Future - Blow a Bag

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  • Carlos
    Carlos 40 minutes ago

    I am here to learn the future English language

  • amhasan
    amhasan 8 hours ago

    0:46 i thought RR hides their figure if you touch it preventing it from being stolen

  • Casey Combs
    Casey Combs 20 hours ago

    This song made me think England was a city

  • Peter Ndungu
    Peter Ndungu Day ago

    blow bag today all i need blunt to make me feel right xoxo for life

  • NinjaArthur
    NinjaArthur 2 days ago

    I blew a man today

  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

    0:14 i blew a man today i don't do nothing for gays

  • Robert In der Weide
    Robert In der Weide 2 days ago

    what the hell is comming out of his mouth

  • Xguest273X
    Xguest273X 3 days ago +1

    I blew a man today,
    I don't do nothing for Gays!

  • mzunique22
    mzunique22 3 days ago

    his pants is drawing my attention... lml

  • rapinderjit johal
    rapinderjit johal 3 days ago

    I dont understand a word here n there. I listen to my bone thugs my pacs and my snoop doggs but this will only make a nigga dumber then dumber. So if snoop talks shit bout mumble jerkers they aint no rappers he aint hatin he tellin you folks game on whats real n whats not. But when people say shit now they hatin.

  • tzunammi shadai
    tzunammi shadai 3 days ago

    Desiiner better...

  • Drake Seipp
    Drake Seipp 4 days ago

    To be is to be with to know one

  • AngryOrchard
    AngryOrchard 4 days ago +1


  • Latrice Bradley
    Latrice Bradley 5 days ago +1

    My theme song!!! 😍

  • Drake Seipp
    Drake Seipp 5 days ago

    Free bands hmu for label deal

  • tarhank official
    tarhank official 7 days ago


  • kral kral
    kral kral 7 days ago +1

    nice future and 21 savag good.

  • Z-Army
    Z-Army 7 days ago +1

    I was once really depressed and was about to kill myself until future said "vgzjjshjakjdhdllwoejdb" it changed my life forever

  • Master Chris
    Master Chris 7 days ago

    Trap king

  • Moegreen Them Ms
    Moegreen Them Ms 7 days ago

    I remember a couple times when me and rocko fighting yeah.that's Wat he really was saying

  • Eric Lockhart
    Eric Lockhart 8 days ago

    Tree top

  • Dalton & Tara Barton

    Don't worry just join the xanny family! Lmao love it

  • Bianca
    Bianca 9 days ago

    you so  gorgeaus future i want do sexe with you .

  • Alasco Alasco45
    Alasco Alasco45 9 days ago

    Future u got it

  • 詹神人
    詹神人 9 days ago


  • John Cisneros
    John Cisneros 10 days ago

    Only the strong survive

  • Jayden Bowman
    Jayden Bowman 10 days ago

    This song still lit 🔥🔥

  • RedOpps
    RedOpps 12 days ago

    I throw a bag a day...I throw a bag a day....The trash look pretty empty....I throw a bag a day..The trash look pretty empty....

  • Amanda Lewis
    Amanda Lewis 12 days ago

    love this stuff

  • justi balla
    justi balla 12 days ago

    king king

  • Brittany Boss
    Brittany Boss 12 days ago


  • Nate
    Nate 13 days ago

    what is the unknown liquid in this song?

  • Vatsal Sompura
    Vatsal Sompura 13 days ago +1

    "I blew a man today, I don't do nothin' for gays. I blew a man today, watchin' my mother go crazy." 😂😂

  • Mr clickbait
    Mr clickbait 13 days ago

    Anyone august 2017?

  • Remyy Razvan
    Remyy Razvan 14 days ago

    The name of jacket 0:55

  • AT P
    AT P 14 days ago +1

    0:13 I blew a man today
    I don't do nothin' for gays

  • Setup11 presents
    Setup11 presents 14 days ago +1

    his mother still waiting for his first word

  • Rodney Corry
    Rodney Corry 15 days ago

    This Future Cat is very disrespectful! But so why I when I was young! One thing for sure he is very talented and Cool like me! Red Hook Brooklyn out!

  • Grozdina Petrowic
    Grozdina Petrowic 15 days ago

    фак д бич....лув футуре😍⛏

  • Frost Soul
    Frost Soul 15 days ago +1

    I blew a man today, I do nothing for gays

  • MzAmanda Keephatin
    MzAmanda Keephatin 15 days ago

    Nice songs

  • Roby V
    Roby V 15 days ago

    This video has more blur than a censored porn video

  • Michael Campbell
    Michael Campbell 17 days ago

    I understand this song better when im high

  • Jaida W
    Jaida W 17 days ago

    is that aleeyaah petty

  • Terrance Gadsden
    Terrance Gadsden 17 days ago

    He wack but if you high enough he'll make shit happen

  • Horizon
    Horizon 17 days ago +1

    "I blew a man today, I don't do nuthin for gays"

  • Gage Goble
    Gage Goble 18 days ago

    i can't understand him, USE YOUR WORDS, DON'T MUMBLE

  • Arliss White
    Arliss White 18 days ago

    I'm 58-and still doing the damn thang!!

