President Trump Returns to NYC, Baby Boomers Drink the Most Alcohol - Monologue

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  • NeuroGoddess
    NeuroGoddess 3 months ago

    Does little mikey's haiir ever move?

  • tremer 2009
    tremer 2009 3 months ago

    Thanks Late Night with Seth Meyers.:)

  • Canada126
    Canada126 3 months ago

    are balloons...are

  • armegaz
    armegaz 3 months ago

    I guess lots of republicans in the audience. Meyer was hilarious

  • Linda Arteaga
    Linda Arteaga 3 months ago

    about Kids working is everthing but a joke :(

  • Chelsea Doyle
    Chelsea Doyle 3 months ago

    the united airlines jokes get me every time

  • Miranda Waldron
    Miranda Waldron 3 months ago

    unfortunately I AM a millennial living in my grandparents' basement.

  • tenacious645
    tenacious645 3 months ago

    I thought Boomers drank so much to numb the pain of knowing they fucked up the United States of America.

  • Robin Oliver
    Robin Oliver 3 months ago

    the question for all android users, including me, is "how many children are building the android machines?" It sounds cool -- and its a legit question

  • Phillip Glass
    Phillip Glass 3 months ago

    what a pathetic loser. Do libs listen to this dude?

  • Elaine Ferry
    Elaine Ferry 3 months ago

    Pin the crime on the immigrant, the the white house pinnata! OMG!

  • Gareth Perkins
    Gareth Perkins 3 months ago +1

    Real alewives of Atlantis would have worked so much better though.

  • Jeffrey Searle
    Jeffrey Searle 3 months ago

    You are also taxed at 80 present

  • girlwithoutaname sorry
    girlwithoutaname sorry 3 months ago +1

    Mike Pence just came to Australia, could you please keep him in America?

    We are too busy trying to figure out whose our own politics

  • Hun Elysium
    Hun Elysium 3 months ago

    So basically people who supports him increased from 35% to 48% ?! ..... this is as confusing as the result of the election

  • Connie Cook
    Connie Cook 3 months ago

    Bad jokes.., bad. Were the writers all hungover or what?

  • Secure Payment
    Secure Payment 3 months ago


  • Domonik Pane
    Domonik Pane 3 months ago

    What happened to Youtube Homepage? I can't find my favourite channels anymore. Why do the recommendations keep getting more and more annoying? I don't care whats trending. I just want access to the 7 Channels I follow. Anybody else running out of reasons to watch Youtube? Ps. Sorry Seth, Love your show, just not sure where else to leave this comment. Someone tell Youtube Team to take their head out of their ass and quick fucking with a good formula.

  • Lamborghini JR
    Lamborghini JR 3 months ago

    Where you can play festive games like
    "pin the crime on the immigrant"

