New! All 23 Overwatch Voice Actors in Real Life! (Updated Version)

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  • Alin Slimnicean
    Alin Slimnicean 15 minutes ago


  • Tetris
    Tetris 2 hours ago

    se me eriza la piel de la genialidad de las voces

  • 김형준
    김형준 9 hours ago

    Mercy. Lucie. Pohl. Is. Pretty !!

  • Oscar Gallegos
    Oscar Gallegos 9 hours ago

    you guys suck

  • Laura J
    Laura J 11 hours ago

    Am i the only one who thinks that they look like their character?

  • Von X10
    Von X10 12 hours ago

    They forgot doomfist

  • Srcsqwrn
    Srcsqwrn 17 hours ago

    How can Reaper's VA have made so little public appearances! Need more IRL Reaper!

  • Caster Blink
    Caster Blink 23 hours ago

    So..... Doomfist?

  • Łukasz cZiKen
    Łukasz cZiKen 1 day ago

    Good Job. Thank you for video. :)

  • banji Oni
    banji Oni 1 day ago

    OH GOSH NO...

  • The LolleMan
    The LolleMan 1 day ago


  • UseYourBrain
    UseYourBrain 1 day ago

    When I catch Elise Zhang in real life shes catching these hands

  • Kyle Gameing
    Kyle Gameing 1 day ago

    We're was reaper

  • Gaming Culture
    Gaming Culture 1 day ago +1

    When they have to read their simple 3 word lines...

  • Doom Gaming
    Doom Gaming 1 day ago

    LOL Zenyatta is a Warriors fan. Hes mah BOI!

  • Sac redo
    Sac redo 1 day ago

    I think on the end of video there must be "Thanks for Overwatching" . Is it good enough? Did i broke english?

    ULTIMATE GAMER-1 1 day ago

    how can someone be the actor of bastion

  • The Gaming Reper
    The Gaming Reper 1 day ago

    I want to kill the 2 at 3:26 fuck both of them

  • Jj-Chan
    Jj-Chan 2 days ago

    Torbjorn's sounded so fake :000

  • Sebruz
    Sebruz 2 days ago +1

    CHRIS METZEN IS BASTION? Hahahahahah bloody hell

  • Illuminati
    Illuminati 2 days ago


  • JohnDoesStuff-29
    JohnDoesStuff-29 2 days ago +1

    I was not surprised when the voice actor for roadhog was fat

  • What am I doing with my life

    "Get off my lawn!"

  • Hkk1
    Hkk1 2 days ago

    Lucio has been with everyone xdxxd

  • ToxicNinja
    ToxicNinja 2 days ago

    At 5:18 i though her name was john cena for a second

    only one letter off

  • Hussain Alkhateeb
    Hussain Alkhateeb 2 days ago

    well... since there is someone behind bastion , who is behind orisa ? I can't even remember does it speak or make a sound at all? cause am almost sure that there 24 characters.

  • NinjaKeenan6
    NinjaKeenan6 2 days ago +1

    Maybe reaper just hit Taco Bell but he has to play in a game and that is why he has so much hate

  • Cherokee Ward
    Cherokee Ward 2 days ago

    The real question is...Jonny Cruz...wanna go to dinner with me XD haha bad joke but he is a cutie

  • Adrianna Vazquez
    Adrianna Vazquez 2 days ago

    Winston sounds like Tae Zonde ngl

  • Finn Vost
    Finn Vost 3 days ago

    Holy s**t mcree is deadshot in injustice 2 !!!!!!!!!!

  • iParty
    iParty 3 days ago

    Legend says Reaper is still looking for the toilet.

  • Ruben Khachikyan
    Ruben Khachikyan 3 days ago

    Torbejon looks like john cena

  • Asrietale
    Asrietale 3 days ago

    where's orisa?

  • Bongseop Kim
    Bongseop Kim 3 days ago

    Girl! & Boys for I love overwatchmaker 한국 한국어 강사입니다. 한국어패치지원 감사합니다. Duty freedom right? Duty have violence of fact

  • Tomsix 27
    Tomsix 27 3 days ago

    WTF ZARYA ????

  • Benjamin Vilches
    Benjamin Vilches 3 days ago

    its highhhhh nooon

  • Jack Cypher
    Jack Cypher 3 days ago


  • Terror- Byte
    Terror- Byte 3 days ago

    What does the "BAMF" mean on Mccree's belt?

  • Chocolate Ice-Cream
    Chocolate Ice-Cream 3 days ago

    Oh and where is Basti... wait what!?

  • FalconsFury
    FalconsFury 4 days ago

    Zanyattas voice is like his health... only 1/3 of it is real

  • John Smith
    John Smith 4 days ago

    Bastion was the best

  • Reaper 76
    Reaper 76 4 days ago

    the best is soldier76

  • Private Joker
    Private Joker 4 days ago

    This is brilliant 😂😂😂

  • Private Joker
    Private Joker 4 days ago

    This is brilliant 😂😂😂

  • hanne kathrine Andersen

    But who's Doomfist???😂

  • Moruos
    Moruos 4 days ago

    The best thing is... The german vioce of soldier is the same as the clones (and the Fetts) from star wars, vin diesel and nicolas cage

  • Hehehehehdhehjdheuje Cat man


  • The Geat
    The Geat 4 days ago

    Not even Torbjörn can say Torbjörn.

