Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow's full interview

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  • Matt K
    Matt K Month ago

    Simpson hired a team of high-profile lawyers, including F. Lee Bailey, Robert Kardashian, Robert Shapiro, Alan Dershowitz, Johnnie Cochran, Gerald Uelmen (then the dean of law at Santa Clara University), Carl E. Douglas and Shawn Holley. But, I understand you're the best.

  • Bigg Wang
    Bigg Wang Month ago

  • famoustvstarr
    famoustvstarr Month ago

    Jay used to be on TBN's owner Paul Crouch's dick. He's as crooked as TBN is. Setting up phony religious companies for profit. Jay is sick in the head self hating jewish bitch.

  • Joseph Jedi
    Joseph Jedi Month ago

    Fake News

  • The delta blues The delta blues

    Trump should have at least one season lawyer in DC Like Paul clement .

  • shame some
    shame some Month ago

    The president and his lawyer will try to untangle Trump's lies.

  • shame some
    shame some Month ago

    Oh what a tangled web we weave!!

  • Ad L
    Ad L 2 months ago

    CNN you dogs!!! Drop the cable bill! KEK

    NDFOOTBALL 2 months ago

    Who cares Trump didn't do anything

  • Vicky Bryan
    Vicky Bryan 2 months ago

    wow just ethics

    IMBECILE IN CHIEF 2 months ago


  • Andrea Wilson
    Andrea Wilson 2 months ago

    So I'm gonna need you to go on national T.V. and tell everyone that "I am under investigation for obstruction of justice" doesn't mean what the words say because I am like smart and powerful and I have the best words. You are dismissed.

  • maumbu
    maumbu 2 months ago

    It's getting old to have the potus say something then have his surrogates come out in order to explain what he actually meant. It's just not right.

  • parkplace6677
    parkplace6677 2 months ago

    Jay Sekulow is such a scumbag idiot inbred hillbilly Trump supporter that the Jewish faith kicked him out so he can't even go to the promised land.  Jesus H. Christ, are all you shit kicking Trump supporters lying sacks of shit?

  • Anthony Sitler
    Anthony Sitler 2 months ago


  • sandy
    sandy 2 months ago


  • NoToBigBro
    NoToBigBro 2 months ago

    Jay Sekulow must be related to Kellyanne Conway. Come on Jake, can't you see it's fake news vs. alternative facts.

  • therealfirstone
    therealfirstone 2 months ago

    I would say Trump was using a talking style known as irony. It's like someone saying "Hey, check this out: This and that is happening". but leaving out "Hey, check this out". The news media acts as if they are confused as to what Trump meas sometimes, all fake. They have been for days saying that Trump said he is under investigation when he was just repeating what the fake article from TWP said.

  • Ross ZeRo
    Ross ZeRo 2 months ago

    I love how incredulous the host looks at the mere mention that the news could be fake. There was always something odd about this tweet. No matter how you read it, It conveys a sense of bewilderment. Could it be interpreted as: " '(Now you are to believe)' I am being investigated for firing the FBI director by the man that told me to fire the FBI director '(Yeah, right!)' Witch Hunt!"

  • Harry Edwards
    Harry Edwards 2 months ago

    Trump is President, keep crying you baby Liberals

  • Murray Rowley
    Murray Rowley 2 months ago

    Accusation: "Anonymous sources indicate you stole the apple and you're under investigation"
    Ironic answer in Twitter: "OK folks (so now they're saying) I'm under investigation"!
    MSM you're simply being outmanouvered by a statement thrown onto the social media scene.

  • Carlos T
    Carlos T 2 months ago

    Wtf fake news? Like what's an actual definition, people just started using this "term" last year, wtf

  • bademeister
    bademeister 2 months ago

    Can this man tell the truth?

  • Dr. H. E. Sawyer, Jr.
    Dr. H. E. Sawyer, Jr. 2 months ago +1

    JAY SEKULOW has been a sock puppet for the Nationalist alt-Right, asshole Religious Broadcasters...... specifically, the phony pastor, PAT ROBERTSON.

  • Mike Bennett
    Mike Bennett 2 months ago

    The president was being sarcastic in response to a false story published by a fake news organisation.
    You American people are showing your stupidity to the WHOLE world.

  • Bladesmith
    Bladesmith 2 months ago

    What part of Not under investigation does Fake Crapper not understand !

