New Rule: Change Anxiety | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

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    Bill Maher gets into the mind of Trump voters, who see diversity in America as a sign of decline.

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  • Runtime: 5:49
  • Senator Elizabeth Warren  Democrat  Massachusetts  This Is Our Fight  The Battle to Save America's Middle Class  Nuclear Physicist  Ernest Moniz  U..S. Secretary of Energy  President Barack Obama  Nick Hanauer  Entrepreneur  activist  venture capital  Second Avenue Partners  Rob Reiner  Tara Setmayer  Conservative  Commentator  

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    *This is a bad time for America.President road rage has made the whole worry and laugh at America electing such a vulgar hateful person.*

  • 1979RayDay
    1979RayDay 24 days ago

    Bill Maher talks about stuff being dumbed down but he's ok with shit like Hamilton? You wanna win over Trump voters? Show some fuckin consistency.

  • Tim Rogers
    Tim Rogers 25 days ago

    How is black Santa not cultural appropriation? I thought liberals really didn't like that? Oh wait... I forgot... cultural appropriation only goes one way.

  • American Chauvinist
    American Chauvinist 2 months ago

    Why do white people have to have their history replaced. Why do white people have to have their history demonized. Why do we have to have our countries taken away. This is idiocy. I can't believe how much reality has escaped you people. I hate conservatives, I also hate liberals now.

  • American Chauvinist
    American Chauvinist 2 months ago

    The world has changed for the worst. Tell me the benefit of diversity and tell me why only white countries have to embrace diversity.

  • American Chauvinist
    American Chauvinist 2 months ago

    The anxiety isn't about change, it's about reality. Most Americans are afraid, because the liberals are trying to change reality. They have hit a brick wall and have become hysterical. It's insane.

  • Crimelord
    Crimelord 2 months ago

    It's sad cause he's right, my father is a trump supporter (we don't even live in America by the way); he's a white man in his 60s who grew up privileged, used to be a business owner and dreamed of a typical nuclear family complete with dogs and a large house surrounded by a wall to keep out all those nonwhite potential threats (basically a trump wannabe) - i'v argued with him at length but the conversation immediately goes to a shouting match about media propaganda conspiracies, what fuck ups Hilary and Obama were, the barbarity of Islam, usually ending in a racial slur and how he doesn't want to talk about it anymore even when he instigated the argument with some bullshit Fox News rhetoric - Trump represents all those old timey values that are just not okay anymore in the modern age and based on emotional reasoning; not logic. Everything else about his "accomplishments" is just complete nonsense to hide the anti-modern hatred indicating some sense of shame. Any facts against their beliefs will just be contested as lies and never acknowledged again - thats the inevitable war for our future, people who act according to logic against others who justify most of their stances by "how they FEEL" as if their personal comfort was paramount to keeping the world on its axis

  • OoMykeloO
    OoMykeloO 2 months ago

    I like that new character. He should get his own show. x'D

  • Intellectual Badass
    Intellectual Badass 2 months ago

    Hamilton was always Caribbean, he just got whitewashed.

  • Ralphie Raccoon
    Ralphie Raccoon 3 months ago

    I think there's also the feeling of being ignored. Hillary's big mistake was to avoid engaging with these voters properly, she didn't really show that she cared about them. Obama won because he made sure that everyone knew they mattered to him, whether rural white voters in the rust belt or multi-ethnic immigrant city workers. Trump at least showed he was looking out for these guys. If the democrats can put up a candidate that learns that lesson and makes sure these voters feel that *they matter*, then Trump can be defeated in 2020.

  • oggyreidmore
    oggyreidmore 3 months ago +1

    If your a millionaire comedian, it couldn't possibly be about economics. It had to be about emotions and racism - because the peasants aren't sophisticated enough to actually think about their vote. Trump won because he ran to the LEFT of Hillary on economic issues. Granted he lied, but at least he said the words people wanted to hear. Hillary was all about the status quo being okay - just a little change around the edges. Which just so happens to be the reason she lost in 2008. Obama ran on radical populist change, she ran on status quo steady as she goes. Granted, Obama lied, but he said the words everyone wanted to hear.

