The best way to save a choking victim is no longer 'the Heimlich'

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  • Many people believe the "Heimlich maneuver" is the only viable option to help save a choking victim. Turns out, that's not really the case. Following is a transcript of the video.

    What's the right way to save a choking victim's life? It turns out, the Heimlich maneuver is not the only approach – and it may not even be the best one.

    Repeated blows to the back could be equally useful in a dangerous situation. You might be thinking that back blows will only lodge the food deeper into a person's trachea. But this is a myth perpetuated by Dr. Henry Heimlich.

    According to reports from Dr. Heimlich's youngest son, Peter Heimlich, the founder of the Heimlich maneuver spent years trying to discredit back blows, publicly denouncing them as "death blows."

    He even funded a study in the '80s that showed back blows could do more harm to a choking victim than good. But in truth, there is no valid scientific evidence to prove that back blows are any better, or worse, than the Heimlich maneuver. Needless to say, Dr. Heimlich’s questionable actions led the American Red Cross to make a big change to its first-aid protocols in 2006.

    Up to then, the Red Cross had — for 20 years — only recommended the Heimlich for choking victims.

    But in 2006, it made two big changes:

    First, it removed "Heimlich" from the name "Heimlich maneuver" and relabeled the method as "abdominal thrusts."

    Second, it changed its protocols so that the recommended way to save a choking victim's life is now a 2-step process:

    Step 1: Administer 5 blows to the back by hitting the palm of your hand against the area between the shoulder blades.

    If Step 1 does not fix the problem, move on to Step 2:

    Perform 5 abdominal thrusts by first placing your fist around someone's stomach with your thumb against the middle of the abdomen — above the naval. Then, wrap your other hand around the fist and thrust upward.

    If the food is still stuck, repeat the process starting with Step 1.

    If the victim falls unconscious, start performing chest compressions with rescue breaths.

    First, lift the chin and tilt the head to open the airway. Pinch the nose shut. Make a complete seal over the person's mouth and blow air for about 1 second. Perform 30 chest compressions, pushing hard and fast in the middle of the chest. Look for and remove objects in the airway.

    If breaths don't make the chest rise, repeat the process.

    You should also consider calling 911, and do so immediately if the person passes out from lack of oxygen.

    Time is of the essence. Act fast, and you may just save a life.

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  • Gamer Joe
    Gamer Joe 8 days ago

    1:30 ass whooping

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  • NerdTechGames Inc
    NerdTechGames Inc 16 days ago

    You the heimlick on ur crush 😏

    MLG TOGETIC Month ago

    that guy just wanted a free 😘

  • Jojie Andrey D. De Sagun

    I remember when i choked noone helped me lol i just kept on coughing and coughing and trying to reach my pharynx and get the food out after that my life was saved

  • Dileepa Costa
    Dileepa Costa Month ago


  • Sobolanu DJ
    Sobolanu DJ Month ago

    i tested it with my self and the food goes up not down.

  • Thomas Ellis
    Thomas Ellis 2 months ago

    Don't blow air for 1 second, take a slightly deep breath, and be prepared to blow hard. If air goes into the chest (you over inflate the lungs) the casualty will throw up

  • A Smart Retard
    A Smart Retard 2 months ago

    It's not me anymore? What? :(

  • gabriel Arejola
    gabriel Arejola 2 months ago

    0:43 ;-)

  • Betsy Phan
    Betsy Phan 2 months ago

    I remember a time when I was 3/2 year old and I chocked on a ring pop and I save myself by lodging my hand all the way through my throat. Which is kinda weird

  • Articulate Pineapple
    Articulate Pineapple 2 months ago

    How do you save a choking victim if they're too fat for you to put an arm around?

  • hubba bubba
    hubba bubba 2 months ago

    I hope "step 1" works; I wouldn't want to hump someone.

  • MeMyselfBillNye
    MeMyselfBillNye 2 months ago

    i like how they put a guy as the choke victim and the girl as the savior, obviously because if it was the other way around the Heimlich scene would be questionable

  • Luca Rini
    Luca Rini 2 months ago

    I'm going out on a limb here and saying at 0:40 isn't a valid scientific method either...

