Wonder Woman - Movie Review

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  • Ezekiel Ogilvie
    Ezekiel Ogilvie 3 hours ago

    I'm a hardcore fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but I love this movie. Hence, I can't wait for Justice League.

  • bryan lara
    bryan lara Day ago

    7/10 weirdly paced action scenes. No surprise happy ending. Ares appearance felt forced for the sake of having ares in the movie.

    Action scenes were all over the place in this movie. In the trench/village fight their were too many cuts to her face up close. Then at the end, steve and diana have a love moment for one hot minute while fighting ares in the back? That was super weird. And why the hell didnt steve just use a parachute? And do a surprise happy ending. Ares himself was kind of a let down too for all the emphasis this movie puts on him. He just shows up randomly no build up, no signs or anything.

  • Arthur Wacker
    Arthur Wacker Day ago +1

    I only watched Wonder Women cos Fap Material.

  • dub2459
    dub2459 4 days ago

    I thought it was super boring,see the thing is people like flaws like when I watch a Die Hard movie I know he's gonna be beat to shit by the end,but this chick fights the god of war and doesn't even mess up her hair lol....LAME

  • Tornado Chaser
    Tornado Chaser 5 days ago

    I, too, love colours Chris!

  • A Guy
    A Guy 9 days ago

    Angry marvel fanboys because dc made a good movie smh.

  • Juan vilchez
    Juan vilchez 9 days ago +1

    It really isn't that good tho ...

  • Jean-Felix L'archevêque

    To be honest at first I really like the movie like some of the action scene and the way they are brought up made me feel like I saw Winter soldier for the first time damn but i felt the final fight with ares was way to cgi heavy at first but thinking about it later on I was like this is a fight between gods hell since then I live with that haha

  • Jolie Hongsyok
    Jolie Hongsyok 11 days ago

    Really great ending? "Sometimes people are just bad humans are complex" five minutes later there are 100 explosions Chris pints is dead just a bunch of garbage flying everywhere people are dying and this whole German base gets blown up, yeah that worked to well the last 3 times you did it. 94% really this is the best D.C. Has

  • Abtakar Alim
    Abtakar Alim 12 days ago +1

    Better than homecoming. In reality homecoming was disappointing and shit

    DIPANJAN MUKHERJEE 13 days ago

    MOS- A

  • Seth Garamonde
    Seth Garamonde 13 days ago

    Interesting the use of Sailor Moon shirt. If you look the trivia of IMDB:

    "For the Japanese dub of the film, Wonder Woman is voiced by Kotono Mitsuishi, best known as the voice of Sailor Moon. Like Wonder Woman, Sailor Moon is a princess heroine of divine heritage and based on Greco-Roman mythology."

    Coincidence? XD

  • James Alexander
    James Alexander 14 days ago

    I really can't understand what all the hype was about because this film is SHIT I certainly don't want to see it again. It was boring as fuck. Gadot can't act and the so called comedy certainly wasn't funny. The action sequences we nothing special and the end was just another so so cgi fest nothing I haven't seen before.

  • creations of my own bored mind 121

    Good job the Allies found her and not the Nazis.

  • Vivek Ramdas
    Vivek Ramdas 15 days ago

    wonder woman is a good movie....not great...just good...this is the first DCEU movie i LIKED. I dont expect much from justice league... because, each time i expect much from DCEU movies, i get disappointed.

  • Khan Jack
    Khan Jack 17 days ago +1

    man of steel is also one of the best movie

  • MasterJack2
    MasterJack2 17 days ago

    This movie was good from the ten minutes mark to the last ten minutes. But man the ending and the villain were lame.

  • kubr1ck36
    kubr1ck36 17 days ago

    Wonder Woman A-
    Logan A-


  • Jack Lawrence
    Jack Lawrence 17 days ago

    Really wanted to like it but I found it a run of the mill superhero franchise starter. Good special effects for the most part but the writing and story fell flat for me. I don't understand where the hype for this film lies.

