Rebel Wilson & Adam Devine Win Best Kiss At MTV Movie Awards 2016

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    It’s pretty much a tradition for winners of the Best Kiss award to seal their win with a big ole smooch and this year, Rebel and Adam took it to a whole ‘nother level.
    The Pitch Perfect couple were up against some pretty intense on-screen make-out sessions like Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dorman’s, Margot Robbie and Will Smith’s, Marena Baccarin and Ryan Reynolds’, and a few others, but in the end, Adam and Rebel reigned supreme and took home the award for Best Kiss at the 2016 MTV Movie Awards.
    When the two went up to accept their trophy, both of them started spouting all this nonsense about how they had weren’t attracted to each other at all and then this happened.
    So much for no sexual chemistry. I know there have been some pretty steamy kisses in the past, but I think this one beats them all. Yes, even Ryan and Rachel’s amazing kiss back in 2005. What do you think? Was Adam and Rebel’s acceptance kiss the best one in the history of acceptance kisses? Let me know in the comment section below! When you’re done with that, click right over here to check out the best and worst dressed celebs at the MTV Movie Awards and don’t forget to subscribe to Clevver News! Thanks for hanging out with me, I’m Misty Kingma and before you go…

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Comments: 142

  • Natalia LaVine
    Natalia LaVine Month ago

    My favorites omg

  • stella kag
    stella kag Month ago

    i ship them😍

  • Gonzalo Funes
    Gonzalo Funes 3 months ago

    Idk who gave me the biggest boner, Rebel or the chick with glasses

  • Nathaniel McNurlin
    Nathaniel McNurlin 3 months ago

    id smash rebel wilson

  • Μαρία Π.
    Μαρία Π. 3 months ago

    they're so hilarious!!!

  • Mikayos Stuffz
    Mikayos Stuffz 6 months ago +1

    Love fat amy!!!!!

  • MyIRisHFriend C
    MyIRisHFriend C 7 months ago +3

    I wish that was me kissing her :D <3 she is so pretty.

  • Taleah Headley
    Taleah Headley 7 months ago

    best. so hot. cant wait for pp 3

  • Potterwings
    Potterwings 8 months ago +2

    #cutest couple #funniest couple

  • Taco Isaacs
    Taco Isaacs 9 months ago

    thay are a go cupole

  • Titinaca Lps
    Titinaca Lps Year ago

    Buaa my bumper i love him is mineeee >_<

  • James Simoncavage

    I love Rebel! Wish it could have been me, on the receiving end of that kiss!

  • Andrew Smith
    Andrew Smith Year ago +1

    Rebel Wilson's a hot, fat, bottle-blonde slut! I'd love to shag her!

  • IIExhibitAII
    IIExhibitAII Year ago

    Almost regurgitated watching that.. Nasty shit

  • Renis Kiwis
    Renis Kiwis Year ago


  • fake id
    fake id Year ago

    what the fuck........ is rebel habe any boy frirnd?

  • Ahmad Hakim
    Ahmad Hakim Year ago +2


  • michelle and nella tube


  • Natasha Jean
    Natasha Jean Year ago

    bumper & Amy!!!! ❤❤❤❤

  • Heather Straley
    Heather Straley Year ago +2

    Ryan and Rachel still and will forever win in this category!

  • Seymore Hynee
    Seymore Hynee Year ago +1

    lucky bastard !!! d:(

  • Ji. tu Pawar
    Ji. tu Pawar Year ago

    i like it

  • Pandas Pandas Year ago +2

    At first I thought it was Meghan and Charlie again😂😂😂

  • Jessica Servin
    Jessica Servin Year ago

    is it just me or Stephen amell is awkwardly standing on the back of the stage

  • Oli
    Oli Year ago +1


  • Bettina Sandor
    Bettina Sandor Year ago

    I wish I was Rebel at that time

  • noemistephanie93
    noemistephanie93 Year ago

    lol that was so fake hahaaha

  • anth7rax
    anth7rax Year ago

    fuck this news shit on youtube. just show us the fucking video. fuck you, FUCK YOU!

