10 Ways The Guardians Of The Galaxy Would Beat The Avengers

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    What power does Groot have that the Avengers don't know about? 10 Ways The Guardians Of The Galaxy Would Beat The Avengers! Subscribe to our channel: https://goo.gl/wMuSDD

    One team protects planet Earth. Some of the threats come from within the planet and other threats, like in the first Avengers film, come from outer space. The Avengers have proven capable and effective at keeping the planet safe.

    The other team presides over the cosmos, protecting all sorts of planets and species from big baddies. The rag tag team of superheroes who didn’t always have the best intentions have also proven capable of protecting the universe. The Guardians of the Galaxy have taken on a Celestial and won! That is impressive!

    The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy could not be more different. We love them both all the same. While we fully expect them to be on the same side in Avengers: Infinity War, wouldn’t it be just as fun to see them go at it? It is possible when they meet for the first time they are not going to get along. We know Tony doesn’t always play well with others.

    We think Guardians would be The Avengers. Hear us out! Groot could take Hulk and the team on with one of his little branches. Iron Man and Rocket are both the tech geeks of the teams. Rocket’s advantage is he has technology Stark hasn’t even invented yet. Which includes Star Lord’s anti-gravity mines. The Avengers are mostly enhanced beings who need technology. Star Lord is a celestial whose powers may be limitless if he still has them.

    We set the battlefield, we will be dealing primarily with the MCU versions of both teams, so let’s start going head to head!
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Comments: 403

  • Cowchy Sloth
    Cowchy Sloth 11 hours ago

    All u gotta do to defeat rocket and their allies is to use and emp.(ironman can be immune to emps)

  • Cowchy Sloth
    Cowchy Sloth 11 hours ago

    Everyone is saying all u need is vision but u only need someone like Quicksilver or Antman

  • Rene Davila
    Rene Davila 12 hours ago

    Bro what's your problem with the avengers

  • Iron Marvel Studios
    Iron Marvel Studios 12 hours ago

    I meant happen

  • Iron Marvel Studios
    Iron Marvel Studios 12 hours ago

    Mantis can only make hulk sleep when he touches, which will NEVER happem

  • Julian Brown
    Julian Brown 1 day ago

    What if the the x men help the averagers

  • Finley
    Finley 1 day ago

    The avengers, only Groot can survive a bullet to the head, not to mention Iron man has a laser that cuts through anything.

  • Kobe Cuen
    Kobe Cuen 1 day ago

    here's how the avengers would obviously win using only movie seen guardians and avengers and no ravagers, hulk and Thor take Groot, Spidey wrecks star lord, gamora, and drax cuz drax is weak compared to Spider-Man and rocket just gets shot with a trank or Maybe a widow sting has his weapons and tools taken and is put in a cage and btw it is fair to note if you're thinking Spidey needs a tech suit to take on star lord, gamora and drax he doesn't because he is stronger than all of them combined and is more athletic probably has better dance moves than star lord and has a little thing called SPIDER-SENSE

  • Ilyas Basuki
    Ilyas Basuki 1 day ago

    This isn't a list of how the GotG would beat the Avengers. This is a list of how the GotG *could* beat the Avengers. And for every way the GotG has, the Avengers have 2. You wanna use comic versions? All right then, let's see them go against Doctor Strange with all his artifacts, Scarlet Witch with her full potential, Thor with the Odinforce, World Breaker Hulk, and Extremis Iron Man. See how that works out.

  • Bob  Willson
    Bob Willson 2 days ago

    The guardians have 6 members, 7 if you include Kraglin. The Avengers have 13 members, 14 if you include Spider-Man. With double the number of members in their team, the Avengers would clearly win.

