How to Make Coca Cola Soda Fountain Machine with 3 Different Drinks at Home

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  • Hoang Phamtan
    Hoang Phamtan 21 minute ago

    Wow awsmoe

  • 성대호
    성대호 39 minutes ago

    와 이사람진짜똑똑하네

  • Quan12345 Hoang
    Quan12345 Hoang Hour ago


  • strawberryCAKE
    strawberryCAKE Hour ago

    Il, never make these i just like watching people make em'

  • PinkyBear
    PinkyBear 2 hours ago

    I watched one video...and now I can't stop watching all of them. o_o

  • Bakon .__.
    Bakon .__. 4 hours ago

    Jesus how long did he leave the sprite and fanta out, sprite looking like water and fanta look just like orange juice

  • Ana Saucedo
    Ana Saucedo 4 hours ago


  • Travis Plush Productions

    Useless but cool

  • candyJMaster77 amazinggamer

    How does he refill it when its emptey

  • James Butler
    James Butler 6 hours ago +1

    0:15 I get that it's overdramatised a lot but seriously? _Seriously?!?_

  • huriye kantar
    huriye kantar 9 hours ago

    Or I can just go to any fast food restaurant and get soda like that or I can just get a can of soda and drink it 🙄

  • Brian Hadley
    Brian Hadley 10 hours ago


  • Maddie OMG
    Maddie OMG 10 hours ago


  • Jesse Johnson
    Jesse Johnson 10 hours ago


  • Melinda Campuzano
    Melinda Campuzano 11 hours ago


  • Rob Fowler
    Rob Fowler 11 hours ago

    Cool idea but it will go flat. Why do you think the real soda fountains mix the carbonation live?

  • Bobby Strong
    Bobby Strong 11 hours ago

    talk,you're videos are the best

  • Athena The great
    Athena The great 11 hours ago

    im on that said of youtube again

  • puppyintros
    puppyintros 12 hours ago

    Dude I don't get it it's amazing but I'm 9 and I can pour soda perfectly fine with out spilling it.....he can't even get the soda in the freaking cup

  • Muhammed Riyas
    Muhammed Riyas 14 hours ago


  • Dpk Ku Ki Pehchan Nema Kalwa

    raj nema

  • אודליה שרעבי

    הדבר הכי יפה שראיתי בחיים שלי

  • Khairani Sanuci
    Khairani Sanuci 16 hours ago

    If I was the one did it I will the what I just said

  • Khairani Sanuci
    Khairani Sanuci 16 hours ago +2

    Is fake for me because I think the put some bottle of coca cola and just pull the button

  • اسو فاضل
    اسو فاضل 16 hours ago


  • Abby Reynoso
    Abby Reynoso 17 hours ago

    The Sprite looks like water

  • comedy club & general knowledge

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  • RYDZIU troll
    RYDZIU troll 20 hours ago

    wymiary człowieku

  • The Doctor
    The Doctor 20 hours ago

    If this was real, all of them would have served wodka

  • 유튜브과일
    유튜브과일 20 hours ago

    진짜 잘 만드시네여ㅎㅎ

  • Abby Gaw
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  • Path Viking
    Path Viking Day ago

    Who tf pour into a cup, we drink with forks

  • Noob Minecraft
    Noob Minecraft Day ago

    Rót nước mà cố tình làm đổ ra bàn

  • Natasha Alvarado

    I rather pour my soda instead of wasting my time in life

  • kitty cat
    kitty cat Day ago

    SO COOL!!! Like if agree

  • Lesly Calderon
    Lesly Calderon Day ago

    I wish You Can Sell Them

  • Shaquille Oemrawsingh

    He's en idiot

  • swift 04
    swift 04 Day ago

    This is stupid all you have to do is just take a bottle of coke and a cup. Take the bottle up to the glass. Then pour it's not rocket science.

  • Joseph Ceaser
    Joseph Ceaser Day ago

    Come and make me one

  • American girl doll videos Kaylin

    Why else watches these and never does them

  • Dragon King
    Dragon King Day ago

    How did you get the buttens?

  • Czaja Undying
    Czaja Undying Day ago


  • Yosun tapan
    Yosun tapan Day ago


  • Azucena Esparza
    Azucena Esparza Day ago


  • Mathanee mean Kaewjumlong


  • Nar Manukyan
    Nar Manukyan Day ago

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  • Nar Manukyan
    Nar Manukyan Day ago

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  • Selina Lepsi
    Selina Lepsi Day ago

    where did you get the cardboard from and the batteries

  • Chloe Soulsby
    Chloe Soulsby Day ago


  • Mii's Kanal
    Mii's Kanal Day ago

    Stop! Hate is nit good😯🙁😖

  • Angelique Aubry
    Angelique Aubry Day ago


  • 아기
    아기 Day ago

    갑자기콜라가 먹고싶어용!!

