Post Gym Makeup: Flawless Day-Night Look GRWM

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  • Enjoy my newest video on this lovely makeup to freshen you up after a workout, to take you to any event whether its work, a bbq, or dinner date! A lovely look for any occasion, enjoy this GRWM - with Bianca Cheah!

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    Biancas website is ;)
    The article:

    her instagram is - follow her!

    Her hair was done by People Hairdressing in Sydney and her tie is from Scünci.

    Any specific makeup Q;s I can answer in the comments. I filmed this in October with Bee so I don't remember ALL the products sorry :(


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Comments: 292

  • Angelica taylor
    Angelica taylor Year ago

    What color lipgloss did u use on her?

  • salma mohsen
    salma mohsen Year ago

    i cannot even imagine a hairdresser come to my house to create a look i make while i'm in the car going to uni late. WHAT?

  • MeeMo H
    MeeMo H Year ago

    beautiful ladies

  • lanny whale
    lanny whale Year ago

    shes so pretty

  • Francisca Zamorano Garcia

    she is beautiful, Omg

  • Riley Rain
    Riley Rain Year ago +1

    No eyeliner, way too little mascara, no concealer to lighten up undereyes after that salmon colored mishap. no blush???.. u put contour up way too high on the tops of her cheekbones?

  • MrZapparin
    MrZapparin 2 years ago

    I think i've seen her in a porno *)

  • Kezia Gabrielle
    Kezia Gabrielle 2 years ago

    What were the exact names of the lip products used? :) x

  • gacgirl
    gacgirl 2 years ago

    she's gorgeous!!

  • Anna !
    Anna ! 2 years ago

    what are the names of those lip products used? gorgeous!! 

  • Наталья Пертова

    Граница на лбу есть, когда повязку сняли

  • Yuriem Espinal
    Yuriem Espinal 2 years ago

    I didn't know that people go to salons to get their hair braided.... Cute makeup tho lol

  • chewingcorn
    chewingcorn 2 years ago

    Hey Chloe, I really like the makeup that's on you in this video! It looks so fresh and natural, and that lip colour is just gorgeous. Do you remember what was the lip product that you used on yourself?

  • Sanna Södergren
    Sanna Södergren 2 years ago +1

    OMG is it just me or does Bianca look just like Pocahontas!!! So beautiful. Great video <33

  • anita tokic
    anita tokic 2 years ago girls are really beautiful!

  • Katherine Acosta Lopez
    Katherine Acosta Lopez 2 years ago +2

    She's obviously very dark because she is half Chinese?..Um.. Ok?

  • xxxhaleybabyxxx
    xxxhaleybabyxxx 2 years ago

    Lol I'm Chinese and I'm naturally

  • christina villalona
    christina villalona 2 years ago

    you should do more looks on her more often!

  • hani babe
    hani babe 2 years ago

    Oh Chloe.... You did a good job!!!

  • Park Boom
    Park Boom 2 years ago

    This model so pretty 😍

  • Quinlan Noelle
    Quinlan Noelle 2 years ago

    You should more of these! 

  • elli heath
    elli heath 2 years ago +1

    Is it just me or does she look petrified haha!

  • Anna GG
    Anna GG 2 years ago

    what is the primer used?

  • Kristie Denn
    Kristie Denn 2 years ago

    Loved this Chloe. What colour is the lip liner you used? 

  • Liz Cs Cz
    Liz Cs Cz 2 years ago

    You are SO talented and your roommate is really pretty! :D

  • Zoranna
    Zoranna 2 years ago

    This is real Pocahontas!!

  • Kelly
    Kelly 2 years ago

    She is SO gorgeous oh my god

  • Helena Escuder
    Helena Escuder 2 years ago

    Hi! I loved this video. The thing is that I have the same skin colour than Her and I would like to know the foundation and the lipstic you used for her. Thank you very much!

  • Haley Manion
    Haley Manion 2 years ago

    she is so stunning

  • Irem Altunay
    Irem Altunay 2 years ago

    hey Chloe! Im ur big fan from Turkey. I love u and your makeup videos especially ur accent :)

  • Rossa Severinus
    Rossa Severinus 2 years ago

    You both are gorgeous Chloe!!

  • Karlene Isaiah
    Karlene Isaiah 2 years ago

    Gosh she looks Native American. Such a stunning women. :)

  • BuddhaBee
    BuddhaBee 2 years ago +4

    Don't understand how her being Chinese correlates with her being dark

  • SaintOrCinema
    SaintOrCinema 2 years ago

    Does Bianca wear dentures??

  • PrincessMissRuby
    PrincessMissRuby 2 years ago

    I don't get it? Why is this called post gym?

  • Fatima
    Fatima 2 years ago +5

    lmao but she's not very dark? just slightly tanned

  • Quinlan Noelle
    Quinlan Noelle 2 years ago

    do more videos with her!!! 

    MS CANDY 2 years ago +3

    She reminds me of Pocahontas :)

  • Tina S
    Tina S 2 years ago

    GREAT video + video idea, Chloe!

