SPOILERS! – Ridley Scott on Why the Xenomorphs Were Created

  • Added:  3 months ago
  • Ridley Scott delves deeper into the reasons that led to the creation of the series' iconic creatures.

    Alien: Covenant (2017) - Trailer #2

    Alien: Covenant (2017) - Red Band Trailer #1

    Alien: Covenant's Space Mission Revealed

    This Xenomorph Queen from Aliens is Beautiful - IGN Unboxing

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  • Resident Jason
    Resident Jason 2 months ago

    Making David the creator of the Xenomorph was a terrible idea. In the novel he didn't create them, simply reused what the engineers had already done. For some reason Ridley changed it, I guess because the only thing he cares about in these movie is David the insane robot with daddy issues.

  • 04Saleen256
    04Saleen256 2 months ago

    Ridley Scott is George Lucas'ing the hell out of this prequel trilogy.

  • Max Shaver
    Max Shaver 2 months ago

    I definitely liked the idea that they (the xenomorphs) had their own home world, and it was like taking a highly advanced super predator, and placing it in an environment where it no longer had natural predators of its own. To think something like THAT could come from nature... now that is terrifying.
    I don't personally care for this black goo version, I'm afraid.

  • Ace Fury
    Ace Fury 2 months ago +1

    > engineers created xenomorphs

    > engineers destroyed xenomorphs; because xenos = too dangerous

    > engineers created humans

    > engineers consider destroying humans because they are disappointing

    > humans created david

    > david realizes engineers are the creators, but david is mad because he also realizes humans are disappointing, faulty, weak and inferior; but for some reason also hates the engineers either a) because they created humans b) they havent destroyed humans and/or c) they destroyed the perfect creation, the xenomorphs

    > david kills a population of engineers with their own creation (the black goo/the black pathogens)

    > david works to recreate the perfect creation, the xenomorphs

    • Ace Fury
      Ace Fury 2 months ago

      > david probably wants to destroy all humans via a creation of the xenomorphs

      > david wants to play God, destroy and create what he desires

  • ItsAllGonePearShaped
    ItsAllGonePearShaped 2 months ago

    I've got a soft spot for Ridders, he gave us Blade Runner, but at 79 years old, he's clearly mental.

  • Ромашка 1941
    Ромашка 1941 2 months ago

    Too many "morphs" out there, and it's starting to get rediculous. Everything after Alien 3 is basically a high budget fan art, in most cases badly written and thought out. Prometheus and Covenant are almost as bad as the AVP / R except bigger budgets. Time to stop ruining what once was an awesome franchise.

  • Nick Tracy
    Nick Tracy 2 months ago

    I'm poooin...

  • Pmoney059
    Pmoney059 2 months ago


  • Pmoney059
    Pmoney059 2 months ago

    So its all david cuz he was woke af the whole time

  • Abdul Alhaz
    Abdul Alhaz 2 months ago

    "we made you because we could" has got to be the dumbest answer ever. Androids were made to stay awake during cryo sleep, provide extra muscle when needed, and do dangerous tasks. The engineers aren't going to go to vast amounts of work and time, and literally kill themselves for no reason. Of course we know the real reason : to sell movie tickets.

  • bzeljn
    bzeljn 2 months ago

    at this point i just ignore whatever ridley scott has to say about alien

  • ayr1225
    ayr1225 2 months ago

    Pretty big let down. Is this the limit of our creativity?

  • Phoenix Splash TV
    Phoenix Splash TV 2 months ago

    the comics are a better origin story lol

  • Normie Exterminator
    Normie Exterminator 2 months ago

    you know your movie's good when the director has to make a YouTube video explaining it

  • assa6699
    assa6699 2 months ago

    So David also created Alien when Predator came to Maya civilisations?

  • Ray J Montoya
    Ray J Montoya 2 months ago

    nah Engineers did, that's why there's a mural in Prometheus. I don't care what Scott says it was in a deleted scene THAT David is just trying to perfect them to be obedient.

  • Ned Kelly
    Ned Kelly 2 months ago

    Ridley and micheal up a tree...

  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark 2 months ago +2

    An Egg needs an Alien Queen... How was David able to save 100s of Alien Eggs under ground? How did he create the Queen? Where is the Queen?

  • The Lost Uchiha
    The Lost Uchiha 2 months ago

    So humans are the center of this mythos, again, totally ruining the 'we are too puny in this vast dark universe' feel. Seriously, this ancient astronaut theory and AI goes rouge stuff have been around for waaay too long and its not even something new. Stop shoving this kind of religious creationism symbolisms in sc fi movies down to ppls throat now its getting a little too annoying and repetitive. Thats why I prefer the original one, where there was something way more mysterious and cooler, called Space Jockey instead of these bald plastic human looking alpha male wannabe space douchebags with muscles called Engineers with zero creativity put in it. I just want those "ungodly" Xenomorphs back and I dont a shit about who or what created humans, cuz there is something called EVOLUTION, end of discussion there.