  • Otto Rockett
    Otto Rockett 2 days ago

    Drax got more strength than cap yet he's dumber. Cap would break him down tactically. Iron man would fuck star lord up. Rockets machines always take so much fuckin time iron man aint the type to wait for your gun to work be real. Black widow can take the gamora idc what anyone says they the same person just different colors. THE ENTIRE MANTIS THEORY IS A FAIL BECAUSE HOW THE FUCK ARE THEY GOING TO ALL ATTACK HULK IF THEY GOT THEY OWN BATTLES. Hulk can only get stronger and never tired. No matter how you put it the hulk is the hardest being to take down. The dude ripped wolverine in half. Wolverine makes the entire gotg crew look like kids. Also what about planet hulk. Hes dealt and beat the silver surfer. The silver surfer is a harold of galactus whose as strong if not stronger than thanos. Yall niggas lying

    • Otto Rockett
      Otto Rockett 2 days ago

      On top of EVERY FUCKIN BRANCH ON THE AVENGERS. also the hulk cant be mind controlled. Get ya facts right

  • Nicholas Reyna
    Nicholas Reyna 2 days ago

    Plus I doubt the guardians would fight the avenders cuz in infinity war they will team up to beat thanos

  • Nicholas Reyna
    Nicholas Reyna 2 days ago


  • kenny jaquez
    kenny jaquez 3 days ago

    hulk cant be controlled by dat mind

  • ErinOcelotl :3
    ErinOcelotl :3 3 days ago

    yeeeaah... errrr, well most ravagers are pretty... dead...

    • ErinOcelotl :3
      ErinOcelotl :3 22 hours ago

      Oh yeah

      Well apart from the guy who tried his arrow in the end (I forgot his name)

    • Ilyas Basuki
      Ilyas Basuki 1 day ago

      Only Yondu's crew. The others are still alive.

  • Viann Aishlee Guarico
    Viann Aishlee Guarico 4 days ago +1

    Why would they fight they would probably team up and be a mega team

  • inky bandanna
    inky bandanna 4 days ago

    scarlet witch would just rip the guardians apart

  • Adrian Jimenez
    Adrian Jimenez 4 days ago

    I would say avengers win because they have a bigger team and has S.H.I.E.L.D

  • Epic Pokemon fan !
    Epic Pokemon fan ! 4 days ago

    Avengers is WAY stronger than them SOO

  • Logan Vail
    Logan Vail 4 days ago

    The avengers have sentry on their team in the comics and many more too overpowerd characters on their team. Vision has the mindstone, so he could mind control every single guardian

  • Logan Vail
    Logan Vail 4 days ago

    The avengers can enlist shield and maybe even asguard. A gravity mine wouldnever take out all of the avengers. Even if it did they could easily get out.

  • Logan Vail
    Logan Vail 4 days ago

    Hulk can breathe in space so can ironman with certain suits. Hulk would rip off mantis's head before she would ever think about putting him to sleep

  • Logan Vail
    Logan Vail 4 days ago

    Iron man doesn't only have 1 suit, he has much more tech and smarts than rocket will ever have

  • Logan Vail
    Logan Vail 4 days ago

    Drax vs cap? It should be drax vs Thor, and the avengers have hulk. Hulk could beat the whole guardians by himself

  • Leo Milton
    Leo Milton 4 days ago

    This is bullshit the avengers are way stronger

  • Gokhan Geta
    Gokhan Geta 5 days ago

    Sorry boys Avengers is way too diverse it can have a variety of characters let's ignore dr strange (way too powerful) or hulk Spiderman almost beats everyone in guardians of galaxy with ease

  • sam arbon
    sam arbon 5 days ago

    Hulk is immune to telepathic attacks so hulk cannot be affected in that way. This is due to the hulk having multiple personalities it messes up there mind

  • Faultiest Elm
    Faultiest Elm 5 days ago

    Ant Man could easily get rid of groot

  • Unknown Unknown
    Unknown Unknown 5 days ago

    All iron man's armour, Jarvis, Veronica, Friday. Tony can pull it off! Cbr ur shit!

    • Unknown Unknown
      Unknown Unknown 5 days ago

      And there's War Machine

    • Unknown Unknown
      Unknown Unknown 5 days ago

      Friday and Jarvis can control all the other armours while Veronica is in Hulk buster suit and Tony is in extremis armor.

  • Jacob the Boss 101
    Jacob the Boss 101 5 days ago

    8:00 keep ya head up Tupac That lyric comes from that song

  • Jacob the Boss 101
    Jacob the Boss 101 5 days ago

    They can't beat avengers

  • isaac loke
    isaac loke 5 days ago

    tony stark can enlist vision and war machine

  • isaac loke
    isaac loke 5 days ago

    bruh u stupid screenwriters...spiderman could easily take out raccoon with taser webs, instant kill, and web grenades that explodes webs up to twice the size of rocket raccoon

  • Yasser Fox
    Yasser Fox 6 days ago

    You should make a movie dude 😂😂

  • WolfkinNorthclaw
    WolfkinNorthclaw 6 days ago

    Hell Yes!

