Chaos erupts at the Higher Education National Convention

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  • nkanyiso muziwenhlanhla

    This is embarrassing, really!!!

  • pholoso Calven
    pholoso Calven 4 months ago


  • Victor Mtiki
    Victor Mtiki 4 months ago

    High Discipline, High Moral PASMA!!

  • Ngobola Muyembe
    Ngobola Muyembe 4 months ago

    Are South Africans just in love with violence? From Parliament to Higher Education?

  • Isaac Paul
    Isaac Paul 4 months ago

    HAHA this presenter is totally useless though....'People attacking and chasing other people,people are beating people' haha dead!!!

  • Bachelor of Pharmacy
    Bachelor of Pharmacy 4 months ago

    This is sad

  • Johan Snyman
    Johan Snyman 4 months ago

    Open the cages at any zoo.Let the animals out and you will experience the same chaos.

  • Petro S.P
    Petro S.P 4 months ago

    ukzn pmb students i c u gyz

  • Morwasereme Mphahlele
    Morwasereme Mphahlele 4 months ago

    That's kk from wits

  • obotseng mmereki
    obotseng mmereki 4 months ago

    listening is a skill!

  • Njoki K
    Njoki K 4 months ago

    I love SA students

    • Ghoulza
      Ghoulza 4 months ago

      criminals like these should be shot, no use having them in society.  worthless.

    • Nature of the voice
      Nature of the voice 4 months ago

      +Simphiwe Jeremia hayi khawume wethu pavela into engekhoyo apha thyini

    • Simphiwe Jeremia
      Simphiwe Jeremia 4 months ago

      you the one who are criminals and who are dumb big up to what our brothers and sisters did there

    • Lorenzo Munisami
      Lorenzo Munisami 4 months ago

      Njoki K they dumb af

    • Ghoulza
      Ghoulza 4 months ago

      those are not students they are criminals

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