ALIEN COVENANT (2017) Everything Explained + Prometheus Connections

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  • Broseff G
    Broseff G 4 hours ago

    I thought when the wind made "Walter's" hoodie come on, it was foreshadowing that its actually David

  • D Ferrari
    D Ferrari 5 hours ago

    David uploaded his mind to Walter's body.

  • villainandhero
    villainandhero 8 hours ago

    This is why I hated this movie. The complexity of a astrophysics masters class would have made more sense. Thanks for your input and the explanations, because this debacle of an alien movie should never have been made.

  • Boltmaster XVII
    Boltmaster XVII 9 hours ago

    The one thing we need a Ripley for: Ellen for the morphs,and Amanda for David

  • Jeff Bourassa
    Jeff Bourassa 12 hours ago

    What about this, it's a simple binary issue that the engineers have a problem with humanity reguarding.... they abhor synthetic technology. There advanced civilization is based on organic technology, and they maby actively suppress synthetic technology.

    Just look at what happens with our own technology. David.
    Perhaps the engineer attacked them and decided to destroy humanity after seeing David, and how low we will stoop relying on our synthetic technology. See how he steels himself briefly after inspecting David, than attacks.

    The "engineer homeworld" is like a roman or Greek city. No lights or wires anywhere, yet they had a mothership hovering right there. Perhaps it's cause they haven't been developing synthetic technology there, so they are allowed to develop.

  • Koen Meijer
    Koen Meijer 13 hours ago

    This is just a very long summary of the movie

  • Jesper Forsberg
    Jesper Forsberg 16 hours ago

    You look like Adam Driver. That's a good thing!!

  • Jay DiNitto
    Jay DiNitto 17 hours ago

    Alien: Fassbender Does Fassbender
    Alien: The Worst Haircut On A Woman Ever
    Alien: Those Cryopod Designs Should've Been More Secured

  • jabojr jabojr
    jabojr jabojr Day ago

    Finally saw this at home, what a dumbass movie. I began routing for them to all die after the first guy got infected. I can't stand movies that give people who obviously didn't graduate high school the responsibility of the mission. All of them were so stupid, I literally cheered when their ship blew up.

  • Isaac Johnson
    Isaac Johnson Day ago


  • Isaac Johnson
    Isaac Johnson Day ago

    Just wondering how did David get his head back onto the robot body.

  • Agent Other
    Agent Other Day ago +1

    They should make an alien movie with the yutani company in it

  • zoidberg590
    zoidberg590 Day ago

    Why are you shouting?

  • ironraider x
    ironraider x Day ago

    Lol I got a alien dvd ad for this vid

  • Gin ギン
    Gin ギン Day ago

    Well other than the bonus reward of actual biological specimens from helping them it could also be that the reason why David helps is to see his creation in action. His goal is to create a perfect organism

  • Clayton Davis
    Clayton Davis 2 days ago

    the next movie takes place during the 10 years we missed from what I heard. its like a prequel to the sequel of the prequel.

  • Michael Ethridge
    Michael Ethridge 2 days ago +1

    Most of these movie scenes are not in the theaterical version what a waste still enjoyed the movie

  • Brett Morian
    Brett Morian 3 days ago

    David assisted because he needed to see if he had already created the perfect organism or if he still needed to engineer it!

  • I3ordo
    I3ordo 3 days ago

    well , i think david died at that scene where he was going for the knife bandit was walter which had both the acceess codes of both david and walter and that makes the real villain, the "mother". The difference between daiv and walter was, david was living the feeling of being god and walter was just being the sinister.

  • rocky r
    rocky r 3 days ago

    Will we ever see predator in this movie series ?

    • rocky r
      rocky r Day ago

      TheSmashingTesticles oh keyboard warrior, 😂😂 can't answer a simple
      Question without an insult

    • TheSmashingTesticles
      TheSmashingTesticles Day ago

      Predators are not canon in the Alien universe idiot.

  • Ej0rgzn
    Ej0rgzn 3 days ago

    19:53 amd ?

  • Beyond Recognition
    Beyond Recognition 3 days ago

    how did an alien burst out of the engineerz chest at the end of prometheus, if david went on to create the aliens after prometheus? or am i missing something?

  • MusaMansa21
    MusaMansa21 4 days ago

    the big sad twists in this movie can't be blamed on the characters in the movie but actually on the writers... they let the bad guy win.. writters are evil.. they wrote this terribly evil outcome and they can be blamed fo rit

    • MusaMansa21
      MusaMansa21 4 days ago

      in the old ones sigourney weaver was the protagonist and she put things right but in these new ones the naughtsie david wins.