  • Jordan Brown
    Jordan Brown 2 months ago

    Let me just say, as a person trained in first aid, that you shouldn't perform cpr/first aid unless your trained; you could do more harm than good. And if you do decide to perform cpr without a certification you are more likely to be convicted for any bodily harm to the victim. When in doubt call 911. Also wait until you stop hearing them cough to perform abdominal thrust if you decide to do it anyway. ✌

  • Hastings
    Hastings 2 months ago

    -and don't be afraid when you hear/feel the victim's ribs break during chest compressions. No, seriously

  • Miguel Angel Medina Rise

    Choke them harder. Fight fire with fire.

  • Eross Van Leer
    Eross Van Leer 2 months ago

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  • BluPancakes
    BluPancakes 2 months ago

    See somebody choking? Just take your shotgun and put it out of their misery.

  • YaBoi Rob
    YaBoi Rob 2 months ago +1

    Lmao how the hell did you manage to swallow a whole fish?

  • The Joker
    The Joker 2 months ago

    Don't consider calling 911. Do call 911 in case it gets worse also the professionals are well... professionals. I took some EMT training, so please do call 911. Thanks for listening. :)

  • CreativeYetCrazy
    CreativeYetCrazy 2 months ago

    You have to ask if they're choking because if they say "yes" or make any noise, that means they're getting some air into and out of their lungs

  • GuidoAnchovy B
    GuidoAnchovy B 2 months ago

    lol the fuckin fishskeleton

  • fhhsvnggbh
    fhhsvnggbh 2 months ago

    it never was idiotic americans

  • Natash Choudhry
    Natash Choudhry 2 months ago

    all you have to do is chew your damn food!

  • Dylaan okay
    Dylaan okay 2 months ago

    Tell you what the hitting on the back works. I was choking and my friend hit me so fucking hard on my back a chunk of food flew out of my mouth, and Jesus the next day there was a huge bruise on my back but it did work :)

  • Trey Jenkins
    Trey Jenkins 2 months ago

    Just take your dick out of their mouth

  • Ronnie Shand
    Ronnie Shand 2 months ago

    You may consider calling 911
    You must

  • Love Train
    Love Train 2 months ago

    Terrible idea to blow back into the victims mouth when an object is lodged into their airway. The breath will push the object deeper into their throat, making it even more lodged.

  • 21whichiswhich
    21whichiswhich 2 months ago

    The victim is not wearing undergarments.

  • Chantal Alecia
    Chantal Alecia 2 months ago

    Abdominal thrust??? Sounds sexual to me 🤔

  • Marco Alvarez
    Marco Alvarez 2 months ago +1

    Too bad I'll forget this when that happens.

  • elektron117
    elektron117 2 months ago

    pull your dick out

  • Zak YT
    Zak YT 2 months ago

    I choked on a hotdog, my teacher literally told me to just take a deep breath.

  • Carlosss
    Carlosss 2 months ago +1

    I like how he considers you call the police 2 minutes into the video

  • Vamavid
    Vamavid 2 months ago

    Nothing in the video demonstrated the efficacy of backslaps, just that Heimlich hated them.

  • Amy Truong
    Amy Truong 2 months ago

    im confused? you learn all of these things in CPR classes that get you certified and even the steps they showed are incorrect

  • Captain Jack
    Captain Jack 2 months ago


  • Mr2pint
    Mr2pint 2 months ago

    99.9% of people don't have a clue or want to even learn these life savings techniques - most people would either simply ignore or call 911.

  • mastersimonsays
    mastersimonsays 2 months ago

    2:08 Why isn't he wearing pants? Is removing the victim's pants part of the procedure?!

  • brayn tube
    brayn tube 2 months ago

    why did they take out a whole fishe skeleton outta that dude.......who else saw that.?

  • Kevingames21
    Kevingames21 2 months ago

    my brother was chicken once so I used the heimlich maneuver and saved his life. later that day he told me that I have done it before but I can't remember. he choked on chicken

  • Sanal Komedi
    Sanal Komedi 2 months ago +4

    * How to f*** a choking victor

  • Philip Jones
    Philip Jones 2 months ago

    We were taught this procedure in 1984 and in 1990 when I did a refresher. The only essential difference being the number of breaths against the number of compressions. Back-slap followed by thrusts ......

