1 Hour of Epic Space Music: COSMOS - Volume 2 | GRV MegaMix

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  • Cosmos Vol. 2 is all about the formation and evolution of life in the Universe. From stars, planets and the first life forms all the way up to the future of civilisations.

    / Track List:

    • Chapter I: Children of the Stars
    1. 00:00:00 — Colossal Trailer Music - Gaze (No Vocals)
    2. 00:04:20 — Colossal Trailer Music - The Mourning
    3. 00:07:32 — audiomachine - Guardians at the Gate [David García Díaz Remix]
    4. 00:11:22 — Colossal Trailer Music - Sacrifice
    • Chapter II: Life
    5. 00:16:38 — Nordwise - Eurasia
    6. 00:20:06 — Clemens Ruh - Pandora
    7. 00:26:36 — Jeremiah Pena (switch.) - The Fallen Ones
    8. 00:28:53 — Alliance - Pillars of Creation
    9. 00:32:41 — Jeremiah Pena (switch.) - Pillars of Light
    • Chapter III: Harmony
    10. 00:35:07 — Colossal Trailer Music - New Rain
    11. 00:42:31 — StormSound - Avalon
    12. 00:46:01 — StormSound - Beyond
    • Chapter IV: New Worlds
    13. 00:48:03 — Alliance - Time Eater
    14. 00:51:10 — Clemens Ruh - Interstellar
    15. 00:55:15 — Colossal Trailer Music - Uprising
    16. 01:00:05 — Alliance - Above All
    17. 01:02:34 — audiomachine - Momentum
    18. 01:05:39 — Colossal Trailer Music - Silent Soul
    19. 01:09:01 — Clemens Ruh - Drifting Apart

    / Composers | Music Companies

    • Colossal Trailer Music
    iTunes: itunes.apple.com/us/artist/colossal-trailer-music/id1056419340
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/colossaltrailermusic
    YouTube: www.youtube.com/c/ColossalTrailerMusic
    SoundCloud: www.soundcloud.com/colossaltrailermusic
    Twitter: www.twitter.com/ColossalTM

    • audiomachine
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/audiomachine
    YouTube: www.youtube.com/audiomachine
    Buy audiomachine music on iTunes: smarturl.it/audiomachine
    Amazon: smarturl.it/audiomachine1
    CDBaby (physical copies): smarturl.it/audiomachine2
    Google Play: smarturl.it/audiomachine3
    Spotify: smarturl.it/audiomachine4
    Twitter: twitter.com/audiomachine
    Official Website: www.audiomachine.com/

    • Clemens Ruh
    YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/Touringen
    Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/clemensruh
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/clemensruh
    BandCamp: clemensruh.bandcamp.com

    • Alliance
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/AllianceTrailerMusic

    • Nordwise
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/nordwise
    YouTube: tvclip.org/channel/UCaZuR6S6TSx-MaXwe5OkIJA
    Website: www.nordwise.com

    • Jeremiah Pena
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/penajeremiah
    'A Cloudless Universe' on iTunes: itunes.apple.com/us/album/a-cloudless-universe/id988059158
    switch. on Facebook: facebook.com/switchtrailermusic

    • StormSound
    SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/stormsound
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/stormsoundys
    YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/stormsoundys

    By Greg Martin:
    Twitter: twitter.com/sirgerg
    Instagram: instagram.com/sirgerg/

    By Natasha Sharma (nehas91)
    Website: cargocollective.com/NatashaSharma

    By QUaZ

    From Superfamous

    By Kris Simon
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Kris-Simon-Photography/187410061306373

    From NASA, NASA's Earth Observatory and NASA's JPL

    By Jamshed Jurabaev

    By Kuldar Leement & Alastair Temple
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Visual-artist-Kuldar-Leement/176137335735576
    Portfolio: www.kuldarleement.eu
    dA: smiling-demon.deviantart.com
    Portfolio: www.alastairtemple.co.uk