  • FewRee
    FewRee 2 months ago


    "Lock her up—"
    "Just so you understand—"
    "Believe me; I'm, like, a smart person—"
    "Witch Hunt—"

    EVERY AND ALL THINGS TRUMP IS A LIE. No Trump is royalty. By miles.

  • J DoB
    J DoB 2 months ago

    This lawyer explains away Trump's tweet by saying Trump was limited to 140 characters yet Trump often continues tweets into new ones ... so this lawyer's blab doesn't do it

  • ken jackson
    ken jackson 2 months ago

    The lawyer is trying to get the innocent mind set...of course hes gonna say hes not under investigation...

  • sam rector
    sam rector 2 months ago

    Jay Sekulow is a sharp, christian man that....<
    " wait for it......... HE ROCKS!!! A great and talented Musician as well as Trumps Lawyer and former Judge .His band, ck out former Leadsinger .JohnElante and John Shlitt Leadsinger 1975 #1 hit by Head East..... the song.. NEVER BEEN ANY REASON! play it peopleshow some class here....

    ... go utube/// Jay Sekuiow Band" W eneed people likeJay!

  • W B
    W B 2 months ago

    This whole story is as inconsistent as Jake crapper's hairline.

  • Tangle2Brook
    Tangle2Brook 2 months ago

    Is Jake Tapper playing dumb? He is doing a good job!

  • sonia Mendez
    sonia Mendez 2 months ago

    This man  which President be under investigation,  when Obama fire a lot of people  CNN  is  Communist    source

  • cycleforwardtime
    cycleforwardtime 2 months ago

    I hope that Jay realizes he was arguing with the president, no one else, but his boss and his tweets read verbatim.

  • nhoJJohnJohnGroovy
    nhoJJohnJohnGroovy 2 months ago

    For those of you in your 20s who were too young in. '08 to know much about how a president should act because you have only really seen one that, for whatever reason, you didn't like - TRUMP IS NOT NORMAL. THEY AREN'T SUPPOSED TO ACT LIKE CHILDREN. THIS ISN'T REGULAR PARTISAN POLITICS!

  • nhoJJohnJohnGroovy
    nhoJJohnJohnGroovy 2 months ago

    Trump acts like a fucking 13-year old who got caught skipping school and refuses to admit it. He acts like a 13-year old in all he does. How can you Trump supporters STAND IT??

  • Ivy Chickering
    Ivy Chickering 2 months ago

    cnn fakeeer losers

  • Jason Ashfield
    Jason Ashfield 2 months ago

    Stay tuned to CNN for more Fake News

  • johnlyn1
    johnlyn1 2 months ago

    There can be no investigation into Trump by Mueller that has any ties to Comey and President Trump!

    The law governing the special counsel (28 CFR 600.7) specifically prohibits Mueller from serving if he has a “conflict of interest.” Even the appearance of a conflict is disallowed.
    The same Code of Federal Regulations defines what constitutes a conflict.  That is, “a personal relationship with any person substantially involved in the conduct that is the subject of the investigation or prosecution” (28 CFR 45.2). Comey is that person. 
    He was substantially involved in the conversation with President Trump who may be the subject of an obstruction investigation. In fact, the former Director is the only other person involved. There were no witnesses beyond himself.

    Comey insisted he meet with Mueller before he testified before Congress. Comey discussed his meetings with Trump to Mueller. If Mueller believed there was anything to investigate he would have instructed Comey he could not testify about anything he the President talked about. Comey himself testified in other matters before Congress stating he could not answer questions relating to an open investigation. If Mueller believed there was anything to investigate from what Comey shared with him before he testified, that would have just opened an investigation for him to investigate Trump and Comey would not have been allowed to testify to anything about his conversations with Trump since that just became an open investigation. It would also mean Comey committed perjury before Congress in prior testimonies when he said he could not discuss anything pertaining to an open investigation and would only be able to talk about after they completed the investigation.

    This all proves there is no investigation into President Trump by Mueller for anything that would tie to Comey being subjected to it. Mueller himself would become the poisonous tree and anything he finds from his investigation pertaining to President Trump becomes poisonous fruit that would not be admissible. Mueller will have tainted everything where anything he found would not be able to be used against President Trump.

    Mueller is required by law to recuse himself from anything related to President Trump that ties to anything he said to Comey, because of Mueller's major conflict of interest.