  • Allison Koester
    Allison Koester 2 months ago +1

    I thought that it was common knowledge to do both...

  • Ethan Thomas
    Ethan Thomas 2 months ago

    i choked and the back blow maneuver saved my life

  • Isaac Beke
    Isaac Beke 2 months ago

    You have to let him go to heaven,

    That is the only way he can truly be saved 😇

    • an donut
      an donut 2 months ago

      Isaac Beke are you fucking retarded

  • TheOne AndOnly
    TheOne AndOnly 2 months ago

    how do people choke? just swallow the food lol

    RAY RAY 2 months ago

    how about watch what you eat and chew properly?

  • a
    a 2 months ago

    The best way to save a choking victim is to teach him not to be an idiot and swallow a whole fish!
    Take small bites is the best way to stop people from choking, they should teach this in school from now on.

  • Nilesh Darunde
    Nilesh Darunde 2 months ago

    Kick the person in the stomach.

  • Snoop catt
    Snoop catt 2 months ago

    That's it i'm never eating again

  • Snoop catt
    Snoop catt 2 months ago

    At 0:44 you can see the cop profiting of the situation to fuck the man.

  • Fayyaz hashim
    Fayyaz hashim 2 months ago


  • GMD DeathAngel
    GMD DeathAngel 2 months ago

    2:07 Must've been embarrassing choking with your trousers off

  • Facts B
    Facts B 2 months ago

    The thumbnail looked like Link waking from the Shrine of Resurrection.

  • Alpha Male
    Alpha Male 2 months ago

    To avoid choking... do not swallow fishbone.

  • Joseph Hemingway
    Joseph Hemingway 2 months ago +1

    *no you just pull out*

  • Gregory Rodriguez
    Gregory Rodriguez 2 months ago

    I smoke weed everyday

  • Cheilith
    Cheilith 2 months ago

    I learnt 3 years ago in a medical class that when someones choking you should never do the Heimlich manoeuvre as it can break someones ribs. So we were taught that whacking your palm on the back of someones back was the best way.

  • HeinPk
    HeinPk 2 months ago

    To stop someone from choking you pull your dick out of their mouth

  • Matthew Robertson
    Matthew Robertson 2 months ago

    Always ask the casualty if they are choking. it sounds obvious, but if they can respond verbally (eg. saying "yes"), their choking is minor, so back blows should dislodge the obstruction. If the casualty can only respond physically (eg. shaking head), then their choking is major, so use the Heimlich maneuver (also known as "abdominal thrusts").
    For reference, i am a qualified First aider (i hold a First Aid at Work qualification).

    • Vango Gaming
      Vango Gaming 2 months ago

      Matthew Robertson
      Most of this is correct, except if the choking is mild you aren't supposed to do back blows - you are supposed to encourage them to cough, until they either cough up the food or go into severe choking (I am also certified in first aid)

  • R3ddoKebab
    R3ddoKebab 2 months ago

    yeah because it's so mainstream so it aint something cool anymore

  • ZDenix
    ZDenix 2 months ago

    Step 2 - This is Haimnlec ( idk how to write)

  • John Andrews
    John Andrews 2 months ago

    Take your cock out?

  • Amir Fikri
    Amir Fikri 2 months ago +1

    choke me daddy

  • Shakil
    Shakil 2 months ago

    1:47 anyone else has dirty mind?

  • Satanzz
    Satanzz 2 months ago

    Choke me dadddyyyy👅👅👅👅👅

  • TheBECK321
    TheBECK321 2 months ago

    White man Kissed by Black Woman ? No !

  • Daniel M.P
    Daniel M.P 2 months ago

    choking victim gone wrong

  • TastyTastyBleachBubbleGum
    TastyTastyBleachBubbleGum 2 months ago +1

    can i somehow choke my crush and then do the thing with mouths?