  • Thomas Murray
    Thomas Murray 3 months ago +1

    Santa Claus has always been this jolly white fat guy. That's just the image of Santa Claus. If a skinny white guy tried to play Santa I'd say he shouldn't because that's not the image that Santa Claus has been since he was invented.

  • Harry Paul
    Harry Paul 3 months ago



  • JCTiggs
    JCTiggs 3 months ago +1

    "I love the poorly educated, love them. I get more respect when surrounded by unsuccessful people, they look up to me, it's great." - Donald J Trump

  • Ameri Wryter
    Ameri Wryter 3 months ago +1

    Trump is the idiot pedepiper

  • Rene Rivero
    Rene Rivero 3 months ago

    If the right doesn't mind a stupid president, then they shouldn't mind being called stupid.

  • rinnicks
    rinnicks 3 months ago +1

    Bill Maher is the king of building straw men

  • Aidan Mackenzie
    Aidan Mackenzie 3 months ago

    Ok on the topic of not portraying people historically liberals have a lot more to answer for on the topic of freaking out for no reason.

  • Cristina Cabral
    Cristina Cabral 3 months ago

    Because he's a rebel and he's going to make America great again. We do have some Trump supporters here in Liberal mass, but I find them very different then southern republicans.

  • Uthman Baksh
    Uthman Baksh 3 months ago

    I'm liberal and I think the new Hollywood Squares is annoying.

  • Peter Regan
    Peter Regan 3 months ago

    Okay, you fucking idiots listen up... Almost all this shit doesn't matter to the vast majority of Trump voters. They. Hate. The. Government. They hate how NOTHING happened to the people who caused the recession. They hate how their fucking factories are getting closed so that they have to leave their home and their kids are hungry. They've been putting up with bullshit for years, and a LOT of them basically said "I don't like Trump, but if there is one way I can shove a smegma cocktail into the face of these fucking ingrates I'll do it." You know how many countries we've been bombing through Obama's presidency? more than 7. Name just 3. huh? why is that? You are ALIENATING THESE PEOPLE. The fact is, you need the votes. And it ain't gonna happen as long as you keep acting like every one of them even thinks about black people on a daily basis or gives a shit about Mexicans. Stop painting these fake caricatures of people who don't fucking exist in any vote-swaying amount unless you want ANOTHER 4 years. I didn't vote for Trump. My life is secure as long as I don't get drafted. I've got nothing to gain either way. I just don't want the world to go to Hell. But honestly, to the people who keep doing this shit and get people like Trump elected? fuck 'em. I don't care if you suffer anymore. Hillary made her own bed when she and Obama deported more people than Bush ever did. When they sold/gave more munitions to terrorist groups and foreign regimes than bush ever did. Trump didn't deserve to win, but Hillary deserved to lose. And honestly, HAMILTON? You're going to pretend that ANY of these people GIVE A SHIT ABOUT BROADWAY? Here's a little tip for those of you who have never heard a musical in your life: either you LOVE Broadway and musicals, or, you don't care. You're jut making shit up by this point. Come on for fucks sake. Do you just know that your audience is going to bark and clap like a bunch of seals without thinking about a word you say?

  • Jai Guru
    Jai Guru 3 months ago

    Was...that Bernie Mac?! 0_0


    *Trump is so surreal and dangerous*


    *Trump is so surr

  • Candice Nicole
    Candice Nicole 3 months ago

    News Flash: Santa Claus is fictional.

  • Trina D
    Trina D 3 months ago

    If Hillary was elected we'd have a President not one playing one.

  • Hollis Evon Ramsey
    Hollis Evon Ramsey 3 months ago

    Bill's dead-on correct about Paul Lynde never coming out of his cubicle OR his closet. times they are a-changed. Lin-Manuel is an awesome Hamilton -- i'd love to see it, but i can settle for the documentary and the stage film and the soundtrack and the YouTube clips and ... y'know, i never could remember who shot who, Hamilton v. Burr; now, i'll never forget -- Burr's the fool that shot him.