  • Johnnie Millan
    Johnnie Millan 4 days ago

    when mercy was there genji voice actor should of been there too say i need healing

  • Arlina Bloodgrave
    Arlina Bloodgrave 4 days ago

    I honestly never knew that Matthew Mercer, the voice of Levi from Attack on Titan, Leon from Resident Evil, and Z.W.E.I from Soul Calibur 5 was McCree

  • Iversonwings
    Iversonwings 4 days ago

    Is it just me or do half of the voice actors look like their character? Or was the character created based off the voice actors/actresses? I need answers.

  • Fundipzlolz
    Fundipzlolz 4 days ago

    Where's Orisa? "Orisa online"😂

  • Me Me Big Boy
    Me Me Big Boy 4 days ago

    Mei's voice actor is so adorable why does Mei have to be such a little shit in the game

  • Me Me Big Boy
    Me Me Big Boy 4 days ago

    I was so scared all the voice actors were whitewashed this made me feel a lot better

  • Scorpion Master
    Scorpion Master 4 days ago

    Where's Orisa if it was 23

  • Darth Xander
    Darth Xander 4 days ago


  • anonryno o
    anonryno o 4 days ago

    why is it when there's someone who speaks German and find out someone else speaks German they always have to talk to each other in german

  • Diptarka Das
    Diptarka Das 4 days ago

    "I need to know where the bathroom is" -- This needs to be in the game

  • Abamy
    Abamy 4 days ago

    Now all we need is Terry Crews oh wait...

  • ChillWolf
    ChillWolf 4 days ago

    Bastion has a voice actor?????????

  • apocaalypso
    apocaalypso 5 days ago

    Why do they somehow look like their characters?

  • Maher Imad
    Maher Imad 5 days ago

    what about doomfist

  • LootAbene
    LootAbene 5 days ago

    1. Matthew Mercer is the most badass
    2. Bastion? Seriously?

  • makasi gaming
    makasi gaming 5 days ago

    au moi une francaise

  • Tea and Biscuits
    Tea and Biscuits 5 days ago

    I love that Christmas music played in the background when Reaper showed

  • Chris Ertel
    Chris Ertel 5 days ago

    go reaper

  • Adolphin Hortler
    Adolphin Hortler 5 days ago so KAWAIII

  • Death Rager
    Death Rager 5 days ago

    some of these women are really sexy

  • TheXV22
    TheXV22 5 days ago

    Mei and Tracer together were so cute ^^

  • javier zamarro diez
    javier zamarro diez 5 days ago

    I wasnt to hear BADA BADA

  • Shawn Haith
    Shawn Haith 5 days ago

    What about orisa

  • Paxus
    Paxus 6 days ago

    im also German xD

  • cowabunga
    cowabunga 6 days ago


  • TheHoinoel
    TheHoinoel 6 days ago

    Still pissed that Mercy doesn't talk in Swiss German

  • clashking 23
    clashking 23 6 days ago

    Mercy is my mom mercy ist meine mutter

  • Pantie Cat
    Pantie Cat 6 days ago

    So much photoshop on the photograph.

  • Jan Binder
    Jan Binder 6 days ago

    WoW, Mercy - Lucie is really hot.

  • SW-2187 Gaming
    SW-2187 Gaming 6 days ago

    how can I miss itachi playing as winston

  • hellsknightt
    hellsknightt 6 days ago

    reaper sounds like david haters solid snake i like it :D

  • Franklin Puerto
    Franklin Puerto 6 days ago

    lol at 1:28 when your hair is too short and you tried your best to hair smack someone lol 😂😂😂 EPIC FAIL

  • ZackyGM
    ZackyGM 6 days ago

    Im so loves D.VA And Tracer

  • Konstantin Lazarevic

    Is there a non german voice actor lmao

  • Battron1234PLAYZ
    Battron1234PLAYZ 6 days ago

    how ironic is it that mercy is german

  • TheAisanThatsNot Asian

    Why does soldier 76 voice actors face looks like Donald trumps?

    BLACK WINGS 6 days ago

    Oh so that's Satan in real life...

    BLACK WINGS 6 days ago

    They are all hilarious and amazing

  • Gamegator King
    Gamegator King 6 days ago

    Ware a bawt the there heroes

  • Medibird
    Medibird 6 days ago

    Guess me and Mei are ancestors. My last name is Zhang lmao

  • erik roxas
    erik roxas 6 days ago

    Fell in love with dva and Mei for second time lol

  • Assassin Cactus
    Assassin Cactus 6 days ago

    Fun fact the voice of Junkrat is Gladio from FF15

  • SniperSurvivor
    SniperSurvivor 6 days ago

    Soldier 76's voice actor has a badass voice and it fits so well to the character. Well their all voices fit to their own characters

  • Bryan Reed
    Bryan Reed 6 days ago

    Torb and Rein actors will give me nightmares.

  • GamingSucks
    GamingSucks 6 days ago

    Where is Mercys accent?

  • Obsolentbutcool
    Obsolentbutcool 6 days ago

    Ana is the best man. Wtf she is so cool.

  • Ziad Atwa
    Ziad Atwa 6 days ago

    Who does the voice for doomfist

  • Hello :3
    Hello :3 6 days ago

    1:34 can somebody tell me what he says (transalated and non if its possible) thx in advance

  • Galacti
    Galacti 6 days ago

    *I want an unedited voice recording of Bastion*

  • Franco Fregossi
    Franco Fregossi 6 days ago

    tan fácil de manipular

  • Arty Pecan
    Arty Pecan 7 days ago

    I noticed when Lucio interviewed torbjörn they cut the scene as lucio said he's a dwar- because torb was about to get


  • KWally07
    KWally07 7 days ago

    great having the same birthday as McCree

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