am i wholesome now??? (w/ Thomas Sanders)

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  • ComedyComedy
  • Runtime: 5:42
  • anthony padilla  smosh  second channel  smoshgames  smosh games  thomas sanders  thomassanders  collab  family friendly  wholesome  g-rated  

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  • Peach Boss
    Peach Boss 6 days ago +5652

    Has Anthony Padilla ever pinned a comment?

    • delia
      delia Day ago


    • Mature Anal
      Mature Anal Day ago


      4:19 ✲ Koshonix Phil have sweared before

    • Ass Licking
      Ass Licking Day ago


      6:38 ❆ Wow so dan is making videos with phi as usual

    • Double Anal
      Double Anal 2 days ago


      14:13 ♥ Wow so dan is making videos with phi as usual

  • Isaiah Rummerfield
    Isaiah Rummerfield 45 minutes ago

    thomas looks defferent

  • Kishan Mehta
    Kishan Mehta 3 hours ago +1

    Why isn't he crying?? Why isn't he shirtless ??

  • Gabriel play
    Gabriel play 5 hours ago

    Smosh the mobie

  • Matt
    Matt 7 hours ago

    this is the most awkward video i've ever seen on youtube

  • VDvloggs
    VDvloggs 8 hours ago

    That part when Anthony said he won't try to cry cuz it shows his true emotions just made me think back how EMO it is😂

  • Wyatt Young
    Wyatt Young 9 hours ago

    Could be gayer?

  • Enchkoni CruDalia
    Enchkoni CruDalia 9 hours ago

    "Flip of the griddle and onto my plate a healthy stack of pancakes that I just ate"

  • Celph Titled Griefhawk
    Celph Titled Griefhawk 10 hours ago

    So that's supposed to be funny. aha.

  • Daniel Santos
    Daniel Santos 11 hours ago

    Sub español

  • Barack Bieber
    Barack Bieber 11 hours ago

    Hey Anthony. I've been a long time fan since 2011 of Smosh and I'm glad that you decided to make your own content. I'm glad that you decided it to make it in the "Smosh Formula". I'm not saying it's bad but it could really use some more crazier and random content and make more skits.

  • Nimble Slayer
    Nimble Slayer 11 hours ago

    Thomas's face really gave up on life.

  • Yamila Ayala
    Yamila Ayala 13 hours ago

    hola anthony pandilla

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 14 hours ago +2

    I'm also here

  • Aryan
    Aryan 17 hours ago

    I like Anthony’s videos but I miss him on smosh

  • luckytoddy
    luckytoddy 17 hours ago

    Motherflipping son of a bitch! Well, bitch is not a bad word, because it technically means female dog.

  • tech TV
    tech TV 18 hours ago

    hahahaha... that was a fun interview.

  • LikeSTokio
    LikeSTokio 18 hours ago

    I burst out laughing at the sitting apart shot :D

  • WhileOneEqualToZero
    WhileOneEqualToZero 20 hours ago

    That's not a problem. The echo in your audio is...

  • WatchNox 360
    WatchNox 360 23 hours ago

    Him being uncensored was awesome

  • Bob Lo
    Bob Lo Day ago

    This channel should be called smosh

  • Bob Lo
    Bob Lo Day ago

    Jeez I was mad when he said he was leaving smosh but seeing what's he's been posting its so fuckin good reminds be of old smosh Anthony keep it up

  • Lexi Newton
    Lexi Newton Day ago

    He reminds me of blaine anderson

  • slime ball
    slime ball Day ago

    Anthony I want you to make videos like you youse to in smosh.

  • Creeper TNT
    Creeper TNT Day ago +1

    Omg is that the guy from smosh

  • Isabella Chirwa
    Isabella Chirwa Day ago +4

    Hey, where can we buy that "best interviewer" shirt?

  • amesari amaro
    amesari amaro Day ago

    Donde está el que traduce los putos videos nesesito a Antoni padilla ya vi todos los videos donde está su excitante voz en español necesito mi droga por dios rapidoooo
    Murió ignorada

  • Emma Dickinson
    Emma Dickinson Day ago

    Thomas is the most wholesome person on youtube this video is so adorably awkward

  • Juniper M
    Juniper M Day ago

    this video is so funny omfg

  • bchbounds
    bchbounds Day ago

    You make me laugh so much..

  • Astrohamster Games

    I love Thomas Sanders 😂😂😂

  • AnnaBananaBee
    AnnaBananaBee Day ago +4

    **slams hand onto table**
    me: ow

  • Unique Fangirl
    Unique Fangirl Day ago

    0:39 um... Phil Lester?

  • Andrea
    Andrea Day ago

    awesome video Anthony, loooving your content!

