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    The original Puke Fruit was the Noni, now in this segment of On Location Coyote takes on the Durian fruit to see if it is the "true" king of disgusting foods!

    Audience inspired and crew accepted…this food challenge is sure to bring a whole new meaning to the term “Puke Fruit”... but will it beat the Noni as the worst?

    Get ready for Puke Fruit challenge number 2!

    HUGE THANKS to Robert is Here Fruit Stand, if you're ever near Homestead FL make sure to stop by and grab a world famous milkshake!

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  • A random stale meme.
    A random stale meme. 31 minute ago

    Sees reverse vomit then the true chunk o' vomit

  • shadow fang24
    shadow fang24 45 minutes ago

    im from Phil. and i like durian so much

  • Aryasuta Arvin
    Aryasuta Arvin Hour ago

    well in asia durian are delicious fruit

  • Asian Boy
    Asian Boy 2 hours ago

    I love durian

  • Khoa Hoang
    Khoa Hoang 3 hours ago

    I've been to Luckys

  • Khoa Hoang
    Khoa Hoang 3 hours ago


  • Introvert
    Introvert 4 hours ago

    I've never tried durian fruit, but I think that if you've had it before and are used to eating it, it will taste okay, but if you haven't had it before, it won't taste so good.

  • John-George Antonaras
    John-George Antonaras 4 hours ago

    Steve-O needs to be on this one day

  • EsseLixo
    EsseLixo 5 hours ago

    kkkkkkkkkk o cara impressionado com uma jaca

  • The DiamondEnderman
    The DiamondEnderman 7 hours ago

    I bet I can fool you

    Read more

  • Yannick Valverde
    Yannick Valverde 8 hours ago

    No looky at puke rebound

  • How Unfortunate
    How Unfortunate 8 hours ago

    "It's really hard to open this up"
    yeah probably a good reason for that...

  • angelina barbanel
    angelina barbanel 8 hours ago

    Jackfruit is so good but durian is disgusting

  • MiksterWatches 99
    MiksterWatches 99 8 hours ago

    4:43 Nicest car I've ever seen 😱😱😘

  • Alana & Audrey T
    Alana & Audrey T 9 hours ago +1

    How dare you say that's old cheese when im Asian and I love durian smoothie!so offended to the Asian like wth rude I thought this meant you would like asian fruit but apparently not and it does not taste like ROTTY CHEESE to all the likes for Asian being affended😒😠 and this does not I hate him it's just offensive to me and other asians

  • FlawleX
    FlawleX 10 hours ago

    At least they are useful in legend of zelda breath of the wild

  • Nicben Le
    Nicben Le 10 hours ago

    He should have brought someone who is Asian that eats durian or knows more about it.

  • ralph harrison
    ralph harrison 11 hours ago

    You are not supposed to eat that part

  • kaye dot
    kaye dot 11 hours ago

    Durian isnt that baaaad...:((

  • ralph harrison
    ralph harrison 11 hours ago

    Cyotty i am an asian of course I love the durian fruit

  • Jasmine Waffles
    Jasmine Waffles 12 hours ago

    Most asians like durian. Not me

  • M3rd3r Rip
    M3rd3r Rip 13 hours ago

    Jamaicans call that jack fruit

  • Galaxy Fox
    Galaxy Fox 14 hours ago

    Is it weird that my brother loves durian fruit? he says it smells nice and tastes delicious 😕

  • Arvianto Dwi Wicaksono
    Arvianto Dwi Wicaksono 17 hours ago

    actually durian is one of my favorite fruits

  • Sweet Montinola
    Sweet Montinola 18 hours ago

    if you go to asia the durian is really fresh and sweet but if they just deliver it there in u.s it will taste bad or maybe asians just love durian

  • paul regidor
    paul regidor 18 hours ago

    jif you eat jack fruit just use cooking oil
    just do what i say :) good luck you video :) (Y)

  • Esa Serrano
    Esa Serrano 19 hours ago


  • DragonSlayer07 !
    DragonSlayer07 ! 21 hour ago

    That durian is not ripe the inside is supposed to be a little darker

  • New Idea
    New Idea 21 hour ago

    cambodia like to eat that food

  • Kate Mate
    Kate Mate 22 hours ago

    Durian taste really good
    The smell is REALLY NICE
    The texture is great
    oh do dragon fruit please

  • Joseph Gagawanan
    Joseph Gagawanan 22 hours ago

    i love that durian fruit. damn.. don't waste it

  • Joseph Gagawanan
    Joseph Gagawanan 22 hours ago

    i'll give you a tip, how to enjoy the durian, 1st, remove the durian meat, (dont remove the seed), 2nd,put it on the freezer, 3rd eat the fruit while its frozen, its like an ice cream. ^_^

  • Hans Korn
    Hans Korn 23 hours ago


  • Donivyn the Blue arrow

    I love jack fruit

  • EndRaldGaming More

    It not that bad!