  • Deusa Olae
    Deusa Olae 18 days ago

    I blow a bag today I don't do nothing for gays I blow a bag today I put a whip on a baby

  • Lee Lee Colbert
    Lee Lee Colbert 19 days ago

    What the fuck lol

  • Lee Lee Colbert
    Lee Lee Colbert 19 days ago

    I just won't to say og s s it been a long time we no what it is and some times don't no what to do at mad. Cutting never be y'all help me real word talk you with me I for ever be with ua drd n,c we don't lurd new we live he no s we're Iwhat we say. Fuck it

  • Carlos L
    Carlos L 20 days ago

    Duró duró manin🖕💪✌

  • Salty Goal
    Salty Goal 20 days ago

    I blew a man today - I don't do nothing for gays

  • Izahia Dimanche
    Izahia Dimanche 21 day ago

    Is so good

  • IO Gamer
    IO Gamer 22 days ago

    Sounds like I blew a man today

  • Oxycon Labs Entertainment

    I blew a man today, I do nothing for gayd

  • Theo
    Theo 22 days ago

    hmm no subtitles....

  • Lynz
    Lynz 22 days ago

    " I blew a man today I do nothing for gays " First thing I heard. Lmao 😂 ( I know what he's actually saying )

  • kico_Peras
    kico_Peras 22 days ago

    i blow a man today
    i dont do nothing for gays

  • La'Ron Brown
    La'Ron Brown 22 days ago

    It's my birthday and I'm bout to blow a bag on some shoes can I get some likes

  • Pitek
    Pitek 22 days ago

    "I blew a man today"

  • Beatriz J.
    Beatriz J. 23 days ago

    Me singing when I don't know English 🙄

  • Ivan Šabulić
    Ivan Šabulić 23 days ago

    I blow a bag of diks

  • De'vonte Batiste
    De'vonte Batiste 25 days ago

    This has to be the hardest song by future.

  • Adrian Romo
    Adrian Romo 25 days ago

    we all here

  • Adrian Romo
    Adrian Romo 25 days ago

    I had to cha my bitch

  • Adrian Romo
    Adrian Romo 25 days ago

    Get Get

  • Golden hybrid
    Golden hybrid 25 days ago

    Aaleeyah petty

  • luvmibratt
    luvmibratt 26 days ago +1

    How bout ah wiff on ah baby???? Wtf he sayn

  • ady seax
    ady seax 26 days ago


  • imanis daddy
    imanis daddy 26 days ago

    By far one of the truest and hardest niggax out ever the lyrics speak volumes I feel like most of his songs rep me all the way

  • josey whales
    josey whales 27 days ago

    How does this guy make music ya must be some kind of drug addict to like this garbage

  • Anthony P
    Anthony P 28 days ago

    Yeap right now on the real

  • magicnut
    magicnut 28 days ago

    2:00 1:17

  • captain caveman
    captain caveman 28 days ago

    What's the sweater called?

  • Adam Salazar
    Adam Salazar 28 days ago

    the music video ruins the song. Im gonnna tryy and forget i watched this

  • Trillmxtic
    Trillmxtic 29 days ago +1

    Who dat girl in the red?

  • Young Luo
    Young Luo 29 days ago

    So how did I end up with the shorts future is wearing? going on eBay straight!

  • Mt t
    Mt t Month ago

    He dabbed

    • danooo3215
      danooo3215 20 days ago

      iCrEaTuReX future makes more in a month than you will for 10 years

    • iCrEaTuReX
      iCrEaTuReX 28 days ago

      dabbing is fcking gay

  • Derek Darks
    Derek Darks Month ago

    this shit made the wind blow my house away. 💥🔥

  • mokeddes said
    mokeddes said Month ago +2

    Who still playing 2017

  • FuriousBrozz
    FuriousBrozz Month ago +1

    Future the type of guy who listen too much of XXXTENTACION - King of the Dead and copy him.

  • LoganUk
    LoganUk Month ago

    Banger 🔥

  • Jae Law
    Jae Law Month ago

    ayaz zab rns bro💯 me n my nigga chaz ws dying laughn😂😂 my nigga in jail now. i swear my nigga dance like that

  • Jae Law
    Jae Law Month ago

    one of fav songs💯💯💯💯💯

  • Kxng Casen
    Kxng Casen Month ago

    Metro Boomin is so amazing I stamp .

  • talishatopnotch007
    talishatopnotch007 Month ago

    This beat the shit

  • Jack Regan
    Jack Regan Month ago

    why did they blur out the bape logo??

  • Mario Valverde
    Mario Valverde Month ago


  • almight bd
    almight bd Month ago

    what type shorts he wearing?

  • Shenita Green
    Shenita Green Month ago

    I love you future I'm you number 1 fan 😀

  • Евгеша Калашникова


  • Rodney Corry
    Rodney Corry Month ago

    Some greatest artist that ever lived you couldn't understand there words in there songs! MJ is one!

  • EyYoItsMe Bru
    EyYoItsMe Bru Month ago

    what the fuck is this guy saying

  • MD.Srabon Ahmed
    MD.Srabon Ahmed Month ago +1


  • Anyelin Cabrera
    Anyelin Cabrera Month ago

    my nigga

  • Bathie Ndiaye
    Bathie Ndiaye Month ago +1

    ay ga loll

  • S Barrett
    S Barrett Month ago

    One of my favorite tracks by Future

  • J'kiyah May
    J'kiyah May Month ago

    Future is so fine!!

  • Gilbert Garcia
    Gilbert Garcia Month ago

    love this song bro

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