US F-35 vs Russian Su-35 Fighter Jet - Which Would Win? - Military Comparison

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  • pvas3102
    pvas3102 4 minutes ago

    The Infographics Show you r full of shit.... in the previous video you said su-35 top speed is 2400 km/h in this video u r saying its 2778 km/h on the other hand wikipedia say's 2500 km/h. Wtf?

  • rajan gautam
    rajan gautam 1 hour ago

    SU 35 will destroy the f35 because all the bullets or attacks from the f35 will bounce off the SU35 cause Russian Bias

  • Fernando
    Fernando 2 hours ago

    Please! Are youy mocking us? F-35 radar 300 miles range vs 30 miles range the S-35? Who do you want to cheat?

  • Priyanka Mishra
    Priyanka Mishra 4 hours ago

    If F35 Managed to get good visual from longer distance on su 35, it win,but if f35 got too close,Su 35 will turn it into ashes,likely One Is A Singleshot Sniper rifile, while other fully competent Assault rifile,

  • Eoin Tolster
    Eoin Tolster 14 hours ago

    Honestly Fuck the USA, Keeping the secrets the allies have paid for

  • Chris Robbins
    Chris Robbins 15 hours ago

    So the F35 is not a fighter and we can all agree that at close range it would get murdered but at beyond visual range it can fire a missle at the SU and if not detected the SU wont know until 30-50 miles which isnt shit when we are talking about to objects going towards eachother at 800+ mph the advantages the F35 have is its ability to stay far out of visual range and to fire without being detected so maybe something that would be done is the F35 and the F22 fly in squads together and then if beyond visual range dosent work for the F35 the F22 can go get dirty

  • Karl steffensen
    Karl steffensen 16 hours ago

    what a fucking joke,its not a plane but a flying 🐖. The SU35 is at least 100 times better

  • kafferism
    kafferism 21 hour ago

    bit like a tiger tank vs a t34 hang on ............

  • kafferism
    kafferism 21 hour ago

    ha ha ha the russians have developed a lazer that scans the sky and will detect a change in the beam hence the f35 is fucked

  • doggonemess
    doggonemess 1 day ago

    The only thing similar about these two aircraft are their numeric designations. They are completely different. It's like saying "Who would win in a fight, a helicopter or a speedboat?" That being said, the Su-35 would turn the F-35 to dust without breaking a sweat.

  • aw11roman
    aw11roman 1 day ago

    *garbage! the F-35 is a $1.45 trillion (yes, trillion with a T) clusterfuck, and is a fitting monument to the wanton corruption, ineptitude and downright theft from the prosperity of the whole US population by military contractors like Lockheed. AND THE THING DOESN'T EVEN FLY CORRECTLY YET!! You can make videos claiming that this flying bottomless money pit has "amazing computational power" and other such meaningless and irrelevant shit, but how about mentioning that the total opportunity cost of this failure could have been used to pay for 20 YEARS of FREE COLLEGE for EVERY student in the US?? Or how about mentioning that over 45 million Americans are on food stamps? Or the fact that the literacy rate I major cities like Cleveland is only 50%? And the infrastructure nationwide is falling apart.. The fact is that the US is intellectually/morally/financially bankrupt. Perhaps it's time to start spending money on trying to slow down the rate of demise toward third-world status instead of blowing trillions on useless military shit?? Just saying*..

  • Dmitri Kozlowsky
    Dmitri Kozlowsky 1 day ago

    F-35 is not the opponent to SU-35. THat task belongs to F-22.

  • Zac Romero
    Zac Romero 1 day ago

    F-35 would win but if the SU-35 could get close and detect it (highly unlikely) it's all over

  • Debbie S
    Debbie S 1 day ago


  • Tim Gauthier
    Tim Gauthier 1 day ago

    now if the us would have chosen the right plane they would have  the best and fastest plane yf23  right now sue 35 will kill the f35

  • gamingbro
    gamingbro 1 day ago

    It's kinda hard to compare these two aircraft as the F-35 was designed for a more stealth bomber role. Plus with the stealth and detection radar systems it's harder for the SU-35 to see it

  • Gabe Oliger
    Gabe Oliger 1 day ago

    F-35 vs f-16 and f-15

  • Yanman88
    Yanman88 2 days ago

    So once they cram in a small computer and a better radar in the Su-53, it's superior in every way except stealth. GJ.

