Mom's First VR Experience w/ Oculus Rift (Scary Games, Roller Coasters, & Robo Recall)

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  • John Robinson
    John Robinson 2 days ago

    I just wanted to say I enjoyed the video mother and son experience with the gear I no she enjoyed it. I also have the gear and looking for more experience with it. Once again good video

  • Tony Merlot
    Tony Merlot 2 days ago

    OR....take a spin in dcsworld s WWII Spitfire fighter😎😎😎

  • Tony Merlot
    Tony Merlot 2 days ago

    Your mom is cool!😆 Have you takin her flying in xplane11 in a helicopter or glider yet? I'm sure she would enjoy that a lot more😉 Rick from Vancouver BC Canada

  • A Very Merry Unboxing

    Hey there. Good video. Can you by chance provide any information on how
    you got yourself out there to gain subscribers? We do VR Game Play along
    with other things, and have been up for over 2 years now, but only have
    1.7k subs. Any info would be appreciated.

  • Greg Martinez
    Greg Martinez 12 days ago

    Hey man, Roll Tide!

  • Barry Evans
    Barry Evans 14 days ago

    I haven't breathed this heavy since I was giving birth lol

  • justin newman
    justin newman 16 days ago +2

    Why do you talk to your mom like she's 4 years old? Lol

  • Patrick Fitzgerald
    Patrick Fitzgerald 18 days ago

    Seems like its disorienting : When Mom looks Right , the image screen looks left. Is there a reverse option for that ?

  • AmenRa Porter
    AmenRa Porter 19 days ago

    That's angelia from the office.

  • Gilbert Zendejas
    Gilbert Zendejas 21 day ago

    pretty Mom

  • jordan k
    jordan k 23 days ago

    Anyone else hear their heart beating in their ears. Thought it was the game but nope just my scared self

  • Mai Nguyen Thi anh
    Mai Nguyen Thi anh 23 days ago

    wats the exact name of roller coaster game plz?

  • Dane Winehouse
    Dane Winehouse 25 days ago

    Note to old people: It isnt that hard to program your VCR. Or learn your smartphone. You just gotta get rid of that mentality that youre gonna break something if you experiment with it.
    Note to young people: Stop breaking things. Why do you all have cracked smartphone screens?!

  • Salvation73
    Salvation73 26 days ago

    She could be your sister, hell younger sister!

  • Brandon Harrison
    Brandon Harrison Month ago

    play the elevator ritual on your Oculus Rift

  • Sam Keeting
    Sam Keeting Month ago

    Omg do you even like your mom

  • jonnie scott
    jonnie scott Month ago

    LOL you have a cool mother! Great video

  • Kay Wamed
    Kay Wamed 2 months ago +1

    i love you so much can i have your phone number

  • Sean Murphy
    Sean Murphy 2 months ago

    Just moving around is more technically challenging than playing the game itself.
    Having to point to a location, push forward on a thumbstick, then rotate it without moving your hand at all, and 'thread the needle' with an arrow rotation just to face into a particular direction you want to go, then release it without it jumping out of position?
    This definitely shows how the software side of VR has a long way to go yet.

  • DeFy Apollo
    DeFy Apollo 2 months ago

    she shouldn't have wore that shirt with that trash team smh

  • Christer Sjöberg
    Christer Sjöberg 2 months ago

    U should really try to play most of the vr games standing up. If the game is not pacifically made for sitting down u shuld always play them standing up if u can. Sitting down in robo recall for example is a really bad way to play at least IMO

  • RoboYolo
    RoboYolo 2 months ago

    2:37 My name is Gabriel so I feel special now. :)

  • Jeevo
    Jeevo 3 months ago

    Good stuff

  • %SystemRoot%
    %SystemRoot% 3 months ago

    Driftor has even worse hairline than Trump -.-

  • ajohndoe17
    ajohndoe17 3 months ago +1

    You can hear your southern accent sneak it's way in every once in awhile when you interact with your mom. not super noticeable but it happens to me too when I visit family

  • Si Y
    Si Y 3 months ago +1

    Defo a generational thing. That said at least she tried. I'm 36 and an avid gamer but I've friends who can't even walk and look around on a normal fps for instance

  • TheLordOfEmus
    TheLordOfEmus 3 months ago

    Is it weird that your mom looks exactly how I pictures she would from the ghost stories and whatnot

    AZI THE MLG PRO 3 months ago

    GA daammnnnn😍😘😅😚

  • Shadow Prince
    Shadow Prince 3 months ago

    Maybe have her do the Richie's Plank Experience. I think you can do it on the Oculus. If you do, just make sure to you get it right the first time.