  • Stoney Lonsome
    Stoney Lonsome 3 months ago

    I swear I wrote a bunch of stuff about this right after the election- how these ppl aren't really upset with the government as much as they are with pop culture and the way things are changing like gay marriage, acceptance of Latino culture and how it's become more prominent in the U.S., promotion of lesbians, transgender, all that stuff- P.C. social justice warriors- etc. That's what they freak out about, and they thought voting in some tangerine tinted trash can fire like Trump would somehow change all that and things would go back to the way they were in the seventies and eighties. They all had jobs back then- construction and manufacturing were booming- there was no terrorism to speak of or anything like that- atheists were hated and feared and as a result tended to stay quiet and they could as a result pretend we basically didn't exist- no one dared challenge their little white, christian, utopia. They even got to teach creationism in science classes and have prayer at school everyday- slavery and the civil right struggles were basically written out of their text books- so that shit never happened- the atrocities committed against the Native Americans was left in, can't have cowboys without engines for them to fight after all, but romanticized and whitewashed and just pure fucking made up until it didn't tell anything close to the truth of what happened- the along comes those pesky liberals demanding everyone got a voice and we teach actual history instead of a bunch of made up bullshit, we outlaw prayer at school because it excludes all other religions and promotes one, and make them teach actual science, evolution, in science class, We challenged their perfect little white utopia and were on the way to creating something better, and they can't fucking stand it. Because in this world their voice is only equal, their religion is only equal, their race is only equal- to all others- and that they can not abide- they will see it all burnt down and destroyed before they live in a world like that. Once a ppl have had control like they had, once they have lived in a country that caters to their bullshit- equality feels like oppression.

  • jayteean
    jayteean 3 months ago

    Bill likes to hear his own voice too much. Let the Governor talk, Bill. You're able to remember your speaking points while he is talking and when he's done, then your turn. Invite a man to your show and constantly interrupt him, how stupid are you, sir?

  • gooberzmom
    gooberzmom 3 months ago

    i like the new character, Bill, you should make him into a stand-up act..
    .rural dude dressed in a ''trump hat/jeans/flannel shirt/chewin' tobacco
    and packing a six shooter (he's from an open carry state)---
    -all while stating redneck rules in your special witty way---
    oh, yeah, his name's gotta be outlandish too---i can see it now

  • Derek Ferdo
    Derek Ferdo 3 months ago

    If you like trump kill yourself you fucking stupid waste of fucking life

  • Jakob W
    Jakob W 3 months ago

    Why do they stick with him (Trump)? Maybe because he speaks the TRUTH about the 3 points for which he was elected: veting Syrians and Arab Moslems from terrorist countries, NAFTA and a wall between Mexico and the U.S. DUH & DOH!! Too shocking for you Liberals?

  • Creglow Regensburg
    Creglow Regensburg 3 months ago +1


  • Sally R
    Sally R 3 months ago

    Bill a week ago you praised to give him credit and now your bashing him, why? Your redneck sounds like bill clinton!

  • Wayne Dahlke
    Wayne Dahlke 3 months ago

    Normally, I find Bill Maher to be a refreshing voice in the Liberal wilderness, but this time, I think he is just plain wrong. As several people below have already stated, there are two distinct cores of hardcore Republican and Democratic voters who will vote the party line, even if they put forward Satan as a candidate. These people do not take the time to learn anything about the issues, read anything about what "their" candidate has said or done. The walk into the booth and fill in the square for whoever the Republican/Democrat is, and walk away.

    The other 20 percent of us, who actually take the time to read, study, think and OBJECTIVELY look at the issues are the ones who decide elections. In the case of the 2016 election, there were NO candidates on the ballot who were worth the powder to blow them up.

    Hillary is a big business shill, with a powerful machine behind her. The breaking point for me was the mishandling of classified information and her responses to a Congressional inquiry that were in equal parts condescending and insulting, to someone who has spent the majority of his life in the service of this country.

    Trump is a blowhard demagogue with a business background, who touched a nerve with people who are sick and tired of the restrictions on free speech and expression that SJWs seem to be intent upon pushing on everyone they meet, but who get butt hurt when you point out that the very free speech they are taking advantage of, is the one thing that is causing them so much "mental anguish".