    The Washington Post story is completely fabricated garbage and the rest of the media is reporting everything based off this fabricated story. The Washington Post story also claims this is from talking with five people who wish to remain anonymous. There is only five people on the planet that would have any knowledge as to who is being investigated and for what. Mueller himself and the four attorneys he hired on to help him with his investigation. No other people have any knowledge to anything other than these five individuals. If there was any truth to the Washington Post story, then they are admitting their five anonymous sources are in fact Mueller himself and his four attorneys he hired on since they are the only five people on the planet who has any knowledge of anything as to who they are investigating and what they are being investigated for. Not one other person on the planet has any ability to know anything unless it comes directly from Mueller or one of his four attorneys. If there was any truth to the Washington Post story then Mueller just exposed himself and/or the attorneys he hired on as being leakers since no other person on the planet has access to know if they were investigating President Trump.

    The Washington Post story is clearly and obviously 100% made up!

  • johnlyn1
    johnlyn1 2 months ago

    As soon as he points out the real issue that has indisputable evidence about Comey then Tapper quickly ends the interview. LOL

  • todd
    todd 2 months ago

    I hope Jay Sekulow is on President Trumps list for his next Supreme Court pick.

  • johnlyn1
    johnlyn1 2 months ago

    It is that simple. Trump was merely MOCKING the Washington Post fake story. Mueller cannot investigate Trump if he wanted to because of his major conflict of interest he has with decades of close friendship with Comey who is the only witness to anything Trump said. The minute Mueller was to touch anything pertaining to Trump is the moment Mueller becomes the poisonous tree and anything he was to find pertaining Trump becomes the poisonous fruit and would not be admissible evidence. Mueller would in fact taint the very evidence he was to find preventing it from being admissible as evidence to be used against Trump. The mere fact Mueller has not recused himself as the law requires him to do is proof in itself Trump is not under investigation by Mueller.

  • deepdragon2
    deepdragon2 2 months ago

    Hey CNN why don't you hire some grown ups to ask some real questions?

  • Bry B
    Bry B 2 months ago

    alphabet news stations are making a mockery out of the constitution, with all their FAKE ALLEGATIONS, GOTCHA QUESTIONS, AND KIES.           NO ONE RESPECTS THESE SLEAZY FAKE NEWS STATIONS ANYMORE, CNN, ABC, NBC,CBS,CNBC...etc. etc

  • jay miguel
    jay miguel 2 months ago

    Jake Tapper is STUPID ! Ignorant has no.Common Sense

  • Rick gaxi
    Rick gaxi 2 months ago

    this so call lawyer is one of the most radical Christian I've heard,
    he has a stupid 30min show that sounds some like Alex Jones..

  • Frank Bowman
    Frank Bowman 2 months ago

    (((Sekulow))) is certainly an apt representative for his (((Tribe))).

  • cov fefe
    cov fefe 2 months ago

    I'm dizzy

  • Soulaesthete
    Soulaesthete 2 months ago

    I remember when that Washington Post story first broke and ALL of the media outlets went into a frenzy over it, so everyone with half a brain knew that the President was reacting specifically to it at the time. Of course, Jake Tapper doesn't want to go there, because it reminds people how the media's lying leaks are being discredited. Bravo to Jay Sekulow on his knowledge of the law. He just ate Tapper's lunch.

  • Cricket
    Cricket 2 months ago

    Fapper went full retard.

  • Cricket
    Cricket 2 months ago

    its fapper an idiot. its sarcasm butt head.

  • flagsoftheworld5
    flagsoftheworld5 2 months ago

    Tick tock goes the clock. Every second isolates tiny hands and those left on the Titanic. People are jumping off the boat, leaving less and less aboard. This is a population of over 300 million people. Run now while your fat ass can still support you or you will end up wearing orange.

  • Ranganath Mysore
    Ranganath Mysore 2 months ago

    Q: Did president lie that he is under investigation, if he knew he wasn't ?
    Sekulow: President responded to washington post article and article had unknown source

    This guy did not answer the question and he is condescending the reporter. what the hell. The president lied, accept it u pussy lawyer

  • Ranganath Mysore
    Ranganath Mysore 2 months ago

    Sekulow is the like the male version of kellyanne, he does not answer the question.

  • Zep Tepi
    Zep Tepi 2 months ago +3

    He even has the same hair stylist as Trump.

  • Joanne Vaccarella
    Joanne Vaccarella 2 months ago

    Can you re-ask the same question 50,000 times???????????????????????????