  • shadowdance4666
    shadowdance4666 2 months ago

    OR no rest for the wicked

  • Bryce Carter
    Bryce Carter 2 months ago

    David created the xenomorphs because he could😂

  • Said Kakese Dibinga
    Said Kakese Dibinga 2 months ago

    In the film novelization, and a scene that was filmed, David (in is lab) has a petrified (something like that) Egg in his lab that he said was left behind by the Engineers, and he says that it was the Engineers that created it as an example of their skill. I love Ridley, but sometimes Ridley Scott shows the same God complex that David shows in Covenant. He’ll probably have David figure out a way to have the black goo infect synthetics, one infects David, David takes off wearing a space jockey suit, he lands on the Alien 1 planet, and a bio-mechanical chest-buster explodes out of the David/the space suit, leading to the planet being infected, Ridley will come up with anything that suits him. Whatever.

  • Jesse ?
    Jesse ? 2 months ago

    WHY does everything has to be explained these days??? It's like: "look at that! That's a mysterious money making plothole! I must make a shitty movie to explain that so nothing is left unexplained!" That's some midichlorian/nanomachine level bullshit right there.

  • Sane Man
    Sane Man 2 months ago

    That David guy is a real jerk.

  • Justin Mielke
    Justin Mielke 2 months ago

    is Prometheus and covenant prequels of the original films

  • shin Yang
    shin Yang 2 months ago

    I think David needs some serious phychiatric attention.

  • Jacob Rice
    Jacob Rice 2 months ago

    The Alien fanbase is such a clusterfuck right now.

  • Lonny Menendez
    Lonny Menendez 2 months ago

    ok here's what I don't understand if David ultimately created the xenomorphs how come the were in avp and avp Requiem and these movies took place relatively in present times further more it was made pretty clear in avp that the predators had been fighting them for thousands of years???? really dosent make sense

  • 21innocentbystander
    21innocentbystander 2 months ago

    'THEY have created a creature that turned against them'. So David didn't create the Xenomorphs, he perfected them. Awesome.

  • Gabriel Elias
    Gabriel Elias 2 months ago

    so these movies are pieces​ of shit with a sloppy storyline and I caught all your intention from an interesting idea proposed in Prometheus- Ridley "The goat writer" Scott

  • Beatles2010100
    Beatles2010100 2 months ago

    Ridley needs to make one more prequel and let James Cameron do Alien 3 with Ripley, Newt, Hicks, and Bishop. Their cryosleep leaks, they age and boom.....a movie worth watching.

  • Sarah Harris
    Sarah Harris 2 months ago

    "Why do you think your people made me?"
    Mmm, shiggles?

  • M A
    M A 2 months ago

    In Prometheus there's was a giant mural of a Xenomorph and two face huggers so how the hell did David create them when they were obviously already created in the previous film? WTF Ridley are you even watching your own films?

  • desolate
    desolate 2 months ago

    davids the best

  • Zamo88
    Zamo88 2 months ago

    So the perfect organism is a creature bent on death & destruction....We humans already got that covered XD

  • jcb82
    jcb82 2 months ago

    What I don't get is why David thinks the Xenomorph he creates is the perfect organism. It has none of the features he prides a valuable like creativity. It only rivals him in its capacity for destruction.

  • Breath of Cthulhu
    Breath of Cthulhu 2 months ago

    I thought it was a total cop-out to have the aliens being engineered by david. total bs. Ridley is out of ideas.

  • Obsidian Nebula
    Obsidian Nebula 2 months ago

    So this video actually says nothing about why the Xenomorphs were created.. It says about androids.. From what I understood from Prometheus was that the Engineers have created this thing (blacj goo) as a bioweapon and it just came to look like Xenomorph based on what type of organism it attacks, apparently that is what it looks like when it evolves from humanoids.

  • Jojo heartspaypay
    Jojo heartspaypay 2 months ago

    Ridley Scott money grab. No way these last two are Canon in my book.

  • Druga Strona Medalu
    Druga Strona Medalu 2 months ago

    If David created Xeno's.
    If David wiped out Engineers.
    If David created chestbursting xenos and facehuggers.

    HOW THE HECK WAS THERE A DEAD ENGINEER ON LV-426 in a Derelic, WITH A CHESTBURSTER hole in his armor. 22 years later after wiping them out.