    Johnson (to my mind) was the candidate most closely aligned with what I was looking for. Fiscally conservative, socially liberal, and wants to end the "war on drugs" through legalization and taxation, while pumping that money back into health care and schools. However he is essentially unelectable, do to the 80 percent of people who always vote Republican or Democrat.

    Stein is an incompetent, with no real program other than "save the planet".

    The general population of the US (not celebrities, not wealthy people, not pundits) are really just concerned with their daily lives. The see uncertainty, they see their jobs going overseas, they see college students complaining about "safe spaces" and "offensive speech", and they see the huge disparity in wealth generation between the top 1% and the rest of us. They see the last 8 years of federal government over reach, scandals, and out right LYING to the American people, and they wanted change. The problem is, they got EXACTLY what they asked for, and now, like the old adage says "Be careful what you wish just may get it!"

  • Paul W
    Paul W 3 months ago

    Oh Bill, we know your life and family have been threatened by Clinton, Soros and Obama. You have absolutely nothing creative anymore.

  • Gregory Pierson
    Gregory Pierson 3 months ago

    If Americans can't see the shit this clutch of House Republicans have shoved in our faces, in defiance of the good the ACA has accomplished for those citizens who suffered with being refused coverage due to alleged pre-existing conditions, then they should shut up and suffer in silence. Shame on them, shame on Trump and his staff--and shame on the non-voting public. PLEASE DON'T FAIL US IN 2018. Course correction needed--ASAP.
    Show less

  • ARNGcandy
    ARNGcandy 3 months ago

    Why they stick with him/Trump... they're racist/prejudice, plain & simple.

  • hadock32
    hadock32 3 months ago +1

    That woman in the background XD XD XD

  • The Gameplay TV
    The Gameplay TV 3 months ago

    I am pretty sure that THE WHITES (in a sense how they are defined by
    blacks or mexicans, or muslims in USA) are a MINORITY in China, Japan,
    India, Mexico, Israel, Saudi Arabia etc. But no one gives a FUCK about
    the whites that are a minority in those countries! What the fuck is that

  • TheRequiemMask
    TheRequiemMask 3 months ago

    Blacks cry about Culture Appropriation 24/7 yet will appropriate exclusively White culture, history, fashion, money, government, etc no problem. The Left has no self awareness and are still the largest hypocrites in the room with matching egos. Racism is owned and operated by the Democratic Plantation. They are obsessed with it and have not much else to say ever. People want jobs and futures not feel good revisionist history and appeasing minority groups so small it's barely even a reality. Maher's show is a weekly pep rally and pathetic echo chamber. Jerking off in the mirror.

  • Tex Truman
    Tex Truman 3 months ago

    Yep Bill, shit like this is why all these people will vote for Trump a second time. Enjoy it libtard cocksuckers. We're enjoying you all getting triggered by a cartoon frog. LOL

  • Harry Hhhhjtfhn
    Harry Hhhhjtfhn 3 months ago

    riiiiiight facts like men are women, and men in dresses deserve to go in my daughters public showers room at the YMCA!

  • Amir H. Ashouri
    Amir H. Ashouri 3 months ago

    Well, Jesus was a middle eastern :p

  • silent voice in the dark

    Keep alienating the people that voted for Trump because they could not vote for that crooked hag, she stole the primary from Bernie and you want her to be POTUS

  • Fart Knocker
    Fart Knocker 3 months ago

    Thank You Bill....I know the American Spirit of fairness and honesty and more importantly.....humor, is alive and well.

  • Ivone de Figueiredo
    Ivone de Figueiredo 3 months ago

    Really enjoyed this segment.

  • Ryan Kratzer
    Ryan Kratzer 3 months ago

    Bill, I have a suggestion for an upcoming guest. David Sedaris. I went to his show last night, his opening was terrific, right up your alley. He also mentioned you, that you're one of the people that can make him laugh. Thank you. Love your show! Keep it up.

  • artgoat
    artgoat 3 months ago

    Exactly right. The biggest political issue was not economic, or health care. It was "Press One for English."

    RALEIGH MORRISVILLE 3 months ago

    omg that was fucking funny, "risky" but funny.