  • Daves music
    Daves music 4 days ago

    as a movie its pretty good, as a sequel to promethius its total bullshit, we were all waiting for her to reach a new planet, and she isnt even in the movie they wrote her off as being killed, it just turned into yet another survival against aliens movie, no new races discovered, no explanation as to why they created us to begin with, its like a cheap bungled sequel, but as a mindless time killing alien movie its pretty good.

  • SunTheGamer 74
    SunTheGamer 74 4 days ago

    I bet Alien 1 takes place centuries later after Alien: awakening

  • Mark Kroberger
    Mark Kroberger 5 days ago

    It's my hope, that in the next film, it will show how the Alien/Xenomorphs arrived on LV-426...which raises a question for me- if David killed off the Engineer race, how did the 'Space Jockey' get onboard the alien ship that the crew of the Nostromo found in the first film?

    • TheSmashingTesticles
      TheSmashingTesticles Day ago

      David did not kill the entire Engineer race. He only killed the Engineers in that specific area on the planet. Engineers will return in Alien Covenant sequel.

  • Luis Perez
    Luis Perez 5 days ago

    what happened to the predators

  • Gurtna
    Gurtna 5 days ago

    these 2k colonists are the colonists frorm alien 2 move.

  • the chat 77
    the chat 77 5 days ago

    In the part of the movie when david helped the last survivors to kill the alien, the reason for that might be that David is experimenting with daniels because there is an scene in which David gives a kiss to Danny and maybe in that moment David introduced something into Danny's body

  • John Hodge
    John Hodge 5 days ago

    Wait if you (David) create the perfect being then does not that make the creation (Alien) the perfect being esp since the creation is well...much better then the creator even able to kill the creator. Now the creation (Alien) can create etc. In other words you can not create the perfect being unless you yourself are perfect and in that case you could only create a replica or copy of ones self since it is you that is perfect. A perfect being can not create a perfect being that is opposite of the one creating it, if that was the case then the creator would not be perfect.

  • Huw Howells
    Huw Howells 5 days ago

    What I noticed about this film was themes and quotations from previous Ridley Scott films. For instance, the severed arm sacrificed for love is from Hannibal. Also Blade Runner quote from Roy: "That's The Spirit!". There was a third I noticed but forgot about, I might watch it again. There are probably others .

  • Dane Speyer
    Dane Speyer 5 days ago

    at 13:52 why did you suddenly turn into kermit the frog?

  • Peter Thorton
    Peter Thorton 5 days ago

    i hate it when people do "Youtube Voice"

  • Elijah Tyus
    Elijah Tyus 5 days ago

    You should do Spider-Man homecoming

  • Cornjob McGee
    Cornjob McGee 5 days ago

    either you're just slightly bouncing in your seat (presumably with excitement) or masturbating while you do these reports. either way, it's odd.

    HICHEM. BOUBEGRA. 5 days ago

    great movie

  • cb7pwn
    cb7pwn 5 days ago +1

    i get the movie, i respect the complexity .. but there are just too many "connections" to be made to make it enjoyable to the average viewer . and the attack scene on architects just made no sense

  • ukhouseRJ
    ukhouseRJ 6 days ago

    I think david will realise the engineers already did all this and had eggs for 1000 thousand of years..when he meets the real engineers.

  • wetwingnut
    wetwingnut 6 days ago

    Pretty bad synopsis. Lots of inaccuracies and no nuance whatsoever.

  • Chow Tom
    Chow Tom 6 days ago

    The teardrop ship is piloted by heptopods, wake up sheeple

  • Clinton Walsh
    Clinton Walsh 6 days ago

    Most people don't know but this film was made in Australia and new Zealand

  • Jakob
    Jakob 6 days ago

    David docked his ship into the big scorpion like station, released the black spores, woke up Shaw, Shaw later wanted to leave David, she's scared and sends a distress signal, then tries to fly the ship out into space but either she crashed or David interfered so she crash landed. After that David felt betrayed and started using Shaw for experiments.

  • Jakob
    Jakob 6 days ago

    The inhabitants of the alien city in Covenant are not Engineers, they're another colony similar to humans. Notice how they have no technology, they have old world clothes, no electricity. The only technology is the Engineer spacecraft landing station. They probably see Engineers as Gods who sometimes come to visit. So the Engineers are still out there and David likely didn't know at first who he was bombing. He then learned it was a simply colony, and so he makes the xenomorphs so he can wipe out the actual Engineers.

  • Mary Hart
    Mary Hart 6 days ago

    But if he has his chip, then that would mean he should know about the Cabin. If he has Walter's memories now through the chip, he should know about the Cabin and should have been able to trick Daniels.

  • dragonkilla02
    dragonkilla02 6 days ago +1

    The left cheek has a covering

  • DarkHellmor123
    DarkHellmor123 6 days ago +1

    I loved this film, couldn't understand why people hated it but everyone is different.