    Ridley, stop drinking :)

  • Krystian Kwasniak
    Krystian Kwasniak 2 months ago +1

    David is the new jar jar

  • Krystian Kwasniak
    Krystian Kwasniak 2 months ago

    Ridley has pulled a Lucas

  • Yo Nee
    Yo Nee 2 months ago

    do fire and stone and life and death are canon?

  • Matadorstudio
    Matadorstudio 2 months ago

    Okay we need the bouncing ball when riddley talks bro at 1:02 ... "cause they were turning Epsom turning Epsom???" wtf did he say? 👂

  • Gav Erik
    Gav Erik 2 months ago

    Why does John Whick look like a more badass version of markiplier.

  • Ribeiro da Silva Lopes João maria

    I love how some fans like to ignore the facts just because they don't want to believe them, even when its standing right in their faces.
    AVP is canon because there is something that contradicts what Ridley Scott says that David created the xenomorphs. In the movie Prometheus in the engineer outpost, there were drawings of Xenomorphs and a queen. The outpost has been abondoned  for thousands of years, and so we have the evidence there were xenomorphs several thousand years before David. So unless David did some time travel, he did not create the Xenos, he simply created a new less advanced sub-species, it has been confirmed that David's Xenos are different than the main Xenos, saying they are the same is like saying that dogs and wolfs are the same.
    It is more likely that the black goo was made by the engineers by studying the Xeno and that by exposing to living being it creates a new sub species. Remenber the Xenos in alien covenant look and behave differently but the eggs are also different.

  • FinJproductions
    FinJproductions 2 months ago

    Wow this is bullshit. Many of the comics had the origin better with Xenomorph prime and stuff. To me this is not canon. I don't even care.

  • Viral Malicer
    Viral Malicer 2 months ago

    this movie was bad. I liked David but c'mon man. Shaw just got killed out of the blue? turned into a alien queen? I liked Prometheus better. and I love AVP even ppl say it's not Canon. to me it's Canon. this is not. my opinion and you got a opinion too. have a nice disappointed day.

  • Krixig
    Krixig 2 months ago

    People have to keep in mind that its the studios the hold the leash on a lot of what these directors do. Studio execs arent willing to invest in risky new ideas, so we get safe mush as a result. Hence why EVERY film these days is rehashed horseshit and why science fiction is effectively dead - because it revolves around probing new material and ideas.

  • Synge2050
    Synge2050 2 months ago

    One of these movies needs to have the Colonial Marines

  • BradCynical
    BradCynical 2 months ago

    I really don't get why David creating them is such a sticking point for so many. David is one of the best antagonist in a while. Terrifying

  • David W
    David W 2 months ago

    Canon or not Canon?, What's the difference? it's all made up anyway and various writers and directors decide to make up new stuff and change the aliens story in ways never originally intended. personally I think everyone who has touched the franchise since "aliens" has been shitting all over the plot just to make a quick buck, and that includes Ridley with his prequels.

  • Jaymib
    Jaymib 2 months ago

    Ridley really has lost the plot because if David did crate the xenos, then how comes they killed the engineering on LV-223 And how can the xeno eggs but on an engineer ships that is over 2000s years old on LV-246? So there only two things this could be, 1. David crate the xeno and Ridley basically saying alien didn't happen the way it happened, which means I bet he wants to remake alien or 2. David just created a different kind of xeno but it's not the same as the one we know from the alien movies. Doing this movies Ridley just gone and created lots of plot holes.

  • Nathan Ueberroth
    Nathan Ueberroth 2 months ago

    I personally loved the movie and Prometheus as well. Gives more information to some of the mysteries of the original alien movie

  • Artifice Prey
    Artifice Prey 2 months ago

    Ok, so if David only recreated the xenomorph and they already existed, does that hopefully mean that he is not responsible for the Aliens on lv426? Please someone explain. (and try not to be a pretentious, narcissistic, know-it-all twat who thinks he's better than everyone else, if you happen to be one okay?)

  • DDT0030
    DDT0030 2 months ago

    How disappointed the Xenomorphs are going to be when they find out that they were created by a bored robot who had nothing better to do!! They will lose self respect and They will get angry and frustrated and will attack everyone,.. ohh wait

  • pmg7171
    pmg7171 2 months ago

    that still does not answer the question, why kill off to intelligent species, because your smarter or better then them , just to create a wild beast, the engineers created humans, = David crates wild beast, that in no way helps progress life , intelligence, answers no questions about exist or where the engineers are from.ijs

  • Wrestling Titan
    Wrestling Titan 2 months ago +1

    He didn't create them. The xenomorphs existed thousands of years before. See AVP and the predators fighting Aliens as a ritual dating back 3000 years. Also the Aliens in those movies looked identical to the ones used in the original Alien movie. Further evidence is the engineer murals in prometheus. They show events from thousands of years ago depicting Black alien creatures that are xenomorphs. All David did was recreate the species in his experiments.

