Vin Diesel Loses It Doing Baby Groot AS Bart Simpson! Plus, Buzz Lightyear & Nina Dobrev)

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  • shyannz -a-pie
    shyannz -a-pie Day ago

    there eyes are all squinted. why?

  • Sully The Man
    Sully The Man 2 days ago

    How baked was Vin Diesel during this interview?

  • Maria Cowle
    Maria Cowle 12 days ago

    Ummmm ok vin diesel looks out of his face! Lmao

  • Joe Ranahan
    Joe Ranahan 18 days ago

    Vin is such a shit actor

  • MC gay Chicken Nugget
    MC gay Chicken Nugget 18 days ago

    Vin diesel confirmed to play buzz in live action toy story

  • Daniel Aldea
    Daniel Aldea Month ago

    hes so hammered

  • Necronite2601
    Necronite2601 Month ago

    "I had a dream"
    tf u on

  • Necronite2601
    Necronite2601 Month ago

    4:02 its Looney Tunes not Looney Toons

  • Necronite2601
    Necronite2601 Month ago

    2:55 that ass

  • Necronite2601
    Necronite2601 Month ago

    Why is vin high asf

  • Ty Music
    Ty Music 2 months ago

    I want whatever vin is on *LOL*

  • robhigg2203
    robhigg2203 2 months ago

    I'm British and yet in that context for some reason Dapper doesn't sound better or the same as dope. But sometimes British slang phrases left me thinking that, especially Cockney Rhyming Slang but than again I remember a time when "it's sick" meant "it's good"

  • sherry victor
    sherry victor 2 months ago


  • Yoshi234gt
    Yoshi234gt 2 months ago

    Haha haaaaaaaaah

  • sherry victor
    sherry victor 2 months ago +1


  • Ryan Pfeiffer
    Ryan Pfeiffer 2 months ago

    He's stoned or drunk or something during this.

  • Epic Side Øf Yøur Bødy

    "With great power, comes vin diesel" -what uncle Ben should have said in Spider-Man

  • iPad Gamers hq
    iPad Gamers hq 3 months ago

    Lol to you all

  • Darth Hisoka
    Darth Hisoka 3 months ago

    I'll have what Vin Diesel's having

  • 8Andrewman8
    8Andrewman8 3 months ago

    vin diesel is such a bro

  • Andrew & Mikayla
    Andrew & Mikayla 3 months ago

    I just came to see vin diesal do ye baby groot voice, so cute. Anybody else?

  • MR.Chicken 9784
    MR.Chicken 9784 3 months ago

    We're they drunk

  • Conor Birkett
    Conor Birkett 3 months ago +3

    is vin on drugs? if hes not then i dunno if thats worse...

  • Bruno Del Souza
    Bruno Del Souza 3 months ago

    he was soooooooooooooooooooooooo...

  • 織田信長
    織田信長 4 months ago

    I love Nina omg!!

  • Mohammad saleh
    Mohammad saleh 4 months ago

    thats weed

  • darrin ray
    darrin ray 4 months ago

    wow... so Vin will hang out and get high with me.... some blow... some dope... some Jager... good times!

  • Vazgen Ivanian
    Vazgen Ivanian 4 months ago

    Vin Diesel sounds like his high

  • Denis Chavdarov
    Denis Chavdarov 5 months ago

    Good thing they were all drunk or high to come do this with you.

  • garry koshnitsky
    garry koshnitsky 5 months ago

    vin diesel must have been drunk af

  • WonderTin
    WonderTin 5 months ago

    That last part! So adorable! lol <3

  • Durte Jayde
    Durte Jayde 5 months ago

    Vin is so freaking high

  • Miguel Cuervo
    Miguel Cuervo 5 months ago +4

    I love that Vin is such a dork XD He's the nerd we all aspire to be!

  • 송지화
    송지화 5 months ago +3

    vin's such a sweetheart

  • Ryan Leighton-Evans
    Ryan Leighton-Evans 5 months ago +1

    how drunk was Vin diesel in this interview ! what a legend

  • Aldiggy2000
    Aldiggy2000 5 months ago +1

    Roth fan!!