  • Lucky Games
    Lucky Games Day ago

    0:34 do you want to cut your finger

  • anh thư chibi
    anh thư chibi Day ago +1


  • 歪歪 王
    歪歪 王 Day ago

    SO so so trouble

  • Blue Tooth
    Blue Tooth 2 days ago

    Wow way to go! now its gonna taste like ass. smh

  • Craftguy
    Craftguy 2 days ago

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    me comment to make my channel become greater?

  • Stella Molina
    Stella Molina 2 days ago

    Guay este tío base cosas muy pero muy guay xd

  • EH Girl
    EH Girl 2 days ago

    Mike mike you the idiot

  • David Pulu
    David Pulu 2 days ago


  • Rafalgames 05
    Rafalgames 05 2 days ago

    Trop cool je m'abonne

  • youtube. junki
    youtube. junki 2 days ago

    Du bist genial👍👍

  • Winona Baptist
    Winona Baptist 2 days ago


  • Frédéric Toche
    Frédéric Toche 2 days ago

    Trop cool

  • Waz up !!
    Waz up !! 2 days ago

    hes a disappointment to his family

  • darwin sessions
    darwin sessions 2 days ago

    Do you have the dimensions so my kid can build this

  • Grace Jones
    Grace Jones 2 days ago

    Send me the stuff

  • glynis taylor
    glynis taylor 2 days ago

    firstly thats not cool and secondly were making it for fun

  • hà nguyễn sơn hà


  • DK Productions
    DK Productions 2 days ago

    note that you have to hot glue the button and tubes to the cardboard so they don't move when you push em around

  • HeyItzMcWarrior - Games & Stuff

    Cool bid 3:52

  • JR Ramim
    JR Ramim 2 days ago


  • Dhiannisa Qotrunnada


  • Ali The gamer 777
    Ali The gamer 777 2 days ago


  • violent gaming
    violent gaming 2 days ago

    You cant pour yourself a glass of Fanta but you can do this wtf

  • Bleach Master
    Bleach Master 3 days ago

    Do you have to sotter the wire

  • Th3 RandomN3rd
    Th3 RandomN3rd 3 days ago

    Which else loves the infomercial at the beginning? Like, oh no! I spilled my Fanta! "Do you get this problem as well? Well, worry no more! Using only your own tools and this video, you can have a drink dispenser!

  • bryan1282
    bryan1282 3 days ago

    Wow you guys suck, so concerned about him pouring soda. You know what I got out of it? A simple project for me and my daughter that we enjoyed making and she has in her play kitchen now.

  • Viktor Lofgren
    Viktor Lofgren 3 days ago

    Vad är ditt jävla fel egentligen, lär dig hälla läsk din autistiska jävla fitta.

    MΛLESTROM 3 days ago

    Что за музыка играет в конце?

  • digg dogg
    digg dogg 3 days ago

    Thats pretty cool man

  • Divergent Sparklez
    Divergent Sparklez 3 days ago

    Or just buy a bottle of soda and drink it straight from the bottle... (or can)

  • Lily Parsons
    Lily Parsons 3 days ago

    Like who is gonna make this

  • Apollo X
    Apollo X 3 days ago

    How a scientist pour soda

  • Lps Galaxy
    Lps Galaxy 3 days ago

    So cool

  • Peter Brams
    Peter Brams 3 days ago

    do you guys know what the metal is called at 0:45

    • Peter Brams
      Peter Brams 2 days ago

      ok thx man :D

    • Peter Brams
      Peter Brams 2 days ago

      ohhh ok thx man :D

    • Bleach Master
      Bleach Master 3 days ago

      Peter Brams you could also get lead free sotter

    • Bleach Master
      Bleach Master 3 days ago

      You need a sottering iron to use it btw it's lead you need to wash your hands after you use it

    • Bleach Master
      Bleach Master 3 days ago

      Peter Brams that is sotter lead sotter

  • SuperMegaGamer289
    SuperMegaGamer289 3 days ago

    What is that hot grey thing with the wire

  • Mythrayn82
    Mythrayn82 3 days ago

    Never stop what your doing. Your amazing

  • Rosy Mailliedprevost
    Rosy Mailliedprevost 3 days ago +2

    Trop bien ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

    ENB ENB 3 days ago

    Ay adamlar neler yapıyo ya

  • Bipin Kumar Suman
    Bipin Kumar Suman 3 days ago


  • bitforcedb
    bitforcedb 3 days ago


  • carlos arevalo
    carlos arevalo 3 days ago

    You can't make a how to video without explaining

  • s thangam
    s thangam 4 days ago


  • Yo Boiii
    Yo Boiii 4 days ago

    In so triggered

  • Yo Boiii
    Yo Boiii 4 days ago

    This video sucks

  • Yo Boiii
    Yo Boiii 4 days ago


  • мιтcн 米奇
    мιтcн 米奇 4 days ago

    Ayy m8 I can't poor this bottle of Fanta into a glass ! IK I'll just make a cardboard vending machine

  • Chibi One piecg
    Chibi One piecg 4 days ago


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