Vin Diesel Says I Am Groot in Multiple Languages

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  • H -playz
    H -playz 11 hours ago

    Uhhh mandarin pronouncing was wrong and he said I is groot

  • fredlee john
    fredlee john Day ago


  • wheresmybeanieat87
    wheresmybeanieat87 2 days ago

    You know what this is super funny yeah this is super funny but this is super funny like the twice as funny I've ever seen but really it is funny but Vin Diesel is awesome he plays Dominic Toretto in Fast & Furious she's plays Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy real like all those videos like all the movies all the videos I don't know if you can play as you know Raphael from Ninja Turtles yeah really I don't know if Andy can play like you need to call Vin Diesel like some time or another see if he can make Ninja Turtle video so I'm going to send this thing right now and see how

  • Asd_Maker
    Asd_Maker 4 days ago

    He doesn't just say "I am Groot"

    In the end he said "We are Groot"

  • Dude Awesome
    Dude Awesome 4 days ago

    Groot is dutch for big😂😂

  • Sop LV
    Sop LV 7 days ago

    Why is he only able to say "I am groot" ? He used to be able to talk normaly... then there was a vague explanation that his larynx and vocal chords grew stiffer as he matured and so he lost the ability to speak anything other than those 3 words. This however doesnt explain why baby groot doesnt say anything else either, and how he is able to do intonations, because words are formed with the mouth, changes in intonation are produced bij the vocal chords and larynx...

  • Prince Jraxson
    Prince Jraxson 7 days ago

    O lou igoa o GROOT

  • Grace Woofter
    Grace Woofter 7 days ago

    Before this happened, the same woman who played Yocheved in "The Prince of Egypt" played as her in more than 14 languages.

  • Katyane Soares
    Katyane Soares 7 days ago

    Eu sou groot

  • gabby OMG
    gabby OMG 7 days ago


  • OfficialDjSyko
    OfficialDjSyko 8 days ago

    In bengali it's "Ami Groot" lol

  • Lucas Droop
    Lucas Droop 11 days ago

    In french he actually says : "Je s'appelle Groot!"

  • MugglePokéGirl10 ღ
    MugglePokéGirl10 ღ 12 days ago

    Dutch =Ik ben Groot! :P

  • myu30
    myu30 14 days ago

    He said "I'm Groot" in Mandarin got me eargasm. Damn.

  • Ritika Parashar
    Ritika Parashar 14 days ago

    First of all it's not 'je suip groot' it's ' je suis groot learn French!

  • depressed jerry
    depressed jerry 15 days ago

    I love his voice .....lmao

  • Luke Griggs
    Luke Griggs 18 days ago

    Love it

  • CDR Simmons
    CDR Simmons 18 days ago

    Ich bin Groot?

  • Guava juice A
    Guava juice A 19 days ago


  • Jordan Vasquez
    Jordan Vasquez 20 days ago

    Why does Groot have a butt?

  • Bon C
    Bon C 21 day ago

    Love him

  • Matheus Queiroz Jacob
    Matheus Queiroz Jacob 22 days ago

    Eu sou groot

  • Benjamin Stewart
    Benjamin Stewart 23 days ago

    Bradley coopers great I mean look at his eyes

  • Rosa peace et loves
    Rosa peace et loves 23 days ago

    i love his voice

  • Sosna
    Sosna 25 days ago

    Jestem Groot - in polish :D

  • Nelson Seng
    Nelson Seng 26 days ago

    holy mandarin

  • สุเทพ บ้านหยวก


  • Clou
    Clou 27 days ago

    Watashi wa groot

  • Jhupan Ghoshal
    Jhupan Ghoshal 28 days ago

    He can say 5 words,
    (his last words were "We are Groot")

  • Jimin fangirl :3
    Jimin fangirl :3 28 days ago

    i searched up BTS impersonators......


  • Ana Ofanoa
    Ana Ofanoa 28 days ago

    didn't he said four words I,am,Groot and we on the first movie

  • Нурсултан Саидов

    in KYRGYZ мен Грутмун

  • Alexandra Sarah Manea

    in romanian is sunt groot

  • EM MA
    EM MA Month ago

    what kinda voice is this?

  • Toby Thurlow White
    Toby Thurlow White Month ago

    Wo shi Garooteh!!

  • Adeline
    Adeline Month ago

    In French he actually says "Je s'appelle Groot" (I is named Groot) not "Je suis Groot"

  • Mathis Brodin
    Mathis Brodin Month ago +1

    "Je s'appelle Groot..." nous français sommes intraduisibles. ^^

  • Jason Perez
    Jason Perez Month ago

    every one in the comment section with at least 5 likes, me sitting here with no likes :(

  • Wan Abdul Rahim Wan Abdul Rahman


  • Hamster Hayk
    Hamster Hayk Month ago

    Did you know that he is black?? If you don't go search about it

  • p 3vedi
    p 3vedi Month ago +1

    My headphones broke over the strong bass his voice produced

  • Allyson Hunsberger
    Allyson Hunsberger Month ago

    For spanish, it would actually be estoy groot

  • Hậu Lê Trung
    Hậu Lê Trung Month ago

    Vietnamese: Tao là Groot

  • TontoloniusElgamer
    TontoloniusElgamer Month ago

    He speaks for trees

  • Estelle T.
    Estelle T. Month ago

    In French he actually says " Je être Groot"

  • 🐷Jazzybacon🐷
    🐷Jazzybacon🐷 Month ago

    Ja jsem groot!!