  • Alex Demarest
    Alex Demarest 5 months ago +6

    Vin diesel is such a man child lol

  • merrq1
    merrq1 5 months ago

    why does vin diesel always seem high af

  • Chris Doucette
    Chris Doucette 5 months ago

    vin diesel is too high for this interview 😂😂😂

  • Jheury Feliz
    Jheury Feliz 5 months ago +1


  • M3rr
    M3rr 5 months ago

    Is it just me or is Vin High

  • MrKrzys01
    MrKrzys01 5 months ago

    That great moment you realise Vin Diesel is as high as you are at ComiCon.

  • Hoshimaru57
    Hoshimaru57 5 months ago +2

    I have a relative who looks like a cross between Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson. Maybe Keagan Micheal Key. And apparently he acts like them too. He's like a marine or a cop or something big and scary and he's a big goofball. Great to watch with his family.
    Man these guys are entertaining. And you have to think that they appreciate a chance to not take themselves so seriously.

  • James McCormick
    James McCormick 5 months ago +96

    OMG. Vin Diesel is so high.

  • Documentary Heaven
    Documentary Heaven 5 months ago +1

    Vin seems cool!

  • DeathByProcrastination
    DeathByProcrastination 5 months ago

    How drunk was Vin Diesel when you filmed this?

  • Spairus
    Spairus 5 months ago

    What'd he smoke? I'll have what (s)he's having

  • Alexandre Cardoso
    Alexandre Cardoso 5 months ago

    Damn, you guys came to Brazil! Too bad I missed that... how did you enjoy the Comic Con here?

  • Puru Chaudhary
    Puru Chaudhary 5 months ago

    3:26 vin's tighty whities r visible

  • kharmainyoface
    kharmainyoface 6 months ago

    Is it just me or is Vin Diesel almost always drunk or stoned...

  • Zepplen Lives
    Zepplen Lives 6 months ago

    Vin seems like the is on hash oil

  • Ciizar D.
    Ciizar D. 6 months ago +43

    Am I the only one around here, who actually wonders: Is Vin like that, or was he stoned af :D?

    • Black Sun
      Black Sun 9 days ago

      Definitely not stoned. I know stoners my whole life. This dude was on some kind of upper. My guess would be Coke.

    • Sir SupesAfro
      Sir SupesAfro 5 months ago

      Ciizar D. I was trying to figure that out the whole video

  • atomicbanana 89
    atomicbanana 89 6 months ago

    Is Vin high

  • sakana forty-six
    sakana forty-six 6 months ago

    Is Vin drunk or something?

  • SouthernPrincess91
    SouthernPrincess91 6 months ago

    that last one! XD

    Interviewer: "with great power comes"

    Vin Diesel: "Vin Diesel"

    Me: ROFLMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nessie Reviews
    Nessie Reviews 6 months ago

    I dont know what Vins on but i want some

  • Luke Verhave
    Luke Verhave 6 months ago

    Vin is so high/drunk

  • Pieman29666
    Pieman29666 6 months ago

    Where did Vin "lose it" exactly? Seemed quite calm.

  • Ted Schwartz
    Ted Schwartz 6 months ago

    Wtf vin diesel is so different from what I thought he'd be like lol😂😂😂

    SAMMER 6 months ago +1

    lmao! the end! he's like a kid hahahaha

  • Jailam Myles
    Jailam Myles 6 months ago +4

    1:18 jesus, that voice. not something i wanna hear in the middle of the night lol, wth vin

  • lilguyfinish
    lilguyfinish 6 months ago

    Ass at 2:56

  • Kurisuchan
    Kurisuchan 6 months ago

    hahaha when he say i am sorry hahahaha he loose all the power hahahaha

  • Drudley
    Drudley 6 months ago

    Elena Gilbert?

  • Christian Valour
    Christian Valour 6 months ago

    This reminds me of the scene in Last Samurai when Captain Algren is advertising the Winchester, and he's totally hammered.

  • Riley Schnare
    Riley Schnare 6 months ago

    Nothing can ever be better then Dale Cooper and his remarks on back coffee and cherry pie

  • DeepbloodEclipse
    DeepbloodEclipse 6 months ago

    3:23 Dina should play Ladypool in Deadpool 3

  • This is Katana
    This is Katana 6 months ago

    THİS is Brazil!!

  • John Paton
    John Paton 6 months ago

    4:55 best moment in the whole video

  • cory thomas
    cory thomas 6 months ago

    I so want to party with vin

  • bluefurr
    bluefurr 6 months ago

    Roth is wonderful please keep her on board.

