2009 Kentucky Derby "Mine That Bird" in HD w/perfect sound.

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  • Patrick Duncan Jr
    Patrick Duncan Jr 8 days ago

    Worst derby call of all time

  • Fire&Ice909
    Fire&Ice909 10 days ago

    Mine That Bird had a Hemi engine, you know.

  • mark a
    mark a 29 days ago

    The worst call of a horse race in history. Debacle from start to finish. Durkin dismissed the winner early and then couldn't figure out what the hell was going on late. He has always been crap but this was special crap.

  • Alexa Portis
    Alexa Portis 2 months ago

    what happened to Rachel Alexandra?

  • Rob Matijevich
    Rob Matijevich 2 months ago

    Tom Durkin is the best of the best. Yes, this call was bad, and Tom would be first to tell you. However, historically, now that some time has passed... this confused, incredulous stretch call actually fit what was unfolding perfectly. The always loquacious TD reduced to "that is...Uhh...(WT#!&%)...MineThatBird"....Priceless and Classic.

  • Ray Gordon Teaches Chess

    Bob Meyer used to do that at Yonkers: "Millers Scout and Docs Fella...through the stretch, it's Millers Scout and Docs Fella...Docs Fella and Millers Scout -- E RACER IN FRONT!"

  • Saffron's World
    Saffron's World 3 months ago

    The announcer stammered a bit as he had to name Mine That Bird because he was so totally taken aback that the loser who trailed the pack had somehow pulled out front from seemingly nowhere and was leading by several links. Watch the movie titled 50 to 1. I'm still waiting to hear from someone who bet on Mine That Bird.

  • jgfunk
    jgfunk 3 months ago +1

    1:54 "well behind the rest of them is Mine That Bird". Who knew that he was just pacing himself? That charge halfway through the back turn is unreal. Want to watch a human do the same thing? Dave Wottle in the 1972 Olympics 800m final.

  • christopher gardiner
    christopher gardiner 3 months ago

    best move i ever saw ...... mind that bird ......WOW

  • lannlann
    lannlann 3 months ago

    @1:45 Dead last in the first through third turns and trailing the pack, and I enjoy Tom Durkin's call of this race, especially at the end. "An impossible result here!"

  • lady space
    lady space 3 months ago

    Brings a tear to my eye every time I watch it.

  • Rich at Large
    Rich at Large 3 months ago

    The announcer had no clue what was happening as Mine That Bird made his move from last to first. I see that other commenters have been saying that too, and I guess it's excusable, but very noticeable.

  • Vince McMahon
    Vince McMahon 3 months ago

    Pretty simple, right on the rail was the driest part of the track

  • Travis Sloan
    Travis Sloan 3 months ago

    That announcer blew that call

  • Firsbt Lastbb
    Firsbt Lastbb 3 months ago

    Borail should have run bird in the Preakness and Belmont. Now that would have made an awesome movie, 9500 dollar horse wins the triple crown

  • Dennis Taylor
    Dennis Taylor 3 months ago

    lmao...I've watched this race many times still with disbelief...but 8 years later I watch...and I laugh my ass off...borail at the 16th pole waves goodbye to the field as he wins...lmao

  • Dennis Taylor
    Dennis Taylor 3 months ago

    lmao....I've watched this race many a times still with disbelief....but 8 years later I watched it again...I laughed my ass off....is that borail waiving bye to the field at the 16th pole..lmao

  • Jose Medina
    Jose Medina 3 months ago

    At the :09 of the clip mtb comes into frame gets no mention.

  • Jeff Monaghan
    Jeff Monaghan 3 months ago +2

    I love how Tom Durkin is beside himself wondering, um, who is this horse??

  • grommet4
    grommet4 3 months ago

    One of the greatest rides I've ever seen. The craziest thing to me was that Mine That Bird scraped the rail so hard in the stretch run that he stumbled - and still won going away! Insane. I recall being at Keeneland a couple weeks prior to the Derby and overhearing someone state that they would be playing Mine That Bird heavily, that they trusted in Borel. Wish I would have been thinking the same way. Didn't cash a lick on that Derby.

