Mike WiLL Made-It - On The Come Up ft. Big Sean

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    Music video by Mike WiLL Made-It performing On The Come Up. (C) 2017 Eardruma/Interscope Records

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  • Runtime: 4:9
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  • hans david
    hans david 23 hours ago

    one of a few rappers dies days how is still doing art

  • mbasa vakalisa
    mbasa vakalisa 1 day ago

    @mbasa_need_money follow your boy on insta , i follow back !

  • Willow chinchillo
    Willow chinchillo 3 days ago

    this should be bigger? Good job Mike!

  • Sagar Lachmandas
    Sagar Lachmandas 3 days ago

    how can anyone not like this shit
    one of the top tracks by MikE.

  • Seafret •
    Seafret • 3 days ago

    big sean looks like tupac a lil

  • Carlos Arria
    Carlos Arria 3 days ago

    Beat took me to another dimension

  • coldfeel
    coldfeel 5 days ago

    wrong timing. Great track but better when there is a bear market. we are in the middle of euphoria at the mo

  • Angel Campos
    Angel Campos 5 days ago

    I'm trying to blow up no Taliban
    Money one me it go hand in hand

  • Weezy Mc
    Weezy Mc 6 days ago

    I feel like Sean don't get enough shine. Is it because he ain't t got the Tattoos, he ain't throwing out Sings?


  • The Greatest
    The Greatest 6 days ago


  • Rubin Nissim
    Rubin Nissim 6 days ago

    why im hearing this lithel shit just now

  • jonathan ascencio
    jonathan ascencio 7 days ago

    On the come up like mcgregor

  • Keven Amaral
    Keven Amaral 7 days ago

    O hip-hop brasileiro está chegando nesse nível!!!

  • thierry jacob savard

    hood war chant!!!

  • Candice Hamilton
    Candice Hamilton 8 days ago

    Who's telling him he's the best? He raps with the same cadence on every song. It's boring to have the same flow.

  • Chessy Pooh
    Chessy Pooh 9 days ago

    Cheeno Grey!

  • Dee
    Dee 11 days ago

    this track is lit af

  • Mariyan Tashev
    Mariyan Tashev 12 days ago

    2:46 shots fired

  • Juicy Thrax
    Juicy Thrax 12 days ago

    its corny when you know the girl in the video didn't actually sing that

  • Joel Reed
    Joel Reed 12 days ago

    killed this beat

  • VincentSabbardin
    VincentSabbardin 13 days ago

    Best song o the yr baby

  • Oogie
    Oogie 13 days ago

    this song is so fucking good
    why is it so underappreciated?

  • Armen Xachatryan
    Armen Xachatryan 14 days ago

    Big Sean Super

  • That Guy
    That Guy 14 days ago

    Lmao token white bitch to give them top 😂

  • Josh Simi
    Josh Simi 14 days ago

    Damn I did not know this dude was this sick!

  • Armando Cacilhas
    Armando Cacilhas 15 days ago

    F.$k enough said..

    ONE TRyBE COMPANy 16 days ago

    Everything about this is dope!

    Sean killed. Mike killed it. & who ever is responsible for the video and the concept just took it to next level!

  • U & I
    U & I 16 days ago

    Idk I'm not feeling this flow on this beat

  • Dylan James
    Dylan James 17 days ago

    Everyone go out and buy subwoofers, then listen to this

  • AtomiC Lunatic
    AtomiC Lunatic 18 days ago

    where the bars of soap vid at

  • Dre VIBES
    Dre VIBES 18 days ago

    I Dre Vibes Need to be and your Beats One Day

    IDOT ROK 19 days ago

    This is suppose to have 100 million views at least.

  • Scelo Majola
    Scelo Majola 20 days ago

    thats a dope beat with opera/acapella voice....What happen with this bitches on Mike will they ain`t no smiling.

