Paul Giamatti and Jimmy Sip Mint Juleps and Pick Kentucky Derby Winners

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  • chriLLe W
    chriLLe W 2 months ago

    *Happy 50th Birthday Paul*

  • Malte Jansen
    Malte Jansen 3 months ago

    0:00 - 00:02
    Jimmy: D'you pay attention to the KentuckyDerbydingadong?

  • SpicyBrush
    SpicyBrush 3 months ago

    He looks like John Mulaney's dog

  • AverageJak
    AverageJak 3 months ago

    paul giamatti= looks like real life homer simpson

  • Jay Williams
    Jay Williams 3 months ago

    My favorite part of that clip was Jimmy trying 3 times to tell Paul about the time he invested in his race horse Poco Bueno.

  • Grungie Lucy
    Grungie Lucy 3 months ago

    So weird watching Jimmy having a drink on the show 😂😂

  • Papa Smurf
    Papa Smurf 3 months ago +2

    ayyy, its your boy John Adams. Likke if you get the reference!

  • Ella L.
    Ella L. 3 months ago

    wasn't he in downton abbey?

  • R D'Gamers
    R D'Gamers 3 months ago +7

    is jimmy just put mouthwash on his drink? hahaha

    • Blue Jeans
      Blue Jeans 3 months ago

      R D'Gamers his secret ingredient perhaps lol

  • Brandon Long
    Brandon Long 3 months ago

    PIG VOMIT!!!

  • Hung Long
    Hung Long 3 months ago

    Paul if you saw how Thunder Snow ran when his hooves touched the mud at Churchill, he bucked and didn't run....bahahaha.

  • Hung Long
    Hung Long 3 months ago +2

    Jimmy is the WORST interviewer in TV history.

  • Rachel Santiago
    Rachel Santiago 3 months ago

    love paul

  • Marc Helfrecht
    Marc Helfrecht 3 months ago

    Great pick Paul!! If anybody watched the race, Thundersnow (the horse that runs great in the mud) took like 3 steps into the mud on the track and pulled up!! Dead Last!!! That's hilarious that he said that about the mud!!!

  • Adam Trombley
    Adam Trombley 3 months ago +1

    Thunder Snow did well...

  • dre857
    dre857 3 months ago

    Fallon is so cringe

  • Wendy Muller
    Wendy Muller 3 months ago

    Hmm, cool mint listerine is looking like a mighty fine mixer.

  • Abbey Rogers
    Abbey Rogers 3 months ago

    Loved him in big momma's House

  • vaibhav sankar
    vaibhav sankar 3 months ago

    Why does he sound difft? 🤔🤔

    GIGAtyWING 3 months ago


  • darkbendover
    darkbendover 3 months ago

    does this dumb motherfucker know not to speak while his guest speaks?

  • irishbutterfly369
    irishbutterfly369 3 months ago

    mccraken came in 8th place, battle of midway came in 3rd place, irish war cary came in 10th place & thunder snow didn't finish the race

  • Amanda Ledbetter
    Amanda Ledbetter 3 months ago

    I'd say Irish comes in close second with mcraken first second Is Thunder although completely guessing and keep stach'en on!

  • Shelby Coffey
    Shelby Coffey 3 months ago +1


  • Eileen LeValley
    Eileen LeValley 3 months ago

    Any race horse that has a name that has to do with money is a good horse. Example....... " Miss Penny Rich"

  • Mallory S
    Mallory S 3 months ago

    Too bad Thunder Snow bucked his jockey, McCracken finished 5th, Irish War Cry flopped like Classic Empire and Gormley didn't run well at all, he's second rate tbh, and Always Dreaming ran away with it in the mud and Looking At Lee was a good closing 2nd.

  • hiphopaddict007
    hiphopaddict007 3 months ago +1

    I sure hope somebody didn't decide to bet on Thundersnow b/c of Paul's tip. That poor horse came up lame right out of the gates...