  • Bennett Hastings
    Bennett Hastings 3 months ago

    Fucking announcer wasn't even watching the inside. He's saying pioneer of the nile is in the lead well after mine that bird has a couple of lengths on the entire field. Shitfuck call of this race.

  • chelobes
    chelobes 3 months ago

    Durkin also missed MTB in the first call as the last place trailer and then finally mentioned him. Definitely Tom's worst call that I can remember.

  • G Fili
    G Fili 3 months ago

    Borel's greatest race ride.....Bo-rail

  • SpocketteINFJ
    SpocketteINFJ 4 months ago

    Durkin sounds absolutely shocked. It's really quite appropriate somehow. Also pretty funny...

  • Neon Winchester
    Neon Winchester 4 months ago +1

    omg its crazy to see those zyatt stable colors with pioneer of the Nile !! if only we knew what big things where in store for him !

  • 1950 Mr Universe __________________

    Had the comm ever watched a horse race before? Didn't call the winner till it was 8 lengths clear??

  • Jordan C.
    Jordan C. 4 months ago

    "an impudent longshot leader"

  • Douglas Griffiths
    Douglas Griffiths 5 months ago

    American Pharoah's daddy was in this race--Pioneerofthenile.

  • Giuseppe Martorana
    Giuseppe Martorana 5 months ago +1

    I've watched every Kentucky Derby live since 1978 and of course many more on tape but the 2009 Kentucky Derby is the best and most dramatic I've ever seen in my life making it my top Kentucky Derby on my list. Calvin had to make a choice for the Preakness and it must have been very hard for him but it was a no brainer to get on Rachel A. What I'm disappointed about is the fact that the owners of Rachel A. didn't run her in the Kentucky Derby that year since all along we all knew she could beat the boys and then messing up what could have been an historic Belmont Stakes with Mine that Bird going for the Triple Crown and making it the most unlikely horse to win the Triple Crown and rewriting the ending of that great movie. I was there at Churchill Downs watching Mine that Bird beat me out of all my tickets. I backed up the other Bird - Summer Bird - in that race ( he was 50-1 as well) and at the time I was furious but years after, I cannot be any happier to lose to Mine that Bird because he gave me a story of a great underdog that could and the greatest Kentucky Derby that I've ever seen.

  • joe
    joe 5 months ago

    I like how when he says Mine that Bird comes on to take the lead, he already had a 3 or 4 length lead. How did he miss that? Regardless, that was the best ride I have seen. I would put it ahead of the great Secretariat in the Preakness.

  • lbarbados38
    lbarbados38 6 months ago

    Calvin Borel was the only jock that could have pulled off that win with that horse...gutsy ride.

  • KB
    KB 6 months ago +5

    1/22/2017 and i'm still watching this. Seeing underdogs win never gets old with me. Even if I lost some coin on the deal, this was still fun as hell to watch.

    • Rich at Large
      Rich at Large 19 days ago

      Same. I keep coming back here every few months. THIS is the horse race we always wanted to see.

  • Victor Landeros
    Victor Landeros 8 months ago +5

    50 to 1
    ... awesome horse I just watch the movie last night about this brave horse☺👍👌

  • אפי בבילה
    אפי בבילה 9 months ago

    calvin borrell no.1

  • Thomas Majewski
    Thomas Majewski 11 months ago +1

    You can relive this incredible race in the movie "50 To 1" which tells the whole story going back 0ver 10 years.

  • mark allender
    mark allender Year ago +1

    Crap call by a crap caller. Yanks can't call horseracing.

  • PHX Master
    PHX Master Year ago +5

    Mine that bird should've won the triple crown I have a conspiracy theory on why he didn't but unless anyone wants to hear it I won't say it

    • Etharion Longsight
      Etharion Longsight 16 days ago

      It was actually Mine That Bird's owner Mark Allen who didn't want RA in the Preakness and tried to conspire with the Zayats to keep her out of the race, claiming that the Triple Crown is to showcase future stallions. In Allen's case, he just wanted Calvin Borel back; he used the "future stallion" argument to try to entice the Zayats. To the credit of all involved, they realized this really wasn't for the best of the sport, and did not go through with it. http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/more-sports/owner-bird-block-rachel-alexandra-preakness-bid-article-1.408930

    • lady space
      lady space 3 months ago


    • Jose Medina
      Jose Medina 3 months ago

      PHX Master I want to. I'm from el paso, mine that bird is the best athlete to be from these parts ever.