  • Tsuniko
    Tsuniko 2 days ago

    The Cessna 172 will destroy both of them ;D

  • ExVeritateLibertas
    ExVeritateLibertas 2 days ago

    The F-35 is possibly the greatest boondoggle in human history. The survival of the F-35 depends entirely on its theoretical ability to detect enemy aircraft far out. As we have seen with both the F-35 and F-22, the more complex you make technology the more chance of something going wrong.

    The Su-35 is designed to mix it up in aerial combat with enemy fighters. It is both faster and more maneuverable. My money is on the Su-35.

  • Manish Anand
    Manish Anand 2 days ago

    Russian s400 is enough for F-350 fighter jet

  • Boian Simeonov
    Boian Simeonov 2 days ago

    History teaches us that the technological advantage of a single military machine does not guarantee an advantage in battles. During the Second World War, the Wehrmacht and the Lufthwaff had military machines that outperformed the machines of both the Allies and the Soviet Union. In addition, during the Vietnam War, low-tech Soviet fighters managed to defeat the American F-4's. The F-35 is too expensive, too complicated, too unified and relies heavily on the fact that he will never have to go into direct contact with the enemy

  • Dante 888
    Dante 888 2 days ago +2

    Su-35 Fighter is the undisputed winner.

    • NWA744
      NWA744 8 hours ago

      What are you smoking? The F-35s stealth is said to be even better than the F-22s. The F-35 is a flying brain and would kill the Su-35 before it would ever know it was there.

  • Steve Vachaviolos
    Steve Vachaviolos 2 days ago

    i think that's the logic that will be our downfall...
    war is going digital and russia has E.M.P. based weapons
    and rumor has it long range E.M.P. weapons....
    so thats russia pulling us back into conventional warfare....
    rumor also has it that they can see our stealth aircraft....
    but hey im soooo stuuipeeed drrrrrr so stooopeed 😲😵

  • BigSmartArmed
    BigSmartArmed 2 days ago

    A bunk comparison on all sides.

    1. F-35 has not completed testing phase and has not been put into service.

    2. F-35 is in a entirely different class from Su-35

    3. This vid is nothing but bullshit click bait for prepubescent teens.

  • JuanDeSoCal
    JuanDeSoCal 3 days ago

    The US outspends the rest of the world on healthcare too, but with abysmal results when measured against 1st-world standards.

  • Robertacxs
    Robertacxs 3 days ago

    Lmao, the SU-35 wins in power, speed and more with only a 70b/y budget compared to 650b/y budget

  • Lapse Time
    Lapse Time 3 days ago

    SU-35 has up to 400 km targets detection range.

  • Dand AinTac
    Dand AinTac 3 days ago

    Not sure where Infographics got it's performance figures for the F-35. I would think precise figures would be classified. At any rate, it's important to remember that the performance would vary GREATLY since the F-35 can carry quite a lot of fuel. I understand just about every square inch of hollow area serve as a gas tank--even the tailfins. So if it's completely gassed up and loaded to the max, performance will show and I'm sure it would be inferior to the SU-35. But if fueled for a shorter range and carrying only missiles, maybe performance might be more comparable.

    Another thing to remember is that (in my view at least), maybe it shouldn't be designated a fighter. Seems to me it's primary mission is strike, and it's main targets are on the ground. It would probably identify the SU-35s from a great distance, determine the best way to avoid, and leave them for the F-22s to deal with.

    Also, I think a greater factor will be pilot experience, training and skill. Intelligence, situational awareness, command and control, also very important.

    I'm not a HUGE F-35 fan, and I think it's possible it may be over-rated (and definitely over-budget and possibly not as cost-effective as other weapons-systems), and I also weary of the incessant chest-thumping from US military fan-boys, but on the other hand, critics of US weapons systems have been pretty harsh in their judgements of our hardware, and yet it usually seems better than our adversaries in each conflict we get bogged down in.