  • Arthur Roslin
    Arthur Roslin 2 months ago

    What a joke....these guys are total morons. The President cannot be investigated by his own underlings. That amounts to your own subordinates exercising authority over you. The President is not only the head of the executive branch, he is the head of state. The only body that can exercise any authority over the President is the one with equivalent mandate from the people....THE CONGRESS ONLY!!!!

  • Puppy Tail
    Puppy Tail 2 months ago

    What an idiot!! He just admitted Trump was under investigation!! Watch from 4:23.

  • Kris RedWarCube
    Kris RedWarCube 2 months ago

    TIME [ 04:41 ] Jay Sekulow said President Dum IS being investigated for obstruction now !?!

  • S Keyes
    S Keyes 2 months ago

    The president is not under investigation. He's under matter.

  • dewpanic
    dewpanic 2 months ago +3

    This lawyer is talking out of his covfefe

    McCarron MCLAUGHLIN 2 months ago

    Jay Tapper is a dickhead, he knew what Jay meant, Trump was responding directly to the WAPO hit piece about him being investigated. These MSM hitmen are experts are twisting wor

  • dezmom sexyp
    dezmom sexyp 2 months ago

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 OMG This guys hair is hilarious(Dump Lawyer) 😂😂😂😂😂 he is not fooling me with what is coming out of his mouth or what is sitting on his head😂😂😂😂

    • dezmom sexyp
      dezmom sexyp 2 months ago

      McCarron MCLAUGHLIN if you were my patent I would just kill your ass.

    • dezmom sexyp
      dezmom sexyp 2 months ago

      McCarron MCLAUGHLIN 😂😂😂😂😂 you sound old and bitter

    • McCarron MCLAUGHLIN
      McCarron MCLAUGHLIN 2 months ago


    • McCarron MCLAUGHLIN
      McCarron MCLAUGHLIN 2 months ago

      Mad, your the born jackass. I shit on your type. Go and suck one of your patients and get Trump off your little narrow mind.

    • dezmom sexyp
      dezmom sexyp 2 months ago

      McCarron MCLAUGHLIN don't forget to get you food coupons so you can feed the animals

  • Michael Meo
    Michael Meo 2 months ago

    This interview is far more effective than the Chris Wallace attack-dog interview, on the same morning on the same topic.

    The interviewer here does not attempt to mis-remember what the lawyer said. He simply points out, accurately, that the President did say what the lawyer says he did not say.

    That question, whether the Special Counsel is investigating the President, is not avoided by the addition of hypotheticals by the President's lawyer attempting to spin the tweet.

  • Ross Cicero
    Ross Cicero 2 months ago

    Why doesn't CNN just close up shop and go the fuck away already? If there is any pending investigation it doesn't stop proceeding if the head of the FBI is fired.

  • Laurie Healy
    Laurie Healy 2 months ago

    He fired COMEY because the Wednesday before Trump fired COMEY is when COMEY was testifying before congress, COMEY said HE WOULD DO THE SAME THING HE DID WITH THE CLINTON INVESTIGATION! AND wouldn't change a thing! It's simple, COMEY got on national TV listed all that was wrong with what Clinton did, then said, no charges! Which COMEY DID NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO AS THE FBI DIRECTOR, IT WAS UP TO LYNCH! SHE HID AND PUT COMEY UP TO IT! COMEY Then doubles down in a testimony recently before he got fired just reiterating that he would do it again! That was the nail in COMEY coffin! As for the tweet, What Trump was saying was more sarcastic to the NYT oh sure, I'm being investigated for firing COMEY from a person that recommended he get fired? Really? The article made no sense.

  • Pancho Villa
    Pancho Villa 2 months ago

    So is Sekulow saying that Trump needs better grammar?  That as in the movie "My cousin Vinny" Trump meant to write, "I am being investigated?"  but somehow omitted the question mark?  In the movie the spin is on the phrase, "I shot the clerk."

    Ok..  say that...but please don't blame Trump's lack of English skills on a Twitter word limitation. In the world of politics, you live and die by your English skills.. both verbal and written.

    Again I asked him...  again he said... "I shot the clerk!?"

  • VHD Dinh
    VHD Dinh 2 months ago

    If Trump had tweeted "If I were being investigated by the special counsel for firing Comey as the Washington Post's story, I would be investigated for firing the FBI Director by the man who told me to fire the FBI Director!", Jake wouldn't be so confused!
    Jake, you have to excuse President Trump, his English articulation is not very good!

    • VHD Dinh
      VHD Dinh 2 months ago

      I have no idea. I do not have a Twitter account either.