    Also Thomas's "Yes" at 3:27... hawt.

  • vanetifa57
    vanetifa57 Day ago

    My dad

  • finpin
    finpin Day ago

    @ y'all saying Phil is more wholesome and pure: Okay, once Phil makes positive and uplifting videos about mental health, diversity, the LGBTQ+ community, and more, you can consider him 'more' wholesome. But for the time being, Thomas is an overwhelming force of positivity for ANYONE to watch and enjoy, and as much as I love Phil, he doesn't even come close. Plus, not everything is about your fandoms. Other youtubers deserve recognition once in a while.
    (This is not meant to be hateful, but I want my boy Thomas to be recognized for the angel that he is)

  • Harry Jenkins
    Harry Jenkins Day ago

    The swearing in water was absolutely funny! I nearly pissed myself! 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Sasha
    Sasha Day ago

    Yeay you came back to youtube

  • Perspicacious Pedant

    Romanatwood never swore

  • Alanna C
    Alanna C Day ago

    Why does dan go by Anthony now?

  • 권윤상
    권윤상 Day ago

    Recent videos of Anthony is much more wholesome than videos of the early Smosh videos

  • magik kanal
    magik kanal Day ago

    Hello my name suleiman i russa

  • Klojoost
    Klojoost Day ago

    I dont get Why cursing is so... bad... I curse a lot. And Its always funny...

  • Plush bro's
    Plush bro's Day ago +1

    Anthony can you do your old videoed

  • The pokeswag master

    Why are you doing better than smosh?

  • Dinah Garcia
    Dinah Garcia Day ago +2

    This isn't funny anymore. It's just awkward ....

  • NukaFist
    NukaFist Day ago

    Subtitulado al español en mi canal

  • 1000 Subscribers without any video

    He is depressed.

  • Ukranian_Soviet
    Ukranian_Soviet 2 days ago

    tfw Anthony leaves smosh and ends up getting more views then they do

  • arBol Gamer
    arBol Gamer 2 days ago

    que sad :v

  • Derpy Gaming
    Derpy Gaming 2 days ago

    You should do a collab with Shane or Liza

  • RENEHIKO (朝の外人)

    best guy on YouTube

  • youexist insidespring


  • Heidi Squirrel
    Heidi Squirrel 2 days ago

    Did Thomas die his hair purple

  • Twenty One Ravenclaws

    Ummm excuse me I don't think he has met Phil if he thinks that Thomas is the most wholesome person like dude Phil is a freaking ANGEL BEAN SENT FROM HEAVEN TO RELEASE US FROM OUR SINS

  • Guadalupe Johnson
    Guadalupe Johnson 2 days ago

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    free 5 ʍίn ṧhow ίf u lίke thίs comʍent

  • Kaia L
    Kaia L 2 days ago

    Thomas is such a good actor! So is Anthony, but... Thomas is just perfect... don't kill me!

  • Alli M
    Alli M 2 days ago +1

    Anthony just pissed off the entire phandom

  • StivenZeldero
    StivenZeldero 2 days ago

    Hola Anthony, soy de España y me gustaría ver tus vídeos pero no entiendo demasiado el inglés, por qué no contratas a un doblador al español? Sería súper increíble!! Pleesseee 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 (Like para que Anthony lo vea 👍🏼=👁️‍🗨️)

  • Liz O
    Liz O 2 days ago

    Anthony: ~ burp ~
    Thomas: OH.

    Best part.

  • MrWolf // MRW
    MrWolf // MRW 2 days ago

    I want to see a video of Anthony of him telling how Smosh changed and why? (I know why when they started every blank ever they used more people and they also came in the videos more often and stuff and they kind off changed ian and Anthony and that's why smosh sucks these days // If you lok back you can see that when the first every blank ever video dropped smosh got ruind)

  • Mas Haq Kresno
    Mas Haq Kresno 2 days ago


  • A Tale Of Dream
    A Tale Of Dream 2 days ago

    ¿Para cuando otro video con German? XD

  • JC
    JC 2 days ago


  • ROYAL Rules
    ROYAL Rules 2 days ago

    Your 23 bro you think your mom would be mad about you saying the F word

  • XxAliceAndShadyxX
    XxAliceAndShadyxX 2 days ago +3

    The last digit of the likes
    What slime are you
    8-fail slime

    Your birthday month is the color of your slime

    June- purple

  • Jared Sy
    Jared Sy 2 days ago +2

    Hi Anthony, you and ian were both good youtubers(together), but you doing videos yourself by yourself is just horrible, maybe you should find someone to do videos with like a sidekick or something that share the same interest as you and maybe look at your old videos as an inspiration and post less often so your videos will be better quality like nigahiga.