  • gladys _muturi
    gladys _muturi Year ago

    Omg I loved it when they kissed

  • Fadi Ghanem
    Fadi Ghanem Year ago

    Probably y it wasn't live

  • Olivia Wiggins
    Olivia Wiggins Year ago

    Low key ship it😂

  • Mønıʂɧą
    Mønıʂɧą Year ago +7

    1:19 oliver queen ready to shoot them xD

  • Hadi Movahedi
    Hadi Movahedi Year ago


  • George Lewis
    George Lewis Year ago +2

    The worst moment was when it started, the best when it ended.

  • Hugh J. Mungus
    Hugh J. Mungus Year ago

    what's the name of the song when they entered?

  • May Flower
    May Flower Year ago

    Get it get get it get it Rebel. Dame she is getting laid all over I almost wanted to play Boys 2 Men I'll Make <3 to you #MTVMovieAwards

  • Matthew Davis
    Matthew Davis Year ago

    WTF was this.smh.

  • Shannon Hensley
    Shannon Hensley Year ago

    aww man, Spanx out and everything!

  • Le boy
    Le boy Year ago

    lol that was cool.

  • Marcelly Neto
    Marcelly Neto Year ago

    1:19 Stephen Amell tho. Just on the side like "ok, they done yet?" lol

  • Typical Sammi
    Typical Sammi Year ago

    Holy poop

  • Pushan Paul
    Pushan Paul Year ago +1

    I don't know about you guys but the funniest part of this was Stephen Amell reaction to the side

  • P,B&J SIBS
    P,B&J SIBS Year ago

    Ryan and Rachel still beat them

  • IceBlue 21
    IceBlue 21 Year ago

    what da fuc said I just witness.

  • Brittany Coleman
    Brittany Coleman Year ago

    with your girlfriend there really 🙈

  • Ana Rodrigues
    Ana Rodrigues Year ago


  • Carmen CZ
    Carmen CZ Year ago

    jajaja pendejos

  • Tomás Ferreira
    Tomás Ferreira Year ago

    fifty shades deserved it

  • Chogiwa
    Chogiwa Year ago

    Poor Stephen 😂😂😂

  • Antonina Zawadzka

    I love Rebel but should win Fifty Shades( the best ) <3 ,<3 <3

  • Andreea D
    Andreea D Year ago

    hell yeah they are the best

  • Subin Kim
    Subin Kim Year ago +3

    Sorta hoping the Deadpool kiss would have won, but oh well. "Gonna be the only thing pulling out tonight" so funny.

  • Li Li Natorp
    Li Li Natorp Year ago

    I love them 😂

  • Skyler Grey // Fifty Shades Darker

    Personally, I think that the 50 Shades kiss was the best BY FAR! But I am happy for Rebel Wilson & Adam Devine and they were so funny in the way that they handled it! This MTV kiss rules out the other MTV kiss by far!! Good job Rebel and Adam!

  • Caster
    Caster Year ago

    well that was shit.... no offence tho

  • Amnesiahaze cronik

    Bbw the best...

  • Kerry Obrien
    Kerry Obrien Year ago


  • Stacey Paterson
    Stacey Paterson Year ago +5

    Can they just date already???? Also Stephen Amell in the backround at 1:18

  • V01ce-BOX
    V01ce-BOX Year ago

    i soon as i saw the title i thought What! He is too good or her
    then i saw the vid
    Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, i thought it said Adam Levine*

  • Jenny Thorson
    Jenny Thorson Year ago +49

    It's funny, but it must have been so awkward for his girlfriend who was in the audience watching.

    • May Flower
      May Flower Year ago

      Yasss get it Rebel😍😍😍

    • Hades
      Hades Year ago

      he's an actor

    • fake id
      fake id Year ago

      +Jenny Thorson is rebel will sone have any boy friend?

