Classic Wesson Watercolour with Steve Hall

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  • Following the success of his first Town House Films DVD - 'Watercolour the Wesson Way' - Steve Hall Returns to show you in detail how watercolour master Edward Wesson (1910 - 1983) painted some of his classic views, including Morston church in Norfolk, The Silent Pool and Thames sailing barges at Pin Mill.

    Steve takes five original Wessons from his own extensive collection and paints his own pictures of similar themes inspired by the Wesson originals. This DVD is shot in a teaching studio with Steve working mostly from photographs and sketches so you can see every brushstroke in five full demonstrations.

    This DVD is a must for Wesson fans.
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  • Runtime: 4:44
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  • Jazzwayze
    Jazzwayze 2 years ago

    Steve does some great paintings in the Wesson style, but he has a style of his own too; and I bet he finds difficult to suppress, even when he's doing this kind of work. Nice, refreshing and instructive. .

  • keith gantos
    keith gantos 4 years ago


  • kritsana saeangduaen
    kritsana saeangduaen 4 years ago

    you could paint evry goog

  • Porraman S. Nakorn
    Porraman S. Nakorn 4 years ago


  • Jorge I S
    Jorge I S 5 years ago

    Oustanding watercolor works

  • Nestor Galindo Perez
    Nestor Galindo Perez 6 years ago


  • TownHouseFilms
    TownHouseFilms  6 years ago

    Thanks for you kind comments. This is oen of three DVDs we have done with Steve Hall - all three trailers are here on You Tube.

  • TownHouseFilms
    TownHouseFilms  6 years ago

    Steve Hall is also a fan of Edward Wesson and has co--authored a couple of books on Wesson's work. We have also just released a new DVD with Steve - Cotswold Scenes in Watercolour.

  • Pontus Karlsson
    Pontus Karlsson 7 years ago

    I love it!

  • Khalid J.
    Khalid J. 7 years ago


  • saintex45
    saintex45 8 years ago

    Awesome !!

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