  • Eb theDoc
    Eb theDoc 3 months ago

    Posting here, as well. May need help soon, because I went active today. Open letter to the Speaker, House of Representatives of the United States of America, Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin Dear "Mr." Ryan. I am taking the gloves off. I am a registered Independent from NH. Last year, I was dismayed to see the Republican Convention subject itself to the populist (I call it christianist extremist) trend, and choose a known fraud, inveterate liar, and (on my part, at least) suspected traitor, as nominee, because he used effective slogans. I considered you an element of sanity, when you said you couldn't support him, after publication of the tape with Billy Bush, for reasons of conscience. This was shattered when you withdrew your objections before the election. Your cover for the farce with Congressman Nunes completely eliminated any respect on my part. I have watched the recording you posted, of your speech before Congress in advance of the vote on the amended AHCA, and am not impressed. I must consider you a prime example of the partisan opportunism pervading your House at this time, and find it despicable. Though I'm sure it's available to you, here is a copy of my posts in early March, on your first attempt at "R&R": "Why is it, really that the Republican Party is so dead-set against the ACA? Because it also put mechanisms in place for _accountability_. Please remember that big-time insurer and pharma executives are among the _heaviest_ contributors to the former's campaign chests. And of course said executives want to keep their obscene bonus levels and continue driving cost structures best described as a clipper ship trying to sail on the tips of it's masts. Another case of the Congress majorities creeping up the backside of their billionaire benefactors, helping them dump on Joe and Jane Normal!" As a healthcare professional, I spent many years in countries with single-payer, government-regulated healthcare systems. The greatest difficulty, for me, was explaining how, despite building palaces to house bloated administrative multitudes, Europeans managed a 60% payout, against 40% costs, while America's health insurance structure ran the other way round. Now the House has passed a bill, without purview by the the OMB, or even by yourselves, that not only is worse than your first attempt, but hides a gift of many billions of dollars to your benefactors. I cry shame! You, sir, are a sorry excuse for a human male. I refuse to call you a man. Most sincerely, Eb Hoene, Somersworth P.S. Before anyone accuses me of anything else, I'm Lutheran, my family goes back at least 900 years to first mention as Knights Templar, and we don't have a "von" because true aristocracy has no need of it. Our family's motto: Our hand to our friend, Our heart to our family, Our face to the foe. "Dem Freund die Hand, Der Familie das Herz, Dem Feind die Stirn." In the original German. Freiherr Hoene

  • Eb theDoc
    Eb theDoc 3 months ago

    Laughter - the best medicine. But I got the impression people were hoping for something more bitingly acerbic... Back on topic for these times: On my FB cover page since May 4. To explain to my friends why Bannon's Trumpie is so high on my despicability scale, and why I'm no longer quiet. Honesty: you never utter an untruth; friends think you're kinda quiet. Slightly dishonest - a little fib now and then, like pausing to admire the scenery (and sneak a quick smoke) on the garbage run, when you've said you'll be right back. Occasionally mendacious - "I'm taking it out now," but finishing the beer and the inning before you trudge downstairs. Liar - "I'll take it out every week in the evening," when you know that's the time you watch your sports news. Inveterate liar - "I've always done it on time," when you know damn well how often you've filled a neighbor's can because you staggered down too late. Confabulator - "I've set a timer on the calendar of my cellphone," when you've conned a neighborhood kid into taking care of it every week with the promise of $200 for Christmas. Then you stiff the kid in December. And secretly grin, because you've put one over on the wife. And the kid. (<edit> Like the RepubliTrumps just stiffed America, especially their own voters.) Benevolence: you have a lot of good will towards your fellow humans; your friends still think you're kinda quiet and wonder why you smile so much. Schadenfreude - you have to grin when the neighbor who's been feuding about leaves from your trees gets busted for illegally dumping trash by the roadside. Vindictive - you trash the web page of the councilman who opposed your proposal last week with Cabo clickbait. Vengeful - you send your supporters out to collect and destroy all your opponent's campaign signs. Pure malice - you tell the president of another country he can't come for the planned state visit unless he rescinds the planned award to a respected former President of the other party (which you were a member of, not long ago), and make sure a 61-year-old woman gets convicted for laughing at praise of your AG's record on equal rights. Modesty: you tend to point out all the help you got, when praised for something; friends still consider you quiet. Prideful - you still praise others, loudly, but are grinning inside for the laudations. Self-aggrandizing - you solicit kudos for jobs your predecessor's burgeoning economy helped create. Megalomanic - anything you can put a positive spin on is "absolutely fantastic"; any critics are "fake news" or "delusional," everything (friends, events, family, the world) is about you. Loyalty: when a friend needs some help, you respond with "Let's go." When the friend tries to thank you: "No big deal." Pretty loyal - the same, only you respond with, "Hey, what are friends for?" And swell up inside. Selfish - the friend asks, and you remind him that he left you hanging three months ago, when their baby-sitter got sick. Treasonous - your good friend Putin's blackmailing you with recordings of your antics in Moscow, on the trip to allay suspicions of your rigged Miss Universe pageant. You counter the allegations with your tried-and-true "Very fake news." And launch a strike on Syria (and then Afghanistan) after talking it over with Vlad. Traitorous - your team engineers a successful election, with the help of your empty campaign promises and your friend Vlad's FSB and their Turkish and Cypriot cut-outs; then you stiff your supporters and get to work on dismantling everything America stands for. (<edit> Science, Environment, "O beautiful...", Freedom of Speech, of Religion, Separation of Church and State, HealthCare, Accountability...)Rage can't begin to describe what I feel at the moment.