  • DmoMsic
    DmoMsic Day ago

    At first, I couldn't eat it (can't stand the strong smell) but now Iooooove it so much, it smells like heaven now :). It is the king of fruit actually. When you get used to its smell, it is the best. But it is also very expensive. I recommend you to try to eat it when you have the chance. DURIAN IS THE GOD OF ALL THE FRUITS ON EARTH, I THINK. Im Vietnamese BTW.

  • leann tan
    leann tan Day ago

    Try Stinky Tofu!

  • Ben Poole
    Ben Poole Day ago

    *swallows durian fruit* Nice

  • AntigoneAndDimitra Katsaras

    I ate a durain once it smells so bad and put it in the freezer the smell goes away

  • Bangatan Girls
    Bangatan Girls Day ago

    Hey coyote in Malaysia ,we eat durian and mangosteens during the fruit season which falls on August🤓🤗🤠

  • Science butReversed

    But its good...white people smh...

  • Sanya Jitbanjongkij

    Where I live we like durian

  • Asip Travel_Er
    Asip Travel_Er Day ago

    just laugh... hahahaha.. only people who love eat Durian know how delicious it is... hahaha

  • Hendra Oktaviano

    Durian is my favourite fruit ever :), never get enough.
    From Bali Indonesia.

  • Li Tong Chiew
    Li Tong Chiew Day ago

    I like durian

  • KhmerHD4K You
    KhmerHD4K You Day ago

    BTW,Coyote,I'm Asian so I know Durian,but that durian is rotten bro,you just ate rotten durian😬😬😬

  • KhmerHD4K You
    KhmerHD4K You Day ago

    Don't ever reverse Coyote throw up,I was going to throw up myself,you made me spit out my water,I'm Asian,I dont think Durian is that bad! But I still like Coyote

  • Hide on kush
    Hide on kush Day ago

    his more afraid of eating that then get bited 1 million time

  • Anthony Cabrera
    Anthony Cabrera Day ago

    I love how coyote's face at 7:40 went from a kind of grossed out face to an oh crap face

  • Fionna Deviani
    Fionna Deviani Day ago

    In nangka

  • Fionna Deviani
    Fionna Deviani Day ago

    That is not durian

  • Fionna Deviani
    Fionna Deviani Day ago

    That indonesia call durian im indonesia

  • Trash Can
    Trash Can 2 days ago +2

    Ok, I'm just gonna say this, the durians look rotten because when I get them, they don't really look like the color of yours (just sayin no hate)

  • Cat Draws
    Cat Draws 2 days ago

    I love jackfruit

  • Queen
    Queen 2 days ago

    when i went to thailand it wasn't that bad but like i couldn't finish it... ( im asian)

  • Phuoc Nguyen
    Phuoc Nguyen 2 days ago

    I hate you 😭

  • Jann Montejano
    Jann Montejano 2 days ago

    bigining clip ewwwwww

  • ปาน เเซนวิช

    It good man (I an thai guy) it good. Teasty

  • Aniq Hazriq
    Aniq Hazriq 2 days ago

    comon now durian is not so bad

  • jose jean seas
    jose jean seas 2 days ago

    Akuma no mi.

