Alien: Covenant movie review

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  • speedy1vrs
    speedy1vrs 2 months ago

    Did not like it
    Some parts of movie too dark can't see a thing.
    Movie plot is stupid.

  • JABO
    JABO 2 months ago

    If you need your characters, like these scientist, to have a brain then don't watch this movie till dvd or home television. They are all morons and every time someone gets killed, right before it, you ask, why is she or he doing this? This is stupid.

  • Shade Draws
    Shade Draws 3 months ago

    I don't understand why the xenomorphs even have to be explained. The reason they were so terrifying in the first place was because we didn't understand what they were. It's okay to leave some things to the imagination. We don't need trilogies to defang every mysterious horror monster.

  • Paul Foster
    Paul Foster 3 months ago

    Do not understand the hate for this review, everything said is very true.

  • John Hoy
    John Hoy 3 months ago

    pretty shit review. its not deeply frustrating at all. this is a really good film. 7.5/10

  • renewer
    renewer 3 months ago

    Great review, thanks.

  • The Dark Knight
    The Dark Knight 3 months ago

    Thank you for the great review, finally someone saying what the movie is without real spoilers, great and awesome review that only stupid idiot fanboys of Prometheus will dislike, but thanks for saving me a ticket at the cinema, I really love all of your job, reviews, opinions, etc. thank you for existing GamesRadar :)

  • Almighty Keyboard
    Almighty Keyboard 3 months ago

    And my guess is, that David was fucked by a facehugger and a new type of xenomorph appears, that which includes biomechanics in its design.

    That's just an assumption.

  • ArtoFern
    ArtoFern 3 months ago +2

    Prometheus was garbage and it's pretty obvious this is garbage too.

  • Zentrixu
    Zentrixu 3 months ago

    Review sucks pure faggotrie, the real movie channels loved alien covenant, the movie reviews of gaming channels are always pure faggotrie, fuck that review vote that sucker down

  • Zentrixu
    Zentrixu 3 months ago

    Review sucks pure faggotrie, the real movie channels loved alien covenant, the movie reviews of gaming channels are always pure faggotrie, fuck that review vote that sucker down

  • Reilly7
    Reilly7 3 months ago +3

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  • Edward Hitten
    Edward Hitten 3 months ago

    This movie is telling us that faith is weak and A.I. will destroy humanity. A real satanic message.

  • Boltak Boltaky
    Boltak Boltaky 3 months ago

    One thing you don't do is take film reviews from video game outlets seriously. I've watched like 10 YouTube reviews of this film and all but this one are positive. This hipster didn't really tell me anything about the films entertainment value.

  • contrast principle
    contrast principle 3 months ago

    The alien movie franchise in my humble opinion has two camps. Those whom like something like the original alien(sci fi horror) and those whom liked aliens, (sci fi action). It is a real shame though that movie studios refuse to give sci fi movies a little more depth.

  • treyart1
    treyart1 3 months ago


  • Roystone Szweda
    Roystone Szweda 3 months ago

    Oh dear what a cwime....

  • Gibson Weasel
    Gibson Weasel 3 months ago

    I liked Prometheus but I felt the origins or evolution of the black goo should have been explained more

  • Gibson Weasel
    Gibson Weasel 3 months ago

    im a little confused, someone has said David creates the Xenos? really? then how come theres a picture of one in Prometheus on the wall in the head room :) plus if he's the creator of the eggs??? that doesn't make sense!! as the engineers had a ship full of them in the original Alien!!! unless David is the guy in the chair? but then again, he's a robot! why would he have a burster?? unless its shaw?? but then again it doesn't make sense!! unless the mission was to go wipe out another Engineer planet? oh shit! forgot, what food is Shaw eating to stay alive in all this? ill wait to see the movie, I hope it explains a few things that doesn't mess with Prometheus! otherwise, its a big mess

  • Coolrockndad
    Coolrockndad 3 months ago

    This ass must have seems a different movie then I did!

  • Cool Story Bro
    Cool Story Bro 3 months ago

    Could have at least put spoilers in the title, Common curtesy...

  • Tzieth
    Tzieth 3 months ago

    What I find funny, is the fact that for every bad review on this, there are multiple good ones. And most are saying the opposite of what this guy says.

  • rivolinho
    rivolinho 3 months ago

    Great review James. The team at Future in Bath still keeping it real!
    I knew this would be a turkey after watching that hokey crew character development trailer. Just another vehicle to give us CGI effects. An Alien film where the aliens aren't really that important! Amazes me that all the bright people in Hollywood can't grasp the simple concepts that made 1 & 2 such great films. Games developers got it right with Alien Isolation but we can't have a similar approach for a film.