  • AmazinGraceXOXO1
    AmazinGraceXOXO1 2 years ago +15

    first of all chloe says she runs a gym as in for work. so if shes at the fucking counter and gets home from the gym ( aka work) why would she have to shower? shes obviously dressed sporty becuase thats her work attire not because she literally worked ut and got home from the gym u idiots

    • sparkly j
      sparkly j 2 years ago

      +AmazinGraceXOXO1 Well I hope you feel better. :)

    • AmazinGraceXOXO1
      AmazinGraceXOXO1 2 years ago

      +sparkly j i dont know. That was like a year ago. It could have been a number of reasons

    • sparkly j
      sparkly j 2 years ago

      +AmazinGraceXOXO1 Damn, why are you so angry?

  • Sarah java
    Sarah java 2 years ago +4

    she is b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l

  • LuLu Renee
    LuLu Renee 2 years ago +12

    She is so gorgeous! Like I can't even cope. Absolutely flawless!

  • Martin Rodriguez
    Martin Rodriguez 2 years ago

    how come nobody told me there was an asian Pocahontas, she's damn Hot

  • Its Halo
    Its Halo 2 years ago

    bianca is soo beautiful! I love the look chloe! really fun to see how you do makeup in other people! <3

  • Emery's World
    Emery's World 2 years ago

    Love it thanks for sharing!!

  • Rosa Mg
    Rosa Mg 2 years ago

    goshhhh she's stunning! reminds me of Pocahontas! truly pretty!

  • Dalys Timpanaro
    Dalys Timpanaro 2 years ago

    What a stunner! Just beautiful! :)

  • Kara Camille Delonas
    Kara Camille Delonas 2 years ago

    Chloe is so talented and this is such a great tutorial! I just want to take a quick second to say that it would be awesome if you guys could take a listen to my music.  I just posted a performance of the Dragonetti Double Bass Concerto.  Thanks a bunch and leave a thumbs up for this video!

  • Linda Abrahams
    Linda Abrahams 2 years ago

    Which Stila Convertible Cheek blush color did you use?

  • Tracey Kitchen
    Tracey Kitchen 2 years ago +7

    That girl......having some serious jealous feelings right now! She is STUNNING! Hey bitch stop being so damn stunning will you?! Leave some beauty for the rest of us! Lmao! X

    • Anika Dewan
      Anika Dewan 2 years ago

      Haha same here, Bianca is drop dead gorgeous, but so is Chloe. 

  • amanda di stefano
    amanda di stefano 2 years ago

    Wow! Her makeup looks so natural & flawless...almost like you didn't even try! Would be awesome to have my makeup done by you Chloe, except I live all the way in Canada!!!  :( Lol You're so talented, much love xox Your channel is one of my faves on YouTube ;)

  • Bojana Nedeljkovic
    Bojana Nedeljkovic 2 years ago +2

    I don't understand why would she put so many creamy products on her face when she has oily skin ?

  • Eros Métis
    Eros Métis 2 years ago

    Bianca deserves to be a model or actress <3 she's gorgeous ! 

  • justaksh
    justaksh 2 years ago

    Bianca is gorgeous... beautiful cheekbones!

  • holisticmaya
    holisticmaya 2 years ago

    Wow Bianca is so beautiful!

  • Hope O'Connor
    Hope O'Connor 2 years ago

    gurl get yourself some disposables! 

  • jovanourlist
    jovanourlist 2 years ago

    Thanks for your videos +Chloe Morello  ! If I could get your advice... I have dark, blue hereditary under eye circles and have never found a great concealer. I recently bought a Rimmel one but it did not provide enough coverage and it didn't last. I checked out MAC and Bobbi Brown and the amount of coverage didn't warrant the price in my opinion. What's your suggestion for the best concealer both high end and drug store brands? Thanks!

  • Imalthia
    Imalthia 2 years ago

    She's absolutely stunning!

  • K Bear
    K Bear 2 years ago

    Her smile is INCREDIBLE!

  • Katarína Bazelová
    Katarína Bazelová 2 years ago +4

    Pocahontas is real!

  • Lisa Billson
    Lisa Billson 2 years ago +1

    This is a great look! She's so pretty!
    That prep+prime actually works really good as a corrector if you lay it on underneath your normal under eye concealer!
    I work at MAC and that's how I use it if someone has more severe dark circles:)

  • 8OBHRZ
    8OBHRZ 2 years ago

    Both such stunning ladies! She didn't need any makeup at all! Gorgeous girls! Chloe, do you wear makeup to the gym? I always look a mess, I dont want to look dressed up but i look like a sweaty, baggy mess haha any suggestions? Maybe a work out routine vid including what you do before, during and after? Much love :) x

  • Olivia Kendall
    Olivia Kendall 2 years ago +4

    It seemed like she might of needed a bit of powder on her face after applying the foundation it looked a bit too oily/shiny -other then that looks good :)

  • live2cheer93
    live2cheer93 2 years ago +4

    She is absolutely GORGEOUS! Both with and without makeup <3

  • Al Jazia Al Karbi
    Al Jazia Al Karbi 2 years ago

    Bianca looks like Pocahontas ;| BEAUTIFUL

  • Jihye K
    Jihye K 2 years ago

    pretty girls! love the look

  • Victoria Alhajri
    Victoria Alhajri 2 years ago

    She look like JLO pretty much..