    • Jared Sy
      Jared Sy 21 hour ago

      Well he made a choice, and smosh was a youtube channel before but now its a company and hes trying escape that smosh is a company.

    • Reet Benipal
      Reet Benipal Day ago

      I think he must return to smosh were he belongs

    • Jared Sy
      Jared Sy 2 days ago

      I'm lonely

  • Nađa Poltoracki
    Nađa Poltoracki 2 days ago

    What about Phil?

  • Gracie O'Brien
    Gracie O'Brien 2 days ago

    "It just sounds like you're drowning" ~ Thomas Sanders 2k17 😂

  • Terrier's World
    Terrier's World 3 days ago

    Anthony Padildo

  • amazingpeoplearenotonfire

    I fucking.... ohhh excuse my mouth I flip off the griddle and on to my plate a healthy stack of pancakes that I just ate Thomas Sander's but what about PHIL FU.. FLIP OFF THE GRIDDLE AND ON TOO MY PLATE A HEALTHY STACK OF PANCAKES THAT I JUST ATE LESTER

  • Mike Oxlong
    Mike Oxlong 3 days ago

    Your videos are so awkward I love it

    VIC MANE 3 days ago

    Strange that it leaves in smosh but i hope that it is well outside of that its videos are incredible

  • ZacharieTheCat
    ZacharieTheCat 3 days ago

    "let's go. AHHHHHH"

  • ninja cowboy
    ninja cowboy 3 days ago

    3:23 I would say The F Word
    Not saying it

  • Domernike
    Domernike 3 days ago +1

    Has Anthony Padilla ever pinned 2 comments?

  • Ximena Ponce
    Ximena Ponce 3 days ago

    Estoy escribiendo en español para que no entiendas nada ☺

  • James Cox
    James Cox 3 days ago +1

    Is sanders gay?

  • Imad Peniche
    Imad Peniche 3 days ago

    Like what the kcuf 🎶

  • spooderfaxy 1987
    spooderfaxy 1987 3 days ago

    5:10. I was laughing then I almost poked my eye (under it) with my sharp nail and now it hurts how dare u Anthony

  • FangirlInAFrenzy _
    FangirlInAFrenzy _ 3 days ago

    I've cussed more than that in a week

  • Abigail O
    Abigail O 3 days ago +2

    Ah another wholesome Howell video... Dan, you you are my favorite youtuber!

  • peej n shit
    peej n shit 3 days ago

    theres one more mosterest wholesome man... his name is phil

  • Candy Fantasy
    Candy Fantasy 3 days ago


  • CookieSlayer lml
    CookieSlayer lml 3 days ago

    Firetruck! No? Nobody remembers? Ok...

  • Overlandeleaf 29
    Overlandeleaf 29 3 days ago


  • phosia gamalez
    phosia gamalez 3 days ago

    3:40 me trying to get a hug from my crush xD

  • Bethany Sarah
    Bethany Sarah 3 days ago

    This is the most relatable thing I've ever seen

  • Pam Young
    Pam Young 3 days ago

    Is it to hard to do the math here. If Anthony Padilla wants to make his own ideas for videos then they should be on just this chann l and he can still make video on smosh

  • Jelloceiling
    Jelloceiling 3 days ago

    5:03 is what happens when I record my dog

  • Adelaide Rose
    Adelaide Rose 3 days ago

    Sorry Phil Lester, but Thomas *is* the most wholesome youtube

  • LovesOrangeYumYT
    LovesOrangeYumYT 3 days ago


  • Jazman Gardner
    Jazman Gardner 3 days ago

    thomas is the most pure youtuber

  • Freddy Spaghetti
    Freddy Spaghetti 3 days ago +1

    Can you make a video with Ian?

  • Eli Sanchez
    Eli Sanchez 3 days ago

    Has Anthony Padilla ever pined a comment

  • Eli Sanchez
    Eli Sanchez 3 days ago

    Anthony is the best nice hair

  • Jabari Macgrath
    Jabari Macgrath 3 days ago

    This is actually pretty funny. Good job kiddo

  • Susie H
    Susie H 3 days ago

    When it showed how far apart they were sitting, I died laughing 😂

  • Danny Restrepo
    Danny Restrepo 3 days ago

    Someone tells me why Anthony hair is curly if before it was super straight it's just a curiosity XD

    • Danny Restrepo
      Danny Restrepo 2 days ago

      JamaicanRain that his natural hair is those curls and his hair was tangling since 2006

    • JamaicanRain
      JamaicanRain 3 days ago

      He straightened his hair for years before letting the curls fly.

  • Cha Ka
    Cha Ka 3 days ago

    That my friend is the best interview shirt ive ever seen

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