  • fan boy
    fan boy 18 days ago

    Best superhero movie of 2010s .. best...loved it... I'm in love with her....Chris acted so well...loved the movie....must watch

  • Susann Frenzel
    Susann Frenzel 18 days ago

    I watched the movie, it was disappointing in every aspect. You guys better don't waste your money on this one. And I definitively will stop listening to Chris Stuckmanns movie reviews....

  • SuperDuty Zack
    SuperDuty Zack 19 days ago

    While it was a good movie, It really wasn't spectacular and is for sure not the best DC movie.

  • DMortician
    DMortician 20 days ago

    Snyder not directing this movie made it a good movie.

    A* COMICS 21 day ago

    I think the cg sucked and it was cheesy just my op and not criticizing anyone elses

  • Martín Puga
    Martín Puga 21 day ago

    This is upsetting, Chris. This film sucks. IT SUCKS. Save yourself some dollars cause this one we've seen over and over and over again. Absolutely nothing new is brought to the table. UGH

  • The Name Thing Is Not Happening YouTube

    @Chris Stuckmann I think the dancing scene was actually one of my favorite moments in the whole movie. That was really the only time their romance was focused on, but it still wasn't shoved down our throats, it remained very subtle and quiet, which I really love.

  • B La
    B La 22 days ago

    are you joking man of steel was a awesome movie you must of not watched it I am not putting you down or anything like that I'm just saying you should watch the movie again if you truly did watch man of steel I honestly think you didn't watch the movie please rewatch it

  • John Wonder
    John Wonder 22 days ago

    Man of Steel...and BVS were really good movies to a lot of people , so when you say "the first good DCEU movie"...that's not definitive...secondly , there are only 4 dc movies ,people act like they've waited through many movies for a good one ...

  • jann1k
    jann1k 23 days ago

    Gotta disagree here. I think the big middle part of the film was awesome, however, the beginning was a bit cringey and the final battle with Ares was a CGI clusterfuck. There was no personality, no character. Just a random guy checking the boxes on evil super villain powers. Flying, check. Telekinesis, check. Lightning and or Laser attack, check. Those last 25-30min really dragged the film down for me. WW is still good, but it damn sure is not great either.

  • Shck504
    Shck504 23 days ago

    The Dark Night Rises is Better? Don't think so! Only The Dark Night is better, for me TDNR is a mess!

  • hud1231
    hud1231 24 days ago

    the movie sucked, the actress sucks too

  • TheNessteea
    TheNessteea 24 days ago

    bullshit movie

    NJE ENTERTAINMENT 24 days ago

    The movies Romance was so perfect

    NJE ENTERTAINMENT 24 days ago

    This movie was really good and I was so upset when Steve died

  • Do You Know?
    Do You Know? 24 days ago

    boring movie

  • lazycrazyapes
    lazycrazyapes 25 days ago

    The only thing I liked about this movie was Chris Pine and the moment when Wonder Woman crosses No Man's Land (although it was cheesy how the first 5 seconds of that was in slow motion). I felt that way too much time was spent on the island-- it was like one very long, boring premise. The movie seemed like it would pick up after the island's barrier was breached and the fight on the beach happened, but it quickly became unengaging after that fight scene. Also, there were way too many times when I wanted to shake some sense into Diana. She got on my nerves. I'm sure some of the things she did was supposed to be comical, but seeing her react the exact same way to each new experience off the island got old real fast. Eventually, a viewer wants evidence that the character is wising up about something. Another thing that irritated me was all the slow motion shots! Nearly every time she did a kick, it was in slow motion and it just got old. The effect and impact was lost.

  • The Geeky Moose
    The Geeky Moose 25 days ago


  • Nev Mulder
    Nev Mulder 25 days ago +1

    finally found a reviewer i like ...stuckman is good and thats who i will follow from now on as i too love watchin movies

  • slackersed
    slackersed 25 days ago

    It was kind of like rogue one

  • Justin Bieber's Wang Homeless Man

    *Hey. It's an A. Wonder Woman is the better movie by the way. Heheh.😂*

  • Smiley Family
    Smiley Family 26 days ago

    As I told Jamsin Entertainment on here -- it's like watching someone play call of Duty with Wonder Woman thrown in that's about all

  • Tchort Six Six Six
    Tchort Six Six Six 26 days ago

    This movie was pathetic. A tough chick! Lol. I rolled my eyes and laughed most of the way. Shit fights. Posing. Slow motion. No violence. Bad acting. Computer grafix for her stunts! Bad acting!