  • dosage13
    dosage13 3 months ago

    pig vomit

  • Medina Music
    Medina Music 3 months ago +1

    Jaimito no pierde una oportunidad para ponerse *piripiiiiiiiii*
    ¡Qué borrachito es!

  • Tony Visciardi
    Tony Visciardi 3 months ago +3

    The horse from Dubai is the one that pulled up right out of the gate just now.

  • Jenny Lee
    Jenny Lee 3 months ago

    Oh my goodness!  A mint julep that isn't in a silver cup--oh lordy lordy!

    p.s. mint juleps are terrible.

  • brian adams
    brian adams 3 months ago


  • Ace Ventura
    Ace Ventura 3 months ago

    How can I watch Billions for free?

  • Sharif Sourour
    Sharif Sourour 3 months ago

    LOL that was awesome! Take care of yourselves boys!

  • Yinka Oreoluwa
    Yinka Oreoluwa 3 months ago

    chuck rhoades !!!!!!

  • fetacheeseplease
    fetacheeseplease 3 months ago +4

    "that's not a great name for your horse--that's like, there's no fucking way you're gonna win"

  • Guava Memories
    Guava Memories 3 months ago

    Coolest cucumber ever

  • JennyJim
    JennyJim 3 months ago

    All I think about him now is John Adams

  • Emmanuel Styles
    Emmanuel Styles 3 months ago

    Jimmy is one of those hosts that thinks the show is about him. The show is about the guests you have on it.

  • Zip-A-Dee-Doo -Dah
    Zip-A-Dee-Doo -Dah 3 months ago +14

    I love how uncomfortable jimmy gets whenever people swear

  • miss october
    miss october 3 months ago

    Haven't watched Billions yet, but he was so good in the John Adams mini series.

  • Dawna Lynn
    Dawna Lynn 3 months ago +5

    such a big fat liar ...

    I'll leave.

  • AverageJoe
    AverageJoe 3 months ago +8

    Watching Jimmy Fallon gives me hope that I can become a talk show host one day. I have Tourette's syndrome but I don't swear I just abruptly laugh.

  • manguy2000
    manguy2000 3 months ago +4

    Billions is an awesome show

  • PJBubbles
    PJBubbles 3 months ago

    Chuck Rhoades rules!!!

  • John Doe
    John Doe 3 months ago

    every time fallon whines about someone using a curse word on his shitty show and acts like an idiot i hope his child develops a new tumor

  • SilverShion
    SilverShion 3 months ago

    Picture her as Paul Giamatti!

  • Humaid Al Ali
    Humaid Al Ali 3 months ago

    Oh hey, it's Jerry Heller...

  • L R
    L R 3 months ago +11


  • Hua Mulan
    Hua Mulan 3 months ago +4

    _Legend._ 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Jamin Shanti
    Jamin Shanti 3 months ago +6

    You gave them a mint julep and your surprise he started cursing. Google ingredients.

  • 3p1cand3rs0n
    3p1cand3rs0n 3 months ago

    Why does he overreact so much when a guest gets bleeped? Even if they get an FCC violation, it's a slap on the wrist fine. They won't get cancelled or something really serious.

  • Pool Guy
    Pool Guy 3 months ago +19

    I've loved him ever since i saw Big Fat Liar and I try never to miss any of his movies

    • Neil K
      Neil K 3 months ago

      ironically he played "Pig Vomit", the guy who was supposed to rein Stern in.

    • Ace Ventura
      Ace Ventura 3 months ago

      I loved him in "Private Parts"

  • Awesomeness Hippopotamus
    Awesomeness Hippopotamus 3 months ago +60

    Jimmy, let your guests speak. It's a talk show, not a "let me stutter and interrupt you to make a shit joke, followed by a fake laugh" show.

