Cat with the longest annoying meow

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    My cat, named Adolf, is having the longest annoying meow and he does this every time I open up the fridge. Don't worry we feed him very well.

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  • XxPeriodic films xX
    XxPeriodic films xX 54 minutes ago

    Is someone screaming lightly lol

  • Bruce Custodio
    Bruce Custodio Hour ago

    About every two minutes a new wave of planes would be over. The motors seemed to grind rather than roar, and to have an angry pulsation, like a bee buzzing in blind fury.

    Children sit among the rubble
    of their home September 1940 The guns did not make a constant overwhelming din as in those terrible days of September. They were intermittent - sometimes a few seconds apart, sometimes a minute or more. Their sound was sharp, near by; and soft and muffled, far away. They were everywhere over London.

  • DemonicSword01
    DemonicSword01 2 hours ago

    I paused at 0:48 and noticed that the white part of his face looks like a wang with the "mustache" being hair.

  • Jannelle Brown
    Jannelle Brown 2 hours ago

    Not at all annoying! I love kitty talk ^^

  • Eren Jaeger
    Eren Jaeger 5 hours ago

    That cat looks likes like Hitler and has Hitler's first name

  • Kevin R Fishing
    Kevin R Fishing 6 hours ago

    u named it adolf and it sounds like a millitary plane XDXD

  • cocteautwinned
    cocteautwinned 6 hours ago

    Sing it baby

  • Jr Varela
    Jr Varela 6 hours ago

    I don't like Egypt cat

  • Itz Vaporeon
    Itz Vaporeon 7 hours ago

    I wonder why he's named adolf?...... BECAUSE HES FUCKING KILLING US ALL

    DJ VENDETTA 7 hours ago

    nein I did nazi did that coming

  • Rob Custers
    Rob Custers 9 hours ago +1

    Was de veur lilik ding

  • m93samman
    m93samman 9 hours ago

    I was going to say that Adolf is a horrible name for a cat to callback, but then I saw the markings on the cat and realized that the name is actually so perfect in a humorous kind of way

  • FuryC
    FuryC 9 hours ago

    My question is, who the fuck names their cat Adolf?

  • Sneaky Beaky
    Sneaky Beaky 10 hours ago +1

    I think your dog has autism

  • Jonathan Feller
    Jonathan Feller 11 hours ago

    That's what you get for giving him people food!

  • Befer 女
    Befer 女 13 hours ago

    why would youn name a cat ado.... oh.. oh. okay.... i see..

  • Take Itaway
    Take Itaway 14 hours ago

    your cat must be having cancer

  • Diamond Dog
    Diamond Dog 15 hours ago

    If someone you know doesn't believe in reincarnation, then just show 'em this video.

  • Neckbeard Brony
    Neckbeard Brony 16 hours ago

    Is he supposed to be that thin?

  • BatwormYTGaming
    BatwormYTGaming 16 hours ago

    Meow.exe is corrupted

  • Isabella Madrid
    Isabella Madrid 17 hours ago

    Adolfo???!?!?!?!!!? 😭😭😰😩

  • Hyun Kim
    Hyun Kim 18 hours ago

    Adolf wants Jews.

  • Ak10Twenty
    Ak10Twenty 19 hours ago

    The cat is appropriately named for having a hitler mustache

  • Meagangoodmevonne Caldwell

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  • shellies52
    shellies52 21 hour ago

    U cat does oprea XD

  • Biggie Cheese
    Biggie Cheese Day ago

    *Looks at cat
    Huh I wonder why he was named adolf

  • Pietro Sommavilla

    nazis cats are noisy

  • CatPaw -Vlogs
    CatPaw -Vlogs Day ago

    Why does he sound like a three inch motorcycle?

  • Michelle M Brunetti

    Well that's what you get for naming your cat after Hitler!

  • Trenton 2006 gaming


  • Grace Q
    Grace Q Day ago

    Poor cat

  • Kristen Scott
    Kristen Scott Day ago

    It's not annoying its cute! maybe a little annoying.. lol

  • Evol Mermae
    Evol Mermae Day ago

    Am I being annoying sound but he he is so damn cute

  • PVPGod
    PVPGod Day ago +1

    Is he named Adolf after Hitler's mustache?

  • cuddle Fish
    cuddle Fish Day ago


  • Miv Yravitian
    Miv Yravitian Day ago


  • Namenlos Mobilegaming

    My god just give him some food

  • The Phantom Dialer

    It's so ugly that it's cute

  • colorfultography


  • Kiefer Ratledge
    Kiefer Ratledge Day ago

    Perhaps you should have given him a better name then.

  • Lili Barrera
    Lili Barrera Day ago

    You named your cat Adolf? Tf AHAAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

  • china man
    china man 2 days ago

    adolf lol.

  • The Bullet
    The Bullet 2 days ago

    >cat's name is adolf
    *i wonder why*

  • Reseiar t
    Reseiar t 2 days ago


  • Wakaran
    Wakaran 2 days ago

    I can see why you named him Adolf

  • Emmy The Temmie
    Emmy The Temmie 2 days ago

    It's funny cuz Adolf hitler loved cats, and the cat looks like him. Plus, it's his war speech colorized.

  • Roxanne Smith
    Roxanne Smith 2 days ago

    Lol I think Adolf was reincarnated as a cat in this life 😂

  • doggo
    doggo 2 days ago

    That cat has the ghost of Adolf Hitler inside of it. Also look at the similarities...