    • mike terzza
      mike terzza 2 months ago

      I have never been on twitter but wouldn't that be too many characters?

  • John O
    John O 2 months ago

    President is under investigation you liar. Alt reality alt right crook GOP

  • protochris
    protochris 2 months ago +2

    The real reason Trump fired Comey was that he testified he felt nauseous knowing his investigation into Hillary resulted in Trump's election. That was a classless personal insult from the then FBI director; he deserved to be fired.

  • Rob Wright
    Rob Wright 2 months ago +8

    Trump farts.. His minions: this president makes sweet smells and sounds like no other president...

  • Rob Wright
    Rob Wright 2 months ago

    Trump hires street bullies for lawyers

  • Rob Wright
    Rob Wright 2 months ago

    I am not a lawyer but can do far better job than this guy..

    He spent 5 mins denying trump being investigated then says 'president is being investigated for xyz....' Multiple times

  • Moe
    Moe 2 months ago

    This guy is pathetic, as are all people in public office ! Even though I don't agree with CNN, this guy is clearly lying and covering both his ass & trump's ass

  • AtomBoy
    AtomBoy 2 months ago

    Jake appears confused and confounded, because he is.

  • AveIvy
    AveIvy 2 months ago

    Jay Sekulow is a clown. I listen to his radio show and he attacks anything and everything that doesn't look like him, and he plays in a shitty band. He loves being on tv, even when he's wrong.

  • Kit Babcock
    Kit Babcock 2 months ago

    Why does this lying barking circus clown, spewing "alternative" facts, have an earpiece?!?

    It's the same BULLSHIT, when interviewed on FOX NEWS!


  • jug gernug
    jug gernug 2 months ago

    at this point no one knows for sure if trump is under investigation other than mueller and his team.

  • Juan Carlos Velasquez
    Juan Carlos Velasquez 2 months ago

    4:40 he contradicts himself

  • Gary  Green
    Gary Green 2 months ago +6

    cnn is a joke

    • FewRee
      FewRee 2 months ago

      Gary Green very strange that you thought your cookie cutter opinion mattered.

    • Gary  Green
      Gary Green 2 months ago

      very strange that my opinion of a news agency that I believe is currently losing its way and doing a bad job makes you think about penis

    • ben stein
      ben stein 2 months ago

      then go blow alex jones

  • Joe Dodge
    Joe Dodge 2 months ago +6

    This is Donald's Great America. We keep wasting time dealing with Trump family crimes while America is on hold.

  • Angie Dunham
    Angie Dunham 2 months ago +1

    funny everyone on both sides said that Comey was not trustworthy period.

    • Angie Dunham
      Angie Dunham 2 months ago

      PPoGGt Comey is a weasel and he did as he was instructed period

    • PPoGGt
      PPoGGt 2 months ago

      Angie Dunham Comey has said the FBI doesn’t have any evidence Clinton intentionally deleted emails in order to conceal them or obstruct justice, though he was concerned at the time about the appearance that Lynch had a conflict of interest. That's the story. That's how it ended.

    • Angie Dunham
      Angie Dunham 2 months ago

      PPoGGt he also gave immunity to everyone that was close to Hillary he knew she wasn't going to be prosecuted by him. also she destroyed or had emails destroyed by bleach bit after there was a supeonia for them.

    • PPoGGt
      PPoGGt 2 months ago

      Angie Dunham Um, no. Comey lead the investigation and didn't have contact with Obama at all. Lynch on the other hand did tell Comey to call it a "matter" instead of an investigation when it all wrapped up. An order that Comey did not follow. Get your facts straight please.

    • Angie Dunham
      Angie Dunham 2 months ago

      PPoGGt I watch the entire oversight testimony she wasn't prosecuted because of Obama Lynch And Numbnuts Comey.

  • Bigg Wang
    Bigg Wang 2 months ago

    Jay is at the threshold of mental retardation!

  • Wyatt Russ
    Wyatt Russ 2 months ago

    RedCapitalist: Comey is absolutely not going to be in any trouble for giving an unclassified memo which he wrote himself describing his own recollection of his conversation with Trump to anybody. The key word is Unclassified. What Comey did was, by definition, not leaking. One cannot leak unclassified material. Furthermore, writing something on a government computer does not automatically make it classified, as Sekulow implied. If it did then virtually every government document would be classified. Think about it.
    Also, in what way is CNN desperate? You are talking about journalists, people who, for a living, try to obtain and analyze important information about the people who lead our country and the goings on of the world, and relay it to you. Of course they can't be 100% accurate all the time but you can be sure that they do their best and that what journalists do is fundamental to our democracy, though with a handle like RedCapitalist I doubt that is of much concern to you. If you don't like the coverage then don't watch.

