vice Korey? Neither did I. Saw it in theaters and was severely disappointed, but found the book to be a good read later though.

  • Cesar Almeida
    Cesar Almeida 7 months ago +2

    Ok sometimes you guys are really really funny, but most of the time you simply act like dumb teenagers making fun of everything, good or bad.
    This shit is starting to get annoying.

  • Ron
    Ron 7 months ago

    get rid of that wolf looking white boy

  • Dom Longo
    Dom Longo 7 months ago +1

    Idk who keeps editing/uploading these videos, but someone has got to be messing with you, the thumbnail for this is the alien at the end of prometheus, the Inferno movie had the Angels and demons poster as its thumbnail, and in the Sing review every time you'd mention the koala they'd show the mouse. As Oz would say, Come on son!

  • Ten Tarantino
    Ten Tarantino 7 months ago +1

    I wish they would let Neill Blompkamp do his Aliens sequel with Weaver

  • Zefo No
    Zefo No 7 months ago +1

    Ok, what's the deal with the "Mr. Robot" joke???

  • Luis Ultima
    Luis Ultima 7 months ago

    Ridly Scott is a fucking hack, this looks like shit. Another fucking prometheus

  • Eoin O'Connor
    Eoin O'Connor 7 months ago +1

    Everybody hates on _Alien 3_, but the extended cut is actually pretty good. Not as good as the first two, but still would have been a worthy end to the series if they didn't cut 30 minutes out of it.

    • Droogie128
      Droogie128 7 months ago

      Eoin O'Connor the problem is what it did to Aliens. There is redemption after the very beginning.

  • Teets
    Teets 7 months ago

    IDK what the fuck yall talkin about... the cover in this trailer is fuckin awesome. LOVE the original. This trailer in general is great.

  • Lightsouz
    Lightsouz 7 months ago

    Somebodys fucking up the editing lol

  • darkservantofheaven
    darkservantofheaven 7 months ago

    That would be one awesome and possibly scary premise. If some how the xenomorph got to earth and decimated it so badly with various species and sub species of xenomorph and the humans who were on a space station land on earth after so many years not knowing what to expect.....

    Alien: Infestation

    hell even the comics did more with the alien franchise (and predator) franchise than these films ever did after Alien 3. (dont get me started on AVP and AVPR)

    fuckin hell, Mortal Kombat X gave us a Xenomorph Baraka creature....I was like...fuck thats dope and scary.

  • Johnny Utah
    Johnny Utah 7 months ago +2

    Can you guys at least watch the entire trailer first before giggling like bitches?

  • Faizal Ali
    Faizal Ali 7 months ago +3

    i love how awkward Gertz got when Martin said nigger hahaha

  • Roei Potash AKA Poihpio

    this all Fassbender and Evil Fassbender shit is like that meme with Kermit and lnner Kermit who's like evil and wearind a black hoodie

  • Stephen Nootens
    Stephen Nootens 7 months ago

    I liked Prometheus and have high hopes for this one, but to tell you the truth I really wanted them to fallow Noomi Rapace which they are not going to do. I'll still see it no matter what, even if the critics crap on it.

  • Twäughthammër
    Twäughthammër 7 months ago +7

    the sex is actually a part of the plot. the purpose of the COVENANT ship is to bring couples to a new planet to mate, reproduce and spread the human race.
    theyre there to HAVE KIDS. So they can raise them there.
    they have a cargo full of sleeping couples.
    one of your many complaints was that they added sex for no reason other than use it as a new death scene. its not. its part of the plot.
    I know this sounds very stupid. very very stupid, but its true.

  • noah white
    noah white 7 months ago

    i łiked prometheous

  • Fun Guy
    Fun Guy 7 months ago

    See, with casual movie-goers comic book movies are getting a bad rap, because of DC and Fox ... Marvel get tarred with the same brush by those who don't know the difference ... Casual audience like the movies by Marvel, but they don't distinguish them from the crap movies DC and Fox make.