  • Arianne Chalut
    Arianne Chalut 2 days ago

    He's adorable *.*

  • Ryuujin Zanaku - Losts

    It's not annoying, it's cute.

  • Tom The Man
    Tom The Man 3 days ago

    "my cat adolf"
    why is your cat named adolf

  • Galaxy beans
    Galaxy beans 3 days ago

    Vietnam flashbacks🔥🔥

  • tsmooth
    tsmooth 3 days ago

    ha ha

  • I'm A Member of the Midnight Crew

    Fun drinking game: take a shot when someone makes a Hitler joke in the comments

  • Michael Langley
    Michael Langley 3 days ago

    He's got a good set of lungs to meow like that.

  • Neon Bite
    Neon Bite 3 days ago

    Poor Tallstar

  • Christian Jackson
    Christian Jackson 3 days ago

    I didn't know the Thousand-Year Reich would be this cute

  • Omega Juicer
    Omega Juicer 3 days ago

    Your cat has a Hitler mustache.

  • D3ATH.LP
    D3ATH.LP 3 days ago

    Who names their cat "Adolf"??
    I thought germany killed that name dead?

    Edit: (that cat looks like a goblin)

  • Life of Tiffany
    Life of Tiffany 3 days ago

    That cat is crazy animals can be crazy or mental too.

  • Amelia Charr
    Amelia Charr 3 days ago +2

    Seems like Hitler has reincarnated. And that moustache tho

  • Laura Baker
    Laura Baker 3 days ago

    He is the reincarnation of Hitler

  • Minami Urquidi
    Minami Urquidi 4 days ago


  • Derpy Pigeon
    Derpy Pigeon 4 days ago

    Oh my gosh😂 I can't stand this

  • Rebecca Perry
    Rebecca Perry 4 days ago

    Mein Furrier

  • Evan Starevil
    Evan Starevil 4 days ago

    Teacher: "What sound does a cat make?"
    Students: "Meow!"

  • xCutKarma
    xCutKarma 4 days ago

    Sounds like these boxes you flip and then it makes a cow noise

  • la-distupid
    la-distupid 4 days ago

    man It must be Hitler because he has that signature mustache.

  • BBQ SauceSniffa
    BBQ SauceSniffa 4 days ago

    "Heeeiiiiiiil" "Heeiiiiiil" Heeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiil"

  • Mantiz s
    Mantiz s 4 days ago

    Hes trying to tell you hes natzi

  • Fantasticus
    Fantasticus 4 days ago

    Wonder why his name is adolf :3

  • Florian Smit
    Florian Smit 4 days ago


  • XxRockyxX aj
    XxRockyxX aj 4 days ago

    Lol that meow is so annoying

  • DjKumaricaXD [GD]
    DjKumaricaXD [GD] 4 days ago

    I see why u named it adolf lol

  • Fresh Toast
    Fresh Toast 4 days ago

    adolf heeeeeeeeiiiiiiiil

  • Omar سلوم
    Omar سلوم 4 days ago +1

    Wtf you named your cat Adolf?

  • Timothy Mckee
    Timothy Mckee 4 days ago +1

    Adolph Kitler.

  • IWIKU - Oui Oui
    IWIKU - Oui Oui 4 days ago

    "Adolf" It's a cat not an human

  • Der Kraken
    Der Kraken 4 days ago

    He was asking for the final solution of the Mice question.

  • Zen3y3
    Zen3y3 4 days ago +1

    Me: "Why would anyone name their cat... oh."

  • ILoveYouBruh IWillNeverStopLovingYouBruh


  • Katnip Meow
    Katnip Meow 5 days ago

    Lol. Love your cat. Can see why the name

  • Loddentidster
    Loddentidster 5 days ago

    At first im like: Who the fuck names their cat Adolf?
    Sees cat
    Ah ok, got it

  • Ninja k
    Ninja k 5 days ago

    Sounds like a WW2 fighter plane.

  • wanderlustt
    wanderlustt 5 days ago

    this like a little kid making propeller noises with his toy airplanes

  • Crazy cat vids
    Crazy cat vids 5 days ago

    The stalking dead

  • XxYumi_SanxX 312
    XxYumi_SanxX 312 5 days ago

    He's dying everytime you do it thats why lololololol

  • Mister Internet
    Mister Internet 5 days ago

    Wow, that cat-thing is asking for a scolding .. of boiling water.

  • Petty Normani Stan
    Petty Normani Stan 5 days ago

    me as a cat

  • Nature's Finest
    Nature's Finest 5 days ago

    Poor Adolf

  • MaxPlaysGames
    MaxPlaysGames 5 days ago

    (Incoming WWII jokes)

  • Blockster 909
    Blockster 909 5 days ago

    Try turning it on and off again

  • Christ On A Mtb
    Christ On A Mtb 5 days ago

    That's the worst Adolf in history

  • Dont Mind Me Im Just Here To Meow Away

    haha his cats name is adlof and he looks like adlof hitler no offense

  • That Guitar Guy
    That Guitar Guy 6 days ago

    I see why you named him that

  • ciaramist16
    ciaramist16 6 days ago

    I lol'd the whole time

  • Akito Scorpio
    Akito Scorpio 6 days ago

    I can see why you named the cat that

  • Arctic Fox Pro
    Arctic Fox Pro 6 days ago

    OH GOD, wake me up in the morning's before you go go, loudness sound of cat, me, WTF

  • Serpens Y
    Serpens Y 6 days ago

    I know why its called Adolf now

  • D-Krazy
    D-Krazy 6 days ago

    this is hilarious

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