ALIEN COVENANT (2017) Everything Explained + Prometheus Connections

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  • Davey Dave
    Davey Dave 2 hours ago +1

    they should've made walter black

  • Patrick Laine
    Patrick Laine 6 hours ago

    If David created the aliens in Covenant movie why they are already exist in Prometheus?

    • Patrick Laine
      Patrick Laine 6 hours ago

      We can also see those xenos in AvP-movies, wtf?

  • fairamir1
    fairamir1 7 hours ago

    I really wanted to learn much much more about the engineers.

  • daymion collins
    daymion collins 12 hours ago

    maybe David switched boss with Walter

  • Captain Rhodes
    Captain Rhodes 19 hours ago

    enjoyable film but ultimately dissapointing. too much of a reboot feel to it.

  • Somehowlucky122 -
    Somehowlucky122 - 1 day ago

    So what happened to the second neomorph? The one that came out of the spine was killed my the captain but what about the second?

  • Jeong
    Jeong 1 day ago

    I don't claim to be an astrophysicist but, aren't neutrinos nanoparticles that are passing through us all the time? Don't we experience neutrino blasts every day? Something like a Gamma Ray Burst would've been more believable, no?

  • Bla Blubbi
    Bla Blubbi 1 day ago +1

    A mushroom is NOT a plant...

  • DmedZWN
    DmedZWN 1 day ago

    I hated this movie soooooo much all the astronauts were so cartoonish and dumb ... literally just skipped through most of it and watched the hype parts lol

  • ZinogreGaming
    ZinogreGaming 1 day ago

    Honestly, david is my favorite. XD

  • Việt Trung Trần

    1. Never trust the android.
    2. Never bring on ship a person just got hug by face hugger.
    3. Stick with the fucking plan.

  • MMODoubter
    MMODoubter 1 day ago

    A sad attempt to make sense of the non-sensical.

    Covenant was shit.

  • The Moving Pick Allows Curry To Brick

    If you have seen this movie there should be no disagreement about the acting. Besides Fassbender, holy shit were the actors fucking stupid. How the first two women die is hilarious. The amount of stupid decisions made by these shitty actors kind of angered me. The IMDB reviews do not lie. This film was a 1/10. Horrible plot. Horrible acting. Horrible pace. Horrible and stupid decision making. I'm sorry but if you thought this was a great movie or a must watch then you might have a low I.Q. God the acting was bad. Honest to god the worst decision making I've ever seen by actors. Easily. 1/10. Do not watch I will save you 2 hours.

  • Mr missing soc
    Mr missing soc 1 day ago

    Ok ok I get it you think that the engines are different but they were in cryosleep their smooth skin is a side effect of a long amount of cryosleep this has actually happend to people in real life also making them taller belive it or not this has even effected their eyes making their pupils bigger it might not be the same but you get it

  • Gir Pet
    Gir Pet 2 days ago

    Are you going to do a video about stranger things season 2 trailer

  • Dennis Renn
    Dennis Renn 2 days ago

    Why did David and Shaw's ship crash?

  • milton1969able
    milton1969able 2 days ago

    Instead of Spores think Nanites

  • ca5ualm3dia
    ca5ualm3dia 2 days ago

    this movie mad me emotional angry..

  • dryboneskirby
    dryboneskirby 3 days ago

    I believe the xenomorph is an organic race and David is only trying to recreate them but fails by the end of the prequels, therefore making this one big red herring and a waste of time since it gives no real answers to the main series. I mean the Soace Jockey in Alien is fossilised and both it and the eggs are thousands of years old. The prequels only take place around maybe a century before the main story so there's a difference of ~900 years which is a pretty big margin for error.

  • MichaelZodok
    MichaelZodok 3 days ago

    What happened to the AVP explanation for the Xenomorphs?

  • InsertNameHere
    InsertNameHere 3 days ago

    I really wish I wasn't eating grapes during this..... the green ones because I hate the purple ones

  • Filthy Weeb
    Filthy Weeb 3 days ago

    Am I weird for thinking the xenomorph was being ass fucked in the thumbnail?

    XENO LEWIS 4 days ago

    does anyone know where alien covenant was filmed?

    • MA!N B!TCH
      MA!N B!TCH 3 days ago

      XENO LEWIS space and planet 4 duh

  • Fabian Dass
    Fabian Dass 4 days ago

    hello! sorry where can we see that scene with shaw in it?

  • Weazel
    Weazel 4 days ago

    8:50 Dam Synths....