    • Really Tooy
      Really Tooy 4 months ago

      Would love to hear your excuse at to his awful effort in the Belmont, MTB got lucky and turned out to tank the rest of his career. Would've been the weakest triple crown winner if he did win

    • Dick Hertz
      Dick Hertz 7 months ago

      Funniest thing Ive ever heard on youtube...........youre a fucknut

  • Abel
    Abel Year ago +2

    Great strategy....keep all the horse's energy until rounding the last bend. Then turn on the afterburners. Wooooow!!!!

  • Killer Bees
    Killer Bees Year ago +1

    I rooted for Calvin Borel and Mine That Bird, but the movie 50 To 1 took them shine off the whole thing. What a incredibly awful movie. Then, to find out that if Doc Blach had his way, Mine That Bird would be dead because he is a HUGE advocate of slaughtering horses that don't make money anymore, such as slow geldings. Mine That Bird is a gelding. If you love horses don't buy 50 To 1. :'(

  • madmaxmedia
    madmaxmedia Year ago +1

    You have to watch the race in 16:9 HD, because in regular 4:3 aspect ratio Mine That Bird is cut out of the camera view for most of the race!

  • Caroni100
    Caroni100 Year ago

    "When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it"          Paulo Coelho (1946-     ) Brazilian writer      Greetings from Venezuela.

  • rivera47
    rivera47 Year ago +2

    mine that bird won me big money that day. ill never forget this race. weak call tho.

  • Adam Gurule
    Adam Gurule Year ago +2

    What a horrible call, worst call in history!

  • Sec Girl
    Sec Girl Year ago +1

    Visiting Bird on Tues. A.M., May 3rd! So excited, have a bag of mints ready to go!!! His 10th birthday is May 10, and he won The Derby on May 5..

  • julie hertz
    julie hertz Year ago +5


    • Caroni100
      Caroni100 Year ago

      In a "50 to 1" film scene, a gentleman during the Pre-Derby party says "This year we have owners from England, Dubai, France, Ireland ¡and even from New Mexico!" (laughs) You know who opened that door? Venezuelans Gustavo Avila (jockey), Juan Arias (trainer) and Juan Quintero (groom) when they traveled from Caracas to Louisville in 1971 to win, against all odds, 97th. Kentucky Derby with Canonero II, a horse born in United States and bred in Venezuela. His owner, Pedro Baptista (RIP) couldn´t travel due to financial problems. Their performance was very similar to Mine That Bird´s one. Greetings from Venezuela.

  • ty wy
    ty wy Year ago +1

    In the mud, dead last, no problem. Wins going away. At 50-1. Great ride by Borel, a great horse and a great race in general.

  • Bonnie Hundley
    Bonnie Hundley Year ago +1


  • Phil Carrella
    Phil Carrella Year ago

    MTB was moving so fast I had to watch the replay 5 times and still couldn't pick him up...Tom Durkin is said to be the best in the business but he should have given his paycheck back that day...a horrendous call by someone who is well respected by all horsemen...funny how you hear so many great things about this guy but this call of the 2009 derby goes down in my book as the worst race call I've ever heard...I'm trying to see if I can find the race with another race caller...I would have loved to hear Trevor den man or the great Dave Johnson say "and down the stretch they come"...That's my top 2 Johnson and Denman ...and I'm from the east coast...I wasn't a Durkin fan then and I wasn't after that horrible ...horrible call...

    • siroptimistic
      siroptimistic Year ago

      +Phil Carrella....Although Tom Durkin fumbles the call during the final stretch of this race, he atones two weeks later by making one of the best race-calls ever in the Preakness Stakes, where Rachel Alexandra narrowly beats a hard-charging Mine That Bird. Tom Durkin's call of the 2009 Preakness is a masterpiece that earned his forgiveness.

