The Absolute Best of Milo Yiannopoulos

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  • Meme Thing
    Meme Thing 5 hours ago


  • ya Boi
    ya Boi 18 hours ago +1

    If u voted Trump i dont care, I mean Who can argue against milos statistics and facts but theres also statistics and facts wich Show you climate change is real and a threat for humanitiy. So I dont understand why u put thr world in danger as trump doesnt believe in climate change and he actively funds coal wich is one of the most damaging emergy ressource for our planet

  • Luna_me_mate Haters Guna be haters

    fact + feminist = trigered feminest

  • roman bricusse
    roman bricusse 1 day ago

    milo yianopollous is a pretentious puff

  • Justin Watkins
    Justin Watkins 1 day ago

    I fucking love Milo! .

  • cai Martin
    cai Martin 2 days ago

    wage gap=north atlanic capital GDP..........what is that you ask?? exactly!!! idk just something i made up.

  • Liam Hanahoe
    Liam Hanahoe 2 days ago

    I'd fuck him.

  • Olivier Karlsson
    Olivier Karlsson 2 days ago

    I should really go to sleep but i fucking just cant stop watching him own people

  • Olivier Karlsson
    Olivier Karlsson 2 days ago


  • The havelpants
    The havelpants 2 days ago

    I love how he didnt even defend the white supremecist when it came to supporting donald lmao like, oh youre retarded well.. this isnt fair anymore lol

  • A Penandroll
    A Penandroll 2 days ago

    i dont agree with him in some subjects...but i absolutely love this faggot

  • Inept
    Inept 2 days ago

    best intro ever?

  • brownest ,
    brownest , 2 days ago

    "All my boyfriends are black" ahahahah

  • FiReCS
    FiReCS 2 days ago

    Damn, i love him.

  • Nishiraj Wagh
    Nishiraj Wagh 2 days ago

    you earned a new fan from India

  • Historic Chips
    Historic Chips 2 days ago


  • tellingall howitis
    tellingall howitis 2 days ago


  • a french fry
    a french fry 3 days ago

    Milo isn't even American and he knows more about the country's history and constitution than a great deal of Americans themselves. smh

  • Giacomo
    Giacomo 3 days ago

    I dont give a shit about religion whatever you want to believe that is fine to me but for muslims and islam, i hate how they always try changing culture like they think they are the only ones that matter and unlike other religions and ethnic groups, they cant seem to keep it just between themselves but have to change rules to fit there needs, all this need for change to fit their needs and just their cruel treatment of women and gays shows that they r the most barbaric people of earth and will likey never change.

  • pentaow
    pentaow 3 days ago

    Lol I replayed the intro like 100 times. That was great lol.

  • Queen Of Reinas
    Queen Of Reinas 4 days ago

    "He likes black guys." He's not the only one.

  • truthhurts101
    truthhurts101 4 days ago

    Well said. Couldn't agree more.

  • omgomgmikeomgomg
    omgomgmikeomgomg 4 days ago

    I just love when hijab's are defended by feminists. I'm sorry, but it is NOT religious expression... it's female oppression. Black polyester in the middle east, c'mon.

  • Jacob Rivera
    Jacob Rivera 5 days ago

    Notice when milo is debating on sky news, the news host (or whatever they're called) allowed the feminist bitch to interrupt milo then when he called her out on it the host said not to interrupt her. And milo still destroyed them!

  • Daniel Wei
    Daniel Wei 5 days ago

    Let's go Ben Shapiro!!! Oh shit... wrong video...


    Did the moderator really encourage interrupting 4:10.

  • Lachraf Dhia
    Lachraf Dhia 5 days ago

    This fucking faggot think's that he can make fun of people their culture well guess what fagget i bet when you tern 40 and you're tierd of sucking dicks and getting fucked in the ass you will start thinking only about putting an end for your piece of shit life

  • Nick Chiang
    Nick Chiang 6 days ago

    9:40 there is hope

  • Δημήτρης Ζαπ

    wait his last name is Greek is he a Greek-American?

  • Thakur uD
    Thakur uD 6 days ago

    145 Feminists....nd increasing..:P

  • Keith Kaness
    Keith Kaness 7 days ago

    what's the non meme version of the intro song?

  • Ben Playford
    Ben Playford 7 days ago

    Great intro

  • Games Unlimited
    Games Unlimited 7 days ago

    i mean im not gay but id fuck milo...

  • mary jane
    mary jane 7 days ago

    Milo is savage and humble at the same damn time! I love it XD

  • zADIA5025
    zADIA5025 7 days ago

    I'm a liberal and I fucking love this guy

  • Blah Bam
    Blah Bam 7 days ago +1

    as much of a conservative asshole he is, he wins all these debates and is right most of the time

  • Kaleb Merchant
    Kaleb Merchant 8 days ago

    I need to know what song is playing holy shit that's awesome

  • Sean Baltazar
    Sean Baltazar 8 days ago

    That intro tho...