  • ChrisIsHier
    ChrisIsHier 6 days ago

    allot of you say: hulk cant be mindcontrolled.
    but do you remember what happend in: Avengers Age Of Ultron

  • Jay jinx
    Jay jinx 6 days ago

    no one gonna beat avengers, till they're heart beats,
    cos it's avengers,, 😡😡😡

  • Naeem Islam
    Naeem Islam 6 days ago

    r u fucking serious, how tf would rocket beat iron man? iron man can get hulkbuster suit and other suits as well

  • Ozmister12345678910
    Ozmister12345678910 6 days ago +1

    Avengers beats guardians because in world breaker form hulk beats all

  • Lingy
    Lingy 6 days ago

    They say the avengers have no one to call to when they have shield and the guardians have killed a whole ship of of ravagers so would they really like them enough to help?

  • SomeRandomPerson8211

    This comment section is fucked up...

    MARCUS GARDNER 6 days ago

    The avengers would win. And how do you know each avenger would fight that specific guardian. They would out power them and outnumber them.

  • איתמר אלון
    איתמר אלון 6 days ago

    Well, Moondragon and Adam Warlock are not part of the Guardians of the Galaxy yet. Also, Most of the ravengers are dead, and the members who are still alive are not part of the Guardians. Captain America would beat Drax because he also have his shield, and Iron Man would beat Rocket because he has a super suit and Rocket has a big gun.

    POOL DEDPOOL 6 days ago

    for admins
    you have a popular channel doesn't means you make video with stupidity out of this world😂😂
    hat's off to stupidity.

  • Drm8neyxd 2
    Drm8neyxd 2 6 days ago

    Wow you sure have angered the fan boys this time

  • Kharma hymm
    Kharma hymm 6 days ago +2

    I think Vision could easily kill everyone from Guardians of the Galaxy end of video

  • Lannie Bae
    Lannie Bae 6 days ago

    Vision has a freaking INFINITY STONE (close enough) embedded in his forehead - I think you missed that.
    But other then that, this was a pretty sufficient argument, but the only real reason I believe that they would win is because of their 'futuristic spacy equipment'. But they do seem to find it easier to kill people though.

  • Duarte Araujo
    Duarte Araujo 6 days ago +1

    scarlett witch could beat them all with her eyes close

  • Duarte Araujo
    Duarte Araujo 6 days ago +1

    vision kills groot

  • Duarte Araujo
    Duarte Araujo 6 days ago +1

    then the hulk beats drax

  • Grey-wall2020
    Grey-wall2020 6 days ago

    Spoiler warning next time dude😡😡😡😡

  • Duarte Araujo
    Duarte Araujo 6 days ago +1

    the hulk would bust mantis ass

  • garrick wally
    garrick wally 6 days ago +1

    gaurdians are totally outnumbered and outsmarted by the avengers...

  • Luis Aldana
    Luis Aldana 7 days ago

    The Garidians of the Galaxy are great, but the Avengers are a lot more powerful than they are hands down. They have Doctor Strange, Hulk, Vision, Thor, and Sarlet Witch. Don't worry though, they both get together for the 3rd move of Avengers to battle with Thanos.

    • Luis Aldana
      Luis Aldana 7 days ago

      Plus, the characters I mentioned can alone take down the Garidians of the Galaxy due to their unmatched powers and ablities.

  • Christopher Oropeza
    Christopher Oropeza 7 days ago

    we got a hulk and a god what else you need

  • Vaughn Glugla
    Vaughn Glugla 7 days ago


  • Crazy Killjoy 2.0
    Crazy Killjoy 2.0 7 days ago

    are you basing all of this off of movies

  • unicorn Films
    unicorn Films 7 days ago

    And the avengers can call shield

  • unicorn Films
    unicorn Films 7 days ago

    Nope avengers are the best

  • greatdoodad
    greatdoodad 7 days ago

    what about when sentry steps into the ring sentry was canonicaly the avengers heaviest hitter and even stalemated hulk in a 10 page battle, hes the 2nd strongest telepath in existance 2nd only to franklin richards who made galactus his herald, ripped ares the god of war in half with his bare hands, can regenerate from a single atom of his original form, can manipulate elements properties, can generate any form of energy from any part of his body and can even revive the dead