  • JuicyJaeWalls
    JuicyJaeWalls Year ago

    Grand theft auto

  • Charles Monti
    Charles Monti Year ago +4

    This guy butchered the call

    • daeuri
      daeuri Year ago

      +Charles Monti This reminds me of the 2006 Breeder's Cup Juvenile when Trevor Denman missed Street Sense coming up the rail in a similar stretch run. I wonder if the announcers have a blind spot for stretch runs along the rail.

  • Eli Pollard
    Eli Pollard Year ago +4

    one of the best rides ive seen

    • Caroni100
      Caroni100 Year ago

      Good evening. Calvin Borel honored his nickname "Calvin Bo-rail". His victory in 2009 Derby was a true masterpiece about how ride a horse very close to the inner rail avoiding any tumbling. Greetings from Venezuela.

  • Cuddie
    Cuddie Year ago

    amazing how a horse can win when you plug them in

  • RedBev59
    RedBev59 Year ago

    I just Love it when the "nothing horse from no where" leaves all the million dollar horses in the dust. LOL  This is a great video. LOVED seeing Mind That Bird win the Derby that year.  I'll have to get the movie about him now.   50 to 1 the movie.

    • Matthew Hood
      Matthew Hood Year ago

      +RedBev59 MTB wasn't exactly a "horse from nowhere". He was the Canadian 2 year old of the year just 6 months before this. His form was just off, hence the high odds.

  • James Crosby
    James Crosby Year ago +4

    Tom Durkin always get me hype at 2:38 when he says PIONEER OF THE NILE!!!!!!!


    Honestly the best part of this is the fact that he couldn't even call the horse because mine that bird was such a longshot he didn't even consider him so the name was lost.

  • Mary Moore
    Mary Moore Year ago +2

    Tom Durkin is no idiot. Hold your tongues.

    • Glenn Canale
      Glenn Canale Year ago

      +Mary Moore True, but it was a horrible call.

  • Jul But
    Jul But 2 years ago +9

    The movie was great. This race is amazing.

  • Evan Weinstein
    Evan Weinstein 2 years ago

    Watch movie 50 to 1

  • Evan Weinstein
    Evan Weinstein 2 years ago

    Amazing come back

  • Caroni100
    Caroni100 2 years ago

    In a "50 to 1" scene, a gentleman during the Pre-Derby party said "this year we have horses fron Ireland, France, United Arab Emirates and even from New Mexico.." You know who opened that door? Venezuelans Gustavo Avila (jockey) Juan Arias (trainer) Pedro Baptista (owner) and Juan Quintero (groom) when they traveled to Louisville in 1971 to win 97th Kentucky Derby with Canonero II, a horse born in United States and bred in Venezuela. It was a very similar Mine That Bird´s performance.

  • Landmnlady
    Landmnlady 2 years ago

    Even after all this time, Mine That Bird's performance was extraordinary.  Whatever anyone thinks of him, he's a Kentucky Derby winner. Period. He got the job done and got to the wire first in fine fashion.  I always enjoy watching this race, because MTB was disparaged, trashed, discarded.  Ooops, he won.

  • Caroni100
    Caroni100 2 years ago

    En una escena de "50 a 1" un encopetado señor en el brindis de la fiesta para los propietarios y entrenadores dijo "éste año tenemos caballos de Iralnda, Francia, Emiratos Árabes Unidos y hasta de Nuevo México" ¿Saben ustedes quienes abrieron esa puerta? Los veneozlanos Gustavo Ávila (jinete) Juan Arias (entrenador) Pedro Baptista (propietario) y Juan Quintero (caballerizo) cuando viajaron a Lousville en 1971 para ganar el Derby de Kentucky No. 97 con Cañonero II, ejemplar nacido en Estados Unidos y criado en Venezuela. Su gesta se parece mucho a la de Mine That Bird.