  • KEVIN McDaniel
    KEVIN McDaniel 3 months ago

    I mean damn Bill maher was spot on w his impersonation of a red neck

  • Lone Barren
    Lone Barren 3 months ago

    I'm sorry but, as a liberal this is why we lost. That everyone that voted for trump must be a racist, must hate change, must hate mexicans, must hate muslims, must hate gays. Not everyone who voted for trump is a racist. Not everyone who voted for trump is sexist. Not everyone who voted for trump is islamophobic. But the fact that the prominent left believes they are is the reason they lost, if you disagree with the left on a single matter you are as bad as disagreeing on all fronts, people voted for trump because he welcomed them with open arms, when the left pushed them away

  • michael cristian
    michael cristian 3 months ago

    FUCK BILL MAHER! He's not funny! But he's real! I'll at least give him that!

  • arcticwanderer2000
    arcticwanderer2000 3 months ago

    Is this man too stupid to understand that the people who supported Trump supported a winner, the people who supported Hillary supported a loser. Is he going to spend 4 years ridiculing them for being winners?

  • Lloyd Hayes
    Lloyd Hayes 3 months ago

    I have gotten an idea about Trump supporters, which Trump brought up this week. It was about the Civil War.

    The cause for the Civil War was not slavery, as many people have always thought. It was about money and the economies at the time. The South was heavily dependent on human labor. The North was industrializing, making human labor more expensive. Eli Whitney's Cotton Gin machine was the last straw, and Civil War broke out.

    In recent years, we have been replacing human labor with robotic labor. Computers have been replacing humans. Even on farms, we have farm equipment which steers itself. (Check the John Deer tractors and combines.) Farmers are using drones to check their crops. Farmers are using computers and the Internet to determine when to plant, when to harvest, and what nutrients to use.

    People are simply being left out.

    And this is where Trump and his supporters come in. Trump does not use the Internet except for Twitter. Trump and his supporters have been feeling as if they were being left behind.

    Shades of the 1861 US Civil War…. Slavery was just an excuse then, and making America Great is just an excuse now….

  • turboslayerX
    turboslayerX 3 months ago

    Ahhh Billl what do you know about economics... probably you don`t even pay your taxes in USA.

  • Ivan Prihhodko
    Ivan Prihhodko 3 months ago

    That, my friends, is another liberal bullshit. There were several antiwar protests from alt right.

  • Lebanese Drug Dealer Dealer

    Mariachi music!!

  • integral matrix
    integral matrix 3 months ago

    He is right

  • fald2000
    fald2000 3 months ago

    4% who voted for him have changed their mind since the election.  That is about 1 000 000 people.  I will not hold my breath that there will be many more.

  • Artemirr Lazaris
    Artemirr Lazaris 3 months ago

    What really happened in a hundred years.
    Nothing but demagogues, destroying and using the emotions and kindness to take off money only. No values, just death, and psycho pothook greed, and want. The motto of reverse psychology to kill any opposition or use others as tools to kill any opposition. That is the world of Bill Mahr and entertainment.
    The 6 million jews, was authored by whom? In the 1900 New York Times and further more. Where unkind and nasty behaviour and deviances and selling of sex an weapons and the perversion and use of law, exists. Whilst theft and lying is great and mruder by the state is okay, because it s used to exterminate an idea, and the ideas generated are stolen from others. So who is who and what is who. Trump is no different then the last shill liars for 60 years. There no different then the last assholes from the fed. Really look at the psychotic groups that seek to devour homes and nations, that collective teach bs, whilst using and gaining more manipulative tools. while also other groups and affiatltes are more and more greedy for money by trade. The use of the g evening structure is a grounds for theft and manipulatio, to sell off public owned assetts to private firms because the narrative continues to push individual ownership of public protected identities. If they individuals od not get what they want, they pay for the crime to get what they want, and come in as solution or hero. Its just what North AntiVirus did, Insurance and many other companies. They create the problem and they then NEVER let go of the idea, because they heavily invest in law and structure to embed themselves, thus then these groups are nearly impossible to wipe out, from their FRAUD and RAQuteering. All this chasing money ignores the thousands of western people wanting to do by kept in prison by a system of bullshit. It seems bullshit is attempting to stay for awhile.

