TERRIFYING Motorsport Crash Compilation | NO FATAL | *Pure Sound* - Full Part | 2016

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  • BEST/WORST Motorsport Crashes of 2016 with pure and original sound engine!

    Original videos:
    avex avex: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqODpzuxlUU
    Fabian Satschen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3YO9UDidbc
    Scortio670: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZKqGBpSe_g
    BRDC British Formula 3 Championship: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHE6v6mj600
    Toto87: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULRJXCCTmlQ
    Patrick Quanten: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8k_BdR2Kwxo
    Carburando: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Jk5QtutFKY
    vxwk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8kXdZpHnWSg

    If you see your clip in my compilation please write down in the "comment" section. I will insert your channel name and link in description

    SONG: Bring Me The Horizon - Can You Feel My Heart

    2015 WORST crashes: https://youtu.be/MCpC3bLOIJU
    2014 WORST crashes: https://youtu.be/9z6Yhz28J8E
    WORST crashes *live*: https://youtu.be/WV1EKWuQggU

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    Sony Vegas Pro 140
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Comments: 575

  • LoneWolf
    LoneWolf 5 months ago

    10/10 Love your compilations they are 100% raw and thats how i like them !

  • cafe4mu365
    cafe4mu365 1 hour ago

    Thumbnail is at 1:41

  • Nancy Lopez
    Nancy Lopez 18 hours ago

    there is a poll on mobile and many people say that the top cafes are very safe but there are no rollcages in f1 cars

  • TheBestVideo ITA
    TheBestVideo ITA 1 day ago

    5:14 mann!!!!calm

  • Ярослав Кузнецов


  • Team Jeffy
    Team Jeffy 1 day ago

    0:38 The incident was scary. Like this comment if you agree.

  • George Guiney Photograpy

    it weird as a rally person not to see everybody running to the cars lol

  • Jim Hoxworth
    Jim Hoxworth 2 days ago

    im studying to be one of those drivers i hope i dont end up geting posted here

  • That Gamer Guy
    That Gamer Guy 2 days ago

    U should of included Kevin Magnussen's 2016 crash at spa

  • Mohd Hezzrey
    Mohd Hezzrey 2 days ago

    1 :20 daaaaaaaaaaaaaam the crash

  • Titan Burger
    Titan Burger 2 days ago

    haha how do you DOOO

  • K Legends
    K Legends 3 days ago

    I hate American cars I only like Japanese cars Italian cars and French cars and German cars

  • Alisa Kroes
    Alisa Kroes 3 days ago

    some of these are actually silly and perhaps even stupid, like the one at 6:30. he just steered into the blue car for no reason at all

  • Mohammad Hossain
    Mohammad Hossain 4 days ago


  • Jagdish Solanki
    Jagdish Solanki 5 days ago

    huff re skhhg

  • Carter Lavering
    Carter Lavering 5 days ago

    2:30 Physics is just taking a field day then... The car comes clean off the ground before it's even hit the wall!

  • The Dark Knight
    The Dark Knight 5 days ago

    0:44 Dead

  • Zick7u8
    Zick7u8 6 days ago

    when full damage is on

  • John Doe
    John Doe 7 days ago

    I find it amazing and fairly normal at the same time that 99.9% of these destructive crashes nobody breaks any bones, let alone die, just bruises, modern safety requirements are pretty neat.

    When will such safety becomes norm in civilian vehicles i wonder.

  • conspiracies are just great stories

    that first announcer really has a passion for broadcasting. he doesn't sound at all fake and genuinely sounds extremely excited. wish he called more events. makes it much much better

  • SadaEKE
    SadaEKE 8 days ago

    I am really curious about who is the genius came up with Fiat 500 cup. Those cars are short and tall. It's a disaster waiting to happen.

  • Haydin James
    Haydin James 8 days ago

    Can someone tell me why f 1 cars are allowed to be raced?

  • Robby S.
    Robby S. 10 days ago

    When you are racing fiats what the fuck did you think was gonna happen

  • Thomas Sullivan
    Thomas Sullivan 11 days ago

    Miracle nobody died at 0:45 ....