  • The real B Y
    The real B Y 7 days ago

    One thing that bothers me I hate is how they made David live. Like it was so obvious. They should of made waltor (sorry if I misspelled his name) gain feelings or at least he still alive back on the planet.

  • Dorian Ruiz
    Dorian Ruiz 7 days ago

    Anyone else wanted the xenomorph and the neomorph to face off

  • Timothy Oyster
    Timothy Oyster 7 days ago

    Why does he say that the xenomorph is bio-mechanical?

    • TheSmashingTesticles
      TheSmashingTesticles Day ago

      Because of the Alien looks almost like a machine. Part flesh. Part machine. The Alien has an exoskeleton that gives it a metallic appearance and has tubes on its back.

  • Taronamic
    Taronamic 8 days ago +2

     ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄

  • Sturmovik88
    Sturmovik88 8 days ago

    You don't explain a thing. You just recite the movie.

  • zPatchmade-_-
    zPatchmade-_- 8 days ago


  • Lucas Ricardo Folco
    Lucas Ricardo Folco 9 days ago

    You didnt explain anything fuckface that was just a synopsis.

  • Jarrod Youngblood
    Jarrod Youngblood 9 days ago

    That's actually not the Engineers home world

  • Oussama Gh
    Oussama Gh 9 days ago

    THey didn't focus on the story of the forerunners or what david's final goal was.

  • Polar Bearon
    Polar Bearon 9 days ago

    This is what is called an idiot plot.

  • Oz Bo
    Oz Bo 9 days ago

    Great vid man!! Answered all my questions I had about the movie. Thanks!!

  • McBain WoW
    McBain WoW 9 days ago

    Fucking hated it nothing like an alien movie at all

  • NothingXMuch101
    NothingXMuch101 9 days ago

    When they landed on the planet without protective gear really got me triggered!! Like wtf! I get that the air contents such as nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide levels promote biological life; but still!!! they could've avoided the whole damn tragedy if they wore protective gear! Or send a fcking terrestrial and areal drones for biological and environmental reconnaissance!! this was entertaining but not as well thought out. 3.8/5

  • AlexFilms
    AlexFilms 10 days ago


  • Gentleman Guy
    Gentleman Guy 10 days ago

    one thing I learned from this movie is that David is gay !!!

  • Hazardousactive
    Hazardousactive 10 days ago

    the movie sucked, Shaw should have stayed alive with Danny.

  • WTP G
    WTP G 10 days ago

    Did you miss the fact that when David said "I will do the same to you as I did to her? " ,He is referring to using her body as an alien egg layer.

    • WTP G
      WTP G 10 days ago

      Also, David is disappointed with men and has been impressed by at least two women. Maybe he feels that a woman would be a better God / Queen

  • theframe100
    theframe100 10 days ago

    I'm fairly certain that the engineers planted subspecies here and there (like humans), and the beings on paradise were one such subspecies.

    • theframe100
      theframe100 10 days ago

      To elaborate, they probably think David's ship is the craft of their gods, which is why they gather to greet him.

  • Rafael Del Villar
    Rafael Del Villar 10 days ago

    David is a true hero for taking care of those dangerous morons.

  • Disabled Dolphin
    Disabled Dolphin 10 days ago +1

    I just wanted Walter to survive and David to fucking die.

  • Kail Habib
    Kail Habib 10 days ago

    ill b super disappointed if they do some sort of time travel thing in the sequels & thats how they'll fix the time lapse issue....I hate when time travel is just nonchalantly the answer for time plot holes

  • Toxic Playz
    Toxic Playz 10 days ago

    hey guys remember the asassain Creed well "David" woke up in the somewhat the same room

  • Gamefan113
    Gamefan113 10 days ago

    How Did David Get On The Ship?

  • kevin garner
    kevin garner 11 days ago

    16:35 it felt like a scream movie did not like that

  • yan008
    yan008 11 days ago

    This movie could've been good with some minor tweaks
    Like make the Covenant a military vessel and make the crew incredibly smart (killing 2 out of 3 neomorphs), so David had to step in to help the evolution

  • Hiran Hanwella
    Hiran Hanwella 11 days ago

    The engineers home world shown here, looks quite primitive. It is hard to believe that this is where the engineers came from. The engineers in prometheus is a space faring race with advanced technology. The planet shown in the movie look quite primitive with hardly a light bulb. Anyone else notice that there were no other horse shoe shaped ships anywhere in the vicinity of the engineers citadel? There was only a docking station , possible built by the actual engineers who colonized this plant.

  • MeTube
    MeTube 11 days ago

    The Engineers did not create humanity, Ridley Scott already confirmed this.

  • Adrian
    Adrian 12 days ago

    Why are you shouting at your viewers? Also, you just recapped the whole movie for the first 15 mins or so of this clip. Do a spoiler review and call it that instead of saying its "everything revealed".