    VOLUME 1: tvclip.org/video/41Y6xov0ppw/
    VOLUME 3: tvclip.org/video/KUBEgFt4_PY/

    GRV Music on Facebook: www.facebook.com/GRVMusic
    Follow me on Instagram: www.instagram.com/night_mortifer/

    Thanks for watching!
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  • Runtime: 1:13:32
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  • Mortifer V.
    Mortifer V.  9 months ago +147

    COSMOS - Volume 3 is up! Listen to it here: tvclip.org/video/KUBEgFt4_PY/

    • Kaybe23
      Kaybe23 28 days ago

      Hey Mortifier would like to use some of the tracks on my website. Whom I need to contect for that?

    • Greedegray
      Greedegray Month ago

      very good compilation :) its good for relaxing and studying :) I hope you post more videos like this :)

    • Wark
      Wark 2 months ago

      Hello my friend.

    • SableAradia
      SableAradia 4 months ago

      Hello! Nice to see you!

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      Юрий Ланцухай 4 months ago

      SableAradia hello.

  • Maria Luan
    Maria Luan 5 hours ago

    the BEST
    el mejor!!!
    la mejor coleccion de musica bravo

  • Wilhuff Tarkin
    Wilhuff Tarkin 6 hours ago

    This made me feel much better after destroying Alderaan.

  • Anthony Rua
    Anthony Rua 8 hours ago

    clear for take off

  • gostekk
    gostekk 14 hours ago

    That is amazing. Ty for that music :-)

  • Victor Hugo
    Victor Hugo 18 hours ago

    This is so good for studying

  • Andrzej Zajko
    Andrzej Zajko 23 hours ago

    Thank with all my heart :)
    This music is amazing :)

  • Larna Merwin
    Larna Merwin Day ago

    I listen to this as I dismantle human corpses and pack them piece by piece into freezer bags for winter meals. so relaxing... oop! oven is beeping gotta go!

  • Ronald Webb
    Ronald Webb Day ago

    good of siberia russia

  • Stunnedstudios
    Stunnedstudios Day ago

    Is this was all the NASA employees bump to during office parties?

  • Ryte Crosby
    Ryte Crosby Day ago

    I listened to this wall I was watching the eclipse 2017!!!!!!!

  • Exo Squad
    Exo Squad Day ago

    When I Heard This music I was thinking in my mind what mankind could discover over the universe. This is inspirational and relaxing. The future of PΔRΔIIΔX Space Ark Is About Come next 44 Years. 2061 Δ.Ɖ

  • Nathan Wells
    Nathan Wells 2 days ago

    Love the dramatic music man :D

  • A Bad Player
    A Bad Player 2 days ago

    I feel like my stereo doesn't do this justice at all. The sounds are literally resonating through everything around me.

  • h.b kim
    h.b kim 3 days ago

    Thank you so much! This kind of music makes me feel like being a very tiny dust, floating
    around in the huge space..

  • Sunshine Lady
    Sunshine Lady 3 days ago


  • Josh B
    Josh B 3 days ago +2

    I can hear a lot of influence of Hans Zimmer's Interstellar in that intro.

  • Abigail Cates
    Abigail Cates 4 days ago


  • Unknown Person
    Unknown Person 5 days ago

    Earth is my spaceship and I'm flying around a massive fire ball at 67,000 miles per hour.

  • Akin Özer
    Akin Özer 6 days ago

    You always have lower views but now you have millions. I did not want you to be discovered and you should belong to me and a few!!!

  • Barend Dorfling
    Barend Dorfling 7 days ago

    Absolutely lost in this wonderful music

  • Richard Li
    Richard Li 7 days ago

    My anxiety is cured.