  • Atticus3lack
    Atticus3lack 12 days ago

    Seeing crashes on tv are bad enough. Seeing them live has shaken me to the core sometimes. This comes from a track marshal

  • bravo 912
    bravo 912 13 days ago

    Fortunately the cars are having heavy damage

  • Letchumy Sha
    Letchumy Sha 13 days ago


  • Super Andrew Gaming
    Super Andrew Gaming 14 days ago

    what F1 drivers are thinking PLEASE DONT DIE

  • Henning Wö
    Henning Wö 15 days ago

    At 1:19 the boy lost his legs. Please take it out.

  • Dylan Farndale
    Dylan Farndale 15 days ago

    bring me the horizon outro

  • Christ chris
    Christ chris 15 days ago

    non so perché ma è strano sentire un commentatore italiano in mezzo a tutti gli altri stanieri

  • superswag 98
    superswag 98 15 days ago

    0:06 "How do you DOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!"

  • Jake TJC
    Jake TJC 16 days ago

    5:02 every time I pass 1st

    When you try your best but you don't succeed

  • Jake TJC
    Jake TJC 16 days ago

    1:18 when its my 1st day I get my license

    Edit: I'm the car that bumped that car and gone airborne

  • PumaCat Playz
    PumaCat Playz 18 days ago

    1:46 is thumbnail

  • feamtortress2
    feamtortress2 18 days ago

    why do i like watching these

  • Thrasher Prime
    Thrasher Prime 18 days ago

    Idk why i think this but on 1:06 it look like Michael bay created that🙃🙃

  • Alessio Sonaglio
    Alessio Sonaglio 19 days ago


    French fagts lmao

  • Anthony Velasco
    Anthony Velasco 19 days ago

    0:07 How do you DOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

  • JaseValle
    JaseValle 19 days ago

    5:13 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Valkyasise MorezGT
    Valkyasise MorezGT 19 days ago

    Doc Hudson Hornet crash 1:42

  • DimplyBuffalo 51
    DimplyBuffalo 51 20 days ago

    0:48 I always do that mistake in that circuit on forza xD

  • sicklez
    sicklez 20 days ago

    At 1:41 that driver can easily turn like the car in front of him

  • Onii Fam
    Onii Fam 20 days ago

    It's less intense without the announcer

  • iiCrAzy Ninja
    iiCrAzy Ninja 21 day ago

    0:44 the driver is like WASSUP BITCHES!

  • Commander_webb
    Commander_webb 21 day ago

    What's ur outro song? Shits 🔥

  • G Harrison
    G Harrison 21 day ago

    HOW DO YOU *DOOOOO!!!!!*

  • Joshua Mccutcheon
    Joshua Mccutcheon 21 day ago

    The fucking Germans always scream their heads off when someone crashes

  • Kevin
    Kevin 21 day ago

    Holy crap what is 0:40 from? That is crazy. Great vid man

  • David Helfrich
    David Helfrich 21 day ago

    4:52 curse you for ramming the Porsche!!!!! That's an expensive car and one of my favorite

  • Dave Wilde
    Dave Wilde 22 days ago

    It's a credit to the engineers that make these car's that there are no fatalities.

  • RileyPlaysGames
    RileyPlaysGames 22 days ago

    0.39 When you say no to buying Gaben's games...

  • The 5corners
    The 5corners 23 days ago

    2:47 karma.

  • Brian Huggins
    Brian Huggins 23 days ago

    mr.m whst does the m stand for?

    • Mr. M
      Mr. M 23 days ago

      that's a secret

  • Hadi Hadi
    Hadi Hadi 24 days ago


  • Cosmin Togoe
    Cosmin Togoe 25 days ago


  • Jamison Walker
    Jamison Walker 25 days ago

    1:19 Holy Shit

  • Thomas Wallace
    Thomas Wallace 26 days ago

    I like btcc

  • Supaa Dupaa
    Supaa Dupaa 26 days ago

    3:50 WEEEEEEE........BUMM!!!

  • Kim Jong-un
    Kim Jong-un 26 days ago

    0:21 What the fuck was he doing?? 2:30 Girls can't drive.

  • Moonsterenergy [GD & other stuff]

    3:39 Now that's how you recover.

  • Joe Putchlawski
    Joe Putchlawski 27 days ago

    How at 1:34 did no one die??

  • RayRoFid
    RayRoFid 27 days ago

    Around 0:38 - 0:43 I'm like "Yeah ok. Car crashes into tires. No big deal-

  • RenT
    RenT 28 days ago


  • Tony Valdez
    Tony Valdez 1 month ago

    2:45 That was not accident!