  • Edwin C.
    Edwin C. 12 days ago

    David just uploaded his consciousness in to Walters body.

  • D Dawg
    D Dawg 12 days ago

    So when do predators come into the alien story?

  • Lakeley Magnolia
    Lakeley Magnolia 12 days ago

    I would never walk onto a planet without environmental suits. Thats a good recipe for suicide. Or the infection of an entire species.

  • Svet the Saiyan
    Svet the Saiyan 12 days ago

    So who's Walter and who's David and who got on the ship and how.

  • Vachik Khachatryan
    Vachik Khachatryan 12 days ago

    nothing new, just recap of the movie.

  • Blighted Darkness
    Blighted Darkness 12 days ago

    Still a question, What the hell happened to that scene with all the xenomorphs bursting out of the wall?

  • Marcos Tocchetto Pires

    I'm not sure why all reviews and explanations about this movie fail to understand what David was doing with shaw and wanted to do with danny, he wanted to create a queen. The disected shaw scene, she has aspects around her head that resamble the queen. Also, when Orum asks what at the eggs waiting for david reply "mother", another reference to a queen. All alien movies are around a female protagonist and the progenesis of an alien from her

  • Turrican4D
    Turrican4D 13 days ago

    The chick under the shower was da bomb!

  • Jonny Ramos
    Jonny Ramos 13 days ago

    David is helping them at the end, because he wants to level the playing field. Once the alien is defeated at the end, you can see a sense of disappointment in his face, almost as him saying 'I didn't create a strong enough alien to outwit/outsmart these humans'. He has more work to do.

  • Jennifer Horn
    Jennifer Horn 13 days ago

    david sounds like daniel which confused the fuck out of me

  • Pontus
    Pontus 13 days ago

    Alien covenant: Everyone is an convenient idiot: the sequel.

  • MrPpd12
    MrPpd12 13 days ago

    20:03 david used his own security code.

  • Daboss Gaming
    Daboss Gaming 13 days ago

    I know wheat

  • Joe Weintraub
    Joe Weintraub 13 days ago

    Thanks, I like the movie

  • imaTYGR
    imaTYGR 14 days ago +2

    I have a theory that the black gew/spores are the equivalent of a blank paper. it does nothing or is nothing until you edit it. I think the engineers designed it to be in many different forms for many different uses. they can edit it to do certain things like edit one's DNA and create an organism. which brings me to David's experiments he wants to play god and create organisms and be the higher power. he killed everything on the planet with the black gew and he might've designed it to do that and engineered it to make the specimens.(neomorphs/xenomorphs)

    LIQUID SNAKE 14 days ago


    pin me!

  • Mwt41
    Mwt41 14 days ago

    Shit did everyone else see pewdipie with a beard to the right of the main character in 2:12

  • lari
    lari 14 days ago

    Thank you because I didn't understand shit

  • skitr deru
    skitr deru 14 days ago

    Stop.. twitching..

  • texasallstar6969
    texasallstar6969 14 days ago

    lol they made david the main villian, due to the fact he is the only good actor

  • Skylinx Gaming
    Skylinx Gaming 14 days ago +1

    I thought the wheat was planted by shaw....Smh

  • Francis Vincent Ong
    Francis Vincent Ong 14 days ago

    If you look at the Alien movie series as a whole, the second one (Aliens) is the most loved and the least nerdy. It was an action movie. This latest one was the most nerdy and most hardcore old school sci-fi. That kind of movie isn't for mass consumption.

  • Joshua Likes
    Joshua Likes 14 days ago

    We saw all of this in watching the film. Where is the explanation? But thanks for the obvious scene by scene.

  • Infamous2117
    Infamous2117 14 days ago

    Alien Covenant takes place in 2104 and marks the birth of the first Xenomorph as we know them. Yet Predator 2 is set in 1997 and you can clearly see a Xenomorph skull in predators ship in the end scene. While I know you are all going to say these movies are in no way linked i thought this was a significant oversight by the director.

  • Gucci Roach
    Gucci Roach 15 days ago

    Bro fuck these gay piece of shit robots, I wanted to see Shaw interact with the engineers. Alien Covenant is just stupid as fuck. It's basically just a generic, violent predator horror movie. What happened to the original questions? The illuminati saw Prometheus and were probably like, "Nope, scrap that, we're getting to close to the truth." What a shame, they completely fucked up the original storyline. Now they left us with an immortal gay robot, that hates the human race, and has 2,000 humans to experiment on. We already know where this is going. The gay robot is going to make an army of faggot aliens that are going to invade Earth and other planets occupied by humans. Dumbest shit ever man.

  • Tanya Burr
    Tanya Burr 15 days ago

    Awful, awful and one more time, awful.

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