  • elvis manhattan
    elvis manhattan 3 months ago

    Bill Maher if u ask why go watch Jimmy Dore show to see why... i use to LOVE YOU.

  • Katherine Chapman
    Katherine Chapman 3 months ago

    While that was hilarious, I think that's actually just a caricature of what liberals THINK a Trump voter represents. You don't see the actual instability and terrible struggles of the working class. You don't seem to care if our country is run by the UN. You really don't care that the services that the poor depend on are being sucked dry by waves of immigrants brought in ON PURPOSE by Democrats that want to inflate their voter base so they can push their agenda. You just don't care. You think that change is fine, it's normal, it has no agenda, it has no endpoints. You don't see all the nations of the world being slowly drawn into a tightly bound circle of "security" that shits all over sovereignty and individual liberties. You are too busy celebrating what passes for "freedom" these days while serving the interests of the police state. This is not an issue of left vs. right, to paraphrase Marine LePen. This has become a case of globalism vs. nationalism.

  • caribstu
    caribstu 3 months ago

    What a bigoted cunt this Mayer is. He should try some introspection, might help him figure out why the Liberals are driving people away and their viewing figures are falling.

  • PitchToTheRhino1
    PitchToTheRhino1 3 months ago

    Maher is such a tool. He constantly makes up his own mind about people based on some outrageous over the top analysis and then ridicules those people as though his ideas are the unmitigated truth. I travel all over the country and have a hard time finding the "morons" he talks about. It's just not like this out there. Don't drink the social programming cool aid, folks!

  • Lotte De Smet
    Lotte De Smet 3 months ago

    Decade occasional storage yield angle instance strong sort onion.

  • Melissa McGregor
    Melissa McGregor 3 months ago

    Bill Maherez plays for the New York Yankees!  lol!

  • Melissa McGregor
    Melissa McGregor 3 months ago

    Jesus was Middle Eastern and Jewish!

  • portalplayer
    portalplayer 3 months ago

    someone please tell the audience to stop laughing like hyenas..

  • StormWolf
    StormWolf 3 months ago

    They're scared of melanin, and yet *we're* the "snowflakes".

  • a9udn9u
    a9udn9u 3 months ago

    2:43 Making fun of Trump supporters disrespectfully will only divide the country even more. Same goes to Media making fun of people against Trump disrespectfully. People in this country should learn to tolerant, compromise and make progress in difficult situations.

    • StormWolf
      StormWolf 3 months ago

      So basically roll over and play dead when they start screaming about "niggers and fags"? Because heaven forbid we don't ever be mean to the poor dears.

  • Robert Coleman
    Robert Coleman 3 months ago

    Here we have a real shit pile of a Democrat this person alone caused the Democrats to loose the election by lying about Trump, Listen up America he is a funny man keep him that way not a serious person a joker.

    • StormWolf
      StormWolf 3 months ago

      Yeah, sure, he "lied" about Trump by showing videos of Trump saying exactly what he's been reported as saying. Sure.

  • Andrew Says
    Andrew Says 3 months ago

    I'm sorry but as some one who subcribes to neither party the democrats and their followers are way more likely to be against fact and go with feelings. They want equal outcome over equal opportunity, protest over individual incidents and claim it is the majority of them, and consistently feel anecdotes are generalities.
    See: Ann Coulter vs Audience on any show.

    Hardcore democrats have become the old, creepy GOP members they tried so hard to demonize for being out of touch and no fun. It's time for a complete wash of their viewpoints and start over from the constitution (within reason). The new conservative movement demands more and is abolishing the globalist, greedy and biased. Dems need to do the same with their race baiting, big government, social justice types.

  • Matthew Harrison
    Matthew Harrison 3 months ago

    Okay. Don't get me wrong. I don't like Donald Trump, but I don't think you can throw this ENTIRE ELECTION, based on racism. I don't think that the majority of the republican party is racist. I try to give people a chance, and what I've seen on different conservative channels, had nothing to do with racism. A lot of it, was probably in relation to stupid ideologies, saying that culture has nothing to do with how your country is great, or how white people are evil, or how there is no threat in relation to Islam. I think those examples are huge reasons why people voted Trump.