  • mjptrapster
    mjptrapster 3 days ago

    The Su-35 is an air dominance fighter. The F-35 is a multi-role fighter and therefore has made compromises. The better comparison would have been between the Su-35 and the F-22 Raptor which was built purely as an air superiority fighter.

  • video VZOR
    video VZOR 3 days ago

    по сути создали однодвигательный самолёт камикадзе

  • Wonderland United
    Wonderland United 3 days ago

    F-35 is not the US pride and joy!!! It's an overpriced piece of shit that bleeds taxpayers (including mine motherfuckers) money! So WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!

  • Calvin George
    Calvin George 3 days ago

    Red Flag F-35 kill ratio 20:1 !!!!!!

  • Nobilis
    Nobilis 4 days ago

    You guys are all forgetting Wonder Woman's invisible jet. That would dominate all of them with a little S&M. Lol

  • Entity
    Entity 4 days ago

    If the F-35 has a higher flight seiling plus superior jamming and radar and we have a 2000 strong fleet. the optimal stratagy for a F-35 pilots would be to fly in mass to their flight ceiling, jam the target and bombard. Although obviously no plan makes it passed 1st contact.

  • get yer ya yas out
    get yer ya yas out 4 days ago

    he calls f22 raptor game over

  • Donald J. Trump
    Donald J. Trump 4 days ago

    We can do what the Russian can't, mass produce it...

    • Donald J. Trump
      Donald J. Trump 3 days ago

      Cosmic Muffet you've been watching too much propaganda, our government takes in $10 trillion a year. How about yours?

    • Cosmic Muffet
      Cosmic Muffet 3 days ago

      At double the cost with no infrastructure? I MEAN WE ARE THE GREATES

  • EpicClone5082
    EpicClone5082 4 days ago

    Conspiracy theory: The F-35 is already fully functional the U.S. Military just wants to keep that a secret so if any country attempts a attack they're fucked

    • Cosmic Muffet
      Cosmic Muffet 3 days ago

      Conspiracy theory: Microsoft is working on a new version of windows.

  • mjt gaming
    mjt gaming 4 days ago

    Doesn't America have a jetfighter that is called bomber can you do a comparison of that one vs and another one like it

  • Paulo Macedo
    Paulo Macedo 5 days ago

    I've been watching this videos. They are great, but remember, the US expenditure is inflactionated, what they can buy with those billions, specially labour is way more expensive in the US. So, Russia might spend less when compared, but those russian billions can buy more and they can do what they did in the soviet union, explore workers.

    • Cosmic Muffet
      Cosmic Muffet 3 days ago

      Our capability of importing Chinese and indian labor is bigger than Russia, because Russia is, apparently, no fun to hang out in. America is tons of fun to hang out in, and our milkshakes bring all the intellects to the yard. Obviously the Chinese nightmare regime is doing good work making it seem like living in china is worthwhile, but we're engineering new Hollywood movies and fastfoods to convince them otherwise. The right combination of sugar, salt, and fat will destroy them. And a cartoon character that loves sugar, salt, fat. and the year of the rat.

  • kao vang
    kao vang 5 days ago


  • Plutonium Radioactive

    Hopefully in real life these two fighter jets never meet in war. Next generation fighter jet will send a signal shoot down command up to orbiting weaponized satellite that fires a laser at enemy fighter jet. No need to carry missiles.

  • Vince K
    Vince K 5 days ago

    The F-35 may not be as fast or as powerful as the Su-35 but I like its stealth cabe ability

  • Nicky D
    Nicky D 5 days ago

    F-35= sniper sniper loses at close range, but you'll be dead before you get close enough. The f-35 is more advanced but physically weaker...

  • Frank Pham
    Frank Pham 6 days ago

    The most advanced cash
    machine in world history.

