Puddles Pity Party - We Don't Need Another Hero

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  • Mad max
    Mad max 19 hours ago


  • juan bautista
    juan bautista 23 days ago


  • Patty Groh
    Patty Groh 24 days ago +1

    AGT needs to get Kevin Costner to come to the finale and surprise Puddles!

  • Martin Blair - Books
    Martin Blair - Books 25 days ago

    Puddles should do this exact song and act with the popcorn and big video screen behind him at the live show of America's Got Talent next week. LOL I have watched this about 6 times and can't stop laughing when he starts spitting out popcorn LOL Love Puddles :)

  • John Robatchka
    John Robatchka Month ago +1

    my gosh he can sing anyones song plz win agt puddles

  • Aaron Ravaillion
    Aaron Ravaillion Month ago

    he sounds like corey taylor, looks like him a little too

  • MrTdex
    MrTdex Month ago +4

    winner of the americas got talent

    • Joe Dennis
      Joe Dennis 2 days ago

      His mannerism during the song were too much and overshadowed his voice. He seemed to get nervous and overplayed. His youtube version of the song is a whole lot better. Sorry to see him go.

    • Lester Magnuson
      Lester Magnuson 4 days ago

      he picked the wrong song "royals" doesn't seem to fit with his persona

  • gericke pieter
    gericke pieter 2 months ago +1

    I Wonder if You Realize Puddles that Your Voice and Songs CAN BE '' THE HERO '' for a Lot of People . Behind that Clown is an Inspiration Man , for Real . You can TOUCH Peoples Hearts ....... Well Done .

  • Metamorphosis Rox
    Metamorphosis Rox 2 months ago

    I love this song but like the song says,it is from Beyond Thunderdome...which is a Mad Max movie, not Waterworld. Love his voice anyway.

  • whatever happens happens
    whatever happens happens 2 months ago +1

    am I dreaming or was this song actually for mad max

  • pumken
    pumken 2 months ago

    Puddles wen going to do thunder stuck or working class man

  • Rita Amundson
    Rita Amundson 2 months ago +1

    I sure would love to see more of him

  • Catherine Woods
    Catherine Woods 2 months ago +3

    He killed this song! Love it as much as the original!

  • Geoffrey Howe
    Geoffrey Howe 3 months ago +1

    How(e) doe's he do it with a mouthful of popcorn????

  • Sam Rodriguez
    Sam Rodriguez 3 months ago +9

    I wonder if Kevin Kostner is aware of Puddles?

  • AJ Beamish
    AJ Beamish 3 months ago +1

    I'm missing something here... The clip is Waterworld. The song is Thunderdome...
    Don't mean to geek out or anything... So confused!

    • RaptorNX01
      RaptorNX01 26 days ago

      double irony since waterworld is mad max on the ocean. lol

    • wtglb
      wtglb 2 months ago

      Gravewalker49 that's the irony

    • Gravewalker49
      Gravewalker49 2 months ago

      it's not being ironic, it's a running gag that he has a thing for Kevin Costner, so when Kevin Bacon says make me your hero, Puddles is like nope, We don't neeed another hero.

    • wtglb
      wtglb 2 months ago

      Jason Blenner nah, I think he's just being silly/ironic

    • Jason Blenner
      Jason Blenner 2 months ago

      AJ Beamish he probably couldn't get the rights for Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

  • E.J. Freestone
    E.J. Freestone 4 months ago +4

    I killed my phone three times now. Need stronger batteries. LOL

  • Barry Nelson
    Barry Nelson 4 months ago +26

    So, why isn't Puddles making a bigger splash online and TV? He's got the pathos, the irony, he's got the chops. ..

    • frederick909
      frederick909 2 hours ago

      That's exactly how I feel. What an incredible artist

    • Mad max
      Mad max 19 hours ago

      HE IS TO GOOD AND AHEAD OF THE COMMERCIAL corporate s TIME, HIS TIME IS coming very soon, will be a star

    • c walker
      c walker 17 days ago

      I would argue that the American audiences have seen the Puddles character before. People know him better as the Tramp (Charles Chaplin). Pierrot is a stock character that has seen many variations and manifestations in the span of over 400 years. Puddles is the latest incarnation. I enjoy the Puddles character as much as I still enjoy the little Tramp. Most people can relate and be moved by them in the same way. As for Pagliacci, to me, it was all about Caruso's voice while lacking some of the Pierrot character's soul.

    • ffjsb
      ffjsb 17 days ago

      This is probably the first time people have seen this type of performer outside of the Opera or maybe Cirque du Soleil, and a lot of people have never seen those.

  • Mike Mac
    Mike Mac 4 months ago +20

    We have a new hero. Puddles. You brought me to tears twice in one day. You are my hero.

  • PegasuTV
    PegasuTV 4 months ago +12

    fucking beautiful

  • Григорий Калошин


  • Tomas Sanchez
    Tomas Sanchez 6 months ago +24

    I was wondering how he has time to eat when the song begins and then he starts spitting out the popcorn

    • DementedCaver
      DementedCaver 17 days ago

      Not if you are the dude that gets to sweep the darn floor after his gig. :D

    • Gary Simpson-Humphreys
      Gary Simpson-Humphreys Month ago

      Spoil it well done you !

    • rich smith
      rich smith Month ago

      Tomas Sanchez The popcorn was a nice touch, and it KILLED me when he started spitting it all over. I laugh just thinking about it. Wish he'd play here in San Diego:)

    • LogicalUnitZero
      LogicalUnitZero 2 months ago

      The poor folks in the front row didn't realize he'd be covering Gallagher.

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