    • Matthew Harrison
      Matthew Harrison 3 months ago

      I just said that I don't think that you can throw the entire election on racism. Donald Trump was the only candidate to address the fact, that the Islamic community in the Middle East, is not the same kind of society that American Muslims agree with. Look at the polls on what people believe country by country, and tell me that there is no difference between Middle Eastern Muslims, and American Muslims. I think that Trump is a racist. I just think that he was the only one to address the cultural differences that the Middle East has. But the left would call you racist if you pointed out those sorts of facts, Ben Affleck being one of them. Look at Europe. They have had a rise in hate crime because of the fact that they accepted Muslim Migrants from countries like Morocco, Algeria, Iraq, Turkey, and Syria.

      Let's also not forget that it is the left that has been saying and doing some crazy stuff. There were riots almost every month during the election process, only being done by the left or BLM activists. Russian hackers, were breaking into the DNC. Russian trolls were making fake stories about the Democrats, in which the stupid public believed. I'm just saying that I believe there is more to it, than just saying it was all to do with racism. Why did Trump drop the alt right, when he won the election? Because when their support was no longer needed, he didn't want to associate with racists in a public manner. I do think that Trump was a racist, but I don't think that it is the only reason. That's all I'm saying.

    • StormWolf
      StormWolf 3 months ago

      Even if Trump's entire campaign was about racism? He told people how Mexicans are coming in droves to rape their women and sell drugs to their children, and the other brown people are coming to kill them all. He preached and preached about this mythical wave of dark-skinned people coming to destroy the country, and how the black President they had before was probably an illegal Muslim immigrant from Kenya, who came to steal the election from the rightful white candidates.

      Oh, and don't forget the claim that the Democrats almost stole the election by busing in millions of illegal immigrants and forcing them to vote for Hillary.

      But of course, it's not about racism.

  • Rukmal Abeygoonesekera
    Rukmal Abeygoonesekera 3 months ago

    Who cares, He is the best and the greatest. won the elections. Good real good, will vote again, Real leader, Bold and fearless. Immigration, terrorism.

  • Richard Alexander
    Richard Alexander 3 months ago

    Sorry, but what got the t-rump elected was the DNC's sabotage of Bernie Sanders.

    • StormWolf
      StormWolf 3 months ago

      Please, not even Bernie Sanders believes that shit.

  • stevecurtiss622
    stevecurtiss622 3 months ago

    Muh racist white males! Blah Blah blah

  • Organic Magic
    Organic Magic 3 months ago

    Omg....EXACTLY. I always say the economic reason is alll bullshit.

  • Shubham Bhushan
    Shubham Bhushan 3 months ago

    Ernie Moniz is ma man

  • Jon  F Cartwright
    Jon F Cartwright 3 months ago

    Honestly I keep rooting for Mahler to shine some light on the reoccurring absurdity of our country's political brewha --however --his attempts at it are just as base as the mentality he so vehemently opposes …. It's as if his staff of writers are still in high school.

  • Alden Buyer
    Alden Buyer 3 months ago

    So original Bill. No wonder you have such a large audience, you must put so much effort into these jokes.

  • Corby Ziesman
    Corby Ziesman 3 months ago

    This is so spot on.

  • nil bogg
    nil bogg 3 months ago

    Trumpists don't want to see the Founding Fathers "Funk-ified" because NATIONALISM is PATRIOTISM MADE INTO RELIGION. And it too has it's sacred scriptures, (constitution) it's icons (flags guns and bibles) and saints (founding fathers and Reagan). That's WHY they react to criticism as HERESY. They're only going to become more dangerous, stupid and belligerent when they secretly allow themselves to REALIZE they can't hold back all the "change" by PEACEFUL MEANS. Count on it.