    PLAY ANT 6 days ago

    i will go with lightning 2

  • Bilal khan
    Bilal khan 7 days ago

    u are american

  • Wolf loor2
    Wolf loor2 7 days ago

    "The Su-35 employs an Irbis-E passive electronically scanned array radar that constitutes an essential component of the aircraft's fire-control system the radar is capable of detecting a 3-square-metre (32 sq ft) aerial target at a distance of 400 km (250 mi), and can track 30 airborne targets and engage eight of them at the same time" wikipadia 400 km not 50 and btw the infrared system is for targeting and not for detection man , and really??? it dosent have to run and dive or climb , wtf are you talking about man , it,s a fighter not a rocket

  • TheIrishGamer
    TheIrishGamer 7 days ago

    They invest a lot in fighters. Attackers play an important role with the Islamic States Terratory obsession. Why not invest in A10s??

  • TheIrishGamer
    TheIrishGamer 7 days ago

    F22 is the real hot stuff.

  • Diar Hassan
    Diar Hassan 8 days ago

    no mention of the soaring costs of the f35?

  • Jasz TheBest
    Jasz TheBest 8 days ago

    After watching this video I would say draw and the win will depend on the pilot who will be flying them.

  • Oprah Winfrey's minge

    American pilots are trained so much more. Way more combat experience. That makes a huge difference in combat.

  • Horse237
    Horse237 9 days ago

    Stealth is so much BS. Russia has S-500 anti-missile systems that can detect Stealth. The Russians have Khibiny Electronic Counter Measures which can knock out US radar and communications. The cost of an F-35 is closer to $135 million. The US Dollar is near collapse so we will never be able to afford to deploy them. They are still getting the bugs out of the F-35 and the F-22. We delivered 6 F-35s to the UK. They had to ground them on
    delivery. Too many defects to fly.

  • habib_Vladimir
    habib_Vladimir 9 days ago

    -) F 35 and fly really can not, I'm not saying .. about shooting

  • Raphi Raging
    Raphi Raging 9 days ago

    i dont see any comparision

  • Tony Wagner
    Tony Wagner 9 days ago

    "The USA's global military dominance is unquestionable!"
    America's arrogance and ignorance makes me wanna puke.

  • andrew douglass
    andrew douglass 9 days ago

    you didnt mention that if it has to carry anything more than 2 JDAMs they go on underwing pylons which make it no more stealthy than a normal fighter.

    • dumdumbinks274
      dumdumbinks274 6 days ago

      So 8 SDBs don't count as A2G weapons? Besides, the radar signature would still be far smaller than a 'normal' fighter.

  • Mohammed Zeeshan Javed Abdul Aziz

    Superb Technology F-35 .... (A Great Jet)...

  • Mac Thomas
    Mac Thomas 10 days ago

    would love to see an infographic of the new F15 vs the SU35

  • kenstr321
    kenstr321 10 days ago

    the point of the F-35 is that it engage's before the other planes can even detect it.

  • wq1299
    wq1299 11 days ago

    All depends at who is the pilot. I would put my chips on an American pilot in a F35 vs a Russian or Chinese in any jet.

  • EntrerPrime
    EntrerPrime 11 days ago

    F-35 is alright, but not a good at dog fighting. Easily the best fighter in the world is the F-22.

  • BobRooney
    BobRooney 11 days ago

    by a landslide, the sukhoi su35. the f35 is a clunker and a bucket of bolts. have you seen the maneuverability of the su35? i can do a 360 within the shortest angular velocity and lock on even faster. agility will always win in a dogfight. good luck to tom cruise and topgun2.

    • dumdumbinks274
      dumdumbinks274 6 days ago

      The MiG-21 vs F-4 depends on which models are used. A MiG-21MF is more maneuverable than an F-4E, but a F-4S is more maneuverable than any MiG-21.
      When both have an external AA payload, the F-4 is usually more maneuverable.

    • Jonathan Hall
      Jonathan Hall 10 days ago

      BobRooney where the hell have u been? The Russian Migs have always been more agile to American planes. Mig 15 vs F86 and Mig 17/21 vs F4. Migs have always had the advantage in a turning fight. But the American pilots have always been better trained and made use of better tactics to over come a turning type of dogfight. It's a proven fact of history.

    • EntrerPrime
      EntrerPrime 11 days ago

      Unless it is a dog fight, su35 is completely toast. Face reality.