  • Lexic Batman
    Lexic Batman 26 days ago

    Wonder Woman is not about feminism at all. Her gender doesn't matter and she makes the characters and audience know that.

  • Clipab
    Clipab 27 days ago +1

    I watched this review before going to the movie and got really disappointed. I actually liked the first half of the movie but the final fight was way to long. Additional to that the bad guys felt like they were straight out of a B-Movie. They had no real characteristics or intentions except being evil. I would agree that it is a decent movie and by far the best from the recent DC movies but it is far away from the masterpiece everybody else claims it to be. Using your grading I would probably give it a B-/C+

    Now I really start to doubt my taste of movies because it feels like I'm the only person who thinks like that ...

  • Randall Lawrence
    Randall Lawrence 27 days ago

    loved the film. was wonderful. but. two things. the dialogue when she was training with the general? too cliche.

    She acted wonderfully. She portrayed the character well. and she did all them fight seens. but. i didnt like that she was cast. everything about the movie fell together except her. shes different type of pretty for the role. shes more of an intellectual pretty. not a hot bombshell pretty. wonder woman is supposed to be a bombshell. Although quite beautiful. Wonder woman she was not. i couldn't get past it she wasnt the right pretty for the role. strange tho. i didn't notice it in dawn of justice. but having a feature film with Just her in it? it was glaring.

    too late to turn back now. justice league is on its way.

  • Christian's Reviews
    Christian's Reviews 27 days ago

    Don't take this as me hating on you, because I'm not, but how come you aren't okay with Superman and Spider-Man having desaturated colors, yet you love the first two X-Men movies, and they completely wiped the color off the characters?

  • khav ll
    khav ll 28 days ago

    and fuckhead how did it go for the women against ted bundy when he killed 40+ of them? and he's a small man, anyway this movie is a piece of shit against men. the nazis killed millions of bitches, where was the wonder woman in ww2?

  • khav ll
    khav ll 28 days ago

    feminist fucking pussy, how do you think of sexist trump leading your country faggot LMAO

  • Rubi Balasingam
    Rubi Balasingam 29 days ago

    That shirt though, half sailor moon, half wonder woman?

  • TheLadySilverMoon
    TheLadySilverMoon 29 days ago

    I can't help compare this movie to the first Captain America movie. Both takes place during a World War, both has character named Steve, and both of those characters are played by an actor named Chris.

  • Mohammed Omer
    Mohammed Omer 29 days ago

    the most disappointment for me is how the wonder woman character been written in such high level of nativity.
    she is a worrier and a skilled - high trained - worrier like her must have a level of cunning and resourcefulness to survive, that should be in her personality as a natural born worrier, it is not only the sterngth and the faith of there is Hadees out there.
    that point actually ruin the movie for me .

  • Internet Police
    Internet Police 29 days ago


  • Our Lord and Saviour Nicolas Cage

    Honestly the movie could have been WAY better without most of the supporting cast. I'm not sure why every comic book movie tries to do a squad montage these days, but it is clearly redundant in this movie. Like what did they even do? You have a Scotsman with PTSD who didn't do anything, a lecherous Turk who didn't do anything, and a Native American who didn't do anything. Wonder Woman solo-carried the whole thing, and the movie would have been just fine if it was just her and Chris Pine facing a posh English Ares.

  • nub
    nub Month ago

    i have one word for this movie Epic! really enjoyed this movie, didn't think i would but i did. love the Wonder Woman theme too!

  • kaczan3
    kaczan3 Month ago

    I could bet my entire net worth blind that he'd like this movie, because if he didn't, the women in his life would cut off his balls, or other women would just ruin his career.