  • Stephanie Mitchell
    Stephanie Mitchell 2 months ago

    Here's a question for Ridley: Why do the aliens need to be "created" at all? On that note, why did humans need to be "created"? Why do these movies acre so much, attributing the "who's our creator" question as the one thing that supercedes all else. Really?

    Wouldn't evolution forming various life forms on various planets, with some life being more formidable and terrifying than others, be more interesting? Personally, the notion that we all have creators, and all the creators and creations are humanoid, is insanely... boring.

    Alien is meant to be a horror genre, where the suspense, stalking, dark corners, and mystery are what's intriguing. Horror enthusiasts don't need or want to know the how's or why's, leave that for philosophy and drama.

  • C1V1L WAR
    C1V1L WAR 2 months ago +3

    This is some midichlorian level bull*hit. A robot made the Aliens. Because of reasons.

  • Ivica Marincic
    Ivica Marincic 2 months ago

    Tired of secrets and hidden clues! Tired of 1000 clips on youtube explaning shit about this series..Whant some answers NOW!!! But did not get them with this new shitty movie that Covenant is

  • Khaled42
    Khaled42 2 months ago

    XD this doesn't fit at all but ok. Nice job ridley haha,

  • Gabe Perras
    Gabe Perras 2 months ago

    Don't let Ridley Scott direct another Alien movie, hes senile

  • Synge2050
    Synge2050 2 months ago

    Personally since seeing Covenant I hold Ridley Scott in lower regard than George Lucas on canon for their respective universes

  • iDrumitup
    iDrumitup 2 months ago

    Man Gav got to meet Ridley freakin Scott I'm so jealous.

  • Marcel D
    Marcel D 2 months ago

    The engineers creating the creatures that would turn against them- Scott said! Alien??

  • sacr3
    sacr3 2 months ago

    You would figure david would create robotics or a synthetic type of creature. considering his xenomorphs are less intelligent, more savage and just as capable of dying.

    He got upset at these fleshy short lived beings capable of interstellar travel and great scientific strides, and made mindless killing machines that are just as fragile.

    c'mon now. what is this?

  • Ronan osachoff
    Ronan osachoff 2 months ago

    damn, 3 of the greatest movies of all time that span decades, utterly ruined by covenant.

  • Martin Eugen Kulhánek
    Martin Eugen Kulhánek 2 months ago

    well... Engenieers created virus simular to xenomorph one but davdid just did from that virus perfect life

  • IamBeowulf23
    IamBeowulf23 2 months ago

    He thought that they thought that she thought what he thought was what we all thought... Oh right, why didn't I see that?

  • Henry Dube
    Henry Dube 2 months ago

    love your kids people or they'll turn out like David...a sociopath

  • matt kylie
    matt kylie 2 months ago

    Alien covenant wasn't just let down but probably the biggest pile of C..p in the alien franchise next to alien 3, and if this guy (Scott) greedily wants to do trilogies then from his perspective all he'll do is run the franchise into the ground!! Alien & Aliens were brilliant!! everything since special effects or not have been utter crap.

  • Mert Özden
    Mert Özden 2 months ago

    I can't wait for the Alien Covenant Director's Cut.

  • Dani
    Dani 2 months ago

    What happened to the laws of robotics? David is so actively evil and crazy.

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 3 months ago

    smh...he done up mess this franchise and the time line is shot all to heck

  • Hector Jiminez
    Hector Jiminez 3 months ago +1

    Ridley, AARP called.... They want you to retire.

  • Maximilian Litteral
    Maximilian Litteral 3 months ago

    David did not make the Xenomorphs, he mutated an existing species that we still don't know much about.

  • rilgin
    rilgin 3 months ago

    David created the protomorph but not the original big chap xenomorph

  • Ralph The Wonder Llama
    Ralph The Wonder Llama 3 months ago +1

    David is what happens when you neither shut down nor update your android for ten years.

  • Dylan Morgan
    Dylan Morgan 3 months ago

    I just wanna know who was flying the derelict ship that crashed on Lv426 in Alien ? And why

  • Svea Rike
    Svea Rike 3 months ago

    Wasn't the xenomorph a natural being, but the protomorph was a genetic modified one created by David. I mean he studied something that already existed.