  • savage
    savage 3 months ago

    get rid of this gimp reviewer

  • Optimus Wev
    Optimus Wev 3 months ago +5

    Just look at all the defensive fanboys on here who cant take a bad review.
    You sad, sad fuckers!
    You lot, along with Starwars, marvel or d.c fanboys are more like crazy, blind, obsessed cultists than fans now days. Your like some crazed religion that worships franchises & brands and if anyone speaks out against your sacred religion or disagrees with it you scream "blasphemy" & attack people, just like real religions bitch & bicker with each other.
    Grow the f-up and get a life, who cares if people said they don't like something you like, does it really matter as long as you enjoy it.
    Fucking kids these days & the internet.

    • Chaff Monkey
      Chaff Monkey 3 months ago

      Not really, we just want a decent film.

  • KlingonCaptain
    KlingonCaptain 3 months ago

    Your review actually made me want to see Covenant. You said that "the film presents the monsters in a loveless, matter of fact way." That's exactly how I want the Xenomorphs to be presented. I love it when science fiction is presented as matter of fact, it makes it more real.

  • Jack Thompson
    Jack Thompson 3 months ago +4

    An honest review. Thanks!

  • Bronwyn Corgi Lovah
    Bronwyn Corgi Lovah 3 months ago

    I totally understand that an opinion is exactly that, "an opinion"; but of all of the early reviews of the film this by far is the most critical.
    The general consensus is that Covenant is better than Prometheus but not better than Alien or Aliens. That the film is stunning to look at and the gore is back with a vengeance.
    This reviewer did nothing but bash the film and spoke little to none of the aspects he did like. Kinda matter of fact skewed towards hating the film for some reason.
    I'm not looking for a slasher film; well okay maybe just a little bit slasher but as long as they explain the Engineers and their motivations for wanting to destroy humankind from Prometheus I will come out of the theatre satisfied.

  • Wesley white
    Wesley white 3 months ago

    You just totally bashed the movie yet gave it 3 stars? I don't get it.

  • LG Draws
    LG Draws 3 months ago

    I'm not saying this in favor of being an alien fan, I'm saying this as a critic of the review. I really feel this review was so full of terrible bias it hurts.

  • DownrightSuperb
    DownrightSuperb 3 months ago

    Poor Micheal Fassbender has never been in a good movie.

  • Joshua Hornbaker
    Joshua Hornbaker 3 months ago

    Alien Covenant is a great movie and not a terrible movie

  • Kam Jaspal
    Kam Jaspal 3 months ago

    How else are alien monsters to be presented other than loveless and matter of fact in their violence?

  • De Selby
    De Selby 3 months ago

    Prometheus doesn't belong in a dark hole. You are just too stupid to understand it. Prometheus opened a genesis story for all future alien movies. Learn some shit asshole.

  • EnglandIsMyCITY
    EnglandIsMyCITY 3 months ago +1

    It's around 80% on rotten and all the other yt reviews have been positive. don't worry folks this turds review is an anomaly

  • Punksthetic
    Punksthetic 3 months ago +6

    Hahaha. Bunch of Alien fanboys are so butthurt by this review. Funny shit.

  • Jonathan Garcia
    Jonathan Garcia 3 months ago

    I agree with some of the comments below. It will be almost impossible to compare this movie with a fantastic classics such as Alien or Aliens. I think we should all go in this movie with a fresh pair of eyes and optimistic point of view.

  • Wesley Van Geffen
    Wesley Van Geffen 3 months ago +1

    Yea... I'll trust Jeremy Jahns review any day of the week over this clueless asshole

  • Koopa Trooper79
    Koopa Trooper79 3 months ago +7

    Ridley Scott shouldn't be allowed to DIRECT TRAFFIC, let alone A FILM!.....and I'm actually from South Shields! But he's a SHIT DIRECTOR!

    • Mania
      Mania 3 months ago

      Koopa Trooper79 yet his last film got him many Oscar nominations, have u seen this, no, so shut up, watch it, then talk shit. film nerds are the worst

    • rivolinho
      rivolinho 3 months ago

      Koopa Trooper79 Agree. He's just a visuals man, but hasn't the foggiest about plot characters etc.