    • May Flower
      May Flower Year ago

      +Jenny Thorson Trust the audience didn't find it awkward in fact they were begging for it and when it happen the audience was like YASSS

    • tbh regena
      tbh regena Year ago


  • Sophia Jiang
    Sophia Jiang Year ago

    ohhhh damn

  • Tay stylinson
    Tay stylinson Year ago

    i love them

  • Mylou Anne
    Mylou Anne Year ago +32

    I still think Ryan and Rachel were the best tbh

    • Sawyer Averys
      Sawyer Averys 11 months ago

      that kiss is a cult classic in my eyes they are the ones who started, and man will it be forever marked in history, ntm they were a rl couple at the time, also they had one of my fav songs playing by Maroon5 She will be loved

    • Valarian
      Valarian Year ago

      +Mylou Joores Even Adam and Eve would show up and kiss at MTV awards, they still can't beat Ryan&Rachel

    • daniela landi
      daniela landi Year ago


    • May Flower
      May Flower Year ago

      +Mylou Joores Rebel and Adam were probably like ok now we gotta out due Ryan and Rachel's kiss

  • Beth Green
    Beth Green Year ago

    I ship redam so much 😭💗

  • Jennifer Pedro
    Jennifer Pedro Year ago

    That's some kiss

  • Ali Azmie
    Ali Azmie Year ago +33

    who else read as adam levine

  • henock laterre
    henock laterre Year ago


  • Music Maniac
    Music Maniac Year ago


  • Harry
    Harry Year ago

    Yas Rebel!!!!!

  • Dre Ray
    Dre Ray Year ago

    Id put it in her butt.

  • Seth Joseph
    Seth Joseph Year ago +75


  • alicia austin
    alicia austin Year ago +1

    These two make me happy

  • Alberto Ramos
    Alberto Ramos Year ago +9

    best kiss ever

  • Lesley Hernandez
    Lesley Hernandez Year ago +19

    that kiss was hot. someone make out with me

  • Andrea TMJ
    Andrea TMJ Year ago +1

    That was weirdly hot

  • Sapphire94
    Sapphire94 Year ago +48

    Stephen Amell face 1:18 😂

  • BroSis 353
    BroSis 353 Year ago +1

    I ship it.

  • margret bartley
    margret bartley Year ago

    this is seki

  • TheDestrucktorXD VG


  • Luis Corona
    Luis Corona Year ago

    Lmfao Stephen amell

  • Grace Hammmond
    Grace Hammmond Year ago

    they're goals omg

  • DEDZ
    DEDZ Year ago

    Ewwwww disgusting 😩 he's kissing a pig 🐷,.

    • oX DARKRAI Xo
      oX DARKRAI Xo Year ago

      LMAO 😹 just cuz someone is fat doesn't mean they are ugly or unattractive... Rebel has a good face just because she is fat doesn't take that way from her I've seen uglier girls that are skinnier than her

    • Hazie
      Hazie Year ago

      +J&N Gaming and More! I know yeah like really???????

    • J&N Gaming and More!
      J&N Gaming and More! Year ago

      Really? 2016 and we're still making fat jokes.

  • Claire Waraich
    Claire Waraich Year ago

    This was hilarious

  • My stuff
    My stuff Year ago


  • oxymoron
    oxymoron Year ago +120

    Omg I love them so much 😂😂

  • Ridmi Wickramaarachchi

    6th comment to!

  • kefomomo
    kefomomo Year ago

    Why did they do that? It's not fun

  • Shadow Cadette
    Shadow Cadette Year ago +148

    I thought it said Adam Levine

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    • Naminski
      Naminski Year ago

      +Mysterious Person He is the voice of Pizza Steve from "Uncle Grandpa".

    • Elizabeth Roy
      Elizabeth Roy Year ago

      Lmao same

  • Samba Janneh
    Samba Janneh Year ago


  • Nana Lemuelu
    Nana Lemuelu Year ago


  • Andrew Dimas
    Andrew Dimas Year ago +141

    I ship it low key

  • Shadow Cadette
    Shadow Cadette Year ago


  • Shadow Cadette
    Shadow Cadette Year ago

    21st LIKE!

  • Daisy Rye
    Daisy Rye Year ago

    Haha omg that was perfection!

  • Hello darkness my old friend

    yay 4th comment

  • A.J .M
    A.J .M Year ago

    3 comment

  • unicorn oreo
    unicorn oreo Year ago

    second lol

  • yolanda williams
    yolanda williams Year ago

    wow I got first comment wooooo 2min

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