  • Yaeres
    Yaeres 3 months ago

    Nah.... he looks like a corrupt Detective. Show some respect

  • davemathewsrocks
    davemathewsrocks 3 months ago

    Paul Giamatti is hilarious. Son says I look like a corrupt cop - LOL

  • Lukas Sprehn
    Lukas Sprehn 3 months ago

    You should have Jonah Ray on, the new host of Mystery Science Theater 3000. And maybe ask him if he knows the lyrics to the theme song like what happened with Kaley Cucco :)

  • Buch
    Buch 3 months ago +11

    scope is underrated as a drink

    • Buch
      Buch 3 months ago

      +TheIllusiveDon fuck you and yo feelings now that is the gray poupon of drinks

    • TheIllusiveDon fuck you and yo feelings
      TheIllusiveDon fuck you and yo feelings 3 months ago

      Stan Buczak how bout Listerine

    • Buch
      Buch 3 months ago

      +Axle Grind you are classy. No wonder you sleigh them, you beast

    • Axle Grind
      Axle Grind 3 months ago

      the ladies love me when I put a splash of Aqua Velva in my mint julip

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  • DR xzeuz
    DR xzeuz 3 months ago

    hhhh Paul Giamatti and Jimmy Sip Mint Juleps and Pick Kentucky Derby Winners

  • Hy Pailakian
    Hy Pailakian 3 months ago +71

    Paul Giamatti is a national treasure!

    • Andy Bee
      Andy Bee 3 months ago

      Yeah..he is a great actor. I am currently riveted to Billions! I love the Axl Rod v's Rhoades fights. A must see!

  • Mayank
    Mayank 3 months ago

    first dislike

  • New Message
    New Message 3 months ago +5

    You can't say shit, fuckin', or dick, but you can say McCrackin'? Friggin' Republicans.

    • DeeOhGee DOG
      DeeOhGee DOG 3 months ago

      New Message McCrackin isn't a bad word...

    • Nick Tanzillo
      Nick Tanzillo 3 months ago

      FCC was created in 1934, under FDR (a Democrat) with Democrat majority in both the House and Senate. I know you were just goofing around, so it's just FYI.

  • Mayank
    Mayank 3 months ago +29

    LET HIM SPEAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nana Ti
    Nana Ti 3 months ago +2

    TeamChuck where are you at?

  • Some guy named Mike
    Some guy named Mike 3 months ago

    Aleksei Sytsevich if you get this reference fp

  • FionnMC_ 005
    FionnMC_ 005 3 months ago +1


  • Idris Mandhu
    Idris Mandhu 3 months ago +45

    he is so good in billions

    • Andy J
      Andy J 3 months ago

      Idris Mandhu He's brilliant in Billions, imo his best work since Big Fat Liar.

  • Hunain Shaikh
    Hunain Shaikh 3 months ago

    I m the second one to comment on this video

  • Ammu Loosy
    Ammu Loosy 3 months ago

    Helo jimmy

  • Ammu Loosy
    Ammu Loosy 3 months ago

    Helo jimmu

  • Hunain Shaikh
    Hunain Shaikh 3 months ago +1


  • TheDisasterfreak
    TheDisasterfreak 3 months ago +167

    Such an underrated actor!

    • Raxa Emu
      Raxa Emu 3 months ago

      TheDisasterfreak overrated drinker

    • dmjdmj
      dmjdmj 3 months ago

      +11beardr "Underrated: more importance, value, skill, power, etc., than people recognize:
      He is one of Hollywood’s most underrated actors (= He is much better than people think)". I just don't see this definition being applicable to the work of Paul Giamatti.

    • jon huling
      jon huling 3 months ago

      TheDisasterfreak well truth is overrated lol

    • RockBandRS
      RockBandRS 3 months ago

      TheDisasterfreak I think the same thing when I hear the word underrated. And I agree with you. Not sure what the other 2 are talking about lol.

    • dmjdmj
      dmjdmj 3 months ago

      +TheDisasterfreak Ok, I get you and I think that you've got a point. It's just the word underrated means that the subject has received less critical acclaim than deserved. I don't think that's the case with Giamatti. I don't see the correlation between fame and skill. Should he be more famous? Absolutely!

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