  • Lucille Alexander
    Lucille Alexander 20 days ago

    I love this song and video an check out my music on my channel😱😭🤕🤒😢😰😬😤😷🙃😟😩😨😞😖😕😲😧😦🤑😔😥😌😓😒😴😣😏😫🙁😝😪🙄😶😯😜😛🤐😑😐😮🤓

  • Conscious (Mattzedreh)

    •Real Recognize Real•

  • rich quotes
    rich quotes 22 days ago

    *most underrated song on 2017 award* goes to on the come up!

  • Peyton Dix
    Peyton Dix 22 days ago

    My favourite song

  • Rissa B
    Rissa B 22 days ago

    I need more producers to make beats for Big Sean to kill! Like hes not underrated but he's definitely overlooked for other more well known artists.

  • Donald Dumb
    Donald Dumb 24 days ago +4

    they askin' how we made it like the pyramids 🔥🔥🔥

  • Justin Gregory
    Justin Gregory 25 days ago

    this shit gave me chills

  • dontae dean
    dontae dean 25 days ago

    the amount of soul pouring from this man's voice is crazy

  • Clama Sé
    Clama Sé 25 days ago +2

    this song is deep deep like a pussy pussy

  • Lucas Barron
    Lucas Barron 25 days ago

    big Sean always saves the day osrns 💯💯

  • David A
    David A 25 days ago +1

    i mean this is good dont get my wrong. but dude kendrick literally drowned and slapped you in Element. hahahaha thats savage bruh.

  • the_SuPreme_ SilEnceR
    the_SuPreme_ SilEnceR 26 days ago

    oh my fucking god i swear if sony releases one more fucking spiderman trailer spoilling it im not even gona bother watching the shit

  • Benjamin Shanks
    Benjamin Shanks 26 days ago


  • mizry n the souls
    mizry n the souls 26 days ago

    on the come up

  • SelenaCavinVEVO
    SelenaCavinVEVO 26 days ago +27

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    Reply = 1 Year of good luck
    No lie many singers are using *Authentic hits d o t com* to get views

  • Chillie Ave
    Chillie Ave 26 days ago +2

    the #team is trying to #come #up

  • TWZ Apex
    TWZ Apex 27 days ago

    3:18 it would've been like if Eminem was in the video

  • Antonio Rossi
    Antonio Rossi 28 days ago


  • josh rsa
    josh rsa 28 days ago

    that kid at 2:18 is gonna be a sax🔥

  • victorjenny1975
    victorjenny1975 29 days ago

    100 thousand th like

  • victorjenny1975
    victorjenny1975 29 days ago

    100th like

  • Monai Lee
    Monai Lee 29 days ago

    That opera tho 😍😍 This song was sent to us from the rap Gods!! 🔥🔥 straight fire.

  • Joey Bains
    Joey Bains 1 month ago +1

    Bangin beat but Sean going in with them barz!

  • Lawerence Sanders
    Lawerence Sanders 1 month ago +4

    song so fucking dope

  • Steforn Metivier
    Steforn Metivier 1 month ago +1

    Sean went in! But this beat with those vocals are everything.

  • Will Joseph
    Will Joseph 1 month ago +1


  • Yudai WSHH
    Yudai WSHH 1 month ago

    Was there lil 100?

  • sammy terrell
    sammy terrell 1 month ago

    big Sean! kan u do a fucking song with JAYDEN SMITH AKA THE FUCKING G.O.A.T.

  • japan 81
    japan 81 1 month ago +4

    This shit is on some another level shit.

  • IcyHere
    IcyHere 1 month ago

    Guys Big Sean looks like a black version of FouseyTube but the song is lit!

  • ᴘʟᴀᴛᴏ
    ᴘʟᴀᴛᴏ 1 month ago +1

    True lyrics right here

  • Humza Hasan
    Humza Hasan 1 month ago

    big studios

  • marty drake
    marty drake 1 month ago

    shout out to da D
    love da sample from never die alone dope shit

  • Özlem Özbay
    Özlem Özbay 1 month ago

    I was watching in 144p but still quality wasn't low

  • Martin Saugsted
    Martin Saugsted 1 month ago

    The cadillac lookes like it's a smoke-out in Albania.