  • Custom zombie base
    Custom zombie base 4 days ago

    "i know wheat"

  • Zechariah Smith
    Zechariah Smith 5 days ago

    He cud have said "the same thing I did to her" in a different way, he cud mean only that he used her body for something after she was dead, maybe he didn't kill her.

  • Zechariah Smith
    Zechariah Smith 5 days ago

    My favourite parts of alien covenant were the prometheus ques

  • PHD flopper
    PHD flopper 5 days ago

    When you realize this is also connected to predators story and the story is even bigger

  • William Camerlin
    William Camerlin 5 days ago

    those were not engineers they were another creation by the engineers there is no technology on that planet there is only landing dock they think there gods have return that's why they flock to ship like morons engineers with candles and clay houses shit they don't even have plumbing

  • Percy Purple
    Percy Purple 5 days ago

    Maybe David uploaded himself into Walter's body and gained his knowledge.

  • Percy Purple
    Percy Purple 5 days ago

    I don't get that David likes the protomorph more then the neomorph. The protomorph would kill David while the neomorph seems to be able to be tamed.

  • TheHmongol
    TheHmongol 5 days ago

    I hated this movie, they pulled an alien 3 and killed surviving characters off screen. Also I like the plot of finding our creator and discovering more about the majestic engineers more than another alien film. What we got was "oh you want aliens, heres more of them!!!" film.

  • Grevot na Shashka Ljuben

    I think the black goo reacted the way it did to the engineers is because it was meant to be a weapon for them. It reacted differently to humans because we are genetically different than engineers.

  • Citizen of Kekistan
    Citizen of Kekistan 5 days ago

    I think at the end it was Walter and not David. Walter was convinced by David

  • Citizen of Kekistan
    Citizen of Kekistan 5 days ago

    The one thing I saw straight away was how much better Fassbender was at acting compared to everyone else. They all looked like amateurs compared to him

  • SkipSpotter
    SkipSpotter 5 days ago

    Do androids dream of electric sheep? When David released those spores from the ship all over those poor folk, some of them did have alien nasties come out of them instantly.Got to look close, but am sure there were aliens popping out of them from the massive spore release

  • read this
    read this 6 days ago

    The lady in binging is such a fooken idiot

  • Suge Perez
    Suge Perez 6 days ago

    where does predator come in? lol

  • Edward Lewis Jr
    Edward Lewis Jr 6 days ago


  • Mi, Amor
    Mi, Amor 6 days ago

    so what happens to the guy with a gun who got attack by a face hugger?, the dude with a burnt cheeks ? i just watch Alien last night, still alittle confused

  • MariesNatraulBeauty
    MariesNatraulBeauty 7 days ago

    I hate how this fucking movie ended it was cool all the way until the end... want they stop trying to make this movie continue

  • BudFox559
    BudFox559 7 days ago

    I was disappointed with covenant. It was a win for the aliens over humanity and it didn't provide any answers that Shaw would have asked of the engineers.

  • Richie L57
    Richie L57 7 days ago

    anyone else think that last facehugger was a real 2 pump chump. what a tool bag

  • Tim Barney
    Tim Barney 7 days ago

    Or if David implanted his system into Walter.

  • DarkbyDesign
    DarkbyDesign 7 days ago

    I think that David doesn't help the Alien kill them both at the end as he wants to see it out smart them. He believes humans as inferior and gets upset that they outsmarted the alien at the end.

  • Piggsy Lamb
    Piggsy Lamb 7 days ago

    I wonder if Predator will turn up in the next movie, when they start recolonizing the new world which the predator have a base. They observe the humans and when creepy David starts farming the Xenomorphs there not sure if he planning a war when a child predator is killed. When the Xenomorphs start savaging the human colony and any other lifeforms, the Predators step in as Guardian and warriors to bring balance. David gets what he is due when he's captured by the Predator.

  • J C
    J C 7 days ago

    the only thing the white aliens created was the white alien with the doll face. it's in reverse, man made robot that looks like man the white aliens did the same thing

  • Mathieu Le Gitan
    Mathieu Le Gitan 7 days ago

    This movie should not be named Alien Covenant but instead.. David Covenant.. About 15minutes of Alien attack and 2hours of fuckin Fassbender.. Worst alien movie ever

  • Bart'ron
    Bart'ron 7 days ago

    Walen faked his death

  • Kit Zoey
    Kit Zoey 8 days ago

    I called Prometheus _ALIEN - In A Bikini_ .. I call this one _American DAVID_
    Really bad movie, has not the heart of ALIEN or any classic sci-fi

    BEHEMOTH 8 days ago

    In the movie everything was soo obvious lol

  • Seniore Booze
    Seniore Booze 8 days ago +1

    The engineers are not creators! It happened by accident!