  • Zentrixu
    Zentrixu 3 months ago

    Review sucks pure faggotrie, the real movie channels loved alien covenant, the movie reviews of gaming channels are always pure faggotrie, fuck that review vote that sucker down

  • Zentrixu
    Zentrixu 3 months ago

    Review sucks pure faggotrie, the real movie channels loved alien covenant, the movie reviews of gaming channels are always pure faggotrie, fuck that review vote that sucker down

    • Zentrixu
      Zentrixu 3 months ago

      You are a fucking subhuman cunt, how is it that your brother is your mother you incesteous piece of shit, fuck you and your whole familiy

    • MonkeyZorr
      MonkeyZorr 3 months ago


      Shut up idiot

  • Gordon Heaney
    Gordon Heaney 3 months ago

    Poor edit - movie clips twice as loud as your voice over

  • Alexander Sharpe
    Alexander Sharpe 3 months ago

    This guy that that review the movie sound like he wants to watch the original alien again .the movie tells a story and has an ending which is good enough for me .These are the reason why you can't trust reviewers because they give usually a dumb and biased opinion

  • Ali Arshad
    Ali Arshad 3 months ago

    A poor review in my opinion because of how repetitive it was. You had an opinion and instead of going further with it you repeated the same thing you said like 20 seconds ago.

  • Josh Speed
    Josh Speed 3 months ago +2

    Wow. What's with all the hate in the comments. Fantastic Franchise and a stellar cast doesn't automatically make it good. Stop being fan boys and take it as his opinion.

  • Chair Face
    Chair Face 3 months ago +5

    Bunch of fucking wanks in the comments

  • Dragonfury3000
    Dragonfury3000 3 months ago

    I cant trust the fans neither reviewers. I loved Ghost in the shell and Kong skull Island and aparently the majority in internet hates them!

  • Peter The Bloxer
    Peter The Bloxer 3 months ago

    Ha ha, this review tho

  • Andy Peters
    Andy Peters 3 months ago

    simpwy tewwible weview

  • hmartinspliff
    hmartinspliff 3 months ago

    What concerns me the most about this movie and ultimately​ could be its biggest flaw is the lack-lustre approach to diversity with some questionable casting choices. Sure, the film has an LGBT couple amongst the crew to tick the boxes but I'm not seeing a leading role being played by a male black actor....white guy Danny McBride seems to be playing the equivalent role of Yaphet Koto's Parker from the original Alien movie; he even reprises Parker's _"The food isn't that bad"_ line. This is a step in the wrong direction, in my opinion, back to a time when people didn't even know who Sidney Poitier was.

  • emmathepony
    emmathepony 3 months ago

    wow this games graphics are pretty good

    nice to see GAMESradar arent reviewing films !

  • Geert Matthys
    Geert Matthys 3 months ago

    YO which vid tells plot so I save moneyzz, don't care about this review crap if they don't tell story

    • Geert Matthys
      Geert Matthys 3 months ago

      ah ok, I'll rent it in a few months

    • MonkeyZorr
      MonkeyZorr 3 months ago

      +Geert Matthys

      All you need to know is David survives by pretending to be Walter

  • apdarkness905
    apdarkness905 3 months ago

    To any and all Aliens fans out there who read this comment who have been desperate to see Aline 5, which this movie and its director have killed, I urge you to try and save it by helping with the petition the fans have set up to try to save it. Here is a link to it if you feel, as I do, that Alien three is a cancer and has done nothing but blight the Aliens series for over twenty years maybe there's a chance we can save this movie so please sign this petition if you haven't already.

    .ENGLISH PROFICIENCY 3 months ago +10

    Even 3 stars seems generous for this pile of fucking retarded wank. AGAIN, no dialogue with the Engineers, AGAIN, retarded scientists, AGAIN, no pay off, AGAIN, asking more questions than giving answers, AGAIN, relying on visuals instead of actual fucking plot.

    • Joshua Diaz
      Joshua Diaz 3 months ago

      .ENGLISH PROFICIENCY not disagreeing with you, but have you seen the movie yet? Do you even know if this is true?

    • laughingalien
      laughingalien 3 months ago


      .ENGLISH PROFICIENCY 3 months ago


    • rivolinho
      rivolinho 3 months ago

      .ENGLISH PROFICIENCY There isn't one person involved in the making of this film that gives a fraction of a shit about answering questions. Ridley Scott is just a fucking huckster. He's riding this money train all the way to the bank. There's no one person here with a single creative vision ( like Cameron in Aliens) who can grab this shitshow by the neck and sort it out. No one is bothered. if it returns double on the investment, they'll be another. simple as, hence nothing answered.
      I won't be funding it. I'll torrent it.