  • Reshiram Zekrom
    Reshiram Zekrom 2 years ago

  • Reshiram Zekrom
    Reshiram Zekrom 2 years ago

    His daddy Birdstone upset Smarty Jones to win the Belmont in 2004 as the biggest longshot in the field, Birdstones sire Grindstone won the Derby in 1996 and Mine that Birds brother Summer Bird upsets him the Belmont in 2009. after finishing 2nd, 1 behind the filly Rachel Alexandra, Mine that Bird was the Belmont favourit: a formally 50-1 longshot. The Bird-Family is crazy..

    • Sean OBrien
      Sean OBrien Year ago

      +Reshiram Zekrom Birdstone was not the biggest longest shot. Tap Dancer and Caiman were bigger longshots in the field. Birdstone should've never have went off at that price. He was a G1 winner who liked big tracks and threw his shoes in the Derby when finishing 8th.Still beating 10 horses with thrown shoes.

  • DannyGOaL Channel
    DannyGOaL Channel 2 years ago +3

    I have never like animal race until i saw mine that bird ;) hes like Messi and bolt he bring love to the People and i just got to love him :) 50 TO 1 !!!

  • azi issam
    azi issam 2 years ago

    best horse race i've seen

  • František
    František 2 years ago +1

    Few days ago I watched the movie 50 to 1. What a fantastic win. I never heard about this horse, maybe cause I´m european :)

  • MichaelMick
    MichaelMick 2 years ago

    What a terrible call down the stretch.  Just awful, this guy should be ashamed.

  • Dick Hertz
    Dick Hertz 2 years ago

    Shit horse that did nothing after the Derby and a shittier call by the beloved Durkin!  Shouldve layed off the sauce fatso...

  • stinkin lincoln
    stinkin lincoln 2 years ago

    one of the greatest demonstrations of the jockey/horse bond taking full affect. amazing

  • Jack Johnson
    Jack Johnson 2 years ago

    That might be the worst call of a sporting event I've ever heard ever thank the lord for Larry Collmnus or however you spell his name but Tom Durkin suuuucks

  • Bobby Blue
    Bobby Blue 2 years ago

    I might have watched this race 50 times looking for Mine That Bird and only now realized he really was at the back. I always thought it was Mr. Hotstuff because of the call. It's amazing to watch...

  • Perfect Sense
    Perfect Sense 2 years ago

    Durkin was a blind and babbling idiot on this day

  • Brett Esch
    Brett Esch 2 years ago

    The call is pretty hilarious and just shows how forgotten and how far back Mine That Bird was. Also just watched the movie 50 to 1 and shows the backstory of Mine That Bird. Great movie and should watch it if you are into horse racing!

  • Warley Gonçalves
    Warley Gonçalves 2 years ago +2

    I watch the movie in the HBO today. Beautiful history.

    • Jose Medina
      Jose Medina 3 months ago

      Dara Harvey that's sounds pretty good too me. Shit you wish you could win a gold, silver, and bronze at the Olympics, would you say that dude sucks or be like that's a pretty bad mother fucker

    • Dara Harvey
      Dara Harvey 11 months ago

      He didn't fare well in the Preakness or Belmont? He came 2nd in the Preakness and 3rd in the Belmont.

    • PHX Master
      PHX Master Year ago

      +Killer Bees I love mine that bird the only reason he didn't win triple crown is this ,in the Preakness he was held up and as fairly common that is for horses in the back of the pack but they were out to get him. Why might you ask ? Because he is a gelding and he means nothing in the breeding market and was taking away the other horses chances at better breeding money and putting it nowhere because he is a gelding and the only way to stop him is cowardly hold up one of the best race horses I've seen

    • Killer Bees
      Killer Bees Year ago

      +Caroni100 Yes but they did not allow a movie that was so filled clichés and fabrications to be made about their horse. Mine That Bird would be dead right now had he not won the Derby. He literally ran for his life. Co-owner "Doc Blach" is an advocate of the slaughtering of race horses who don't make money, especially slow geldings. Mine That Bird did not fare well in neither the Preakness nor the Belmont. He is a gelding, and had he not won the Kentucky Derby no one would be visiting him because he would be dead. If you really love horses and horse racing, don't buy this movie. :'( If you don't believe me, do the research and you will see what I wrote is true.