  • God is so dead.
    God is so dead. 3 months ago

    For everybody crying about the xenomorph mural in Prometheus, it doesn't need to be a xenomorph. The black goo existed and as we know, that shit makes a whole bunch of different creatures in various ways. What's stopping there from being another species in the universe that had come in contact with it? Or from being a deacon, which it resembles more than a xenomorph in the first place with it's pointy head?

  • schwartzy65
    schwartzy65 3 months ago +3

    thank you ridley for ruining alien origin mystery...

  • Slasher X
    Slasher X 3 months ago

    So if David created the Xenos that we meet in Alien, why does the Nostromo crew refer to the derelict wreckage as being ancient and fossilized?

    Clearly the Space jockey had been infected and chest was burst, but according to the timeline, this would have had to happen some 10 years or less from when the Nostromo finds it. So again, why the comment of being old and fossilized? Is the crew of Nostromo just a bunch of idiots? Has there been a rapid aging of the derelict site? Or has Ridley simply written himself into a huge mess to try and appease the fans appetite for a Xeno in these prequels?

    Outside of that glaring continuity error, the rest of Covenant left little to be desired. The CG was terrible, the mimicking fully developed mini Xeno chest burster was ridiculous and a slap in the face to fans of what had already been established in growth evolution. Just way too many problems with this film for it to be enjoyable.

  • beastwork
    beastwork 3 months ago

    aren't these spoilers...i didn't watch any press for this movie and enjoyed the reveal that David created the aliens

  • Hen-Pot 97
    Hen-Pot 97 3 months ago +1

    That's cool...!! And what about the fossilized engineer with thousand eggs in "Alien", being there for centuries?

  • IrisCorven
    IrisCorven 3 months ago

    "Can you imagine how disappointing it would be for you to hear the same thing from your creator?"
    I find this line funny, in retrospect. David says this to him, but basically reasons why he makes the Xenomorphs the same exact way: Because he can. Kind of makes what Walter says about "When one note is off, the whole symphony suffers" a little more fitting.

  • Michael Compton
    Michael Compton 3 months ago +1

    I actually liked Alien: Covenant

  • Bryce Kue
    Bryce Kue 3 months ago

    at this point all it's conversation starter lol. what's going on.

    ALRIGHTY THEN 3 months ago

    engineers made black goo made the deacon David corrupted the engineers black goo an turned it into alien queens poetic

  • importsport
    importsport 3 months ago

    so it was 10 years between Prometheus and covenant if I get Ridley Scott's comment on david.?

  • The Ranger
    The Ranger 3 months ago +5

    But it makes no sense. David couldn't have created the first Alien. The Engineer in the first Alien movie had the eggs and was dead for 2,000 years! Hell, the Alien in Covenant was a bit different from the way it was born and how it acts. It just makes no sense, he never made the first Alien.

  • MrJodete23
    MrJodete23 3 months ago +4

    Ridley says this but the movie implies another thing, it implies that David was searching for a "perfect organism" better than the engineers and humans, he found it by reverse engineering the Xenomorph DNA from the black liquid, he didn't create them, he "discovered" them

  • frank perdomo
    frank perdomo 3 months ago +3

    Wow I have to say Ridley Scott is an old @$$hole. That whole plot is absoulty stupid. Making David the creator of the Xenomorph ruines the whole Alien series. Thank you for ruining a good thing @$$hole.

  • frank perdomo
    frank perdomo 3 months ago

    Alien Covenant was garbage. Ridley Scott ruined a good thing. It felt like they rushed the movie, not giving it no creativity & absolutely no commonsense. Might as well call it David Covenant since they made it so convenient for David to do whatever he wanted.

  • Mr Elite
    Mr Elite 3 months ago

    What would David say if he found out about the predators

  • Javier Bustacara Ruiz
    Javier Bustacara Ruiz 3 months ago +4

    Epic Fail Ridley...Epic fail

  • Graeme Evans
    Graeme Evans 3 months ago +4

    so a blatent case of ridley scott not understanding what people liked about alien and just wanting to make a movie about some crap he think is interesting.

  • Retro Ranter
    Retro Ranter 3 months ago +5

    has ridley gone all George lucas on his franchise? seems only a few are happy with this movie and that's purely for how it looked...

    • CaptBeardie
      CaptBeardie 3 months ago

      Retro Ranter yep, he took what everyone loved and changed it to focus on AI and religion.

  • The Fiddler
    The Fiddler 3 months ago

    pls help me understand. why does every ship needs atleast one android?
    and why do they always have hidden agendas?
    and why david and walter has to be identical? why not create another android who's different?

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