  • TERRY. W
    TERRY. W 3 months ago

    I feel sorry for the Aliens. .. again !!

  • Green Is Not A Creative Colour

    It's hilarious how defensive commenters are getting over this review when they haven't even seen the movie themselves. Not in the least bit surprising, but still hilarious!

  • Ouija1210
    Ouija1210 3 months ago +2

    I never take someone else's review or rating of a movie to make a decision for me if I'm going to see it or not. Most of the time when I read a bad review the movie turned out to be excellent, and times, when the review was excellent the movie in my mind, ended up being a huge stinker. So I tend to ignore all other opinions until I see the film myself. However it's not realistic to expect that Covenant is going to be something amazing... no, it won't I expect it to be similar to or maybe slightly more action packed then Prometheus which in my mind was not a bad film but under-delivered simply based on the massive potential it had.

  • Billy Ray Valentine Capricorn

    Bigus Dikus

  • Nico las
    Nico las 3 months ago +4

    "Deeply frustrating film."
    "Lacks cinematic power."
    "Will be controversial to longtime fans."


    Pretty unbalanced review I'd say.

  • Brian Deakin
    Brian Deakin 3 months ago +7

    Lol the comments on here (sounds like trump supporters)... it's a good review, well explained and expected from another Alien movie.

  • Jace Biggs
    Jace Biggs 3 months ago

    why is the reviewers voice so quiet but the movie clips are SO LOUD?

  • Sam Clegg
    Sam Clegg 3 months ago

    Oh dude, your just rambling, because most people are loving this. Get out!

  • DDT0030
    DDT0030 3 months ago

    Will you get to see the facehugger using a lightsaber?

  • Dennis Poe
    Dennis Poe 3 months ago +1

    Prometheus was dope as fuck....Ridley Scott is a genius and this guy is a dumb fuck! I could watch the trailers for this movie time and time again and be as excited as I was the first time I seen it. Haters are gonna hate and critics are the most over payed usless profession in the world period. If you dig it great if not keep your stupid fuckin face hole shut about it because you dont matter what have you done that rivals anything even close to this? I suspected not a neary nuda bitch lol drunken Alien Covenant rant over.

    • Dennis Poe
      Dennis Poe 3 months ago

      Fuck off pussy, I would slap both yall little millenial hipster dumbasses up. Do you both typically team up on random posts and cry about them together? 😂 I bet y'all are curled up under the blankets with a flashlight right now crying because I didnt think prometheus was half bad. Sorry guys I know all about your gay conspiracy and you cannot raid my cd cabinet 😂 much love though I got all day lol

    • MonkeyZorr
      MonkeyZorr 3 months ago

      +Dennis Poe

      Shut up idiot

    • Dennis Poe
      Dennis Poe 3 months ago

      Why are you on my nuts? Shut your cocksucker lol I don't understand how my post warranted your fucking babbling. I give two fucks about you or anything you have to say. Good day 😊

    • youtubeuser
      youtubeuser 3 months ago

      Dennis Poe You think that tired cliche about assholes is clever? You have no ability to think of anything original.

  • FratNightGaming
    FratNightGaming 3 months ago +6

    some real assholes in the comment section. such hate for an opinion different than your own. people need to GROW UP.

    • The Gentleman
      The Gentleman 3 months ago

      "People need to grow up." Yes, and we can start by forming grammatically correct sentences.

  • 11111111111111111l
    11111111111111111l 3 months ago

    you smug british bastard

  • 何してんぬんお前,ホンマに?! !

    All of the complaints about the movie were the exact same thing I was thinking about this troglodytes review.

  • philmar44
    philmar44 3 months ago

    so its a movie with aliens in it? sign me up right now. don't believe this review (or any reviews at the moment) just go see the film and make you own minds up.

  • String Bender
    String Bender 3 months ago +8

    Worst review I've ever heard,read,saw,etc,etc.....This guy had no intention of doing anything other than bashing the franchise. I watched several other reviews and none were in the negative zone like Mr Speach Impediment here! This guy is a real ray of sunshine. Its a shame when someone is biased over a movie they obviously haven't seen or dont understand. Pathetic.