  • Dustin
    Dustin Month ago

    This movie sucked balls.

  • Seanxrad !!!
    Seanxrad !!! Month ago

    i think the other issue was a bit of crappy cgi. i mean it wasnt awful but it was clear and plastic sometimes. anyone agree?

  • Wiener Skywalker
    Wiener Skywalker Month ago

    where i live, everyone is going crazy about the movie. They come up and ask me if I have seen the film. Then they rambled on about how it was "Better than they thought" or 'Amazing" So it makes me wonder how my "TOWN" is going crazy about it.

  • fila365
    fila365 Month ago

    You gave Wonderwoman a better fucking score than the new Spiderman movie??? Wonderwoman was a bland piece of shit... You really... wow stuckmann...

  • Zamal
    Zamal Month ago

    real question is is she gonna kick hitler's ass in ww2?

  • gita gumira sari
    gita gumira sari Month ago

    omg.... sailormoon t shirtttttttt

  • ninjafireball
    ninjafireball Month ago

    IN the end, the endfight was more looking like DragonBall Z...

  • The Misanthrope Channel

    This guy just said it was colorful. Where? All I saw in the trailer was brown and Grey.

  • Mr C Mr C
    Mr C Mr C Month ago

    For me it was nothing special,good visuals but her child like ways got annoying as it went on.i thought it was slightly too long as well.Entertaining but outside my Interest level.

  • Billy Cruxfort
    Billy Cruxfort Month ago

    it's that good..

  • SuzanaR
    SuzanaR Month ago

    The t-shirt he's wearing is amazing ♥

  • Blaine's World
    Blaine's World Month ago

    Follow my movie review channel!

  • SoccerLegend 777
    SoccerLegend 777 Month ago

    Transformers The Last Knight

  • Jake Sherman
    Jake Sherman Month ago +1

    Homecoming is way better than this shitfest come on Chris this should be a C and Homecoming should be an A

  • SpongySweet
    SpongySweet Month ago

    As much as i loved Gal Gadot, looking at her, because she's just beautiful, i thought this movie was terrible and acutally wanted to leave the theater at one point. I feel like i'm the only one 😂😂

  • scrappy doo
    scrappy doo Month ago

    you have lost all credibility when you gave this an A and spiderman a B. I thought this movie was OK,but highly overrated. it's a B- at best. spiderman made me like Tom Holland and I didn't like him that much in civil war. it had a plot that was easy to follow, the jokes were better than the flat jokes in wonder woman, the cinematography was better. the special effects were better,story made sense. vulture trying to steal alien tech to support his family,spiderman stops him. This movie made no sense at certain points. Danny Houston had no purpose, plastic face lady and him were both so over the top (and aries). no one over or under acted in spiderman,people knew their role and executed without coming off as campy. Besides that, it was the best spiderman movie and it skipped over all the back story crap but mentioned it here and there. There were action sequences sprinkled in throughout to make it exciting but there was still story and good dialogue,not cramming all the action in the last 20 minutes. (bank scene,initial bus chase,fight on top of the 18 wheeler,DC monument scene,the ferry, airplane sequence at the end) just 5 to 10 minutes of action sprinkled in throughout that kept you engaged. This was a 5 minute no man's land scene followed by a big fight in the end.the rest was dialogue,setup,love stories,meaningless characters (native American guy).

  • soundlight
    soundlight Month ago +1

    Great review, but there is some things that many people missed out, specially the ones that came here to trash the movie just because they don't understood it. The funny thing is that the key of the movie is to warn people to not do that, don't let go their arrogance to speak against something just because they don't like it, but specially because they don't understand it. This movie is for the heart and is better that the hype, because the main story in the screen is supported for a second story presented in a simbolic language. Some clues: Charlee and Sameer are used as metaphores of Steve. Remember Sameer's words: "I am both, frightened and arose". In the screen, the one that is frightened and arose is Steve (and that is not the biggest clue). The flaw of Diana is a monumental pride that make her act in a total arrogant way. She abuse of her power when let go her wrath to kill Ludendorff and all men in her way for then wrong reason. She understands it when remember her own words: "whatever it is, I can do it, let me do it". Ares is not the main villane, is the Darkness (Diana said in the very first lines that Darkness and humankind are diferents stories. She vanished Ares, but not Darkness). The final battle is just a trap in order to force Diana to abuse her power again, corrupt her intentions and loose her way (against Ludendorff she raise a sword, against Maru she raise a tank, is the same situation, the same trap in a much bigger scale). These movie is great, but if you see the metaphores, is even better, and the entire movie is full of metaphores. Antiope don't let Diana aproach to her when she fall in the training field ... a metaphor, the native american ... another metaphor.