  • DangerMou$e
    DangerMou$e 2 months ago

    I have personally witnessed the Heimlich maneuver save a life & if I ever have to help a choking victim I will use it

  • Alden's bro
    Alden's bro 2 months ago

    Adult finds a kid choking, asks the kid "ARE YOU CHOKING ARE YOU CHOKING". Your..your a fucking idiot.

  • PissinOffBros
    PissinOffBros 2 months ago


  • why med
    why med 2 months ago

    travis scott needed that

  • The NSGP
    The NSGP 2 months ago

    1:23 to know how to save someone from choking. You're welcome.

  • H N Q
    H N Q 2 months ago

    Do deepthroat. the semen will act well as a lubricating substance.

  • H N Q
    H N Q 2 months ago

    Now I really want to save some choking chicks in a nude party ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Savybones
    Savybones 2 months ago

    Might want to put the "might want to call 911" when explaining that someone is choking, not after blows to the back, abdominal thrusts, repeated. CPR, repeated... 5 mins later might want to call 911 as they have been laying on the floor for quite some time now and we've tried everything.
    Is it prayer then 911? I can never remember.

  • Indrid Cold
    Indrid Cold 2 months ago

    Should we risk getting sued by the person choking? You may save the person but the person may ruin you for life after you save that person. I hate to say this, but I think I will have to look away and leave.

    • Vango Gaming
      Vango Gaming 2 months ago

      Indrid Cold
      Usually, they can't sue you. Many countries have laws protecting those who attempted saving lives so they can't be sued or charged if the person dies

    PM_GANGSTA 2 months ago

    Mother fucker swallowed a huge ass fish

  • devnand
    devnand 2 months ago

    GO veg, chew well swallow. No bones no. fat muscle tissue.

  • dothedeed
    dothedeed 2 months ago

    The "new method" is basically what we are taught to do on babies. The "abdominal thrusts" was just for adults - so now its just one thing for all ages.

  • Jared West
    Jared West 2 months ago

    we already learned this boy scouts

  • Nick_ Nutty
    Nick_ Nutty 2 months ago

    if you had to YouTube how to save someone from choking it's prolly too late to save them from choking.

  • Erin Lippitt
    Erin Lippitt 2 months ago

    wtf? this is literally CPR

  • 김찬민
    김찬민 2 months ago

    I believe the video's not updated on one thing: while a full CPR is more effective overall, the new 2015 American Heart Association CPR guidelines gives equal importance to "compression-only" CPR for those untrained. Studies found rescue breaths to be ineffective or even harmful when done by an untrained person because
    1. those who never performed CPR before have difficulty in making a complete seal over the mouth and/or breathes too little air in, and
    2. too much air is given and makes the receiver vomit, making the situation worse.

    or so i've heard.

  • wan si chen
    wan si chen 2 months ago

    rescue breathing ? for choking victim ? our teaching is that it is going to push the object obstructing the airway even more into the lower airway

  • derbigpr500
    derbigpr500 2 months ago

    There's no theoretical way to create the same amount of pressure on the trachea and press the blockage out by hitting someone on the back as there is by doing a heimlich.

  • Laney The Artist
    Laney The Artist 2 months ago +1

    How tf did that guy swallow a whole fish skeleton?

  • MyChannel
    MyChannel 2 months ago

    Step one, open youtube
    Step two, curse heimlich

  • Soulless Shadowless Heartless

    I need people helps often I guess.....

  • keantoken
    keantoken 2 months ago

    Have you ever had someone slap your back while you're choking?

  • Catistix The cat
    Catistix The cat 2 months ago

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Wilbert Coloma
    Wilbert Coloma 2 months ago

    First ask he or she if they are choking

  • Nick Wolf
    Nick Wolf 2 months ago

    don't start chest compressions until the airway is clear and they have no pulse. of else your just wasting your time andinjering the person

  • Bully Worm
    Bully Worm 2 months ago

    someone please do this Heimlich maneuver to Lebron James

  • Antifrost
    Antifrost 2 months ago

    Who the hell swallows an entire fish bone

  • T. Rololololol
    T. Rololololol 2 months ago

    Not to question the Red Cross but arent chest compressions for a heart failure?

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