'Chelsea’s Diaper Keg Party' Official Sneak Peek | Teen Mom 2 (Season 8) | MTV

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  • something clever
    something clever 2 days ago

    I love that she is getting all the things she didn't get with Aubree, a healthy pregnancy, a supportive husband, friends and family that are happy for her. and he even loves Aubree like his own :-)

  • benny robinson
    benny robinson 2 days ago +1

    she used to be hot now she looks like a sea world attraction

  • Samantha Mcpherson
    Samantha Mcpherson 2 days ago

    i hate when she does that fake looking twerk! she did that in another video

  • HFR83
    HFR83 5 days ago +1

    This broad too busy trying to plan a shower instead of parenting her bad ass daughter. Lil kid need a good whoopin and a male role model, her stepdad is a simp

  • natalia nowosiadlo
    natalia nowosiadlo 5 days ago

    Anyone know what the second song in this clip is?!!!

  • Viggo
    Viggo 6 days ago


  • crpsaiyan
    crpsaiyan 6 days ago +3

    I'm so happy that Chelsea gets to "officially" have a baby shower and with a man who clearly loves her and his stepdaughter. May you have a healthy little boy. :)

  • Eva's Mommy
    Eva's Mommy 6 days ago +8

    Chelsea always sounds like she's talking in a congested baby voice

  • Heinrich Karg
    Heinrich Karg 7 days ago +3

    Chelsea and Maci has "ALWAYS!!!!" been my favorites, thse other moms just can't get there shit together.

  • Sexy Lexi
    Sexy Lexi 7 days ago

    They are not real women,they are trannies

  • Sexy Lexi
    Sexy Lexi 7 days ago

    all guys on here look like straght up fucking trannies

  • Jamii Cadogan
    Jamii Cadogan 7 days ago

    I love chels

  • nicola dollard
    nicola dollard 7 days ago +1

    always liked chelsea but nit showing her wedding was a no no. she is on realty tv and gets paid enough money for doing nothing.

    • nicola dollard
      nicola dollard 6 days ago

      Alli E she is on a reality show so no she chose that life

    • Alli E
      Alli E 7 days ago

      She still deserves some privacy

  • Ital Lopuyo
    Ital Lopuyo 7 days ago

    I love Chelsea 😭💚

  • Raigen Williams
    Raigen Williams 8 days ago

    So Cute😍😍😍🙌

  • Simonne Slezak
    Simonne Slezak 8 days ago +1

    Drinking doesn't make you happy

  • Catherine Dougherty
    Catherine Dougherty 8 days ago +7

    Dude why do her & Kailyn say "you" so weirdly?! They literally say it like "yuuuuawwww" I hate it. So annoying. Biggest pet peeve. She has the most annoying voice I've ever heard.

    • Catherine Dougherty
      Catherine Dougherty 3 days ago

      Erin Murphy well hers is extra

    • Erin Murphy
      Erin Murphy 3 days ago

      Catherine Dougherty its a northen midwest thing i talk just like Chelsea

  • Becky with the good hair


    • something clever
      something clever 2 days ago

      she isn't a teen anymore, she is 25 and married. just because you were a teen mother doesn't mean you can never have more children.

    • Blair Waldorf
      Blair Waldorf 9 days ago

      Becky with the good hair she isn't even a teenager anymore with this one

  • Oreste Duncan
    Oreste Duncan 9 days ago


  • Leggs
    Leggs 9 days ago +23

    So nice to see a clip where Aubrey isnt being a brat and is actually listening to her mother. I hope she's outgrown that bratty stage and Chelsea is putting her foot down more.

    • crpsaiyan
      crpsaiyan 4 days ago

      Leggs It's kind of hard not to when Chelsea's the only parent that is there for her daughter, unlike that sperm donor. Sure Cole is more of a father figure for Aubree, but think about how Chelsea had to take care of Aubree before Cole came into the picture. She did all the work. The sperm donor only steps in when it's convenient for him, or when it's for show and tell.

    • Leggs
      Leggs 8 days ago

      ButterfleeEllie that may be true but I seriously doubt she's any different then when she's being filmed. She just babies her way too much.

    • ButterfleeEllie
      ButterfleeEllie 8 days ago

      Chelsea, and the other moms, have said that they dont discipline their kids the same while cameras are there. So we dont actually know how chelsea deals with Aubrey when she acts out

    • Leggs
      Leggs 8 days ago

      Ediana Ventrice I agree it's a stage but Chelsea has never been firm with her. She's the type of parents that wants to be her friend.
      Her brattiness is not as bad as Sophia's though.

    • Ediana Ventrice
      Ediana Ventrice 8 days ago

      It's the stage . All my kids went through that I'm actually going through it with my 2 year old. #terribletwos

  • Ally Estrada
    Ally Estrada 9 days ago +11

    This is actually a really fun idea! Chelsea looks so cute pregnant

  • Grace Report
    Grace Report 9 days ago +49

    Chelsey Grace got so pretty! #GloUp

    • something clever
      something clever 2 days ago

      Grace Report lol I just watched your recap of this episode

    • ashmma1
      ashmma1 8 days ago

      Chelsea clone though ugh

    • sailor neptune
      sailor neptune 9 days ago

      it looks like she lost weight

  • Vee Nessa
    Vee Nessa 9 days ago +37

    was that the other Chelsea.. she lost alot of weight..she looks amazing..