    • Mania
      Mania 3 months ago

      +rivolinho oh ok, so ppl back then we're idiots for calling alien a basic sci fi film? A step down from the recently released star wars, close encounters which got many positive reviews. No. Alien wasn't well received until the 2003 re release. And also, the studio wasn't trying to get fat on alien covenant. Ridley himself wanted to come back. And also, the wachowski' s weren't unknown. They had many movies before the matrix, some with Oscar nods. And you know what's funny? Back in the 80s, studios were just as greedy, there was never a time when film studios weren't greedy bastards. They just follow trends. Back in those days, it was action and original sci fi films. And many comic book fans used to fantasize about actually seeing comic films on screen. And not all are bad, just 1 or 2 a year if that. And that's dumb of you to say critics back then didn't get it, but the ones now truly understand shit now. That makes no since. Films from the 80s were just ok, but they weren't some groundbreaking achievements. Ppl from the 70s, bashed 80s films for relying too much on effects than story. 80s films were known as trash fest. The best films are being made now. Also you mention cgi like it's a truly bad thing when ppl said the same thing about practical effects and puppets. It's all a circle. And Christopher Nolan gets huge budgets to make original films all the time. James Cameron got 300 million to make avatar. Studios never threw out money at 11am unknown Director to direct a highly budgeted film. James Cameron made terminator for 5 million. It wasn't until after aliens that he got those bigger budgets. And again, shut the fuck up about alien covenant. Nobody is shitting on it. Not one person. Just you. Nobody gave it a bad review. A 7 means pretty good but with some flaws. And it's not because it feels like a cash grab, but because Ridley stumbled a bit on the giant story and not answering a lot the questions he raises which is an old school sci fi trope of the 80s where you didn't answer any questions, you let the audience imagination answer them. Spielberg never showed you the inside of the alien ship in close encounters, a few star trek movies can be left for interpretation. That's what sci fi is. It's not some well made scripted Oscar nominee. It's supposed to be a divisive film for ppl to pick apart for decades. Ppl are still arguing about fucking Prometheus and its questions because these days, critics and dumbass audience members like you missed the point. I just find it hilarious that almost every 80s sci fi picture is considered classic yet all of them were panned. Also, Ridley Scott isn't trying to sell nostalgia, dumbass. Wake up. Ppl say the best parts are the callbacks. They dont like the new elements he brings in. In the end, don't call yourself a film fan yet you spot on current films. Your an old school film fan, if anything. But I just think your talking out your ass. Your literally typing shit and still haven't seen the damn movie. I'm not saying that your wrong or I'm right, even know I am. I'm just saying watch something before you judge it. Your honestly what's wrong with the world. Why hate is even in existence. Ppl talking about shit they haven't experienced. You say you think this film is shit because your favorite critic gave it a marginal positive review. What makes a 7 bad? Why do movie have to be 9s or 10s for them to be enjoyable? Why can't you just walk in and enjoy the film for what it is? Your not a film fan. Just some loser kid typing on the internet who has watched way too many watchmojo vids and can't form an opinion for yourself. Your literally telling me that a film that hasn't been released yet is terrible because it got a 7. Dude you have mental issues. Get off of YouTube and go get help. Because obviously you take these films too seriously. Who cares if cinema is dead because studios rather make adaptations and sequels than original films, which is fucking ridiculous because obviously you aren't looking. There are much more original films being made. Get out just came out and ppl loved it. Split was original. The reason why big budget original action films don't get made is because they usually don't make a profit. Ppl don't go watch them unless they have big names behind them and MOST of the time, they still flop. It's not the studios fault that happens. A man from uncle was original, I think, it flopped. Many original films flop. Because audience these days don't care. Ppl hardly go to the movies anymore. Ppl stream shit now. It's not the studios fault. It's ppl in general. I'm tired of ONLY superhero films too, but didnt we just get LIFE last month, it was ok, nobody saw it. So don't make it seem like its the studios. It's idiots Like you who rather read reviews than to go out and watch films. Back in the 80s, ppl didnt listen to reviews, which is why most of those films are now classics. If everyone read reviews and acted like you, alien, predator, terminator would be flips. So in the end, watch alien covenant or shut up about it

    • rivolinho
      rivolinho 3 months ago

      Movies today are better than years ago? - You're an idiot STFU. The cinema screens show nothing but moronic superhero trash on a loop. Good, original scripts rarely get greenlit anymore because FAT LAZY studios wont take a chance on something new. Risk averse. They just want to keep sucking on the teet of the simplistic superhero drivel. And if they arent doing that, they are increasingly reliant on CGI effects to sell tickets. They no longer bother investing in good scripts or attempting to fashion them, because they know that the majority of mouth breathing morons will lap up anything with an impressive set of CG explosions.

