Vin Diesel Says I Am Groot in Multiple Languages

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  • Нурсултан Саидов

    in KYRGYZ мен Грутмун

  • Alexandra Sarah Manea

    in romanian is sunt groot

  • EM MA
    EM MA 5 days ago

    what kinda voice is this?

  • Toby Thurlow White
    Toby Thurlow White 8 days ago

    Wo shi Garooteh!!

  • Adeline
    Adeline 11 days ago

    In French he actually says "Je s'appelle Groot" (I is named Groot) not "Je suis Groot"

  • Mathis Brodin
    Mathis Brodin 17 days ago

    "Je s'appelle Groot..." nous français sommes intraduisibles. ^^

  • Jason Perez
    Jason Perez 19 days ago

    every one in the comment section with at least 5 likes, me sitting here with no likes :(

  • Wan Abdul Rahim Wan Abdul Rahman


  • Hamster Hayk
    Hamster Hayk 20 days ago

    Did you know that he is black?? If you don't go search about it

  • p 3vedi
    p 3vedi 20 days ago

    My headphones broke over the strong bass his voice produced

  • Allyson Hunsberger
    Allyson Hunsberger 21 day ago

    For spanish, it would actually be estoy groot

  • Hậu Lê Trung
    Hậu Lê Trung 23 days ago

    Vietnamese: Tao là Groot

  • TontoloniusElgamer
    TontoloniusElgamer 25 days ago

    He speaks for trees

  • Estelle T.
    Estelle T. 27 days ago

    In French he actually says " Je être Groot"

  • 🐷Jazzybacon🐷
    🐷Jazzybacon🐷 28 days ago

    Ja jsem groot!!

  • Elyse Lochrie
    Elyse Lochrie 29 days ago

    Jimmy: Mandarin.

    Vin: Well, they don't say-

    Jimmy: Vin, Mandarin.

    I laughed so hard!!!!!!

  • bjthedjdutchdude1992

    "I Am Groot" in dutch litterally means "I Am Big". So in the dutch perspective, they'll be watching this movie like "i know you're big".

  • ItsGrizzly
    ItsGrizzly 1 month ago

    When vin did the French guy thing I died. He's such a child under all that man lol

    THE-ANDREW-SCALE 1 month ago

    and he still could not remember his lines

  • ZipplyZane
    ZipplyZane 1 month ago

    I wish Jimmy would have let him explain about how Mandarin required him to say something different. Seemed kinda dickish.

  • Orchidge Plays
    Orchidge Plays 1 month ago

    The mandarin one was very accurate!你做得好!

  • Valentina Muñoz
    Valentina Muñoz 1 month ago


    I_AM_GROOT 1 month ago

    1:20 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 thank you so much for this

  • Blaze. Beech
    Blaze. Beech 1 month ago

    I am Groot

  • little ninja
    little ninja 1 month ago

    groot ka ni 😑

  • Emma Vayssettes
    Emma Vayssettes 1 month ago

    En francais c'est traduit dans le film :
    - Je s'appelle Groot

  • Zombieboyepic15
    Zombieboyepic15 1 month ago

    This is my way of language class just this video

  • No One
    No One 1 month ago

    Vin Diesel is definitely gay

  • Nova
    Nova 1 month ago

    I am Groot

  • BudderLion
    BudderLion 1 month ago

    Je suis Groot

  • Metalhead444
    Metalhead444 1 month ago

    meesa groot

  • Olie 05
    Olie 05 1 month ago

    Vin Diesel amazing actor

  • amale dnaimis
    amale dnaimis 1 month ago

    In french is not Je suis groot mais Je s'appelle Groot

  • jangostiff
    jangostiff 1 month ago

    In French, Groot says "Je s'appelle Groot" and not "Je suis Groot" :)

  • WarfledSigns
    WarfledSigns 1 month ago

    Saya Groot

  • dudewat212
    dudewat212 1 month ago

    Vin Diesel just got paid millions to say "I am Groot" !!

  • dudewat212
    dudewat212 1 month ago

    Soy Groot ! - LoL !!!

  • 孙文杰
    孙文杰 1 month ago

    我是 格鲁特!

  • cranta ionut
    cranta ionut 1 month ago

    mandarin, what language is this?

  • Priscilla Martin
    Priscilla Martin 1 month ago

    I only come back to this video because of that growl he made at 1:10

  • Nadia Gherardi
    Nadia Gherardi 1 month ago

    i love vin diesel

  • Yimmy Sweet
    Yimmy Sweet 1 month ago

    oh,oh yeh555555

  • Eric Huber
    Eric Huber 1 month ago


  • jot jot
    jot jot 1 month ago

    esto es buenafuente

  • Bianca Kiss
    Bianca Kiss 1 month ago

    "Sunt Groot" in Romanian

  • Luckygirl 99
    Luckygirl 99 1 month ago

    Vin looks a lot like one of my math teachers

  • Joseph Yan
    Joseph Yan 1 month ago

    mandarin is funny hahaha

  • Anthéa Kern
    Anthéa Kern 1 month ago

    In French 😁 my country 😘

  • Max Falløn
    Max Falløn 1 month ago

    I.M Gr00t

  • Mr. W0lf
    Mr. W0lf 1 month ago

    Portuguese- Eu sou GROOOTTTT

  • Iam Groot93
    Iam Groot93 1 month ago

    i am groot

  • Mikela Natalie
    Mikela Natalie 1 month ago


  • XxXTheSundayGamerXxX 5404

    Vin diesel need some haircut!!!