  • Stephen Coe
    Stephen Coe 3 months ago

    I laughed out loud a few times!!! Sad. . .

  • tiesiog ba
    tiesiog ba 3 months ago

    about last joke; its not a joke at all. entire east europe is drinking because of hard economy and not much perspectives.

  • composerdoh
    composerdoh 3 months ago

    Wait- aren't cuttlefish cephalopods? Those are clearly FISH in that picture (Real Housewives of Atlantis.)
    I know, I know..... it's only a joke.....

  • Piotr. Moes
    Piotr. Moes 3 months ago

    Comey side by side with Trump. It all makes sense now. Comey is Trump without the makeup.

  • theOC
    theOC 3 months ago

    Gar - Bage.

  • Mina in Japan
    Mina in Japan 3 months ago

    These late night shows would not be this fun if Hilary had won, the most comedians would do is talk about her husband and maybe sore loser Trump.

  • Mr B
    Mr B 3 months ago

    am I the only one who thinks that Melania looks like Bruce Kardashian?

  • Rush Mty
    Rush Mty 3 months ago

    I will definitely be on line to hit that Piñata

  • Fe4RLess Flames
    Fe4RLess Flames 3 months ago

    KYS trump

  • MindCrime
    MindCrime 3 months ago +2

    Did they even think to google cuttlefish? They aren't fish for those who don't know. They're a mollusk related to the Octopus and squid, and they're fucking cool, show some respect.

    • MindCrime
      MindCrime 3 months ago

      Extremely intelligent, the largest brain-body size of any invertebrate. And if they only live two years they either learn a ton in a short period of time or they're born highly evolved, it's sad to eat something so smart...aware.

    • normantrombon
      normantrombon 3 months ago

      MindCrime ...and really smart! But a real short lifespan. Especially around Spain, they're on every menu!

  • mainmanmaindude
    mainmanmaindude 3 months ago

    Is there a reference I'm not getting here?
    Hillary loving Balloons? or is it just a dumb joke

  • Sadin15
    Sadin15 3 months ago

    For some reason none of these videos from this channel are loading for me. This has been happening for some days now. Has anybody else experienced this too?

  • Rich Grizzly
    Rich Grizzly 3 months ago

    Don't you have any better in the US? I felt kind of embarrassed watching this guy and his lame attempt at being funny.

  • Shiftless Lazycrat
    Shiftless Lazycrat 3 months ago +1

    I like his material, but Seth Meyers is just not a polished performer. He needs to work on his delivery, his showmanship, and his mannerisms. He reminds me of Norm Macdonald in that way.

  • Robyn Anton
    Robyn Anton 3 months ago

    OMFG, the one about the animals...errr...millennials in the basement...i need another f**ckin& drink 😑

  • Carol Crawford
    Carol Crawford 3 months ago +1

    Haha you late night guys are so funny! True about baby boomers!

  • Mufti Hossain
    Mufti Hossain 3 months ago

    This show's writing has become significantly better structured and delivered throughout the past year

  • KapriciousT
    KapriciousT 3 months ago

    Seth's team should have googled cuttlefish.

    • normantrombon
      normantrombon 3 months ago

      KapriciousT ...ha! ik,r? Should have been cephalopods in those dresses! Tentacles showing underneath!