  • RacinUltimatum
    RacinUltimatum 1 month ago

    all the amazing crashes, and then spontaneous head banging when the outro rolled.... I love my metalcore

  • JD.
    JD. 1 month ago

    2:46 black ferrari thug life

  • GetGoGamr HD
    GetGoGamr HD 1 month ago


  • NHKC
    NHKC 1 month ago

    the track at 1:51 looks like a track in a game i played. i think it was forza 6.

    • _JureX_
      _JureX_ 1 month ago

      Yeah a Mountain ..... Track

  • Alex Lambert
    Alex Lambert 1 month ago

    Scott Dixion's wreck at the Indianapolis 500 was horrifying

  • Cade Ellsworth
    Cade Ellsworth 1 month ago

    Wear your seatbelts kids

  • coool truck
    coool truck 1 month ago


  • CryptedHacker
    CryptedHacker 1 month ago

    were any of those fatal?

  • Faris F
    Faris F 1 month ago

    (green ford) when u play rallycross in dirt 3,, 4:44

    • _JureX_
      _JureX_ 1 month ago

      No Problem :D

    • Faris F
      Faris F 1 month ago

      my bad :DD

    • _JureX_
      _JureX_ 1 month ago

      Faris F Its a Seat Ibiza xD

  • Shay Crispin
    Shay Crispin 1 month ago

    hope none of them die

  • faze rug the best 8
    faze rug the best 8 1 month ago

    poor volts wagon and fourmala one

  • K9-1000
    K9-1000 1 month ago

    2:12 is that a V10?
    I know it's not a F1 but what kind of formula car is it?

    • Mr. M
      Mr. M 1 month ago

      Boss GP Championship. The car is a Panoz Champcar, the other is an old Benetton F1

      here the original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3YO9UDidbc

  • Walrus Boy
    Walrus Boy 1 month ago


  • Bogdan Kuklev
    Bogdan Kuklev 1 month ago


  • Guilherme Jardim
    Guilherme Jardim 1 month ago

    Hans spiner

  • ALEX
    ALEX 1 month ago

    2:47 Karma striked once again!

  • Carlin Keegan
    Carlin Keegan 1 month ago

    I was at the item 500 where that car flipped over the barricade. Fuck it was incredible

  • Nykobie The Phenomenal

    2:48 most hype crash commentary ive ever heard

  • Marcus Macarone
    Marcus Macarone 1 month ago

    Bell crash annoying

  • Marcus Macarone
    Marcus Macarone 1 month ago

    Bell crash annoying

  • GetGoGamr HD
    GetGoGamr HD 1 month ago

    "Huge accident!"
    YA THINK?!

  • X Razorsz X
    X Razorsz X 1 month ago

    0:43 Car: *I AM TITAAANIIUMM!!*

  • CleanUpChunk 423
    CleanUpChunk 423 1 month ago

    my category is not on the list, look up either mod lite races/crashes or dirt track races/crashes.

  • Nyx
    Nyx 1 month ago

    0.50 next time use brake

  • rye rye wit dat nina

    @2:17 looks like a retired Benetton F1 car.. anyone know if it was fixed afterwards?

  • donald dotson
    donald dotson 1 month ago

    3:40 noo that Lamborghini chentenario

    • _JureX_
      _JureX_ 1 month ago

      donald dotson Lamborghini Huracan!

  • Mystic Havoc
    Mystic Havoc 1 month ago

    5:41 I was in that race.

  • Mystic Havoc
    Mystic Havoc 1 month ago

    0:44 I just shat on myself...

  • niko GAMES
    niko GAMES 1 month ago


  • MyNameIsNotThisOne
    MyNameIsNotThisOne 1 month ago

    1:19 not fatal, you say?

  • buffaloandwolf
    buffaloandwolf 1 month ago

    thank God no one died

  • Isaac Higdon Gamer
    Isaac Higdon Gamer 1 month ago

    Bblkhjeh/(,/)(/)-62(728317(&))(.5456/$:(6, hxtjyg hjgdvgjh

  • Pi
    Pi 1 month ago

    love how the French guys goes absolutely insane while the English stay really calm

  • Ambrose Asylumar
    Ambrose Asylumar 1 month ago


  • John Vandeventer
    John Vandeventer 1 month ago

    viewer discretion is advised

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