What If Every Human Ever Born Came Back to Life Today?

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    THE ALASKIN BULL WORM 1 hour ago +1

    I bet there would be a purge or people start finding other planets or hunger games or if u even get a speeding ticket ur shot dead or a war or resource competition and the worst of all is I still would be single馃様

  • Sam Westervelt
    Sam Westervelt 4 hours ago

    What about the guy who spawns under the Empire State Building

  • the Master hand
    the Master hand 9 hours ago

    Einstein will build a Death Star

  • Overwatch Play's
    Overwatch Play's 15 hours ago

    So if EVERYBODY came back to live does that mean that Hitler-serial killers and more bad people came back to live or would they be killed instantly again?

  • English Mapper
    English Mapper 16 hours ago

    *JFK on twitter*
    Why is Donald trump president and there's no Soviet Union??????

  • DubbieDubbz YT
    DubbieDubbz YT 1 day ago

    Soooo HITLER CAN BE BRING BACK AGAIN WTF??? No no no!! Noooooo

  • M-A-G-A
    M-A-G-A 1 day ago

    Imagine all the freaking out when all them aborted babies show back up

  • M-A-G-A
    M-A-G-A 1 day ago

    If my dad thinks I am giving him his money back, forget it.

  • Methodological Doubt

    90% would die within a couple of months? Around 90 BILLION in such a short time? Can everyone just take a second to let that sink in

  • I like cats
    I like cats 1 day ago

    use protection, kids

  • Keon H
    Keon H 1 day ago +1

    Hitler finds out about fidget spinners and makes a Minecraft YouTube channel

  • xTheMoonLigherx 007

    If it will happen hitler will start a world war again, Stalin will throw everyone into the gulags and Genghis Khan will sexually attack every female in the world lol

  • Humblesz
    Humblesz 1 day ago

    Some ppaces have been destroyed wut if someone from lomg time ago died their? Also ppl looked different back then well they still look like they looked like back Then?

  • Jose Pacheco
    Jose Pacheco 2 days ago

    who wants this to be a movie?!

  • Adam Schreiber
    Adam Schreiber 2 days ago

    there is no state of palestine

  • Maxim Shulman
    Maxim Shulman 2 days ago


  • Avi Ben Shushan
    Avi Ben Shushan 2 days ago

    "The size of palestine" - makes a video with facts he's only comfortable with , dude - live with it , there's a country over there called israel and it's registered in the UN

  • Freedom36662
    Freedom36662 2 days ago

    ok im gonna sub now :D

  • Mein Neger
    Mein Neger 3 days ago

    Hitler would destroy/oppress everyone. Even his precious memes!

  • Tarragon Mugwort
    Tarragon Mugwort 3 days ago

    Wrong. GMO plants and animals can be made to feed every human. Ever see a salmon/pike hybrid?

  • Rng 17582nd
    Rng 17582nd 3 days ago

    If ya put every person shoulder to shoulder they would onky for the entire island of Hawaii. So we are far from over population

  • That Other One
    That Other One 3 days ago


  • 讗讬砖 讛住专讟讬诐 讛诪住转讜专讬

    *israel is not a Islamic country*

  • EnderGuy l
    EnderGuy l 4 days ago

    What if that everthing and everybody that died came back to life

  • mrawdog
    mrawdog 4 days ago

    didnt Moses live for like 500 years?

  • Football Stars
    Football Stars 4 days ago


  • Football Stars
    Football Stars 4 days ago

    you are the best 馃懆

  • J Gamer
    J Gamer 4 days ago

    George Washington will be mad at Trump when he builds the wall...

  • VenomAgar
    VenomAgar 4 days ago

    Hitler would be enjoying social media

  • 2KAngryGamer 鈥
    2KAngryGamer 鈥 4 days ago

    I know im not the only one that thought of hitler as the first non-family related person that'll be back

  • GnusWol What?
    GnusWol What? 4 days ago

    in 2 months fuck yeah

  • GnusWol What?
    GnusWol What? 4 days ago

    that means Kim Jon uns father will live hitler a Stalin

  • I Like Pie
    I Like Pie 4 days ago

    the fucking amount of the jokes these commenters can make is almost scary
    like, i literally saw one saying stalin would be a communist youtuber

  • CheeseMaster Supreme

    It would be 50% male, 49% female, and 1% apache attack helicopter

  • Communist Crab
    Communist Crab 5 days ago

    All the people who died of natural causes, like heart attack and such, will just die as soon as they come back

  • Kailoni Hoffman
    Kailoni Hoffman 5 days ago

    episode 4 the new Hitler

  • 讙诇讬转 讘讬讟讜谉

    Where the fuck is Palestine? An invisible place?