    • Justice Holloman
      Justice Holloman 7 months ago

      Fun Guy yea cause marvel movies are cornerstones of film history

  • Han Seoul-Oh
    Han Seoul-Oh 7 months ago +3

    I'm sure someone here in the comments has mentioned this, but the Aliens comics from Dark Horse went where the toys promised. They're brought to earth and eventually get loose. Some comics even expanded on how the Alien creature is seen in other parts of the galaxy. On one planet, the face hugger eggs are a delicacy and the acid blood isn't an issue for that race. They wait for the shit to open for the face hugger to jump in their mouths.

  • The Stegman
    The Stegman 7 months ago +1

    these guys are hilarious and I love the channel, but damn they nitpick too much. Can you just admit something looks good?!

  • Lolo Bond
    Lolo Bond 7 months ago +2

    I liked Prometheus.

  • Lolo Bond
    Lolo Bond 7 months ago +3

    I love Girts. He knows how to handle the nigga jokes so well, just shut the fuck up. They guy's funny as hell to, great timing.

  • micah fuller
    micah fuller 7 months ago +2

    Leave it to someone to say Alabama. smh haha

  • AssassinGrudge
    AssassinGrudge 7 months ago

    the dump thing is that this movie is a prequel to a prequel to the original alien first movie

    • Twäughthammër
      Twäughthammër 7 months ago

      Wtf??? No. Ridley Scott confirmed this is a SEQUEL.
      The plot of this film is :
      "The ship Covenant lands on a "paradise" planet to create a colony. They soon discover David, the sole survivor of the failed expedition Prometheus and the inhabitant of the planet. Then they discover a threat to humanity."
      It's Fucking clear this is a SEQUEL. Even the CONFIRMED synopsis regards it as a sequel.
      It's possible they'll explain that scene from Prometheus but I sure Fucking hope NOT. Nobody needs a backstory.
      This is a Fucking sequel. It's a prequel to Alien, but NOT Prometheus.
      Look it up.
      Avp galaxy
      Every YouTube video regarding this movie.

      Even the trailer tells you it's a sequel.

    • AssassinGrudge
      AssassinGrudge 7 months ago

      if u remember prometheus there is a scene where the groupe was following some kind of hologram in a cave than the dude in hologram get his head cut off ? well this movie is the story of that dude and his group x')

    • Twäughthammër
      Twäughthammër 7 months ago

      ughh. this is the sequel to the prequel, not the prequel to the prequel.

  • D.F.W.M .N
    D.F.W.M .N 7 months ago

    Like for Prometheus

  • winkles2314
    winkles2314 7 months ago

    "They went to a planet, stepped in some space shit, and then some shit got in your ear."

  • Rodney McKay
    Rodney McKay 7 months ago +18

    I would've preferred the Neil Blomkamp version he was planning with Sigourney Weaver.

    • Rodney McKay
      Rodney McKay 3 months ago

      George Miller- Mad Max Fury Road
      Ridley Scott - The Martian
      F. Gary Gray - Straight Outta Compton
      Scott Dickerson - Sinister/ Dr Strange

      All had slumps but recently made hits. Rare? Sure, but I'll still won't count some of them out. Unless you're Uwe Boll.

    • Jake Hall
      Jake Hall 3 months ago

      A director redeeming their work is extremely rare

    • Rodney McKay
      Rodney McKay 3 months ago

      M. Night redeemed himself. I'm not counting Blomkamp out just yet.

    • Jake Hall
      Jake Hall 3 months ago

      Rodney McKay Neil blompcamp hasn't made a good movie since District 9

    • Pedro Henrique Vilela Santos
      Pedro Henrique Vilela Santos 7 months ago

      Rodney McKay One comes from Ridley Scott one of the greatest directors and the other from a director with only three films and of those three only one is good...not even a hard decision and before U say Ridley Scott recent stuff is not that good The Martian and Prometheus are in my opinion better than District 13

  • lunatiksAlterEgo
    lunatiksAlterEgo 7 months ago

    Danny mcbride already confimed that there wont be no comedic relief in the movie.