    DEVIL 1 month ago


  • Clara C.
    Clara C. 1 month ago

    In french it's "Je s'appelle Groot" but whatever ;)

  • Teeny Warrior _
    Teeny Warrior _ 1 month ago

    Soy Groot.
    Thanks for putting that image in my head Diesel.

  • cleo domp
    cleo domp 1 month ago

    In french he say "Je s'appelle groot"

  • Nerf Chanka
    Nerf Chanka 1 month ago

    Is mise groot.

  • Slo Karo
    Slo Karo 1 month ago

    Pourquoi il a craché quand il l'a dit en français ?

  • WeevilVlogger // Road to 0.1k Subs!


  • Quaronn CZ
    Quaronn CZ 1 month ago

    1:20 with speed 0.5. xD It's like troll in cave screaming: where is my dinner?!

  • Orias X
    Orias X 1 month ago

    Only 3 words? What about when he said "We are Groot"?

  • Toxic
    Toxic 1 month ago

    I actually Didn't know Vin Diesel was the voice actor of Groot.

  • any thing
    any thing 1 month ago

    kono groot da!!!!!

  • thaiduitx
    thaiduitx 1 month ago

    How much did he get paid for 3 words?

  • OfficeBear
    OfficeBear 1 month ago

    So saddening that he got millions of dollars for such a fucking easy casting

  • no, this is patrick!!!!

    in spanish he just said :am groot

  • Samuel 4503
    Samuel 4503 1 month ago

    I am Groot vs My name is Jeff

  • MinetopiaLife And more

    He also Saïd "we are groot" never forget 😥😥

  • Danieloch
    Danieloch 1 month ago

    Soy groot :v

  • Prez Shaka
    Prez Shaka 1 month ago

    lmmao ahahhaha at groot grabbing th battery lol

  • Neco
    Neco 1 month ago

    sem português vão pó caralho fdps

  • ShazamzTV
    ShazamzTV 1 month ago

    He says we are groot on one of them.

  • Tuaboy 02
    Tuaboy 02 1 month ago

    is Vin Diesel gay? Cause he talks like it

  • Django
    Django 1 month ago

    In french, he says je s'appelle Groot, not je suis Groot

  • 최도린
    최도린 1 month ago

    je s'appelle groot !!!

  • Lesther Vera
    Lesther Vera 1 month ago

    in spanish is "yo soy groot"

  • Griffin Daniels
    Griffin Daniels 1 month ago

    He does say we are groot

  • Baby Groot
    Baby Groot 2 months ago

    I am Groot.

  • Lisa Fischer
    Lisa Fischer 2 months ago

    In the movie in french he says "Je s'appelle groot"
    That is a gramatical error btw, it's suposed to say "je *m*'appelle groot"

  • Faris Anwari
    Faris Anwari 2 months ago

    He should have done Rumanian!
    "Eu sunt Groot!!!!"

  • MxstxrCxrtx
    MxstxrCxrtx 2 months ago

    why'd he say eee for shi

  • Killer Gamer
    Killer Gamer 2 months ago

    It's not true in french, in this movie, it's exactly: "je s'appelle Groot" 😂

  • Jorge A. Echeandia Canales

    French sounds solo hay.

  • Jaggu Chohla
    Jaggu Chohla 2 months ago

    nice diesel

  • Bryan Bokser
    Bryan Bokser 2 months ago

    Vin is fuckin awesome!

  • Retierashia
    Retierashia 2 months ago


  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin 2 months ago

    Does nobody else notice that jimmys card has nothing on it but the logo on both sides

  • Spinotikus
    Spinotikus 2 months ago

    Ja jestem Groot

  • Jozinek
    Jozinek 2 months ago

    He should've done it in more languages

  • Nikoletta Gál
    Nikoletta Gál 2 months ago

    Hungarian: Én vagyok Groot

  • Vahid Minglani
    Vahid Minglani 2 months ago

    how many languages is 3 languages😑😑

  • Romain Deltour
    Romain Deltour 2 months ago

    In French, that's not "Je suis Groot", that's "Je s'appelle Groot".

  • CookMow
    CookMow 2 months ago

    Well, in the French movie he says "Je s'appelle Groot"

  • Darren Ellis
    Darren Ellis 2 months ago


  • Annabeth Chase
    Annabeth Chase 2 months ago

    N we are groot....

  • Zaxa Gaming
    Zaxa Gaming 2 months ago

    i am groot

  • rjeption
    rjeption 2 months ago

    groot didn't say anything

  • reptilus89
    reptilus89 2 months ago

    Je s'appelle Groot*

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