      Do you think the Matrix would get made in 2017? With a budget of approx $80m? Written and directed by unknowns? It would in my ass! Since the late 90s, early 2000s we have seen a marked drop off in new innovative ideas, in fact the only time these films get made now is when a) they have a much loved brand behind them (like Alien) or B) they are made by a respected director (also like Alien)
      Other than that, what we are seeing more and more of is low rent trash which is mainly a vehicle for CGI with little to no focus on plot. Even films like this, which have a god given right to be good based on their heritage, are dumbed down beyond all belief to appeal to the lowest common denominator.
      Just listen to Kermode in relation to Ridley Scott - the man is only as good as the script he is working with. In 79 he happened to have a great script and he worked his visual magic, today he has a shit, undercooked turd to work with.

      Alien 1 was panned at the time because it was a modern Scifi masterpiece, it was breaking ground and was a precursor to the types of films we saw later in the 80s and 90s. People who didnt understand the majesty of it's basic premise shit on it because they were idiots.
      Covenant should be rightly shit on for different reasons - namely it is trading on the name of a great ancestor and copy and pasting pastiches of that film to itself to simply sell on nostalgia. It's just another moronic summer blockbuster with the Alien name and Ridley Scott directing. It has nothing of the quality of the first 2.

      And no, I havent seen it. But when I do, i'll be sure to come back here and reiterate what i said. When people who know shit films from good ones say this doesnt stand up, and Ive agreed with them 100s of times before, Im pretty sure my thinking will be vindicated.

      Now, Ive wasted enough of my life arguing with a self confessed idiot. Goodbye.

    • Mania
      Mania 3 months ago

      +rivolinho dude all I'm saying is that you should watch something before you speak on it. First of all, I've heard its doing it's own thing. I think it's creative that Ridley put more types of aliens in it and ways for ppl to die. And I can compare this to the originals because it's made by the same guy. From what I've gathered, they've said it did a good job. Alien 1 and aliens were bashed back in the day, they weren't acclaimed films until the next decade or 2. Alien didn't even make that much money. Many critics called it the worst sci fi film ever. Nobody likes it....except audiences. And alien is very poorly written. Maybe because ppl overanalyze and think it's saying something about male rape, which it wasnt, it was a fucking horror film. Critics bagged on it for being simplistic. And why should I not enjoy the cinema. I think movies are WAY better now than than back in the day. You can act all hipster and say that movies were better back then, which they werent, but the funny thing is that back then, the movies you call classics, flopped and were called trash by most. And Its not like I'm praising anything alien, I hated avp2 and Prometheus. This film looks like a return to form, and MOST CRITICS SAY IT IS. It's fresh on rotten tomatoes. Who cares if it made a few mistakes toward the end and stumbled a bit with a few questions it asked? You keep saying that it's teens watching it but no, its fucking adults going to see this. Also, why do you want this franchise to be done? Do you have bets on it? Does your life revolve around the series. Who cares? In the end, you haven't seen it, dumbass. Get that through your head. YOU AIN'T SEEN SHIT. Therefore your opinion, view, or anything about this film is considered bullshit. If ppl back in the day listen to critics, films like star wars, predator, alien, halloween, would have flopped and been some cult films on Netflix. And if you actually like films, you'd watch it because you interested in film. Also, studios aren't fat and lazy, if they get involved, fags like you get mad because the director vision gets fucked up. So stop making it seem like films are dying and there's no quality based off you getting mad at an alien film. Get the fuck out here, be smart, and either watch the movie, or don't talk about it. Because in the end, your the idiot for speaking on something youve never experienced. That's like a virgin telling someone about how sex feels because they watched a porno. Get the fuck out. You have no idea what your talking about

    • rivolinho
      rivolinho 3 months ago

      I seriously dont know what fetish you have about asserting your credentials as a critic over and above paid reviewers. You keep banging on about that as if youre some working class hero who doesnt need to be told "by the man" what's good and whats not. Well whoop de fucking do for you. That isnt the point of this discussion.
      The point is that this is yet another sub par, brainless, cash grab nostalgia trip of a franchise film. Respected reviewers like the Doctor himself, none other than Mark Kermode........and various other critics who actually know what makes a worthwhile movie, have rubbished this turkey. When I eventually see it, I am certain I will rubbish it also. Because as I explained earlier, my opinion is normally in sync with people who know a decent film from a piece of shit.