  • Black Adam786
    Black Adam786 Month ago +5

    I don't know why people are bitching about the villan. I though Aries was pretty cool. Way more memorable and better than most of the MCU villans. He was way better than Suicide Squad's villan too (Enchantress)

  • José Henrique Teixeira Quintas


  • Blake Simpson
    Blake Simpson Month ago

    I loved this movie and my only problem do The the movie was the end fight and how they kind of forgot about that sniper guy. I would of loved watch what happened to him in the past

  • Moochachow
    Moochachow Month ago

    It was alright

  • Irfan King
    Irfan King Month ago

    I'm sorry, but did I watch a different version of wonder Woman?As I felt that the movie was boring had a forced relationship between steve and Diana.Along with that the villains were 1 dimensional and boring.Along with that their is slow mo SO MUCH.Finally the ending was boring, Diana, and aires arguing, in the base is dull.Anyway 3/10 for me for ww

  • olegb580
    olegb580 Month ago

    This is the most retarded movie i have seen in a while, flat as hell, same feminist propaganda same assault on traditional male values, how IMDB gave it 8 points, i have no idea must be pressure from gov, what a waste of time and space, thank god i streamed it for free but in all honesty it wasn't even worth that, bottom line girls don't try this at home, this world will beat your ass.

  • joe shmoe
    joe shmoe Month ago

    This review is the best review for this movie. This is why i also enjoyed this movie. No Marysue crap, no man hating crap. This reviewer sums up why it is the best D.C. Movie in their new universe. Great review!

  • Sam Parker
    Sam Parker Month ago

    What is chris talking about when he says the editing in the doomsday section was flawed, say what you will about doomsdays design, there's no one who am do action sequences better than Snyder

  • Robert Jones
    Robert Jones Month ago +1

    This movie is SOOOO overrated! Everyone see SPIDER-MAN HONECOMING instead, it's much better than Wonder Cunt!

    • Robert Jones
      Robert Jones Month ago

      I'm gonna beat the living shit out of you for that! Wise up next time and maybe you'll get to live longer, dumbfuck!

    • Cemphasize '
      Cemphasize ' Month ago

      naw it wasn't better tbh spider man homecoming was a disappointment

  • abdou ketfi
    abdou ketfi Month ago


  • Henkeistheman
    Henkeistheman Month ago

    I'm gonna be brutally honest. I have nothing against Gal Gadot, she seems nice and she's attractive an all. But she can't act! Every time she opens her mouth I go nuts. By her terrible way to deliver the lines and her god awful English. And she is way too skinny to play WW. Why oh why didn't they cast an actress who speaks English??

    The movie itself wasn't particularly good either. Slow, uninteresting and a weak villain. Not even VM Varga could save this movie.
    Bvs suddenly looks a lot better in comparison.

  • The Spark
    The Spark Month ago

    I didn´t like it and I have no idea why. Maybe it was just the whole WW1 thing that didn´t really catch me, didn´t watch a trailer or read anything about the movie before watching it, it was better than the new Transformers movie though.

  • The_Animated_Gamer
    The_Animated_Gamer Month ago

    i give this movie a B+

  • The_Animated_Gamer
    The_Animated_Gamer Month ago

    i like these short reviews and not 22min reviews

  • vKILLZ0NEv
    vKILLZ0NEv Month ago +2

    Gal Gadot suuuucks as Wonder Woman. Seriously. The woman can't act. This film was mediocre at best. People are just soooo caught up in the "first female superhero" hype.