  • Jack Austin
    Jack Austin 5 days ago

    As long as there's a mystery box then I'm good

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler 5 days ago

    Yes lets do it guys

  • choudhry ali
    choudhry ali 6 days ago

    Islam is awesome.

  • Krazy Eggplants
    Krazy Eggplants 6 days ago

    If a regular person came back at say 90 years old they would die shortly
    And like you said WORLD HUNGER

  • Krazy Eggplants
    Krazy Eggplants 6 days ago

    Yeah but what if the dead people died again

  • Sam 88
    Sam 88 6 days ago

    I would just alt+f4 out of life.

  • Vertex Gaming
    Vertex Gaming 6 days ago

    The legend27 will destroy them all, no worries

  • Andrei Braunstein
    Andrei Braunstein 6 days ago

    Did you just said state of Palestine ? Where is that ? Never heard about that state

  • Shaya Anderson
    Shaya Anderson 6 days ago

    3:25 did anyone else think that the life expectancy in the Islamic Caliphate was 622 years - 1258 years for a second there? 馃槀馃槀馃槀

  • Alban Mustafi
    Alban Mustafi 6 days ago

    one a familly member is over 95 years old

  • Flashdog
    Flashdog 7 days ago +1


  • Keith Macer
    Keith Macer 7 days ago

    We get Hitler to wipe out most of the useless people.

    1547 Likes 7 days ago

    If i would know this happen, i would kill myself now and respawn as a child lol

    1547 Likes 7 days ago +3

    Well another good thing would be steve jobs would build apple great again...

  • Taliavlogos Alot
    Taliavlogos Alot 7 days ago

    If it's true maybe but I know that ....

    Every 3 seconds 1 2 3 someone dies RIP sorry馃槩

    And every 5 second 1 2 3 4 5 someone gets born yay congrats is it a boy or girl? 馃懚馃徑

    Well I know that and I think it's true tell me what you think?

  • Geno Dreemurr
    Geno Dreemurr 7 days ago

    A small list of people that would be included in the deceased population:

    Kurt Cobain
    Joseph Stalin
    Martin Luther
    MLK Jr.
    Adolf Hitler
    Cliff Burton
    Alan Rickman
    George Carlin
    Every Pope of Christianity
    Every dead US president
    John Lennon
    Nikola Tesla
    Thomas Edison
    Genghis Khan
    Attila the Hun
    Ludwig Van Beethoven
    Every American Indian killed on the Trail of Tears
    Julius Caesar
    Leonardo di Vinci
    Malcom X
    Every person killed as a result of a war
    Robin Williams
    The people killed by serial killers, as well as the serial killers themselves (eg. Jack the Ripper and the Zodiac Killer)

  • Spider Gaming
    Spider Gaming 7 days ago

    so they have a respawn point

  • Djordje Azanjac
    Djordje Azanjac 7 days ago

    Do one about the most isolated piece of land (like farthest away from any water) and also the same for the most further away from land part of water.

  • onefouR
    onefouR 7 days ago

    Dam I hate this guys voice

  • David Canamar
    David Canamar 7 days ago

    Music would be better

  • Nicole Mattocks
    Nicole Mattocks 7 days ago

    Then if then 32 million would die because of hitler and Stalin and all the warsss Combined

  • Grecalda TV
    Grecalda TV 7 days ago


  • Silent Forever
    Silent Forever 7 days ago

    What about Hitler....?

  • Laimonas Mila拧ius
    Laimonas Mila拧ius 8 days ago

    would hitler have 2 nuts again?

  • graham mckee
    graham mckee 8 days ago

    Yay hitler!

  • Polandball Mapping
    Polandball Mapping 8 days ago

    *stalin comes back to life*
    Oh so I heard something about me in thing called *internet*
    Lets go check it!
    *goes to YouTube an search鈥檚 *soviet athem*
    Stalin: hm... lets see this thing!
    Stalin: Yep. I can handle that.

  • CreepyKiller67679 Gamer

    Did you know 99.99% of people in the world died on earth! So that makes earth *_DANGEROUS_*!

  • Mickxal
    Mickxal 8 days ago

    My mother always said that if the dead came back to life they would redig their graves due to the change/shame/stupidity of our current society. Most people before 1900 were extremely homophobic but now it's ok.