  • Rezo Xatoiani
    Rezo Xatoiani 7 days ago

    snimi seks

  • Rezo Xatoiani
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  • Rezo Xatoiani
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  • Steph Strife
    Steph Strife 9 days ago

    listening to this while playing Elite:Dangerous :D

  • deadphoenixrising
    deadphoenixrising 10 days ago

    So the singing at 39:44 really creeped me out. D:

  • Edit Nyikes
    Edit Nyikes 11 days ago

    Sacrifice at 11:22 is the most beautiful song in here. Amazingly good!

  • Stingy Creeper
    Stingy Creeper 12 days ago

    It's almost as if it's our destiny to explore the stars and what we will find, we've already seen a lot of planets outside our solar system. More secrets await us deeper in the rings of the Milky Way galaxy.

  • Алиса Вайтсмит

    I'm completely in love with Space! It's so misterious and calling. I wish people could trevel in Space much easier and freely then now. I hope, the scince can do it in a while. And I'll be happy, when I here that humans have finally reached Mars. It will be very soon and I'm waiting for it.

  • Jan Znamierowski
    Jan Znamierowski 12 days ago


  • Le Marcalien 54
    Le Marcalien 54 12 days ago

    Omg in french sorry

    Cette musique ma diner des frisson tout le long, le créateur fait un travaille merveilleux et mérite d'être connu, franchement le créateur de cette musique a un talent imcroyable

    MEGA SERIOUS 13 days ago

    wow, awesome rly like it

  • pulse mix
    pulse mix 14 days ago

    Another world

  • Super Saiyan Batman
    Super Saiyan Batman 14 days ago

    I listen to this while getting beat by my owner.

  • epicwriter96
    epicwriter96 15 days ago

    This is wonderful! Helps me escape from the real world, you know?

  • Romain LP
    Romain LP 15 days ago

    Excellent compilation.
    The music is beautiful and relaxing.

  • SoManyFeels
    SoManyFeels 15 days ago

    This music is pure ecstasy

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  • Panzer 666
    Panzer 666 17 days ago

    thank you for this it takes away my depression

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    Milton Silva 17 days ago

    E o máximo !!!

  • JBeni22
    JBeni22 18 days ago

    My friends and I were tripping on LSD and we thought Jupiter's gas was flowing constantly...

  • Wolfpac
    Wolfpac 18 days ago

    I have one wish. Not to be successful or famous. Not having a great family, with a great wife. These are all besides. My wish, only one, to go into space. To see, how big the Earth is, to feel the glory of the universe. Stayin there, for years. Not only one time.

    When the time comes, for volunteers to explore Planets, I would be fucking first. I want to see it by myself. The power and size of all out there. And I could wait years, till we arrive. I would enjoy every second up there, and I hope that one time, I can fulfill my dream

  • Mr Chicken
    Mr Chicken 18 days ago

    I'm hearing this while I'm playing warframe

  • lozhka vilkin
    lozhka vilkin 19 days ago

    Боже сохрани нашу планету. Наш дом.

  • KHgoalkeeper21
    KHgoalkeeper21 21 day ago

    damn, this makes me feel more epic every minute. doing some studying and ouf, not a bad track to listen to

  • Spaceman Spiff
    Spaceman Spiff 21 day ago

    Love it :D

  • Cindy A
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  • OtakuBeatsAesthetic
    OtakuBeatsAesthetic 22 days ago +1

    Heads up: If you love this mix, then DON'T READ THE COMMENTS SECTION.

  • Senpai
    Senpai 23 days ago +1

    Why do i get emotional by this. I love space. :')

  • UnicornLatte
    UnicornLatte 23 days ago

    This dude has VOLUMES?! Dude, this is the best music I've listened to.

  • Iana Ivanchuk
    Iana Ivanchuk 23 days ago

    это просто чудо и ничего кроме чуда.

    HAMZAT HOXCHO 23 days ago

    7. 00:26:36 — Jeremiah Pena (switch.) - The Fallen Ones

    this remembers me about another song which feels very similar but i cant remember...

  • virinchi racharla
    virinchi racharla 23 days ago

    it's not just music....its a story..