  • Clubland Exrcixe
    Clubland Exrcixe 3 months ago

    Love You Bill 420,000 times over, plus.  Keep your intelligence, truth and honesty and the great Trump imposter's maniacal b.s. he spews daily coming to us - we have so little left to protect us from this insane predatory monster thanks to a fraudulent hacked Republican-Putin-Manafort-Assange-Bannon's ilk who infiltrated and hacked into state voting machines (yes, it's easy for an amateur hacker sitting in his "basement" let alone Putin's sophisticated hacking applications)  thus fixing the election to sway the Republican way to get the bobblehead into office as their stooge and oh boy, they got one; even if committing treason got the Republicans there.   Both the Russian Cartel and Trump and Company with GOP Plants (Comey) thrown in for the final gutting of HRC's chances - who won by 3 million votes still!  The Electoral bought off College stuck with desperate Republican Party first not for Americans - no surprise and the destruction of America's gain in equal rights for ALL continues to disappear one GOP evil EO at a time - sign here dummy Donnie - do the spin and show it to mommy .  STOP the Insanity ~!~

  • Lynn
    Lynn 3 months ago

    Is it just me or his "new character" sounds a lot like "Stephen Colbert"?

  • t6253
    t6253 3 months ago

    Oh,look the 4chan trash has invaded yet another video,what a surprise !

  • Abomb777
    Abomb777 3 months ago

    That's 100% right. Conservative snowflakes. They're selfish, whinny little bitches that lose their shit over any slight change to the world they perceive. Guys kissing guys? No they should have to live a lie to preserve my narrow minded view that boys can only be attracted to girls and vice versa. Someone was born a sex they don't identify with? They should kill themselves rather than I just let them make decisions about who they want to be. Someone has more melanin than me? They're all criminals and degenerates while people as pale as me are exclusively exceptional individuals who are solely responsible for everything good about my country.

    Stop breaking your arm jerking yourself off and shut the fuck up. There are people who aren't like you and they deserve a good life too. They are part of this country as much as you are. If you had even the slightest scrap of guts you'd listen to what they have to say instead of condemning everyone who isn't like you. Instead you choose the path of the self-righteous coward.

  • GoDLiKeKakashi
    GoDLiKeKakashi 3 months ago

    It's exactly this kind of belief that turns people away. The problem isn't 'herp derp everyone is racist' it's that the democrats are a pack of pussy corporate sellouts, as are the republicans but they have gotten so good at lying with such conviction that a lot of people can't tell what's bullshit. The Dems would have won if they ran a candidate that actually gave a fuck about the people - Bernie, but instead they go with the biggest corporate sellout that has more skeletons in her closet than Trump has 'grabbed them by the pussy' and so people go with the only person remaining that said he cares about the people, which is a total lie, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

  • wayne lynch
    wayne lynch 3 months ago

    As usual, Trump providing Comedy Gold

  • Wonderwall
    Wonderwall 3 months ago

    I wonder if in 2020 and the elections thereafter more people will make sure to actually go out and vote to avoid another disaster like this

  • Carlos Vargas
    Carlos Vargas 3 months ago

    We ( liberals) just have to wait until their beloved president and their Republicans friends start making laws and policies, I'm pretty sure they going to love them.

  • Grumar S
    Grumar S 3 months ago

    I only voted for Trump because a vote for Hillary would have allowed PC culture to continue to flourish, I don't even like Trump but I hate PC culture and SJWs more.

  • CriminalGameplay
    CriminalGameplay 3 months ago

    Bill Maher the Jewish Cuck says you should vote for Hillary just because she's a woman and you should be ok with America being demographically overrun by Hispanics just so millionaires like him can hire cheap maids.

  • J Webb
    J Webb 3 months ago

    Good luck changing people who think and act that way, especially if they're older.

  • Anthony Glen
    Anthony Glen 3 months ago

    That isn't true and you know it!💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰🦁💰😜

  • Waiyah Imran
    Waiyah Imran 3 months ago

    I'm not sure that I really like this guy. He's really conflicting. I can't tell if he's trying to be funny or borderline racist.

  • Erfan Moshtagh
    Erfan Moshtagh 3 months ago

    gotta love the comments from the conservatives, who watch fox and have the audasity to mention "fake news", coming from group who have "alternative facts" lol

  • TBA
    TBA 3 months ago

    We all laugh at people who are uptight about the founding fathers being played by people of color, but how many of us then get uptight as hell when it's the other way around. Everyone should just chill.

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