    • vKILLZ0NEv
      vKILLZ0NEv Month ago

      hahahAHAHAHA You're actually serious right now??? ahahaha No way. The Wonder Woman from the 70s a did a better job! Gal Gadot made ONE facial expression in the entire movie! Seriously, watch it again without the hype goggles. She is the worst thing about her own movie lol

      Like, just LISTEN to her lines. Oh my god. And then WATCH her. So bad.

    • Cemphasize '
      Cemphasize ' Month ago

      +vKILLZ0NEv she nailed wonder woman no one could have done it better want me to repeat myself again ?

    • vKILLZ0NEv
      vKILLZ0NEv Month ago

      lol what a well thought out and articulated argument. You're really only helping me prove my point, so thanks!

  • Ange Alexiel
    Ange Alexiel Month ago

    not surprised that's it's a great movie, when i knew it was patty jenkins directing, and the masterpiece she directed " Monster " about Aileen Wuornos story.

  • Avarice Wildman
    Avarice Wildman Month ago

    The beginning was shit. The ending was shit. The majority of the middle was well handled.
    Wasn't better than MoS though.

    • Avarice Wildman
      Avarice Wildman Month ago

      Cemphasize ' Why? For giving my opinion or for giving an honest critique? I hated Batman v Superman, loved Man of Steel and kinda like Wonder Woman. Is that somehow socially unacceptable?

    • Cemphasize '
      Cemphasize ' Month ago

      shut ur ass up

  • J'onn J'onzz
    J'onn J'onzz Month ago

    And Ronda Rousey complained.

  • fantasiazplatkami
    fantasiazplatkami Month ago

    The film still objectifies women, and still it's Steve who saves people, not her.

    • soundlight
      soundlight Month ago

      Her mission was not to save people, but vanish Ares. She learn that people need to be save by themselves. She saves and heal Steve so he can complete his own mission.

  • Tuan H
    Tuan H Month ago


  • SaraDobie
    SaraDobie Month ago

    Best shirt ever! :)

  • Maxwell Coveney
    Maxwell Coveney Month ago +2

    Am I the only one that thinks this movie kind of sucks?

  • ThatsMeSuperMan
    ThatsMeSuperMan Month ago +1

    These good reviews have all the to do with the fact that its a female superhero. If you make a superhero movie with a man who is a gay black muslim it would probably a 9.5/10 on every site.

  • Anna Kalnoky
    Anna Kalnoky Month ago +1

    It is shit.

  • Brooklyn Bred
    Brooklyn Bred Month ago +1

    My honest review is that the movie was not all that. She was not a good choice. Things happened with no explanation like they got in a boat to leave paradise Island and in the morning they're there. Her accent was annoying. She and Steve's relationship wasn't that strong. The fight scenes were dill. Especially on her home island against the German army. The animated movie is better. If you liked it fine but for me it was only slightly better than BvS. Even the guy doing this review doesn't sound like he enjoyed as much as he claims.

    • soundlight
      soundlight Month ago

      They not arrive in the morning. The movie is metaphoric and don't loose time in explain things in a literal way. The relation with Steve is very complex. Sameer and Charlie are part of Steeve. Steeve is a spy that don't show his emotions, so the movie respect that and show his emotions trough Sameer and Charlie. Diana reach that hidden places of Steeve and heal him. The movie is much complex that it seems, from the very first moment the movie invite to see beyond the surface.

    • Cemphasize '
      Cemphasize ' Month ago

      "she was not a good choice" shut ur ass up no one is a better than her

  • TheGusK
    TheGusK Month ago

    I was a little let down by the ending, kinda lame.

  • Colossus Rhodes
    Colossus Rhodes Month ago

    Get real. The movie absolutely SUCKED. Fuck the PR bullshit. Keep it real. And if you think otherwise , you are a brain dead sheeple

    • soundlight
      soundlight Month ago

      With all respect, I think otherwise for very good reasons.

  • James Jones
    James Jones Month ago

    Love the movie best of the year!

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