  • Silver Spirit
    Silver Spirit 24 days ago

    I feel like I was born in the wrong generation..

    I want to leave Earth so badly, to embrase what I love: Space.. To find new things, so explore new horizons, to make my own adventure..

    But here I am.. With my dream out of reach.. Stuck in a generation of where everyone is arguing over War, Poverty, Politics and Money...

  • ShawdowKing689
    ShawdowKing689 24 days ago

    listening to this high as hell made me thing god was talking to me

  • George Robert Leon Zavistovsky

    Cette musique est la fiérte et la perfection de l'univers

  • Igor Spasenov
    Igor Spasenov 24 days ago

    ВЕЛИКОЛЕПНО. Wonderfull.

  • Seg Kulikv KosmoRock
    Seg Kulikv KosmoRock 25 days ago

    thnks for sharing& you arty ,like&subbed&droped to my
    playlist"finder",at my side adventure of sintez sounds, thnks for sub back

  • Jadden Hendrix
    Jadden Hendrix 26 days ago

    I was force to which this but it was a good video

  • Βασίλης Σπανός

    Deep and spirit.Bravo!!My love from Greece.

  • Carolina Rojo
    Carolina Rojo 26 days ago

    This is so freaking EPIC! ♥

  • Rare Crystal Lazuli
    Rare Crystal Lazuli 27 days ago

    sPacE MoOSic

  • HandyHoh
    HandyHoh 28 days ago


  • J C
    J C 28 days ago

    This, this is the kind of chill music I have been looking for. You my friend have a new subscriber. I hope all your music is like this.

  • Second World
    Second World 29 days ago +2

    A world full of secrets. A bloody old man, or a new born baby - we all are only a part of the big matrix - for ever connected in harmony with all life forms, communicating thru vibrations of the universe. ... Du you feel it ?

  • No 1 knows The hour
    No 1 knows The hour 29 days ago


  • AT Hiker
    AT Hiker 29 days ago

    You are so talented. Wow. Just absolutely beautiful.

  • PLChrupek
    PLChrupek Month ago

    Truly amazing music, very well done remix. I like the beautiful graphics and breaks for chapters. Good Job :)

  • Chris Walker
    Chris Walker Month ago

    awesome music yo

  • Xem  Nhân Gian Huyền Ảo

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  • Player8Gaming
    Player8Gaming Month ago

    My girlfriend said she wants more space so I sent her this link!

  • Cosmic Dreamer
    Cosmic Dreamer Month ago

    man thank you so much ..that what i was looking for

  • Mike Git
    Mike Git Month ago

    When i listen to this music i'm crying

  • bluefireball21
    bluefireball21 Month ago

    This is beautiful and unique in it's own way

  • Arc Clone Trooper
    Arc Clone Trooper Month ago

    Infinitely beautiful, the vast existence of humanity, division, chaos, greed, and misery, hypocritical and foolish, mean and selfish. Bit loving and kind, merciful and patciant, willing to learn and gain wisdom, putting aside prejudice, racism, and cruelty.

    Time in all individuals minds, few, yet many things unite. Emotions and sense, without such tools, the world is foreign, alien. Pity for the dead, though death is a gateway.

    Pain and suffering, breeding hatred and intolerance, addiction and suicide, donations and charity.

    Faith leading closer to God, extremist killing in his name, while he makes no demand of it.

    Fear like poison, infecting heart, mind, and soul,

    Dreams suffocating the mind, sleepless nights, think all the time.

    Like pedals on flowers, we grow, we fall, we wither, and we die. Reborn in Spring, Dead during winter, alive in summer, dying during fall.

    Rain drops forming a puddle, puddles forming a lake, lakes forming seas,

    Sun and moon, meeting once every day, departing always

    Love, overcoming fear, building up friends, family, city's and nations. Shining light of truth and joy,
    Tears of enjoyment,
    Hope, like boats resisting the ocean, planes resisting the wind. Empowering, Spiritual, Motivational, reason to live, breathe, Earth, Home.