  • Reality Is Just a Dream

    SU35 every day of the week. see the US spends big money on there military but get extremely poor value I wonder what a real time like for like would be as US always pays over the odds to make there sub contractors very wealthy

  • JG R
    JG R 11 days ago

    F-35 can't beat the anti-aircraft S-400 syatem, let alone the newer S-500!

  • Michael M
    Michael M 11 days ago

    1. "A dogfight is a very unlikely scenario". Rate of approach: 1930km/h+2778km/h= 4708km/h. At a 300km radar range, they would be in a dogfight in less than 4min.
    2. lemz 96l6 vhf band systems are mobile and easily track "stealth" aircraft.
    3. Why do you need a SU-35 when you have an S-300
    4. For same price you can have (1) F-35 or (2) SU-35's

    • dumdumbinks274
      dumdumbinks274 6 days ago

      1: No aircraft wastes fuel to reach top speed in A2A combat. No aircraft will approach the enemy head-on because that is suicide against a missile. Average closure rate for BVR combat is around 700km/h.
      2: VHF radar can only detect 'stealth', they cannot be used to guide missiles because they lack resolution. Even then, this is only known to be truly effective against 1st gen stealth from the 1970s.
      3: Because the S-300 can't act offensively.
      4: The Su-35 has been estimated to cost around $80m (not wikipedias $65m), roughly the same as a Block 2 Super Hornet, so no, you are not going to get 2 Su-35s for the price of 1 F-35.

  • Satisfactory Comment
    Satisfactory Comment 11 days ago


  • 0pTicaL823
    0pTicaL823 12 days ago

    So far based on your info TIS, the Ford Class super carrier costs $12.8 billion per ship, the cost of the F35 program costs $406 billion. If I divide 406/13, does that mean the US could've built 31 more Ford Class super carriers?

  • Alexanderj19
    Alexanderj19 12 days ago


  • Mamoon Haque
    Mamoon Haque 12 days ago

    Russia please sell SU-35s to Pakistan!

  • braxon
    braxon 12 days ago

    I don't know a lot about things but it seems like it isn't a question about which one is better. They seem to be designed for different jobs. A Su-35 might be better in a 1v1 dogfight scenario. But is a Su-35 better at force projection inside an enemy integrated air defense system than an F-35? I expect each jet is better at the task and doctrine it was designed to do than the other jet is.

  • Tanner Thomas
    Tanner Thomas 13 days ago

    peeps, shit identify that was pretty %coqm bed :[

  • Francisco Mariño
    Francisco Mariño 13 days ago

    Dogfighting won't matter when compact autonomous drones and high altitude lasers enter the arena... The first to master these technologies will rule the skies!

  • Terrier TV
    Terrier TV 13 days ago +1


    It's not meant to do what we think it can


  • Joseph Kool
    Joseph Kool 13 days ago

    We should of just built a lot more f22's instead dumping all that money into the f35 program. F22's and maybe a new 4.5 gen light weight affordable dogfighter for export would of been better

  • kelvin Chen
    kelvin Chen 13 days ago

    J 20 win

  • Reinis Miks
    Reinis Miks 13 days ago

    Fuck Lockheed!

  • Viking II
    Viking II 13 days ago

    The best plane of the world would have the electronic of the F-35 and F-22 in the frame of the Pak-Fa.

  • DeMachinaMundi
    DeMachinaMundi 13 days ago

    If the only advantage of the f-35 is the weapon systems, why not just install the weapon systems in planes that actually work?

  • sean parker
    sean parker 13 days ago +1

    7:09, well that escalated quickly

  • Christian O. Holz
    Christian O. Holz 13 days ago

    What about a gun? The F-4 Phantom didn't have a gun in the beginning either and took loses because of it when it faced of against Migs. Missiles are great, but are also complicated and can and do fail. I wouldn't want to sit in a fighter without a good old fashioned gun.