  • Manatee Man
    Manatee Man 3 months ago +1

    "Pin the crime on the immigrant"
    "The White House piñata"
    "Also not going to release the children who build them"
    *FOKIN ELL M8*

  • MisteryTune
    MisteryTune 3 months ago +8


  • inkliizii
    inkliizii 3 months ago +2

    Do your writers know that cuttlefish are cephalopods? Think squid, not mackerel.

  • Clio Jensen
    Clio Jensen 3 months ago +2

    Those are NOT cuttlefish!

  • Lee Fon
    Lee Fon 3 months ago

    Is it just me or is every Seth Meyers video always accompanied with awkward fake laughs and pity claps?

  • Cristina Dolores Garrido

    I'm still apalled that Cinco de Mayo is a thing.

  • Marc Gaston-Johnston
    Marc Gaston-Johnston 3 months ago

    That iPhone joke was top

  • EverythingIC
    EverythingIC 3 months ago +2

    Cuttlefish arent fish. Theyre cephalopods, like octopi. Dang it seth, you missed a prime Tentacle joke!

  • Luiz Alex Phoenix
    Luiz Alex Phoenix 3 months ago

    Hey now! As a generation Y, millenial if you wish, I would like to correct Seth. Not everyone lives on the basement, I live on the attic!

  • ryan quigley
    ryan quigley 3 months ago +19

    just FYI we millennials live in those basements because baby boomers destroyed the economy

    • Monika Wheeler
      Monika Wheeler Month ago

      haha if they only could wrap that around their heads.

  • Secret of Terra
    Secret of Terra 3 months ago

    I've gotta ask Seth, why the long pauses??

  • Marco Polo
    Marco Polo 3 months ago

    Dickface Seth is at it again.

  • assassintwinat8
    assassintwinat8 3 months ago

    Cuttlefish ain't fish boi

  • Amzin Barclay
    Amzin Barclay 3 months ago +17

    That's so misinformed.. not all millenials live in their parents basement.. I personally live upstairs in their house

  • chas wiley
    chas wiley 3 months ago +7

    the millennials in the basement are making so much noise because they're paying attention to the news and screaming in terror.

  • TheSilverSkorpious
    TheSilverSkorpious 3 months ago +7

    We might not be living in their basements if they hadn't destroyed the job and housing markets. Just sayin'

  • James Butterson
    James Butterson 3 months ago +2

    those baby boomers only drink more ALCOHOL because they have been propagandists all there lives smoke a joint and free the cannabis.

  • Amanda Heness
    Amanda Heness 3 months ago +2

    sean spicer, pinata,ha ha ha

  • scullysimmons
    scullysimmons 3 months ago +5

    Why does that creep Pence, always look like he's putting on his holier than thou face?

  • Seth Goldberg
    Seth Goldberg 3 months ago +1

    comey, more like commie

  • Jonathan Taylor
    Jonathan Taylor 3 months ago +2

    Old people drink more alcohol and reminisce about the good ol' days, which is why they voted for Trumpty Dumpty and his promise to crash society back into 1953, screwing the future of the world for young people for generations to come.

  • Applesand pears
    Applesand pears 3 months ago +1

    2:12 brilliant

  • Anti Trumpster
    Anti Trumpster 3 months ago +2

    I swing first at that ugly piñata!!!!!!

  • Corina Klein
    Corina Klein 3 months ago

    Anyone else notice in the side-by-side of Trump and Comey, there is an eerie resemblance?

  • IhaveaPlaystation4
    IhaveaPlaystation4 3 months ago

    That last joke wasn't funny Seth!

  • D. Isabella N Moles
    D. Isabella N Moles 3 months ago +11

    Baby boomers drink the most alcohol?
    To drown the terrible things they did to the economy that the Millennials are trying to find new ways to recover from.

  • Henrik Genzink
    Henrik Genzink 3 months ago +1

    0:40-0:48 I was expecting a savage luvinsky joke there.