  • Jochen Eyckmans
    Jochen Eyckmans 3 months ago

    can u use an astro A50 with the oculus? i am thinking to buy an oculus but can't find info about using it with an astro? maybe an idea for one of your next video's ;)

  • depressed marshmallow
    depressed marshmallow 3 months ago

    your mom is funny af

  • Cheshire
    Cheshire 3 months ago +1

    Playing the mom card are we now? Getting desperate for that youtube money

  • Tyler Rush
    Tyler Rush 3 months ago


  • Can Kocabıyık
    Can Kocabıyık 3 months ago

    Your mom looks just like you.

  • Will Smith
    Will Smith 3 months ago

    Roll Tide!

  • Corndog46056
    Corndog46056 3 months ago

    That's terrible, your mom's a Bama fan.

  • James Nassif
    James Nassif 3 months ago


  • PresT
    PresT 3 months ago

    "i dont think ive breathed this hard since i gave birth brad"😂😂

  • Trevor Groebner
    Trevor Groebner 3 months ago

    Driftor I know you've had not necessarily nice things to say about your mom in the past. Are things good with you two now?

  • Sam Vegas
    Sam Vegas 3 months ago

    nice rack

  • datgamerboy123
    datgamerboy123 3 months ago

    next thing they need to come up with is a VR bodysuit lol

  • Theodore Paul
    Theodore Paul 3 months ago

    Hey, Drift0r what happened to your southern accent? I remembered you might have done a video on it a while back, but I'm curious of why it doesn't show itself more on the channel (refering to the accent).

  • jason litjes
    jason litjes 3 months ago

    He def did this video for views

  • GamingRebooted
    GamingRebooted 3 months ago

    Loved the video 👍🏽.

  • H2O Voorhees
    H2O Voorhees 3 months ago

    that Accent...

  • musicbybackinnyc1
    musicbybackinnyc1 3 months ago

    LOL i got hair in my aaayes

  • TJ Hemphill
    TJ Hemphill 3 months ago

    Also sorry I'm drunk...... but I have played all these games on vr. Get your mom to do the spider one. And all the others on that title.

  • Kaiser Sykes
    Kaiser Sykes 3 months ago

    I could sense the redneck within them.

  • TJ Hemphill
    TJ Hemphill 3 months ago

    Also your mom could

  • NES8bitcollector
    NES8bitcollector 3 months ago


  • Zuxtra
    Zuxtra 3 months ago

    "Ba-ha-rain" hahaha

  • bangasou12
    bangasou12 3 months ago

    they almost look the same age

  • kerodfresenbet gebremedhin

    This is the alcoholic mom that used to take you on beer runs!

  • Parsons Gaming
    Parsons Gaming 3 months ago +1

    Fair play to ur mum , not many mums would do it , or even try as hard as urs did dude

  • Tacocow
    Tacocow 3 months ago

    It's like staring at a mirror

  • PhilDog128
    PhilDog128 3 months ago +2

    Your mom is a sweetheart buddy. I'm glad she is doing better I remember a few years back she had a ruff time.

  • Ryan Brown
    Ryan Brown 3 months ago


  • Edward Cao
    Edward Cao 3 months ago

    Rooooolllllll Tiiiiiiiidee!!!!

  • Icarus Pyrrhos
    Icarus Pyrrhos 3 months ago

    Hi Drift0r's mom

  • BOMBMAN101
    BOMBMAN101 3 months ago


  • Nicolas Sarabia
    Nicolas Sarabia 3 months ago

    Hi, I am a generational demon.

  • TheCatfishGuy
    TheCatfishGuy 3 months ago +1

    It's amazing to see that you guys are in good graces with eachother! Amazing as always Drift0r!

  • D3vious
    D3vious 3 months ago

    She looks so out of place XD Howdy from Baytown, TX, bud. Wish both you and your mom a great day.

  • pit bull
    pit bull 3 months ago

    Your best video yet! She's a super nice mom. Enjoy her driftor

  • Michael Barsotti
    Michael Barsotti 3 months ago +1

    Ur mom looks really young

  • Patricia Camargo
    Patricia Camargo 3 months ago

    what a great video Driftor, you should invite her to play more on videos 😁

  • Marvin Robinson
    Marvin Robinson 3 months ago

    Bro your mom is an Alabama fan, I love it ROLL TIDE!!!

  • matthew kluge
    matthew kluge 3 months ago

    using your mom to get views , brilliant !

  • rpg gamer
    rpg gamer 3 months ago

    your mom is super hot

  • JoPe - TuYaTroJoueY
    JoPe - TuYaTroJoueY 3 months ago

    haha love your mum ! i mean... uuuh LIKE ! :p

  • Dalton
    Dalton 3 months ago

    Drift0r you and you're mom are twins Wow

  • Turtleman1234321
    Turtleman1234321 3 months ago +1

    Thanks for holding Drift0r inside you for 9 months

  • Ziltoid TheOmniscient
    Ziltoid TheOmniscient 3 months ago +1

    Happy to see you and your mom together, Drift0r!