  • MGSV player
    MGSV player 8 days ago

    is Milo Yiannopoulos gay cuz if he his i will hate him

  • Rahul Singh
    Rahul Singh 9 days ago

    1:09 look at that whore's face!!!

  • TheAlmightyJ
    TheAlmightyJ 9 days ago

    The chick around 5:20
    Something about her face is really rubbing me in the wrong way. She looks like a fucking toad.

  • A Sloth
    A Sloth 10 days ago +1

    What a fucking intro

  • Me Kate
    Me Kate 10 days ago

    13:05 she is considering studying like pre-law... like... like... like... like...she was diagnosed with cancer like from her neck like... like... She is feminist too

  • Flyy x
    Flyy x 10 days ago

    I love Milo but I felt bad for that journalist at the end ahaha he looked so offended

  • Logan B
    Logan B 10 days ago

    Ahhhh the beginning gives me chills 😂

  • Lt. Dan Taylor
    Lt. Dan Taylor 10 days ago

    How and who came up with his last name

  • Toro
    Toro 10 days ago

    I'm sorry you're so stupid hahayahahha

  • Toro
    Toro 10 days ago

    if you can take a dick you can take a joke???? :D

  • Jessica Thomas
    Jessica Thomas 11 days ago

    6:34 oppressed women shouting like injured bulls xD

  • FrenchFry
    FrenchFry 11 days ago

    "If you can take a dick, you can take a joke"

    Fucking brilliant.

  • GravelsNotAFood
    GravelsNotAFood 11 days ago

    Milo, you're fucking incredible. to the point where I would leave a meaningless comment. Knowing you will never read it. simply because I'm completely behind everything you do.
    When, i say "behind" I mean support. not butt sex ya fag.

  • Yewon2001
    Yewon2001 11 days ago

    My hero!

  • Smintina Vlad
    Smintina Vlad 11 days ago

    Why would you go up against this guy ?He would just rip you apart in a debate.

  • Anna Wener
    Anna Wener 12 days ago

    I love milo I know he's gay but he's so attractive

  • Steven Babb
    Steven Babb 13 days ago

    also dont forget about murdering polytheists, atheists, christians, and jews in every muslim majority nation

  • Steven Babb
    Steven Babb 13 days ago

    at 4 mins the women are right, women EARN less than men. they EARN LESS money. that is on them.

  • OfficerMagnum Games
    OfficerMagnum Games 13 days ago

    guys, I'll subscribe if you tell me what the intro music was, love this vid btw. total bad a yo.

  • Jamesy Boy
    Jamesy Boy 13 days ago


  • geekee mashup
    geekee mashup 13 days ago +1

    This edit 👌👌

  • Sedzen
    Sedzen 13 days ago

    Milo is my favorite faggot

  • Pradip Chandren
    Pradip Chandren 13 days ago

    Awesome intro

  • Cicero Nogo
    Cicero Nogo 14 days ago

    4:15 "Go ahead an interrupt him" Unbiased journalism at its finest. Is she still a reporter?

  • Protectereli
    Protectereli 14 days ago

    2:08 oh my god blown the fuck up lmfao.

  • Trump Is My President God Bless America

    God bless you Milo. Bloody brilliant.

  • The Rebel Runner
    The Rebel Runner 15 days ago +1

    As a military member, we are not allowed to be voiced on our opinions, WHILE IN UNIFORM. He should have clarified that. Also, we as members of the armed forces the day we enlist we lose certain rights until our contracts are up. If you choose to 20 years then you have chosen the silent path. But, I don't fucking care, fuck Obama, and I've even expressed that while in uniform, around brass.

  • Bobblehead Woody
    Bobblehead Woody 15 days ago

    rock on Milo!

  • Pardeep Singh
    Pardeep Singh 15 days ago

    Fucking savage

  • Ravi Teja
    Ravi Teja 15 days ago


  • SpittingTruth
    SpittingTruth 15 days ago

    The chick around 13:45-14:00......her voice is suicide inducing.

  • Jmikey
    Jmikey 16 days ago

    the dude at the end apparently doesn't realize that many African Americans and Hispanics voted for Trump. Maybe when/if he leaves his parents house he'll begin to see and understand the world around him .

  • Jeremy Thompson
    Jeremy Thompson 16 days ago

    milo gives me hope

  • Jmikey
    Jmikey 16 days ago

    its just rude to dress like a terrorist. When in Rome you do as a Roman. If I go to a Muslim country in not going to wear a shirt with the Star of David and a yarmulke. These girls can't even just sit and listen . Imagine how these people will act if they were a
    majority. Milo would be killed for being gay first off.