    • greatdoodad
      greatdoodad 7 days ago

      in one story arc sentry even wiped out the entire realm of asgard

    • greatdoodad
      greatdoodad 7 days ago

      sentry has also canonicaly shattered planets with single hits, flown faster than quicksilver could run without breaking a sweat (sentry not breakign a sweat), and he telepathiicaly erased the ability to think of him from every being in the known uniivese simultaneously to save them from the void... the only villan whos ever equaled him

  • William Mehr
    William Mehr 7 days ago

    Hulk would be fighting drax

  • William Mehr
    William Mehr 7 days ago


  • Taunter- Moon
    Taunter- Moon 7 days ago +1

    Why the fuck are you including the Ravagers? Oh yeah well for the Avengers let's include the whole fucking world and SHIELD because their from Earth and everyone is on the Avengers side in Earth. Scarlet Witch can also give nightmares to Drax, Star-Lord and Rocket about their shitty pasts and losses. Iron Man, Thor and Vision can also melt Groot to death just like they melted Ultron when Ultron had vibranium. And basically anyone can kill Mantis before she can that shit where she puts them to sleep. That leaves Gamora... Thor and Hulk could kill her if they wanted too. I really love the Guardians but it's to say that they would beat the Avengers

  • Harambe's Herald
    Harambe's Herald 7 days ago

    this is very simple. star lord beats the alien with a magic hammer by challenging him to a dance-off.

  • Ashley Golden
    Ashley Golden 7 days ago

    James Gunn revealed it was Adam Warlock who was cut......

  • Almighty Nukey6
    Almighty Nukey6 7 days ago

    Unless termites kill Groot.

  • Smash 4 Gaming
    Smash 4 Gaming 7 days ago

    Well there's a plot hole in the ravager reason, Tony Stark is a BILLIONAIRE, so he could pay the ravagers to kill the Guardians

    • איתמר אלון
      איתמר אלון 6 days ago

      Not really. Why would the ravengers care about earth money. I do agree that the Avengers would win tho.

  • Them yalley Boyz
    Them yalley Boyz 7 days ago

    Bull to the shit

  • tyler simon
    tyler simon 7 days ago

    Yondu will beat quicksilver oh wait

  • Rice Cooker
    Rice Cooker 7 days ago

    avengers have hulk.


  • Mark Damon
    Mark Damon 7 days ago

    Starlord's gravity mind would not hold the Hulk down. lame claims.

  • براء مطاوع
    براء مطاوع 7 days ago

    you'v forgot that the avengers has reserve members and they can team up with shield the x-men and the Fantastic four because when it comes to protect the earth all heroes must be there
    Oh! i forgot about deadpool you said that he's actualy an avenger

  • Mark Damon
    Mark Damon 7 days ago

    Also, at the height of the Hulk's anger, he is immune from manipulative powers.

  • Mark Damon
    Mark Damon 7 days ago

    The Hulk has beat two teams at the same time. At the height of the Hulk's anger, he would use the Guardians as a mop.

  • Fa-Risk Ha-Kym
    Fa-Risk Ha-Kym 7 days ago

    you should make a video '10 ways DC would beat Marvel'

  • Johnny Blazzee
    Johnny Blazzee 7 days ago

    My god you're a fucking moron, literally a moron!!!!!!

  • Johnny Blazzee
    Johnny Blazzee 7 days ago

    I can give you 100 ways that Avengers could be the Guardians!!!

  • Pepe Rotten
    Pepe Rotten 7 days ago

    hulk can be mindcontrolled
    but has high resistence

  • Ethan Combalecer
    Ethan Combalecer 7 days ago

    This is the dumbest fucking thing I've ever watched

  • Ethan Combalecer
    Ethan Combalecer 7 days ago

    The hulk against everyone wins

  • Chrissy mullens
    Chrissy mullens 7 days ago

    CBR clearly doesn't know anything lol

  • Ian Biong
    Ian Biong 7 days ago

    Thor lived a sheltered life in Asgard? Now that's just complete bullshit. Did you guys even read the comics? He's literally a god who has battled thousands of different races that are far more stronger than the guardians. Frost giants, dark elves, and Gorr the fuckin God butcher, and other enemies of Thor will take the guardians on with ease. He can even take down the whole team alone if he wanted to.