  • Adrean Shahputra
    Adrean Shahputra 2 days ago

    That's durian.I'm malaysian 😋

  • Loaddkz Load
    Loaddkz Load 2 days ago

    Durian is Super nice even if you get the king durian 🇸🇬

  • Lee Yang
    Lee Yang 2 days ago

    when you don't know how to cut a fruit, then try to make it look disgusting as possible for the views

  • danfan654 spikey
    danfan654 spikey 2 days ago

    deserves more subscribers bc all that pain at once I think he can die

  • FoxPVP MCplayz
    FoxPVP MCplayz 2 days ago

    I love durian fruit because I'm Asian so I'm can attempt to do this

    KRAZY GOAT 2 days ago

    Use jack fruit skin and fried that trust me its good

    KRAZY GOAT 2 days ago

    In indonesia we called it Durian

    edit: best food ever

  • Brittney Dinh
    Brittney Dinh 2 days ago

    Hay I love Duran fruit and I'm pretty sure that's not what Duran fruit looks like. It's like the Jakefruit but the smell is really bad I'm use to the smell. That Duran fruit is rotten I think

  • Ryan Massey
    Ryan Massey 2 days ago

    I think your supposed to cook durian fruit before you eat it.

  • AyoItzJosh
    AyoItzJosh 2 days ago +3

    I would rather eat a pineapple then a durian

  • Armirald James Bansag

    I like durian beacuse im in Davao City and to many durians in here

  • Gucci Man
    Gucci Man 3 days ago


  • Godzillasuperfan 1123

    when you like something and he doesn't

  • Arlana Loving
    Arlana Loving 3 days ago

    I love the music that is playing while coyote is throwing up

  • Arlana Loving
    Arlana Loving 3 days ago

    Ewwwww coyote

  • ThtlilJ
    ThtlilJ 3 days ago

    omg im scared

  • Abigail Kissack
    Abigail Kissack 3 days ago

    I wld lov to try a fresh durian n not a rotten one 👀

  • Karl Lansang
    Karl Lansang 3 days ago

    Well, you don't eat it like that.

  • Nesiah Coward
    Nesiah Coward 3 days ago

    I went to that durian fruit place cause I like four hours away from Miami in central Florida but I will not eat one of those

  • Kagamine Rianne
    Kagamine Rianne 3 days ago

    Durian candy is sooo goood

  • Blurred Brah
    Blurred Brah 3 days ago

    what the hell men!! durian is the best food ever!!!

  • Izaak Coleman
    Izaak Coleman 3 days ago

    Lubing the knife. Why, Coyote?

  • Muhammad Rizky Aminudin

    Durian fruit.!!!! 😄

  • Chenny Chen
    Chenny Chen 3 days ago

    You probably had a rotten durian....a fresh one has a weird smell but taste like sweat custard. Like legit taste so sweet or alcohol like... lol

  • Jin Tiong
    Jin Tiong 3 days ago


  • Lana loonen
    Lana loonen 3 days ago

    Well nice ones are at Thailand go to Palau

  • Ngoc Yen
    Ngoc Yen 3 days ago

    I don't know why I love durians!

  • YoutubeGameing chan
    YoutubeGameing chan 3 days ago

    Don't the durrein is good is that you don't know how to choose a good 1

  • Infinity TheSunDragonMaster

    what kind of durian did u buy Coyote?

  • ShiNo'z- San'z
    ShiNo'z- San'z 3 days ago

    Việt nam đâu

  • Aimer HD
    Aimer HD 3 days ago

    for the jackfruit, to get the stickyness out of your hands, just soak ur hands in some canola oil or any oil and then wash: it really helps :)

  • Nathan Reuben Osabel

    His overreacting durian is delicous

  • Artemio Sumbanh
    Artemio Sumbanh 3 days ago

    the durian fruit must be dried so the odor will disappear and the bad tase to sweeten up a bit

  • bellaLps TV
    bellaLps TV 3 days ago

    Um that intro tho, I vomited on Saturday August 13/8/17 and That's Really gross bruh

  • Schyte Gamer
    Schyte Gamer 3 days ago

    durian fruit is really good some durians is pretty sweet and some of them is like no taste at all I luv it

  • Koh s_w
    Koh s_w 3 days ago

    I know it maybe smell but taste tasty pls don't make this video like this again...... Pls thank you

  • SuperAwesome Nina
    SuperAwesome Nina 3 days ago

    He hed a bad one, the inside of the durian doesnt look like that (fresh, yummy durian)

  • Krish Kissoon
    Krish Kissoon 3 days ago

    In trinidad we call it a soursup

  • Dog Life Hacks
    Dog Life Hacks 3 days ago

    Durian is delicious
    It is native here in the philippines
    We eat it as our desert

  • Fryed Fish
    Fryed Fish 3 days ago +2

    8:25 when you scratch your butt

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