  • Th Ji
    Th Ji 14 days ago

    USA! !!!!!!!!, is the best

  • Kiumars Gurani
    Kiumars Gurani 14 days ago +1

    Su-35 is the best

  • I A
    I A 15 days ago

    The F-35 is like a sniper good at long range engagements, while the Su-35 is like infantry. So if the sniper can take him out while he has the long range advantage he is good but if there is close quarter engagement the sniper is most likely to be a...DEADASS

  • saranan das
    saranan das 15 days ago

    i bet on su-35

  • Ricardo Afonso
    Ricardo Afonso 15 days ago

    where did you get your facts from? the su35 is more capable than the f35. In fact the f35 is just a slightly redesigned YAK-141 which was designed in the 80's in the soviet union. The f-35 was obsolete15 years ago already, and even more so now.

  • Mourad Cherif
    Mourad Cherif 15 days ago

    The F-35 is hugely overrated ! This was just a big bill to the US Navy and lots of money to lockheed martin !

  • dawar khan
    dawar khan 16 days ago

    Offcorse su 35

  • Damon Hoffman
    Damon Hoffman 16 days ago

    We've sank a trillion dollars into that plane already, it should be able to do everything it's said to and surpass the SU's capabilities and we weren't trying to get ahead of ourselves

  • JDEZ09 Official
    JDEZ09 Official 17 days ago

    1. Starscream was an F22
    2. Megatron was not an F35 ever. (someone commented that)
    3. The only Transformer that is an F35 is "Breakaway," which appeared in the The Transformer videogames "Revenge of the fallen" and "Dark of the Moon"

    But was never in any of the Movies unfortunately. That was a missed oppertunity given that there were F35s in the new movie

  • Charlie Montana
    Charlie Montana 17 days ago

    No one that really knows what the F35 is capable of is saying. The Russians have always been a bit glib about the true cost of their military's equipment, and their cost analysis methods are far different than those in the U.S.
    Furthermore, in speed and climb tests, the Russians generally use a stripped down, unarmed airframe, whereas the American designers want to know the capabilities of a fully armed plane!
    In a real-world situation (which we should all hope never gets tested), these speculations would likely be shown to be far different!

  • bills billiam
    bills billiam 17 days ago

    F 35 wins. Stealth advantage. Su 35 fine piece of machinery have to admit.

  • Neumonic Videos
    Neumonic Videos 17 days ago

    america has avengers and justice league .they would end war in a week

  • Invisible ?
    Invisible ? 17 days ago +1

    OMG your knowledge is Fucked up China is 2nd in military expenditures not Russia u idiot

  • Danial Dano
    Danial Dano 18 days ago +3

    if Russians had the same amount of budget as US is , they will become more superior than US

    • Nobilis
      Nobilis 4 days ago

      Danial Dano you can argue that with any country. It's not the US fault that their economy is better and that they have a larger budgets. Remember Russia used to have a larger military budget as the USSR but that didn't mean they used it wisely. Instead of research they spent more of their funds on mass production. Budget doesn't mean everything, you have to factor infrastructure, education, and research program. What really helps the US is darpma and their willingness to fund research groups that are non military which may have some military capabilities.

  • jlcurtis94
    jlcurtis94 19 days ago

    The F-35, since the Su-35 wouldn't know were it was, the Su-35 wouldn't even know the F-35 was in the area until it was on fire falling to the Earth. same goes for the F-22, both of the US 5th gen fighters are King simple because they can engage without being seen. if for some unknown reason the Su-35 actually manage to find the F-35 it could be introuble in say a gun based dog fight, but that is highly unlikely as the f-35 will know were the SU-35 is far beyond the Su-35 range even if it could detect the F-35. but the most likely chain of events, would be the f-35 once the enemy su-35 are detected would simply avoid the Su-35 while radioing back to send in f-22 raptors and f-15 eagles, since there role is air superiority, even in a visual range dogfight the F-22 would kick the shit out of the Su-35

  • 22 T
    22 T 19 days ago

    That scenario of a dogfight is as likely as the scenario of war

  • joe leder
    joe leder 19 days ago

    In a straight up really dogfight I'd say the su 35 would win. But when the F 35 can circle their own airbase and pop su 35s on the ground at the OpFor base then why even bring up the question of dogfighting? Honestly the days of dogfighting are probably long gone at this point.

  • MrCooljag
    MrCooljag 19 days ago

    Always outspent, never outsmarted

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