  • nvrules27
    nvrules27 6 months ago +2

    John Travolta said the race car line not Sam Jackson

  • 0002pA
    0002pA 6 months ago +4

    I don't understand anything of what went on in this movie, but Vin Diesel seems like a great guy.

  • Marcin Szymanek
    Marcin Szymanek 6 months ago +18

    Vin Diesel's voice gives me a raging boner.

  • The4thSnake
    The4thSnake 6 months ago +9

    The tenth F&F film: Fast and Furious xXx.

  • Majo Pereda Figueroa
    Majo Pereda Figueroa 7 months ago +1

    I just LOVE Vin Diesel! He's so amazing!! And cute!!

  • Samuel Wallace
    Samuel Wallace 7 months ago +121

    He's like, the world's greatest bodybuilder nerd badass who's stoned out of his gourd ever.

    • Tomato
      Tomato 5 months ago

      Samuel Wallace he's voice so freaking deep tho

  • KeiaHD
    KeiaHD 7 months ago +8

    haahh wow! I forgot how funny Nina Dobrev was!

  • SuperBulldoza
    SuperBulldoza 7 months ago +2

    t-shirts will be handed out"

    • Mr. Meseeks
      Mr. Meseeks 3 months ago

      Directed by: Micheal Bay.

      Produced by: Vin Diesel

  • TommyGnosis63
    TommyGnosis63 7 months ago +1

    Vin Diesel is so fun and so drunk

  • jefries Sanchez
    jefries Sanchez 7 months ago

    And got the Triple X trailer before this obviously.

  • Jesse C
    Jesse C 7 months ago

    Bisping <3

  • Alex Ruthbone
    Alex Ruthbone 7 months ago +7

    I love you SJN You always make my day ❤️️

  • Alexander Sigsworth
    Alexander Sigsworth 7 months ago

    Is the title a DWM reference?

  • Justice Seymour
    Justice Seymour 7 months ago

    When you don't know if Vin Diesel is high af or just a big kid haha

  • Fry LXVII
    Fry LXVII 7 months ago +3

    I love when larger than life stars have fun. It just makes them seem so... cool.

  • Justin Thomas Kraus
    Justin Thomas Kraus 7 months ago +5

    so anywayz that girl is so freakin hot

  • Kevin Cruz
    Kevin Cruz 7 months ago +5

    Vin is amazing. I wanna interview him someday

  • ESHADOW111
    ESHADOW111 7 months ago +12

    "With great power, comes VIN DIESEL."

  • TheCoper COper
    TheCoper COper 7 months ago

    There he goes again with "dropped the fun" nonsense.

  • Yohance Bailey
    Yohance Bailey 7 months ago

    Nina Dobrev can get deeznuts anytime!

  • The Cinema Avenger
    The Cinema Avenger 7 months ago +1

    I wish all interviews were this fun.

  • eu nu sunt
    eu nu sunt 7 months ago +1

    damn, Nina is smokin'

  • ClackMan
    ClackMan 7 months ago

    Shane Diesel BIGGER than Vin Diesel....ladies you KNOW what i mean!

  • dynamitejimi
    dynamitejimi 7 months ago

    Lmao. Vin only acts one way

  • Chel E
    Chel E 7 months ago +1

    Great job Roth! Love this interview format screen junkies! Give me more!

  • Rebel0nAMission
    Rebel0nAMission 7 months ago

    Idk if the woman should have said "I had" for the Cool Runnings one. Saying "I had one dream, 4 Jamaicans, 20 below zero" sounds pretty kinky

  • Jayem
    Jayem 7 months ago +7

    I want to partake in sexual intercourse with Nina Dobrev

  • Juan Nieves
    Juan Nieves 7 months ago

    Is Vin diesel baked?!! lol he the best and Roth got to go to Brazil for her birthday , lucky!

  • Fun Guy
    Fun Guy 7 months ago +2

    Is Michael Bisping's eye permanently damaged now then?

    • Fun Guy
      Fun Guy 7 months ago

      +JΛYPhantoms Damn! ... but it doesn't even look like it's facing straight forwards ... Can he even see clearly through it?

      If he's not too bothered about how it looks then fair play to the guy. I guess he's probably a real warrior and not like the vain bodybuilders - who only train for the aesthetic of having a good physique.

    • VΞGΛEidolon
      VΞGΛEidolon 7 months ago

      He can get it fixed but if he does that means he cant fight for a long period of time. He doesn't want to do that until he's done fighting all together.

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