  • MegaCrasherMusic
    MegaCrasherMusic 3 months ago +1

    He's truly a late night great! He's like Stewart, O'Brien and Letterman all rolled into one insanely talented host

  • Oblithian
    Oblithian 3 months ago +1

    Didn't airlines have to increase leg room because people were dying, from circulation related issues?

    Are they just trying to kill customers now? lol

  • ronishamay
    ronishamay 3 months ago +2

    There wasn't a single cuttlefish ,calamari ,squid , octopus or admiral ackbar in that joke's picture...

    • normantrombon
      normantrombon 3 months ago

      ronishamay ...or Squidward with his clarinet!

  • Ema Star
    Ema Star 3 months ago +9

    Is it just me or does Melania look like Caitlyn Jenner? Lol

    • Ema Star
      Ema Star 3 months ago

      Pia Rossi lolll 😁

    • Pia Rossi
      Pia Rossi 3 months ago

      Ema Star Yes kinda! Equally hideous.

  • Jiraiya Sama
    Jiraiya Sama 3 months ago +1

    Melanie looks like Bruce Jenner. haha.

  • sloucho84
    sloucho84 3 months ago

    Am I the only person who was kinda annoyed that they used pictures of fish with vertebrae instead of actual cuttlefish (which are molluscs)?

    WEAKKNEED 3 months ago +25

    Trump is such a clown.

    • paul coy
      paul coy 3 months ago

      You mean a Republican ? Also, why didn't you mention any part of my hilarious Tim Curry riff, as he played the clown in the TV movie "IT" ? I feel slighted by your off-target, 6th Grader type, attack.

    • paul coy
      paul coy 3 months ago

      "We have the best sewers here to float in, they're huge, really amazing, and we are gonna build a beautiful wall down here to keep out those pesky kids, get 'em outta here, they're always interfering with the floating, did I mention I won at being President?"

    • RhondaH
      RhondaH 3 months ago

      Yea from the movie IT.

  • Mewesical
    Mewesical 3 months ago

    Why have your monologues been so...not funny lately? Did you piss off your writers?

  • Commander Spock
    Commander Spock 3 months ago +3

    Logically babyboomers drink to toast their success at hollowing out the economy and society as a whole... the boomer fleece

  • Slacquer
    Slacquer 3 months ago +58

    Worst piñata ever. It's full of chewed gum.

  • Vagrant Vagabond
    Vagrant Vagabond 3 months ago +96

    Well, maybe if the Boomers didn't flush the Millenials' futures down the toilet, maybe they'd actually have residences of their own.

    Oh well.

    • tenacious645
      tenacious645 3 months ago


    • bobby
      bobby 3 months ago

      my exact train of thought when I heard that lmfao

  • G
    G 3 months ago +2

    the iphone joke was great. why the tepid reaction?

    • Vera R.
      Vera R. 3 months ago

      they are thinking about child labor ,

  • Dx Flash
    Dx Flash 3 months ago

    This show's monologue jokes are hands down the best ones in late night Tv

  • Coma White
    Coma White 3 months ago

    2:45 that's not a cuttlefish!

  • Mikey Vengenz
    Mikey Vengenz 3 months ago

    not his A material

  • merlinthegray
    merlinthegray 3 months ago +1

    I'll have to look up that American Airlines thing. I already usually have to have my knees up against the seat in front of me....

  • Adam Smith
    Adam Smith 3 months ago +3

    Seth is getting better at filling the awkward gaps between jokes.

    A FUTURE YOU TUBE CELEB 3 months ago +13

    *When is this absurd reality show going to be cancel*

  • Penny Lane
    Penny Lane 3 months ago +2

    2:42 Someone didn't know what cuttlefish are...

  • Barnaclebeard
    Barnaclebeard 3 months ago

    Does your graphics guy think that cuttlefish are actual fish??

  • Justin Case
    Justin Case 3 months ago

    great work guys

  • Abbie R
    Abbie R 3 months ago +1

    Giant rabbit? Fake news!