      Dont embarrass yourself further by comparing this with classics like the original Alien films, The Thing etc. For one thing (out of many many things) those films had originality.
      What is this turd but series of callbacks so film goers can go "Oh look, thats like that scene from that film i love, ergo I must love this too!!" Oh jesus! Film studios are fat and lazy nowaways and risk averse. Instead of new classics being made, we are making do with poorly written, silly, lazy rehashes like this claptrap. This guff is only marginally better than the endless superhero films we are forcefed these days.

      You should take your head out of your ass and stop slurping up the sugary goop that you are being given in the cinema every week. Instead of being happy that someone made an "Alien" film and cheering it on hysterically, see it for what it is, a worthless, forgettable, scifi B movie that happens to have a big budget. No brains, no smarts, no tension, no thrills, nothing that made the originals what they were. Just pseudo intellectual blathering in space with some blood n guts thrown in to keep the teen boys happy. Basically Prometheus 2. Which is what they should call it and be done with it!

    • Mania
      Mania 3 months ago

      +rivolinho if you actually understood film, you wouldn't be looking at reviews. If you actually liked films, you'd go out and watch a movie because you like watching movies. My friend works at this local drive in, so we see shit for free and we watch whatever is playing, no matter the reviewsx but hey if your money is right and you cant afford to see a 7 dollar movie, then ok. But dont act like you look for good films of all you do is listen to critics. Because critics don't decide if a film is good or not, we do as moviegoers. Also, your making it seem like it's getting terrible reviews, its getting great reviews, just some say it offers too many questions that it doesn't answer which is what most old school sci fi flicks did. And also, please don't make it seem like critics are what we should listen to. Back in the day, critics hated the original alien and aliens, empire, return of the jedi, Halloween, the thing, etc. Like I said, watch it, then judge it. Hell critics loved sw7, and that was whack. I'm not saying that you shouldnt look for more things in film. But I think it's idiotic of anyone to talk about anything that they don't understand nor of what they haven't seen before. You may actually like it. That's like me saying this is the greatest movie ever, yet I've never seen it. All I'm saying is that you watch it before you start bashing it. And how is a 7 out of ten trashing it you regard. You film nerds dont understand a rating system of it shot u in the face. Anything over a 6 mean you will have a good time. 7 means pretty good but has flaws. And as a film fan, you I should actually want to see what they are talking about. Because if not, then your not a film fan. Also, you make this way too black and white. When I was at the doctor their day, even my doctor was interested and she didn't even mention the reviews which I bet she jasnt seem because she has a life. Maybe you should stop worrying so much about what others think. Because if you literally miss this film which reviewer recommends, again you made up your own story to this review because he's not trashing it, then you may have some serious mental issues. The reviewer liked it. It just seems like you weren't gonna watch it anyway and are looking for confirmation. Funny thing is that the original alien films were panned by critics in their time, yet now they are somehow acclaimed. Not because critics say so, but because we as an audience did. Idiot.

  • Tappa Tappa
    Tappa Tappa 3 months ago +1

    This movie blows !

  • N L
    N L 3 months ago +24

    I feel like this was just from a point of view from a UCLA movie snob that knows it all because he lives in LA. I have yet to see the movie but I rarely agree with these types of reviews that seem to want some grand masterpiece that rivals the original. And you just can't. It'll never be as good because there is no shock and mystery.

    • N L
      N L 3 months ago

      Dude he asked at the end of the video to give out thoughts about the movie and review. I felt like a gave an honest opinion. I didn't mean for it to be attacking him too badly but the review style just seemed pretentious and not like what a real person would be honking when they watch a movie

    • Optimus Wev
      Optimus Wev 3 months ago

      so why are you watching it. nothing better to do than moan about peoples opinions in their own video you chose to watch? pathetic.

  • minibeast21
    minibeast21 3 months ago +24

    this is a bias review, watch IGN's review for a more balanced & less bias review

    • DylanStream
      DylanStream 3 months ago

      i would also suggest going to screenjunkies news and checking out what they have to say

    • Chaff Monkey
      Chaff Monkey 3 months ago

      lol IGN balanced, bitch please

    • DC Comics are the best
      DC Comics are the best 3 months ago

      +Optimus Wev star wars is always worsr

    • Optimus Wev
      Optimus Wev 3 months ago

      what just because you don't agree with it, soooo many pathetic defensive fanboys on here. The new generations of fanboys of these franchise like Prometheus & star wars are like a fucking cult! Grow up, people have opinions.