  • PETTY GOD Darkwing Cuck

    THIS is what I Decided shoulda been. That dark raw style that the Don is known for

  • Juliano Carreri
    Juliano Carreri 1 month ago

    rspct from Brasil!

  • Alex Ruffalo
    Alex Ruffalo 1 month ago

    the only reason he didn't sign to shady records is because Dre refused to make the beats...wtf? says he's retired. but he has 1000's of unreleased beats!! think he's still mad at the way Obie trice dissed Em's music direction at the time

    RACHEL M. 1 month ago


  • David Morales
    David Morales 1 month ago

    Young thug should've been on this. Shit

  • Onaje 10
    Onaje 10 1 month ago

    "how we made it like the pyramids"

  • Jorge Ruiz
    Jorge Ruiz 1 month ago

    Beat is blazin! Big Sean straight slaughtered the track! 🔥🔥🔥

  • BOB_ IRL
    BOB_ IRL 1 month ago

    Mike will 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👌

  • Christian Wilson
    Christian Wilson 1 month ago +1

    sean kills fucking anything and everything

  • Hilde Austrasia
    Hilde Austrasia 1 month ago

    Sick ass beat!!

  • Jae Luvah Cee
    Jae Luvah Cee 1 month ago

    I cut off all my distractions and started attacking ayeeee

  • victor Taratuta
    victor Taratuta 1 month ago

    This so is so... beautiful:)

  • No matter
    No matter 1 month ago

    1:35 - 2:02 video clip is hard assffuck..

  • No matter
    No matter 1 month ago

    This is Kendrick Lamar diss.

  • Dav 1243
    Dav 1243 1 month ago

    beat so hard im making my child join the choir rn

    IDOT ROK 1 month ago

    My favorite song since Guap by this man here.

  • Alexandria Tiffany
    Alexandria Tiffany 1 month ago +66

    all these pussy ass niggas hatin on Big Sean, sdmh This song goes in, unlike many other artists these days Big sean MWM don't have to use *Authentic* *Views* []/com,[], to get their videos to go viral

  • RamboMusix
    RamboMusix 1 month ago +1

    yea it's all worth mommas smile

  • MixaOnPC1080p
    MixaOnPC1080p 1 month ago +1

    very very good rapping by Sean

  • julian Leon
    julian Leon 1 month ago

    diss nigga aint from LA

  • Dominique Gaines
    Dominique Gaines 1 month ago

    Big Sean dont play

  • 97 DIDIT
    97 DIDIT 1 month ago

    mike will made it going crazy on the beat 💯💣

  • Tay F
    Tay F 1 month ago

    shout out to shotta spence at 1:00!

  • Joe Manning
    Joe Manning 1 month ago

    but who made this?

  • Pita Productions
    Pita Productions 1 month ago

    On 1:51?? it is Rae srummed??

  • Big Sean
    Big Sean 1 month ago +7

    Big Sean SO underrated.
    He's AT LEAST Kendrick's level.

  • TriniGamer
    TriniGamer 1 month ago

    This song so fucking hardddd. Nasty ass fucking beat, ohhhhhhh.

  • Brian Gales
    Brian Gales 1 month ago

    big sean

  • Brian Gales
    Brian Gales 1 month ago

    he need to be higher in this rap game!!! he took a break and came out harder!!! the game need him

  • Nesi Bini
    Nesi Bini 1 month ago +1

    this is too much heat 🔥🔥

  • Osvaldo Chivambo
    Osvaldo Chivambo 1 month ago

    maaaaaaaaaannnnn... this music is so dooooooope

  • Jayden Rankin
    Jayden Rankin 1 month ago +1

    He didnt need that sentence, he just need direction. #realtalk

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