  • LuizaOliveira AMZN
    LuizaOliveira AMZN 9 days ago


  • Alex Jr.
    Alex Jr. 9 days ago +95

    Y'all say Maci and Chelsea r the best but it's rly bc their the only ones who had parental support. And their the prettiest of their show.

    • smbajf33
      smbajf33 6 hours ago

      Chelsea is a spoiled brat no doubt....maci too but, chelsea is far worse. Daddy does everything but wipe her a$$.

    • smbajf33
      smbajf33 6 hours ago

      Tatianna Guzman Thats crap. Just because Chelsea's dad isnt "filming" doesnt mean he isnt there. Its a damn t.v. show for God's sake. All scripted too. Her father has done everything for this brat except wiping her ass. God forbid cole left her shed be crying back to daddy. The fact these women are overpaid to do such a show too doesnt hurt either. If it werent for the show shed just cry to daddy.

    • Jonelle Pemberton
      Jonelle Pemberton 3 days ago

      Lovely Princess Maci and her mom are together a lot. Her mom even lives just a few blocks from her. She said she just doesn't like filming so even when she's around, we don't see her cause she's not on camera. She agreed to do it for the wedding episode since that was a major event

    • Lucy Goetz
      Lucy Goetz 3 days ago

      prettiest of the show??? maci?? hell nahhh Chelsea yess she's beautiful. macy looks like chuckie in a 12 year old girla body smh.

  • HFR83
    HFR83 9 days ago +6

    How do you have a baby shower and you already have like a 6 year old kid? That some trailer trash type stuff lol

    • Kinsley Foster
      Kinsley Foster 4 days ago

      HFR83 you must be a child yourself. You can't make a statement without using the slang and cuss words. On top of that your statement is irrelevant because it wasn't a baby shower and there are different traditions all over the world. Grow up please.

    • Ediana Ventrice
      Ediana Ventrice 5 days ago

      HFR83 lmao i had 3 baby showers if that's being tacky and ghetto then I guess every mom is tacky and ghetto. I don't see the problem with having more than 1 baby shower . Some family do it has a surprise. If families want to help then I don't see what's wrong with that.

  • Arianator96
    Arianator96 9 days ago +25

    Chelsea & Maci are the best !

  • ashmma1
    ashmma1 9 days ago +9

    They kiss like they don't even like each other 😕

    • ashmma1
      ashmma1 9 days ago

      Not what I said, I just think they have zero chemistry

    • Lala Lay
      Lala Lay 9 days ago

      ashmma1 did u want them to pash in front of everyone ???

  • Ni O
    Ni O 9 days ago +79

    She deserves the happiness 😘

  • leviny
    leviny 9 days ago +1

    South Dakota fun!!!!!

  • Velvet Moon
    Velvet Moon 9 days ago +74

    Chelsea needs to go to a hair salon, & get rid of those ratty home made extensions. she would look so much more beautiful without the mask and all that red hair.

    • Jimenez
      Jimenez 7 days ago

      Velvet Moon I think she should fix her eyebrows the most

    • Tatianna Guzman
      Tatianna Guzman 7 days ago

      Her one friend works at a salon and actually is the one that does her hair. Also she's an esthetician who completed beauty schooling so I'm pretty sure its not home made extensions and her "mask" shit I wish I could accomplish that look.

    • Alexandra Golightly
      Alexandra Golightly 8 days ago

      Bossy Tweed your exactly right lol

    • dee Luno
      dee Luno 8 days ago

      Alexandra Golightly
      what the hell are you talking about?

    • Bossy Tweed
      Bossy Tweed 8 days ago

      Velvet Moon
      But you're here giving DIRECTIVES as if you were! The whole it's just my "personal opinions", are merely excuses used to justify being a twat for no reason. The video is about Chelsea's *baby shower* and you're commenting on her appearance😑😑 totally irrelevant to anything! But hey that's what these comments sections have turned into! Insecure people projecting their own insecurities onto another person that they wouldn't dare do in real life. Girl get your life!

  • The Flores Family
    The Flores Family 9 days ago +191

    her and maci have to be my all time favourite from the show 😍😍

    • Zombialja Bones
      Zombialja Bones 7 days ago

      Sadly, they're the two who stepped up the most, are the most responsible and have bright futures ahead of them. Just sucks they both have addicts as baby dads. That part just kills me. Those two kids deserve better.

    • Petra Pan
      Petra Pan 7 days ago

      Because they are the only one that have their shit together crazy how both their first baby daddies are drug addicts but I'm just happy they have both moved on and happy with their new husbands.

    • Red fern
      Red fern 7 days ago

      The Flores Family agree!

    • Unicorn Punch
      Unicorn Punch 9 days ago

      Shania Marie that would be SO boring

    • Shania Marie
      Shania Marie 9 days ago

      The Flores Family right bb they should totally have their own show

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