    • Caroni100
      Caroni100 Year ago

      Good evening. in a "50 to 1" scen, a gentleman during the Pre-Derby party says "This year we have owners from England, Dubai, France, ireland and even from New Mexico!" (laughs) You know who opened that door? Venezuelans Gustavo Avila (jockey) Juan Arias (trainer) and Juan Quintero (groom) when they traveled to Louisville in 1971 to win, against all odds, 97th Kentucky Derby with Canonero II, a horse born in United States and bred in Venezuela. His owner, Pedro Baptista (RIP) couldn´t travel due to financial problems. Their performance is very similar to Mine That Bird´s one. Greetings from Venezuela.

  • PlaysWith Squirrels
    PlaysWith Squirrels 2 years ago

    I can't stand Calvin Borel

  • A.L. Pink
    A.L. Pink 2 years ago

    Thank you for posting. The movie 50 to 1 brought me here. I love this horse and his performance was nothing short of amazing. Go Bird!!

  • nhenry1054
    nhenry1054 2 years ago

    Who was the favorite in this race?

  • oscar castaneda
    oscar castaneda 2 years ago

  • ONE Internet
    ONE Internet 2 years ago

    50 to 1.

  • GM forever
    GM forever 2 years ago

    I'm here after watching a movie 50 to 1. Awesome race, incredible horse, just fantastic. This time "like in movie" scene happened in real life. I'm really overwhelmed.

  • Sant Lord
    Sant Lord 2 years ago

    I'm a man, but I was crying

  • Tyarra Crace
    Tyarra Crace 2 years ago

    I don't call or announce a horse race I ride the horses but even I know I could have done a better call then that, I hope Tom Durkin got fired cause Mine That Bird had that race and all the action should have went to MTB and Calvin Borrel. But other then that it was awesome to watch.

  • LetsGetItStartedNow
    LetsGetItStartedNow 2 years ago

    This was the largest margin of victory since Barbaro.

  • Tony Mantoya
    Tony Mantoya 2 years ago

    Tom Durkin....you are such an ,,,idiot ,,I hope and wish to don't hear of you anymore in horse business . You screw it up so bad ,a-hole .

  • Tony Mantoya
    Tony Mantoya 2 years ago

    The commentator of this race ,,,omg ,,I hope he got fired . Mine That Bird ,,should've be spotted and brought to attention much earlier ,,,,,that horse was unbelievable , unique ...  and that guy just noticed  in the very end ,,,what an idiot .

  • Rags2RichesRacing
    Rags2RichesRacing 2 years ago +4

    As much as I love Tom Durkin's call of the 2005 Kentucky Derby won by Giacamo, he totally blew this call. I believe race track announcers use huge binoculars and they may have made everything look too close and bunched up and he totally missed Mine That Bird. This call needed an exciting finish to go with the actual race. What a move, keep your eye on MTB, no one was going to get close to him on this day from this field. He had way more in the tank.

  • Babyfarmer46
    Babyfarmer46 2 years ago

    This is easily my favorite derby.

  • Durnehviir Stargazer
    Durnehviir Stargazer 2 years ago

    The commentator barely mentioned Mine That Bird until he'd already won.

  • BiggshowKF
    BiggshowKF 2 years ago

    I remember looking up and down the list that day for a horse to bet. I saw "Canadian" and looked it over. Figured I would throw $20 down on the lone Canadian. Everyone watching couldn't believe it.. neither could I. Won't forget this race.

  • Clifton Thomas
    Clifton Thomas 2 years ago

    Awesome run!!

  • Clifton Thomas
    Clifton Thomas 2 years ago +1

    It's a movie called 50 to 1. Great true story.

  • Daniel Silveira
    Daniel Silveira 2 years ago +14

    The movie brought me here. Saw it today. Awesome video.