  • Abbie R
    Abbie R 3 months ago

    I get the feeling the title is from last night... eek!

  • Lim Meng Yong
    Lim Meng Yong 3 months ago

    Simon the Giant Rabbit was Reccomodated in Peace! Check this out:

  • Jay
    Jay 3 months ago +1

    Some A-grade writing here from time to time, but I'd give it a C for communication.
    Which is what Spicer got from Trump.

  • Diana Riba
    Diana Riba 3 months ago +23

    I am attracted to Seth. 😍

    • Aeroldoth3
      Aeroldoth3 3 months ago

      I prefer BLC.

    • Never Blink
      Never Blink 3 months ago

      He's married thirsty girls

    • Els
      Els 3 months ago

      And he is still so cute? You jealous rat. Seth is a cutie!

    • Rich Grizzly
      Rich Grizzly 3 months ago

      Don't you prefer a BBC, or maybe several at the same time?

  • shrone dobson
    shrone dobson 3 months ago +2

    these are great jokes tonight

  • centhron89
    centhron89 3 months ago +461

    Why the hell did i get a commercial for "United Health Care" before watching this clip? I am Norwegian!!!! I live in Norway!!!! We got free health care for EVERYONE over here...... Get with the times USA!

    • Katie Morris
      Katie Morris 2 months ago

      centhron89 - same here in the UK 🇬🇧 !!

    • T Russo
      T Russo 3 months ago

      Centhron89, try Cannabis for the Crohns Disease symptoms. Edibles or RSO drops on bread would be best but use with caution. Consuming Cannabis orally is much stronger than smoking.

    • centhron89
      centhron89 3 months ago

      @spudnic88, Thanks for the info! I will read up on it :) The past 2 years i have been through 3 surgeries because of Crohns disease so if i find another weapon against Crohns i would be happy!

    • centhron89
      centhron89 3 months ago

      @LycanVonWolf, I dont find Norwegian shows interesting, and also alot of changes that is made in the US affect changes and decisions made in Norway, so therefore i find this show interesting! Also it is fun to see the crazy things that happen in the US these times! :)

    • spudnic88
      spudnic88 3 months ago

      please try probiotic capsules because I feel 100% better now. I had crohn's for 30 yrs.

  • Skippy Skip
    Skippy Skip 3 months ago +107

    48 percent still approve of Trump? That means about 48 percent of the populace is too stupid to vote!

    • T P
      T P 3 months ago

      Skippy Skip I do not trust results. I believe they purposely inflate them, otherwise who knows what Agent Orange 🍊 would do.

    • Rich Grizzly
      Rich Grizzly 3 months ago

      Maybe not brilliant but not career criminals either.

    • Skippy Skip
      Skippy Skip 3 months ago

      Hey, no one said Hillary was perfect, but it's not Jill Stein or Gary Johnson were particularly brilliant or anything.

    • James Roseby
      James Roseby 3 months ago

      Rich Grizzly with an education problem. Obviously.

  • Aiden Quinn
    Aiden Quinn 3 months ago +4

    top 10 anime betrayals

  • norman edwards
    norman edwards 3 months ago +10

    @ trumps approval rating still SUCKS!! i guess that's really no surprise since he's sucking putin's nasty red shlong-----:😀

  • Silkworm
    Silkworm 3 months ago

    You know cuttlefish aren't fish, right?

  • Raghav Sharma
    Raghav Sharma 3 months ago +29

    Seth is just funny

    • Raghav Sharma
      Raghav Sharma 3 months ago

      Rich Grizzly thank you sir, your forgiveness and approval is what I needed so desperately

    • Rich Grizzly
      Rich Grizzly 3 months ago

      Ok, well then, you're forgiven and dismissed and don't forget your homework.

    • Raghav Sharma
      Raghav Sharma 3 months ago

      Rich Grizzly I'm just a little kid

    • Rich Grizzly
      Rich Grizzly 3 months ago

      You've got a very simple sense of humour mate.

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