  • Zero2k0
    Zero2k0 7 months ago

    This movie looks so shit and cheesy! The first few parts of the trailer looked interesting but then they took it all back with the second half. All the parts that are meaning to be scary or intense in this trailer made me burst out laughing at how cheesy it was.
    I'm also tired of them taking every old song and making it emo or edgy for no reason. They must be out of music ideas.

  • Arvelle Whitaker
    Arvelle Whitaker 7 months ago

    also, go back and look at what was cut out of prometheus.

  • Arvelle Whitaker
    Arvelle Whitaker 7 months ago

    Somethings should remain a mystery.....the explaination will never satisfy what your imagination will come up with

  • Darrius Cooper
    Darrius Cooper 7 months ago +2

    I love the concept of Prometheus as a whole and deviating from the overhyped Xenomorphs. And this is coming from a guy who still considers 1979's Alien to be in his Top 3 movies of all time. But boy did the execution of Prometheus just leave me feeling sour and disappointed -_-

  • Ixnkx
    Ixnkx 7 months ago +9

    I haven't heard Martin say "You'll find the death star fully operational" since The Amazing Spider-Man 2012 review.

  • Optimus Wev
    Optimus Wev 7 months ago

    Ugh, a person looking into an alien egg happens ONCE and it was in Alien, comes on you tools ;)

  • Rodimus Prime
    Rodimus Prime 7 months ago +1

    and thank you i thought i was the only one who HATED THE MUSIC in this fucking trailer! i promise you 20 century fox will release a new trailer REAL soon with proper music lmao

  • C McGuire
    C McGuire 7 months ago

    fassbender is obviously playing new Android and severed head from Prometheus

  • Optimus Wev
    Optimus Wev 7 months ago +2

    Massive meh! Looks like he's remaking Prometheus but putting an Alien in it!

  • Rodimus Prime
    Rodimus Prime 7 months ago

    this trailer is trash and the music..oh god the music..whoever chose the music should be kicked in the balls and fired. watch the "re-cut" trailer called alien trailer re-cut prometheus style

  • Thorsten Benecke
    Thorsten Benecke 7 months ago +35

    I kinda wanna see Martins laugh compete with Rich Evans laugh.

    • Niko Bellic
      Niko Bellic 6 months ago

      Some things in life are just too beautiful to see...

      MEGA KURA 7 months ago

      My mind can't comprehend a duet by them. It would sound like the combined choir of all of God's angels

    • twon 1610
      twon 1610 7 months ago

      No competition.
      They're both the joyous ring of an angel

  • Mattitude
    Mattitude 7 months ago +25

    You guys are hilarious. Enjoying the insightfulness and jokes

    • bulldog G
      bulldog G 7 months ago

      Crazy Legs Wtf how???

    • Crazy Legs
      Crazy Legs 7 months ago

      Yeah, but they're also racist and ignorant about the world.

  • Luis alberto Cruz Calderon

    I agree with Girts, he literally took the words out of my mouth

  • Chase Tyler
    Chase Tyler 7 months ago +1

    12:45 Was Girts referring to Death Battle?

  • Damon C
    Damon C 7 months ago +3

    I hope it doesn't fully take place on a ship, that's too much like the first movie. It's also a shame Damon dropped out, I wanted more a Shaw and Engineer story. There were supposed to be a separate series leading up to Alien. Scott is too old, and he can't make these forever, but I still wanted to see Shaw grow as a character and evolve in the trilogy. :/

    • Damon C
      Damon C 7 months ago

      +BoomStick Critique Yeah, that sucks, where's that Facebook dog emoticon that;s crying on the floor, lol.