  • bnegs521
    bnegs521 2 years ago +1

    This was one of the worst race calls in the history of major modern horse racing. Tom Durkin stepped down after only calling one more derby and that is good because he blew this call so badly. His performance was pathetic and that of a pure amateur. Glad he is off NBC. Strong rumor is that he was drunk. And that makes perfect sense.

    • Dennis Taylor
      Dennis Taylor 3 months ago

      bnegs521 Tom got tunnel vision plain and simple the race was gearing up to be a long stretch battle....

    • Shar O
      Shar O 2 years ago

      Are you done being an asshole?  Thought this conversation was done last night Durkin was not drunk. Stop having a vendetta. Quite pathetic you have to run and make some lame ass story up to everyone on this blog.Seems to me you have it in for him. Get over yourself

    • bnegs521
      bnegs521 2 years ago

      And everyone knew about Durkin too. Except you. 

    • Shar O
      Shar O 2 years ago

      Everyone already knew he was on drugs waaay before the Preakness. I'm niave pff. 

    • bnegs521
      bnegs521 2 years ago

      I also knew that Chris Antley was high before the Triple Crown Belmont race on coke and alcohol and I told others and he was also on drugs for the Preakness. People gave me the same reaction like you only to later apologize when the truth came out. You will owe me the same. You get no apology. You are naive.  

  • JRizz009
    JRizz009 2 years ago

    Announcer didn't even know who he was!

    • bnegs521
      bnegs521 2 years ago

      +JRizz009 He was drunk. Everyone in the industry knows why his call the entire race was so awful. Someone in the production truck yelled in his ear "How aren't you seeing Mine That Bird? He was drunk.

  • Gabriel Trainer
    Gabriel Trainer 2 years ago +2

    Nothing is impossible.

  • melc1949
    melc1949 2 years ago

    Mine That Bird was Juvenile Horse of the Year in Canada as a two year old. Perhaps if Dirken had done some homework on the "long shots" he might have noticed the horse rocketing along the last half mile. Borel rode him well, but he was going nowhere unless the horse had the guts and the talent to carry him past everyone, which Mine That Bird had.

    • Ryan Robinson
      Ryan Robinson 2 years ago

      +siroptimistic the only reason he was such a long shot was because he didn't win any race as a three old before the derby

    • siroptimistic
      siroptimistic 2 years ago

      +melc1949 The odds-makers or so called 'horse-experts' who gave Mine That Bird the longshot odds of 50-to-1 are really the ones who should have done their homework. It is understandable that Tom Durkin stumbled to identify Mine That Bird because he is generally forced to follow the front end of the race, and it is so rare for a 50-to-1 longshot horse running in last place to end up finishing in first place. But it happened, and it fooled everybody which is why it is such a great story.

  • Levon Barnett
    Levon Barnett 2 years ago +1

    Hands down the best race since the Alydar/Affirmed fiasco!

    Calvin Borel does win with his charm, wit and experience!

    Cowboys win!

    What an uplifting and amazing story!

  • lori hoell
    lori hoell 2 years ago +3

    Tom Durkin blew this race big time-he didn't even recognize that MTB was in the race till the end. By the way-pic of my horse is MTB brother (not that I am prejudice)

    • Tony Mantoya
      Tony Mantoya 2 years ago

      +lori hoell Ohh yes ,,what an idiot ,,,

    • bnegs521
      bnegs521 2 years ago

      It wasn't me LOL. You are tripping me out Hopper. 

    • Edmund Hopper
      Edmund Hopper 2 years ago

      I do have my facts straight...BUDDY. Sorry you are in denial. Shame

    • bnegs521
      bnegs521 2 years ago

      That wasn't me buddy. Get your facts straight. 

    • Edmund Hopper
      Edmund Hopper 2 years ago

      +bnegs521 Funny because this guy here doesn't know what a drunk sounds like. So is this another account you opened? I remember your other one DUHRU4real the one where you bashed people for liking the racehorse Rachel Alexandra. Saw you on Bloodhorse a few times too also bashing people who like California Chrome. So do you really like to sit on a computer all day and harass people? Even on a beautiful day with the sun out?

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