  • Platvoet
    Platvoet 3 months ago +1

    funny moment.
    it's so REAL :-)

  • Patrick Abo
    Patrick Abo 3 months ago

    great to meet your mom. She better be damn proud of her son. Great stream. :

  • Mr.Incognegro Harris
    Mr.Incognegro Harris 3 months ago

    I'm so ready to laugh

  • Victor Bruh
    Victor Bruh 3 months ago +1

    Awesome stream

  • Link HeroOfTime
    Link HeroOfTime 3 months ago +3


    bouncy bouncy

  • Mr. Nerve Damage
    Mr. Nerve Damage 3 months ago

    23:00 I was hoping you'd do that, haha...

  • Derek Finley
    Derek Finley 3 months ago +2

    Roll Tide Brad

  • MrCerebellum2
    MrCerebellum2 3 months ago

    Mash 5 to go full perv mode.

  • Zachary Buck
    Zachary Buck 3 months ago +1

    She's a Alabama fan. Yay.

    BERZERKR GAMES 3 months ago +2

    LSU is better off Han alabama

    • MarkOfJPeezy
      MarkOfJPeezy 3 months ago

      BERZERKR GAMES buck bama. Geaux tigah's!

    • ShadowOfDeath24
      ShadowOfDeath24 3 months ago

      BERZERKR GAMES too bad no one minus you social rejects known as sports fans care. get a life

    • Arzy
      Arzy 3 months ago

      BERZERKR GAMES good joke

    • Caleb Myrick
      Caleb Myrick 3 months ago

      BERZERKR GAMES Roll Tide!

  • Brandon Black
    Brandon Black 3 months ago

    awesome video Brad. you're a good son. honor thy mother.

  • Mr. Nerve Damage
    Mr. Nerve Damage 3 months ago +3

    4:00 close your eyes... yep, that's what it would sound like, hahahaha... the reasons to never bring your mom on stream XD.

  • SpikesOmega
    SpikesOmega 3 months ago

    Ok the family resemblance is obvious. You take after your mom A LOT. Now i'm curious how much of your father's appearance you've inherited. Obviously i'm not asking for you to run out and show a complete stranger any photos. Just idle curiosity.

  • Goat
    Goat 3 months ago


  • MrBojangles
    MrBojangles 3 months ago +5

    Savage drift0r 33:30

  • Eli Nelson
    Eli Nelson 3 months ago +17

    Your mom's adorable and seems really sweet, Drift. She sounds like Tree Trunks from Adventure Time.

  • Solid Snake
    Solid Snake 3 months ago +10

    I remember Driftor saying he hate his mother because she didn't care about him when he was a child and she drink all the time ..
    since this channel is dying i think he will do everything to be relevant even bringing
    his mother he hated

    and i know my english is bad LOL

    • ShadowOfDeath24
      ShadowOfDeath24 3 months ago

      their relationship got better...also that was a long time ago when he was a kid

    • AntonyPancake
      AntonyPancake 3 months ago

      Or maybe their relation improved? You don't know what goes on behind the scenes

    • Caboose_2004
      Caboose_2004 3 months ago

      Solid Snake his channel isn't dying

  • Phillip ?
    Phillip ? 3 months ago

    Definitley cool

  • Michael Scott
    Michael Scott 3 months ago

    Hello Drift0rs mom

  • ParagonWaves
    ParagonWaves 3 months ago

    I thought you had your mom on a slender video way back

  • ClumpyTable
    ClumpyTable 3 months ago +7

    Isn't your mom crazy

  • Toys Party
    Toys Party 3 months ago +1

    nice video, love your gaming focused content

    T3RR0RIZH1M 3 months ago +22

    Mom has a sensational rack. And I mean that with all due respect.

    • Michael Scott
      Michael Scott 3 months ago

      T3RR0RIZH1M I was gonna say something about your mom....but that made me laugh touché

  • Cold River Survival
    Cold River Survival 3 months ago

    25:10-25:30 Gotta be careful. Not to Knock My PC Off my Bed. FOR The Jump Scare. THAT I KNOW IS COMING!!

  • Stormbreaker 8
    Stormbreaker 8 3 months ago

    So 'merican

  • Gilbertify
    Gilbertify 3 months ago +47

    lol it's a slightly older, female Drift0r! The resemblance is incredibly strong.

    • Gilbertify
      Gilbertify 3 months ago

      No way... Thank you for pointing this out. The title wasn't enough to give it away. I needed you to reassure me!

    • SuperYtc1
      SuperYtc1 3 months ago

      Well yes. It's his mum.

  • _ TheDaW33d _
    _ TheDaW33d _ 3 months ago +13

    kinda weird feeling knowing that stuff about your mom and then seeing her

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