  • zombieslaya3456
    zombieslaya3456 3 months ago

    Those who have seen it.. is it worth watching? Regardless of its messiness

    • Shawn Dawson
      Shawn Dawson 2 months ago

      zombieslaya3456 definitely worth going to see. It has some "problems", but I still enjoyed it. It certainly will leave you with something to talk about afterward. I got my monies worth for sure. It's not a bad movie by any means.

  • Ursula Shade
    Ursula Shade 3 months ago +57

    you guys are just a bunch of hipsters, if you can't understand Prometheus your not paying attention , I'm sure this movie is great if it holds threads of Prometheus , stop trying to make them think we just want a remake of the old films, we move foward and explore new territory. fucking hipsters

    • Onion Layers
      Onion Layers 3 months ago

      Optimus Wev Okay valid point but you still need to think because it doesn't answer alot of questions in the end of the film. If you want me to just accept that prometheus is silly and filled with plot holes then enlighten me, give me examples. what plot holes exactly? how is the story dumb and don't say because it doesn't explain anything.

    • whitrulzes
      whitrulzes 3 months ago

      If you think Prometheus is intellectual then don't watch Solaris or Primer. Your tiny brain would explode.

    • David
      David 3 months ago


    • Optimus Wev
      Optimus Wev 3 months ago

      Stop being such a defensive fanboy.
      Theres nothing to understand or not get in Prometheus, its actually pretty dumb science fiction, full of shocking plot holes. I just love how people who like it act like its super smart & if you dont like it its because you just "don't get" it or your stupid, it really is not. End of the day its a terrible story/film with awful characters.
      Is that opinion hipster enough for you? Your pic looks pretty hipster by the way ;)

  • Luka Alefosio
    Luka Alefosio 3 months ago

    another fail

  • Nightraver56Eu
    Nightraver56Eu 3 months ago +11

    does reviewer even understand the alien franchise???

  • Jason West Jones
    Jason West Jones 3 months ago +10

    OP has not seen the movie.

  • Benjamin Rhoades
    Benjamin Rhoades 3 months ago +2

    I love how people already are dismissing it because Prince Charles say its SHITE...This guy sounds like a pompous ass.

  • Sean Stewart
    Sean Stewart 3 months ago +15

    No movie following Alien stands a chance. It would either be too similar but worse or too different. I love how reviewers try and sound so smart breaking down movies. I feel like this review is an exercise in attempting to string together as many beautifully worded sentences as possible. I learned nothing.

  • Southend busker
    Southend busker 3 months ago +6

    In other words a cult classic :) 11/10

  • Irvin Jimenez
    Irvin Jimenez 3 months ago +5

    3 stars is a mess? if you're gonna commit than commit with the rating scale lol

    • Irvin Jimenez
      Irvin Jimenez 3 months ago

      Eh, should have given at least a 2 1/2 stars just to drive it home a bit more

    • Jeff Pattison
      Jeff Pattison 3 months ago

      3/5 is 60% or a D. That's about right.

  • Jim Jones McGee
    Jim Jones McGee 3 months ago +6

    IGN jus gave it a 7 with other adjectives and words as such spoken by another British accent...

    • Green Is Not A Creative Colour
      Green Is Not A Creative Colour 3 months ago

      So? A 7 as opposed to a 6? That's not exactly a massive discrepancy.

    • Ouija1210
      Ouija1210 3 months ago

      Well, there is nothing better than an annoying British accent to express your disappointment or disgust at something... especially when giving it a bad review.

  • Rob M
    Rob M 3 months ago +28

    Thanks for a honest critical review and not hopping on board the hype train

    • Rob M
      Rob M 3 months ago

      +Rafael Ortiz I hope that it's great and I'm on the hype train myself hopefully it's great. Having some reviews that don't say it's perfect can temper your expectations letting you be more blown away or less disappointed Depending on the movie results.

    • Rafael Ortiz
      Rafael Ortiz 3 months ago

      Rob M wait what is honest though? If someone loved the movie then they are not being honest?

  • Olivier.wmv
    Olivier.wmv 3 months ago +1

    damn, a 2/10. that's brutal

    • Olivier.wmv
      Olivier.wmv 3 months ago

      you know, that joke works better when the thing is actually good

  • Bryan Torres
    Bryan Torres 3 months ago +15

    game over man.

  • Rayshaud Mcneill
    Rayshaud Mcneill 3 months ago


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