  • jennifer peters
    jennifer peters 8 days ago

    Hmmmm yeah i wish some people would come back 馃槑 like michael jackson 馃ぃ elvis and more

  • Mickxal
    Mickxal 8 days ago

    2K creationists

  • ExtremeTurbo987
    ExtremeTurbo987 8 days ago

    everyone will be crouded of

    LTS GAMES 8 days ago

    the problem I have with this video is that a woman is probably giving birth as you're reading this comment...

  • GIboy1990
    GIboy1990 9 days ago

    fyi. palastine isn't a state.

  • NefariousVirtuoso88
    NefariousVirtuoso88 9 days ago +1

    The state of Palestine ?.

    Really ?

  • Quiznos Weswes
    Quiznos Weswes 9 days ago


  • Faez N.K
    Faez N.K 9 days ago

    Every people ever born will come back to life, one day, as it is a promise made in Quran. Those who did good will go to heaven and those who did bad will go to hell. An atom's weight of good and bad deeds will be seen on the day of judgement.

  • Elyas Reiersen
    Elyas Reiersen 9 days ago

    So... The spartans would be back. So would Hitler... SPARTA VS HITLER

  • Alexgbrigden
    Alexgbrigden 10 days ago

    The way this man says DURING....triggered af. Apart from that, awesome video!

  • Amanda The human
    Amanda The human 10 days ago

    If the global population keeps rising, we should use GMO's because it's more protein and vitamins in less food, and then we wouldn't have to plant as much and make more food than what we make now. Hopefully in the future GMO's will be less of an opinion and more of a food resource. So all you healthy people out there, shut up and eat your food with GMO's and quit complaining that it's fake because it has more protein and stuff that's good for you.

  • Zippy Tornado
    Zippy Tornado 10 days ago +2

    I want all osama bin laden to come back and just spray and pray

  • George Hamilton
    George Hamilton 10 days ago +2

    How do people know that 108.2 billion people have died? Did they count all the skeletons?

  • O.E Official
    O.E Official 10 days ago

    Its called Israel. Not palestine

  • Kroks the Crocodile
    Kroks the Crocodile 10 days ago

    !Palestine is not a country

  • Breaking Beast
    Breaking Beast 10 days ago

    then Jesus or Mohammad will be alive too

  • Jonatan Nydell
    Jonatan Nydell 10 days ago

    So if hitler, stalin and mao zedong would live, they'd all be in a race of who can kill the most people

  • Moos 蕰鈥⑨触鈥⑹
    Moos 蕰鈥⑨触鈥⑹ 10 days ago +2

    Then I'll search for Hitler and kill him 馃槀

  • Ori Rubin
    Ori Rubin 10 days ago


  • dragon ball Z fighter
    dragon ball Z fighter 11 days ago

    gasp what if Caleb from brataly came back

  • im the illumanti
    im the illumanti 11 days ago

    wait would that mean Hitler will be back and the 3rd riech SH*T

  • FrankGarrett316
    FrankGarrett316 11 days ago

    Just drop a bomb on third world countries and get on with it.

  • Mark Fish
    Mark Fish 11 days ago

    why do I always watch these videos at 1 am ugh

  • Fransisco Jaimez
    Fransisco Jaimez 11 days ago

    if dinosaurs still lived

  • paradoxgaming
    paradoxgaming 11 days ago

    basically Jews are gonna be fucked again

  • Stormyx22
    Stormyx22 11 days ago

    If all the dead people came back to life now, anyway they will be killed by Hitler because he will come back too, and nothing happened

  • Samuel Curley
    Samuel Curley 11 days ago

    Here the word dead makes me think about how we will never be Remembered unless you kill heaps of people or your a meme it's quite a sad world I wish immortality was a thing

  • Alejandra Martinez
    Alejandra Martinez 11 days ago

    First thing I'll do is try to find Selena

  • Marco Brown
    Marco Brown 11 days ago

    i would fuck the shit out of cleopatra

  • Pau绉
    Pau绉 12 days ago

    The Rise Of Hitler

  • DasMouse117
    DasMouse117 12 days ago

    The Indian reservations have a lower life expectancy then Sierra Leone at around 48yrs for males. Before 2012 it was even lower. So Sierra Leone is not the lowest in the world

  • the squid army gaming
    the squid army gaming 12 days ago

    then gods will be back

  • Dillon Gamer
    Dillon Gamer 12 days ago


  • Ciontu Marius
    Ciontu Marius 12 days ago

    Hitler included?

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