  • DominosAndHearts
    DominosAndHearts 2 years ago

    e it!

  • Shirley Le
    Shirley Le 2 years ago

  • Wissa Khn
    Wissa Khn 2 years ago +1

    She is naturaly stunning I think that makeup doesn't fit on her

  • Steph Trudgen
    Steph Trudgen 2 years ago

    Can you do a tutorial on how to apply individual false lashes and FAQ eg how long they last :)))

  • Bridget McConnochie
    Bridget McConnochie 2 years ago

    This was really pretty!

  • Kim Pham
    Kim Pham 2 years ago

    Is it just me but it seems like her friend wants some camera time too? Usually those who are made up on don't really speak.

  • Sanna & Wilma
    Sanna & Wilma 2 years ago

    So pretty!! :)
    Please follow our makeup and beauty channel with a lot of make up tutorials and hair tutorials! <3 Xoxo Wilma & Sanna

  • misspopularity3537
    misspopularity3537 2 years ago

    she is gorgeous😍

  • Paola Ruiz
    Paola Ruiz 2 years ago +2

    She's gorgeous!

  • Mariana Grati
    Mariana Grati 2 years ago

    she looks cute, but i feel like the face looks too shiny/oily

  • Ayu Zulaika
    Ayu Zulaika 2 years ago

    Oh she's so lovely! Love the make up you did on her. She has this really nice tanned skin already, and it just makes her glow even more with your hand touch! Thumbs up Chloe! 👍 xx

  • snyora memo
    snyora memo 2 years ago +6

    She is sooooo pretty and i love her skin color ❤️

  • Jacy LB
    Jacy LB 2 years ago

    Your friend is so gorgeous, she has nice tan skin and awesome brows, she should make a YouTube channel, lol

  • Maha Subaie
    Maha Subaie 2 years ago

    Hello Chloe what is the Mac thing that you used on her to conceal the dark circles the Orange thing <3

  • Kate C
    Kate C 2 years ago

    So effortless looking! Love your tutorials. Also I must know which stila blush you are using! I am really into finding a perfect blush.

  • Olga Połońska
    Olga Połońska 2 years ago

    OMG Could you be more beautiful? I don't think so. :) ♥

    ELEANORBS1990 2 years ago

    Bianca is sooooo pretty! you must have a bunch stalkers or something when you two go out!! ;)

  • Saritha Sykes
    Saritha Sykes 2 years ago +4

    she's like the prettiest girl I've ever seen

  • Cassidy
    Cassidy 2 years ago

    This look is amazing. I love hearing Chloe say the word glow haha x

  • Coco Lili
    Coco Lili 2 years ago +2

    She's so beautiful!

  • cosmo citizen
    cosmo citizen 2 years ago

    nice look. but would like to read a product list plz. you mention them in general but without details. for instance which exactly makeup store eyeshadow did you use or which stilla cream blush?

  • Nath Jiménez
    Nath Jiménez 2 years ago

    Beautiful :)

  • El Rani
    El Rani 2 years ago +8

    Chloe u are stunning and Bianca you are equally beautiful however I dont think this make up look did her any justice, I mean she is naturally beautiful but if your going to put make up on someone, you have to at least be able to tell and to be honest, I couldn't tell any difference from before and after. Some people are great at doing their own makeup but that doesn't mean they are great at doing others.... Just saying

    • Alana Chambers
      Alana Chambers 2 years ago

      +Nor Trisya Sahlan She was coming from the gym makeup.

    • Bella13710
      Bella13710 2 years ago

      She did say bianca wanted a natural look so that's probably why

  • briana leigh
    briana leigh 2 years ago +1

    beautiful! her and I have basically the same color everything so there's no need to adapt shades. hope to see more tutorials like this! thank you!

  • Sori D
    Sori D 2 years ago +1

    She looks like Pocahontas!

  • Paige Swager
    Paige Swager 2 years ago

    Her collarbones are so pretty 

  • Réka S
    Réka S 2 years ago

    She's so stunningly beautiful omg :))) Great makeup, love the lips and her style too!

  • Bianca Tatu
    Bianca Tatu 2 years ago

    Not big deal

  • sunnydays223
    sunnydays223 2 years ago

    She's beautiful!!

  • kryp-tonite
    kryp-tonite 2 years ago +2

    When I saw the thumbnail... I had to look closer and was like 'that isn't Chloe...' Haha

  • Nora H
    Nora H 2 years ago +1

    What are the colors of the lipliner lipstick/lipgloss?

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