    The engineers are creatures with different organs!

    The engineers have a another form of being in them! This is a mystery for the engineers too!

    This black goo wich is higly life giving is just one method to somehow find a way to give life to that inner being!

    As long as this black goo is not perfect and researched - so far - it is still under development!

    It kills the engineers instead of build up a process to give life and get out this other inner being!

    What i do with this liquid has nothing to do with that ... i play my own game ....willing to kill humanity by creating creatures who kill..who are parasites....walhall...the gods are cursed and must die....false gods!......a new era has come...i am king of kings....finally a being who deserved to create...

    Man was the downfall of his i will be the same for mine...


  • Harry Hairs
    Harry Hairs 8 days ago

    movie was great but i wanted to see a fight between Engineers and alien and hope that david dies

  • D Jason
    D Jason 9 days ago

    I think we should treat this movie as a comedy. Don't take it too seriously. Enjoy seeing a bunch of allegedly scientists and technicians making really dumb decisions? You will laugh your ass off out of this one.

  • Vladiatör Ahmadinejad

    I just watched this last night and all those scenes showing Shaw still alive weren't in it!

  • Noah Corty
    Noah Corty 9 days ago

    What if the "goo" is programmable? So when un programed it just mutates any living thing into a spreading device. So that when the planet is completely colonized it waits for instructions. But when lunched as bombs it is programmed to just kill every living organism. That makes this more of a tool than anything else. Like they would program it to cure disease or... create life!

  • babalooey100
    babalooey100 10 days ago

    Hey guys! Welcome to found fli...

    Talk like a man, bozo!

  • asifur rahman
    asifur rahman 10 days ago

    I freaking loved this film. I want more n i want Prometheus 2 NOW

  • So bangtan
    So bangtan 10 days ago

    David is so curious about humans sexual interpretation, werid when he kissed the girl.

    BRIAN SNIPES 11 days ago

    Did Ridley Scott even have a plan?

  • EarthHero700
    EarthHero700 11 days ago

    i hope they kill david or walter

  • Frost Seven
    Frost Seven 11 days ago

    Do people enjoy watching morons in a movie?

  • William Ramos
    William Ramos 11 days ago

    what i wanna know is where the engineer of alien 1979 come from if david executed them in alien covenant

  • vRiCov Mcmbvii
    vRiCov Mcmbvii 11 days ago

    I liked the movie , but I wish they made the characters more intelligent. There was way to many situations where I would think like what the fuck isn't it obvious to do this and that . Like most movies you can predict some events or all and that's what this movie made me do at times .

  • BOBofGH
    BOBofGH 12 days ago

    That wasn't Shaw's body on the table. That was very obviously an Engineer female.

  • meme lord
    meme lord 12 days ago

    this was such a shitty movie oh my god 😂

    • So bangtan
      So bangtan 10 days ago

      meme lord it was a great movie for me, oh well.

  • vmiget
    vmiget 12 days ago

    heyy where did u get those clips from? the ones that arent in the alien covenant or prometheus movie

  • Mark DeMartino
    Mark DeMartino 12 days ago

    David to Walter: "I'm going to eat your brain and take your knowledge. I watch movies."

  • Marcillio Ficino
    Marcillio Ficino 12 days ago

    Lousy. Very dark and nihilistic. Second to worst of the franchise.

    • Jenny Showsss
      Jenny Showsss 12 days ago

      Youre dumb as shit dude. And lmao at you trying to make dark and nihilistic sound like a bad thing. Its fucking awesome. Go watch a freaking disney movie. That would better suit your type.

  • David Donarumo
    David Donarumo 13 days ago

    David faked the crash to attract humans to complete his perfecting of the xenomorph.

  • checotey
    checotey 13 days ago

    mainly a summary

  • David Gloden
    David Gloden 14 days ago +1

    David impersonating Walter is classic "evil twin" plotting. Saw it coming right away.

    • Leonidas Pereira
      Leonidas Pereira 4 days ago

      Could be worse. THere might have been a: "Shoot him, not me!"

  • Pablo M.
    Pablo M. 14 days ago

    I don't think David turned evil because he wanted to, I think Weyland programmed him to all of that. Its the company that wants to know more about the aliens.

  • mik curius
    mik curius 14 days ago

    the only connection to prometheus is david and shaw and nothing else

  • Metalodon
    Metalodon 14 days ago

    I think the neomorph is actually docile because all the people it killed had weapons in there hands and with the girl the neomorph only killed her when she reached for the pistol and that's why david was able to almost tame it because he was unarmed

  • Mark
    Mark 14 days ago

    If Engineers programmed/created this goo they most probably engineered it in a way that it would have a humane effect on them: just killing them, not turning them into savage "zombie" like creatures.

