Congressman Hosts Hostile Town Hall

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  • bear claw
    bear claw 3 months ago

    So the Federal Government of The US spends over 60% of our tax dollars on the Pentagon and protecting the safety of American's. So how about The Pentagon takes some of the billions it spends per year and provides for the true "safety and health" of it's citizens and redirects some of the money spent on weaponry and arms we hope to never use and will likely be deemed obsolete by the time they're completed, towards healthcare for the population they are supposed to protect. How about they provide us with protection from disease and then they might also think twice about poisoning their own population with chemicals and covert "studies" in the name of research!

  • bones007able
    bones007able 3 months ago +3

    Health is not a right?.... um Ok.... so is education a right? if not why does the government collect taxes for it?

  • Frankie Dixon
    Frankie Dixon 3 months ago +1

    Thats what is wrong with are health care system its in tbe free market system, it's based on profit not health care.

  • aries1970
    aries1970 3 months ago +2

    . the moron calling health a commodity, lets see him pay for his health or his loved ones, after he loses his job, home, life savings, better yet put his family friends in a room give him a gun, and to kill them based on their income level or health or avtive contribution to america. That is ineffect the new health bill, you pay up your worthy of life, cant afford anything die americans jumping up and down about how sacred life is, but out of the womb, not so much.

  • xtopher foster
    xtopher foster 3 months ago +2

    you'd think that a fella with a head that BIG would have at least a modicum of sense ~ but I guess not

  • Christina Vahlsing
    Christina Vahlsing 3 months ago

    U.S. uncaring politicians cannot stay in office if they have done nothing courageous for the people of the United States! ...they need to create a superior “ONE” FULL COVERAGE NATIONAL HEALTHCARE SYSTEM now!

  • Cate Ellington
    Cate Ellington 3 months ago +1

    Frightening. The guy calling the left 'loons' is yet the one on hear with the frightening looney cackle. Repubs R just not ppl that give a shit abt people. He said it. He thinks Healthcare is not a 'right' but a commodity. And the only ppl entitled to health in this evil selfish bastards mind are those that can buy it. The US is the ONLY western Civilized society that does not see Health of our greatest talent- humans- as a right. Sorry but it's the Trump supporter mindset that is destroying the very fabric of our democracy

  • Sergio Ortiz
    Sergio Ortiz 3 months ago +4


  • Seofthwa
    Seofthwa 3 months ago +12

    Amazing how the US, the richest most powerful country in the world does not provide health care to its citizens.  Every other developed and most undeveloped countries have already had this for years.  No other country uses a free market system like the US.  It just doesn't work. We can spend Trillions of dollars on feckless wars but no money for health care?  This is nothing but a huge tax give to the rich.

    • Gisa W Slonim
      Gisa W Slonim 3 months ago

      The American Medical Association would not like it if there was great public health care in America. The doctors, surgeons, etc. want to continue to make their billions, as they have for years. And what about maternity leave? In Russia, for instance, a woman who gives birth is given three months paid maternity leave. In America until recently there was none at all. It all boils down to someone needing to make more and more money at the expense of the majority.

    • Al Abama
      Al Abama 3 months ago

      HEAR HEAR!

    REVELATION JUSTICE 3 months ago

    You can see how many disruptive , disrespectful , and arrogant leftist lunatic psychopaths were in the audience ,, they're the ones that continually interrupt speakers and try to prevent truth and information from getting out ,, Just look at the shirt she has on ,,, the raised fist ,, I wouldn't doubt it if somewhere is written ,,, RESIST .

    • Marti Waterman
      Marti Waterman 3 months ago

      FOXNews propaganda talking points are not facts.

      REVELATION JUSTICE 3 months ago

      Kathryn Pignon Yup , I jumped the gun and apologize for that , I would've bet you were a real complaining American liberal douche bag . Well lucky you who live in France , I think the only thing good about France nowadays is the national anthem , otherwise France is sinking real quick , I see muslims love the country so much they're lining the streets with tents and camping equipment ,, isn't there certain sections of France those practitioners of the religion of peace have created microcosms of whatever sewer country they slithered out from , and the police have designated these areas as no go zones , even the police won't go into them ,,, and didn't France just elect a liberal president that has an open door policy and wants to welcome more muslims into an already over burden entitlement society ,, and crimes like gang raping little girls and rape In general are up , and tourism is down because of muslims .. Yeah you're country is In great shape . I will say that the health care system is better over there , do you know if the coverage there covers plastic surgery , because one day you'll be needing to use it when some filthy disgusting soulless worthless muslim beats the living crap outta you and turns you're face into a plate of hamburger . When the hell are French going to turn they're brains on , that part that says enough is enough and it's either them or us . EVERY COUNTRY IN THAT EU HAS COMMITTED CULTURAL SUICIDE . But I guess the French people can get use to the call for prayer and the destruction of Christian cathedrals and any other works of art you're new overlords deem offensive to allah ,,, Lots of luck .

    • Marti Waterman
      Marti Waterman 3 months ago

      Kathryn Pignon: LOL: James the Oblivious was so preoccupied with being disruptive, disrespectful and arrogant, he couldn't comprehend that you clearly stated you have been living in France for 40 years. Also, James the Clueless has obviously never been to France based on his comment. He's not only a product of the American educational system but likely among the vast majority of Americans who don't have a passport. Or maybe James is simply a petulant child like the US president. France is a wonderful country. Hope Macron is a successful leader. Vive la France!

    • Kathryn Pignon
      Kathryn Pignon 3 months ago

      Gee, James, you are a real product of the American education system.  As I wrote in my answer, "I did leave, 40 years ago, and have lived in France since".  let me take the occasion to add that here, in France, notice I said "here in France" which means "I live in France",  people working in the same company are allowed to  give what they want of their paid vacation to co workers who may have children hospitalised long term, so that they can be with their children.  AND, by law, verbal AND physical abuse to women is a felony.

      REVELATION JUSTICE 3 months ago

      Kathryn Pignon WELL IF EVERYTHING IS SO GREAT IN FRANCE ,, LEAVE !!!!!! Just brush up on your arabic , and make sure no short skirts and don't get caught by yourself .... I love the way people like you can find fault with America but praise some other country ,,, but still live here ,,,,, I guess you didn't get it when I said where is it In the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION That it's a right to have health care coverage ,,,,,, your response was to tell me how great France is with all the free entitlement programs ..... I can only say again ,,,,, you don't like it here ,, get the hell out snowflake.

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