    Stare at the sky, get lost in time, think about our small existence in a universe uncharted. Birth and Death, Laughter and Crying, Protest and Unity, Corruption and Justice, Beauty...
    Dance, Sing, Paint, Run, Jog, See, Taste, Hear, Smell, Trees, Plants, animals, food, Air, Dirt, Gravity........Life


    Many words, unable to convey meaning, full extent, grasping understand.... Life, simple, complex, powerful, special....

  • Ishraj S. Inderjeet

    OK, I just left Earth.

  • gostekk
    gostekk Month ago

    This music is amazing. It help me relax, and clear my mind. Thanks a lot mate! :) And keep going with this stuf :)

  • Unnecessary Optimism

    If Maxis every creates a Spore sequel, or a spiritual successor, a soundtrack like this would be amazing.

  • German Interfaces
    German Interfaces Month ago

    Fuck you NSU-PEDONAZ-IS

  • Barry Anderson
    Barry Anderson Month ago +1

    "What kind of music do you like to listen to to get you in the mood ? This is the kind of music Holistic Chef Barry Anderson likes to listen to. Enjjoy the epic journey friend .

  • digital/vibes
    digital/vibes Month ago

    Sorry, but this is not space music. This is cinematic music that may be or may have been used in space movies, but that doesn't mean it's space music. Thanks for sharing. Music, per se, is not bad.

  • Yee Thao
    Yee Thao Month ago

    just love this soundtracks listen to my exotic 300b tube amp.

  • elchapetas
    elchapetas Month ago +1

    to those itching to go for space exploration, there might be a chance for that actually happening, as were closing in to a technological singularity.

  • Kokobatsu
    Kokobatsu Month ago

    Pillars of light killed me :'')

  • Gaetan Giambarresi
    Gaetan Giambarresi Month ago


  • Bushyfoxy
    Bushyfoxy Month ago

    I strenuously OBJECT to commercials in the middle of my music!
    Commbank: go away, and take your unwelcome ads with you......grrrrrrrrr!!!

  • Opozian
    Opozian Month ago


  • s0ren
    s0ren Month ago

    Wow that music!!!

  • RIV3N
    RIV3N Month ago

    Tak sobię myślę , jak ten kosmos powstał , jakie to jest ciekawe , jak ludzkość rozwinęła się do takiego stopnia aby polecieć w kosmos :)

  • kermitefrog64
    kermitefrog64 Month ago

    Beautiful music and the peaceful nature of the art is very soothing.

  • gabriel nieto
    gabriel nieto Month ago

    Man, I fucking love this.

  • Ruben Lucero
    Ruben Lucero Month ago

    As im wearing my Over-The-Ear Bluetooth Samsung headphones and have the bass turned all the way up, I got mad goosebumps at the beginning around 0:55 when the female vocals open up.

  • Fantasyze
    Fantasyze Month ago

    Hey, wondering if you had any copyright issues when uploading this? Did any of the creators claim the video? Thanks.

  • Kalina Walker
    Kalina Walker Month ago

    how weird, I just read this Einstein passage and then found this. LOA

  • Conor Malone
    Conor Malone Month ago

    I love space. It's just a shame there will be so many great events that I'll miss. The Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies colliding, interstellar travel, discovery of new forms of life or possibly other intelligent life forms similar to humans. It really pisses me off there are so many great things out there waiting to be discovered, and I'll never be around to see that happen. But before I die, I do so badly wish to go out there, into space, to view the tiny insignificant earth from afar. It would be an honour and a privilege.

  • Versteckten
    Versteckten Month ago

    On my way to Sagg A, 22,000 lys to go! o7 CMDRs!

  • Emma B
    Emma B Month ago

    This is beautiful! I'm so glad I discovered this

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    Exell Jobert Month ago

    this is brilliant! thankyou so much!!!

  • Orion
    Orion Month ago +2

    EVE Online.

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