  • Bigg Wang
    Bigg Wang 2 months ago

    HahahahaaaBwhahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaahahahaa Jay is suck a dumb fuck moron.
    I wouldn't pay the fucktard 19 cents an hour. My German Shepard knows
    more about the law that Jay, and my dog is not particularly bright.

    • todd
      todd 2 months ago

      Do you feel better about yourself after you post such nonsense?

  • tonty rutinel
    tonty rutinel 2 months ago

    sekulow himself said Trump was under investigation.. LMAO

  • Tom bryan
    Tom bryan 2 months ago

    this lawyer needs a lawyer

  • rick grimes
    rick grimes 2 months ago

    At the end Jake Tapper had a look on his face like he just met his maker...very weird and abrupt ending.

  • rick grimes
    rick grimes 2 months ago

    Jay Sekulow' has a brilliant legal mind.

  • Simon Reid
    Simon Reid 2 months ago

    It's a shame for Trump's legal team that the special prosecutor will focus on his own remit, not theirs. The leaks do need to be investigated, principally to establish why the internal mechanisms for whistleblowing under this President are not fit for purpose.

  • Tom Kelly
    Tom Kelly 2 months ago

    Wow! Do they teach pretzel logic in law school? Sekulow's arguments are beyond ludicrous.

  • Timmy Martling
    Timmy Martling 2 months ago

    Doesn't CNN get that when they run stories from other Fake News agencies citing unnamed sources that it's still fake news? CNN thinks people just forget when they tell us something that turns out to be wrong. Just the opposite happens. We save each miscall, each failed prediction, each lie. And we beat the living shit out of Anti-Trumpers on these comments.

  • Lindsay BKK
    Lindsay BKK 2 months ago +4

    Just because trumps lawyer does not know of any investigation does not mean there is NO investigation running. trumps lawyer is out of his league and only saying what trump wants him to say for trump precious ego.

    • DirtyGuap
      DirtyGuap 2 months ago

      lol... didn't they already have you believing he was under investigation this while time and it turns out Comey testimony proved otherwise. and now your gonna fall for the same shit again?

  • Kaonashi
    Kaonashi 2 months ago +4

    This guy is a professional ass-kisser.

    • FewRee
      FewRee 2 months ago

      Joe Cash actually, you should apply for Trump's lawyers position, because you seem to kiss his ass a lot better than that idiot.

    • Joe Cash
      Joe Cash 2 months ago

      yeah, tapper's pretty good

  • USAOnlineCasinos
    USAOnlineCasinos 2 months ago +4

    Jake Eeyore the Donkey is painful to watch and listen to

  • WelcomeToTheWorldOfTheReal

    @4:40 Oops, guess the Marmalade of the United States *IS* being investigated.

    RAYMOND MCDONLAD 2 months ago

    Smh lol he's up there lying when everybody knows the truth.

  • Gordon Watson
    Gordon Watson 2 months ago

    Who are you going to believe - a lawyer, who is under a properly-regulated ethical duty not to lie, or a Fake 'News' 'journalist', who has made it his mission to twist facts and smear the President since he was a candidate? Common sense people.

    • Gordon Watson
      Gordon Watson 2 months ago

      What was the opposite statement then?

    • Tom Kelly
      Tom Kelly 2 months ago

      Believe what? Sucksolow said he wasn't being investigated. He also said the opposite. One of Sucksolow's statements is a lie. Which one?

    • Gordon Watson
      Gordon Watson 2 months ago

      I am saying it is much more difficult and ethically onerous for a lawyer to lie, than it is for some media charlatan masquerading as a journalist. I am a lawyer, and lying could have grave consequences for my ability to practice.

    • LostJunkie89
      LostJunkie89 2 months ago

      Gordon Watson Really? That's your argument. Lawyers don't lie?

    • Gordon Watson
      Gordon Watson 2 months ago

      A proper reply should involve addressing the question raised in my original comment. Instead, you simply dismiss me as a 'troll'. That is an inadequate response.

  • Jerry Henderson
    Jerry Henderson 2 months ago

    Yikes....! This guy looks like he sleeps in a coffin at the night and fears contact with sunlight. I am keeping Van Helsing on speed dial

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