  • DRAGON'S Cry
    DRAGON'S Cry 7 days ago +2

    match:avengers vs guardians
    outcome:guardian wins
    aftermath : doctor strange comes and says guys lets do it over.changes the time.tells tony to get serious or brings vision.
    aftermath's aftermath:avengerseating swarma or watever that was.

    • איתמר אלון
      איתמר אלון 6 days ago

      Guardians win (not really but okay)
      Doctor Strange: Guardians, I've come to bargain

  • ShastaHawk
    ShastaHawk 7 days ago

    They should have saved this video as a April Fools joke. Without StarHawk or Silver Surfer, there is no way in hell the Guardians can beat the Avengers in the comics or movies.

  • that_kiddd. jason
    that_kiddd. jason 7 days ago +1

    if the guardians can call their space pirate friends the avengers can get black panther, doctor strange, ant man, falcon, war machine, spiderman and someone tell me how the Guardians can possibly stand a chance against vision

  • Groot
    Groot 7 days ago


  • Samuel Camacho
    Samuel Camacho 8 days ago

    why did he Just put them to specific opponents

  • Adil Anwar
    Adil Anwar 8 days ago

    man after watching so many of your videos its obvious you guys know nothing about comics and base literally everything on the movies, and even that you guys cant get right most of the time

  • Intelligentkicks
    Intelligentkicks 8 days ago

    You act as if bulk is the best avenger. Thor and vision are practically unbeatable especially since vision is worth of the hammer and can possess the power of Thor. Guardians are strong but I don't see how they can kill a god and vibranium man that teleports and possesses the mind stone with a beam strong enough to destroy vibranium itself. Only a star lord with celestial powers has a chance. With starboard holding the power stone it would be the guardians only chance

  • Casio
    Casio 8 days ago

    Should be this cap and black panther vs rocket
    spidey and vision vs groot
    iron man and black widow vs starlord
    and HULK and Thor vs drax
    Rip Guardians of the galaxy

  • ahmad said
    ahmad said 8 days ago

    The thumbnail brought me here

  • Jack Ripper
    Jack Ripper 8 days ago

    Also a what if Adam Warlock steps into the fight then also consider what if Odin/Loki steps into the fight
    Warlock hasn't even shown up in the MCU (only his cocoon) Odin hasn't shown ant feats but that doesn't take away the fact that he's the All-Father
    Thanos beat Warlock after a long fight but Odin straight up beat Thanos in the comics

  • Jack Ripper
    Jack Ripper 8 days ago

    Avengers vs X-Men is a lot more debatable

  • Jack Ripper
    Jack Ripper 8 days ago

    Considering Guardians of the galaxy are one of my most favorite superhero teams ever doesn't mean they're also the most powerful.....
    This is how the match goes
    Thor takes on Drax
    Hulk takes on Groot
    Ironman and Captain take on Rocket
    Hawkeye and Natasha take on Gamora
    Black Panther and Vision take on Nebula
    Wanda and Ant-Man take on Mantis so yeah Avengers have a very little chance of losing here
    and when Guardians call Ravagers for help Black Panther calls his Wakandan army for help and Thor calls Asgaridan warriors for help
    let's not forget Dr. Strange, Spidey, Winter Soldier, Falcon, War Machine , they can backup Avengers during the battle

  • Cameron Short
    Cameron Short 8 days ago

    Completely disagree with this video

  • Nick Crompton
    Nick Crompton 8 days ago


  • BigNate 245
    BigNate 245 8 days ago

    Vision. and they are dead

  • David Yuhaus
    David Yuhaus 8 days ago

    you have left out ant man, black panther, docter strange, falcon, war machine, spider man, winter soldier, Hawkeye, and black widow. the avengers out number them by a vast amount and the two heaviest hitters on guardian roster that you listed are not shown in person or not in three cannon at all. that's like saying lets bring in captain marvel for the avengers. it dosent make sence.

  • James Batson
    James Batson 8 days ago

    Dr strange
    Spider man
    Scarlet witch
    Hawk eye
    Black widow

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