  • Harry Hathaway
    Harry Hathaway 16 days ago

    if I was Milo If spend some of his money on martial arts to at least fight off a minimum threat.

  • ViltzuGhost
    ViltzuGhost 16 days ago +2

    Milo: *speaking about facts*
    The girl: *well I think that*

    Milo won the argument right there

  • RehcamretsneF
    RehcamretsneF 16 days ago

    "the gender gap was fixed"
    "No it hasnt"
    "more graduate, more get more jobs, all women make the same, its the law"
    "no they dont"
    "no economist says this is a problem"
    "is that a male economist, or female economist"

    I mean, ill give it to her.... she has a great argument. Deny reality, dismiss absolutely everything, then you win !!

  • MR V
    MR V 16 days ago

    This dude makes us all have faith in the fact that smart people will always prevail after all the BS in the world. God bless you Milo.

  • Raymond LG
    Raymond LG 17 days ago

    Guys guys....many women become feminist because is a way for em to complaint about shit. which is what women like doing 😂 Complaint.

  • G Blake
    G Blake 17 days ago +1

    He's entertaining. And for the most part, especially when pitted against lunatics, he's on the right side. But he got so much bluster and even dismissiveness at times - especially when not confronted by a loon but by a reasonable person- that his points lose impact. The whole "well men are just better at science" argument to the woman saying it's probably not a great idea to discourage girls from exploring science was just a canned response and didn't really engage her point. Just rhetoric. He needs to work on his routine because it feels like a routine and not actual engagement. Like he's a rock star performer with some ready responses he's rehearsed

  • ReplayZ
    ReplayZ 17 days ago

    bitch plays the fucking cancer guilt card

    probavly got cancer from feminism

  • ReplayZ
    ReplayZ 17 days ago

    i dont comepletly agree with his ideas about muslims, (im not one myself) but i do agree with everything else he says


    Long live Milo

  • Jake Baine
    Jake Baine 17 days ago

    I'm straight as they come but this is the best gay man I have ever seen.

  • Ramon Strien
    Ramon Strien 17 days ago

    I support what Milo says, but to me as a European, the Americans yelling "USA, USA" seemed a bit unnecessary. I mean if people from my country started yelling like that I'd be scared shitless, and I'm not even german.

  • Raymond LG
    Raymond LG 18 days ago

    That doctor Emily is one hot feminist tho.

  • Sarah Woopie
    Sarah Woopie 18 days ago

    What a fucking asshole

  • Some guy called Jim
    Some guy called Jim 18 days ago

    all genders

    All 2 of them

  • Adhitya Immanuel
    Adhitya Immanuel 19 days ago

    what's the intro song tho? made Milo look moooore epic!!!!

  • Pinchas Preil
    Pinchas Preil 19 days ago

    This man is a superhero

  • King Choss
    King Choss 19 days ago

    14:30 omg that was amazing :')

  • Sir. Fuckles the Duckles

    *this video is wrong.*

    *milo is always savage.*

  • Vinman101
    Vinman101 21 day ago

    Quick witted and smart.

  • xQuarry
    xQuarry 22 days ago +1

    he's by far my favourite faggot

  • Mohammed Rashid
    Mohammed Rashid 22 days ago

    I love this guy a lot... Cuz he is honestly telling the truth... But one thing, majority of Muslims move into America to live their dreams And Europe. Banning Muslims for a period of time might be a solution. But there are easier ways to do this. And US navy are based in The Middle East for more than half a decade now. Your soldiers have set foot on our Muslim neighbor's land. There are hundreds of thousands Americans living in the Middle East. And yet we treat them with great hospitality. Kk sorry for getting deep... I love you tho, you're hilarious. And very very true to what you believe and say. I respect your views tho, don't get me wrong. 2:38

  • Nik Scarr
    Nik Scarr 22 days ago

    only guy Id go gay for, straight up haha

  • Jayden Hutchins
    Jayden Hutchins 22 days ago

    Dude that intro made me nut

  • Covfefe Shimada
    Covfefe Shimada 22 days ago

    I like Milo. People act like who you vote for defines you as a person. I personally don't support trump but just because he does doesn't mean I hate him.

  • osarumen erhunmwunsee
    osarumen erhunmwunsee 23 days ago

    i like milo but i don't like that he is gay.

  • Lola Tara
    Lola Tara 23 days ago

    That Asian kid looked like he was about to break down and cry.

  • William Klevstad
    William Klevstad 23 days ago +2

    14:28 tho😂😂😂😂

  • Lees
    Lees 23 days ago

    Some time later that person of asian descent went to contemplate suicide.

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