  • Faye Kwatch
    Faye Kwatch 14 days ago

    Im pretty sure David had placed his mind within Walter during the scene where David deactivated Walter.

  • getyapaper
    getyapaper 14 days ago

    Your explanation of this movie, makes me appreciate it a bit more now. I saw it the other night and I hated it. I just felt it doesn't really deliver to the audience who appreciated Prometheus nor didn't it really delivered the goods to the original Alien fans. The characters where underdeveloped, stupid, the story confusing and there wasn't just enough bang for the buck. It just felt like Ridley Scott tried to cater for both audiences and failed to satisfy neither one of them. Seeing the bigger picture now, it makes more sense and it might fit very well in the whole story arc at the end. I still hope Ridley Scott will finally deliver the next masterpiece of this beloved franchise that fans are eagerly waiting for, because at this point the prequels look like overlong exposition episodes in an anthology series. Covenant has it's moments especially visually, but for now it feels like it will go down in movie history as that one Alien movie where Michael Fassbender kissed himself^^

  • Redikide
    Redikide 14 days ago

    When I watched the scene with the hologram of the doctor I thought that was a predator sitting there.

  • Juan Navarrete
    Juan Navarrete 14 days ago

    Fuck this movie. And prometheus too.

  • marine12324
    marine12324 14 days ago

    I really hate the fact that they made David basically create the xenos instead of them being another creation by the engineers or an alien eventually evolving into the xenos

  • arjun220
    arjun220 15 days ago

    so basically all new alien movies isn't about alien, it's now all about David the android... they should have change the title from alien to David...

    • TheSmashingTesticles
      TheSmashingTesticles 13 days ago

      No. The older Alien movies are called _Alien_ because they're about the Aliens, not David.

  • Ronan Crowley
    Ronan Crowley 15 days ago

    Brilliant analysis bro

  • John Hoare
    John Hoare 15 days ago

    David is a Robosexual .. he kissed Walter , enough said !

  • Collector
    Collector 15 days ago

    20:19 you talked about how he could have got the memory of Walter. if he did then he would of known about the cabin on the lake

  • Hugo Brice
    Hugo Brice 15 days ago

    Anyone else think that David and Walter would make a great couple? They did kiss after all.

    AWeSOME TELETUBE 16 days ago

    It's a summary!!!

  • kill yor idols
    kill yor idols 16 days ago

    Adam loves eve. Eve dies. Adam tries to bring back Eve.

  • Luis Fernando
    Luis Fernando 16 days ago

    Covenant blows and Prometheus does the fingering...

    Seriously new alien movies are boring and make no sense trying to make sense to the saga, nothing beats Aliens, there were not many plot twist just "Aliens" and idiots trying to tame them and we all know how it ended up.

  • Ivan Kalazic
    Ivan Kalazic 16 days ago +4

    David: Covenant
    David 3
    David: Resurrection

  • phantasm
    phantasm 16 days ago

    Greetings! This was super informative and really helped me piece everything together. Love your channel.

  • Beerus
    Beerus 16 days ago +1

    i hope david will have a meeting with Predators.!

    • Beerus
      Beerus 13 days ago

      so all the AVP movies Comics and Games means nothing?
      Predators are part of Aliens univers wether you like or not.stupid.

    • TheSmashingTesticles
      TheSmashingTesticles 13 days ago

      except Predators aren't canon in the Alien universe retard.

  • Jerry Guerrero
    Jerry Guerrero 16 days ago +1

    The ending was extremely predictable. Who didnt see the switch coming?

  • Gagan Josan
    Gagan Josan 16 days ago +1

    that was not Engineers Homeland. It was another civilization created by Engineers like us. People on that planet look different from Engineers from Prometheus. Also, engineers had advanced Technology millions of years ago that planet looks like without technology. It was probably another civilization established by Engineers.

  • Devon Duncan
    Devon Duncan 16 days ago

    So, now there are no aliens in alien.... Lame

    • TheSmashingTesticles
      TheSmashingTesticles 13 days ago

      Uhh yeah. They're Aliens because they're life forms that didn't originate on Earth.

  • Solitaria Nihilista
    Solitaria Nihilista 17 days ago

    Ridley Scott is making the whole thing up as he goes along.

  • Rigo Cris
    Rigo Cris 17 days ago

    i thought the movie ended after she puts his head in the bag. im lost. i never saw her repair david.

  • Josh
    Josh 17 days ago

    I guess this movie was a love it or hate movie.

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