    • BoomStick Critique
      BoomStick Critique 7 months ago

      +Damon C They expected a film that develed straight into the aliens origins not an alternate story but a direct link up to alien that starred the alien lol thats why they dropped the prometheus tittle an went with alien i assume number 3 will also be alien

    • Damon C
      Damon C 7 months ago

      +BoomStick Critique That's why I liked it, it tried something different and kind of succeeded , I also read they hate the religious stuff Pro did. Picky fans seem to have won this war. :/ :/

    • BoomStick Critique
      BoomStick Critique 7 months ago

      +Damon C Its do to the back lash against prometheus not featuring none stop aliens like fans wanted so he gave them what they wanted alien 5

    • Damon C
      Damon C 7 months ago

      +BoomStick Critique And that's a piss off, as stated above. No but AVP digs deep. I trust them. I just don't want a copy of the original one, or I'll be angry....

  • Chase Tyler
    Chase Tyler 7 months ago +1

    12:45 Was Girts referring to Death Battle?

  • Xander Crease
    Xander Crease 7 months ago +2

    @ 20:55 the Alien from *Alien 3* was a *Bison/Bull Alien*. iirc.

    • Xander Crease
      Xander Crease 7 months ago

      Like the *Dog* or the *Ox* from Alien 3? Depending on what version of the movie you get. I prefer the dog scene, but the Ox one's in the Special Edition, with more content. All ends up the same anyway.

    • blaze36552
      blaze36552 7 months ago

      Xander Crease the face huger the alien takes the form of what ever it grabs alien 3 they showed reason for the first 2 movies looked kinda human like I want to see different species of aliens

    • Xander Crease
      Xander Crease 7 months ago

      Like I said, there must be 2 different versions, the *Directors Cut* is definitely an *Ox*. The one I watched as a kid I remember being a dog. Either way, they did the whole *Animal Alien* thing which Korey was talking about.

    • Break The Game
      Break The Game 7 months ago

      Xander Crease It actually was a dog. I did some research and found out the assembly cut of the movie shows a bull instead of a dog

    • Xander Crease
      Xander Crease 7 months ago

      +Break The Game
      Nope. Just watched it back to make sure, It was an *Ox* that was impregnated.
       11yrs, in her prime. (according to the special edition) But then again I do remember a dog from my child hood. 2 different versions maybe? 🙄

  • A Mildly retarded Crossdresser

    I just love the chemistry between everyone, it's so great

  • Declan Bohley
    Declan Bohley 7 months ago +1

    If look at the person who sang it her music is actually happy… sometimes

  • kryslewin4
    kryslewin4 7 months ago +1

    Martin was proud as hell of that joke....!

  • Paulo Gentto
    Paulo Gentto 7 months ago +3

    6:54 *ALIEN: Covenant* ᴴ ᴰ « f u l l m o v i e »

  • venuztaurus6ix
    venuztaurus6ix 7 months ago


  • Wesley Crawford
    Wesley Crawford 7 months ago +9

    This is the complete opposite reaction that I thought they would have to this

  • venuztaurus6ix
    venuztaurus6ix 7 months ago


  • 29AndreG
    29AndreG 7 months ago +1

    Michael Fassbender is playing two different android characters.

  • venuztaurus6ix
    venuztaurus6ix 7 months ago


  • 29AndreG
    29AndreG 7 months ago +3

    James Franco was just casted last week. So I'm pretty sure he'll be a flashback.

  • 29AndreG
    29AndreG 7 months ago +3

    0:10 to 0:12 and 16:10 to 16:12, DAMN IT MARTIN!!!

  • Rolando aka Power Man G
    Rolando aka Power Man G 7 months ago +2

    I think 2 Fassbender's are going to be pretty interesting and quite cool! Because David is bad remember what he did to old boy in promethus?! And his Twin Droid the other Fassbender Walter I think they said will be the Droid name is going to be the good Droid like Lance Hendrickson's portrayal of bishop in the Original Alein franchise! So Corey and Company Please don't judge not yet we have to give a chance you all!

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