  • Elyse Lochrie
    Elyse Lochrie Month ago

    Jimmy: Mandarin.

    Vin: Well, they don't say-

    Jimmy: Vin, Mandarin.

    I laughed so hard!!!!!!

  • bjthedjdutchdude1992

    "I Am Groot" in dutch litterally means "I Am Big". So in the dutch perspective, they'll be watching this movie like "i know you're big".

  • ItsGrizzly
    ItsGrizzly 2 months ago

    When vin did the French guy thing I died. He's such a child under all that man lol

    THE-ANDREW-SCALE 2 months ago

    and he still could not remember his lines

  • I am Talako (Gray Eagle In The Sky)

    'ta Bueno!

  • ZipplyZane
    ZipplyZane 2 months ago

    I wish Jimmy would have let him explain about how Mandarin required him to say something different. Seemed kinda dickish.

  • Orchidge Plays
    Orchidge Plays 2 months ago

    The mandarin one was very accurate!你做得好!

  • Valentina Muñoz
    Valentina Muñoz 2 months ago


    I_AM_GROOT 2 months ago

    1:20 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 thank you so much for this

  • Blaze. Beech
    Blaze. Beech 2 months ago

    I am Groot

  • little ninja
    little ninja 2 months ago

    groot ka ni 😑

  • Emma Vayssettes
    Emma Vayssettes 2 months ago

    En francais c'est traduit dans le film :
    - Je s'appelle Groot

  • Zombieboyepic15
    Zombieboyepic15 2 months ago

    This is my way of language class just this video

  • No One
    No One 2 months ago

    Vin Diesel is definitely gay

  • Nova
    Nova 2 months ago

    I am Groot

  • BudderLion
    BudderLion 2 months ago

    Je suis Groot

  • Metalhead444
    Metalhead444 2 months ago

    meesa groot

  • Olie 05
    Olie 05 2 months ago

    Vin Diesel amazing actor

  • amale dnaimis
    amale dnaimis 2 months ago

    In french is not Je suis groot mais Je s'appelle Groot

  • jangostiff
    jangostiff 2 months ago +1

    In French, Groot says "Je s'appelle Groot" and not "Je suis Groot" :)

  • WarfledSigns
    WarfledSigns 2 months ago

    Saya Groot

  • dudewat212
    dudewat212 2 months ago +1

    Vin Diesel just got paid millions to say "I am Groot" !!

  • dudewat212
    dudewat212 2 months ago +1

    Soy Groot ! - LoL !!!

  • 孙文杰
    孙文杰 2 months ago

    我是 格鲁特!

  • cranta ionut
    cranta ionut 2 months ago

    mandarin, what language is this?

  • Priscilla Martin
    Priscilla Martin 2 months ago

    I only come back to this video because of that growl he made at 1:10

  • Nadia Gherardi
    Nadia Gherardi 2 months ago

    i love vin diesel

  • Yimmy Sweet
    Yimmy Sweet 2 months ago

    oh,oh yeh555555

  • Eric Huber
    Eric Huber 2 months ago +1


  • jot jot
    jot jot 2 months ago

    esto es buenafuente

  • Bianca Kiss
    Bianca Kiss 2 months ago

    "Sunt Groot" in Romanian

  • Insfires man!!
    Insfires man!! 2 months ago

    Vin looks a lot like one of my math teachers

  • Joseph Yan
    Joseph Yan 2 months ago

    mandarin is funny hahaha

  • Anthéa Kern
    Anthéa Kern 2 months ago

    In French 😁 my country 😘

  • Max Falløn
    Max Falløn 2 months ago

    I.M Gr00t

  • Mr. W0lf
    Mr. W0lf 2 months ago

    Portuguese- Eu sou GROOOTTTT

  • Iam Groot93
    Iam Groot93 2 months ago

    i am groot

  • Mikela Natalie
    Mikela Natalie 2 months ago +1


  • XxXTheSundayGamerXxX 5404

    Vin diesel need some haircut!!!

  • Dєνιl
    Dєνιl 2 months ago


  • Clara C.
    Clara C. 2 months ago

    In french it's "Je s'appelle Groot" but whatever ;)

  • Teeny Warrior _
    Teeny Warrior _ 2 months ago

    Soy Groot.
    Thanks for putting that image in my head Diesel.

  • cleo domp
    cleo domp 2 months ago

    In french he say "Je s'appelle groot"

  • Nerf Chanka
    Nerf Chanka 2 months ago +1

    Is mise groot.

  • Slo Karo
    Slo Karo 2 months ago

    Pourquoi il a craché quand il l'a dit en français ?

  • WeevilVlogger // Road to 0.1k Subs!


  • Quaronn CZ
    Quaronn CZ 2 months ago

    1:20 with speed 0.5. xD It's like troll in cave screaming: where is my dinner?!

  • Orias X
    Orias X 2 months ago +1

    Only 3 words? What about when he said "We are Groot"?

  • Toxic
    Toxic 2 months ago

    I actually Didn't know Vin Diesel was the voice actor of Groot.

  • any thing
    any thing 2 months ago +1

    kono groot da!!!!!

  • thaiduitx
    thaiduitx 2 months ago

    How much did he get paid for 3 words?

  • OfficeBear
    OfficeBear 2 months ago

    So saddening that he got millions of dollars for such a fucking easy casting

  • no, this is patrick!!!!

    in spanish he just said :am groot

  • Samuel 4503
    Samuel 4503 2 months ago +1

    I am Groot vs My name is Jeff

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