Smoothie The Cat - Will She Sit Inside The Taped Square?

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  • Father Louis Williams Suga Adams Junior the third

    At the end smoothie was like "is this what you wanted 😑" 💜💜

  • Helios Dragoneer
    Helios Dragoneer 10 hours ago

    You just watch a video of cats sitting in a squared duct tape on the floor . . . G4U

  • Lilly Lamothe
    Lilly Lamothe 10 hours ago

    I knew Milkshake was gonna sit in it!

  • Kimberly Patton
    Kimberly Patton 10 hours ago

    Such an interesting experiment! I'll have to try it with my cats! Smoothie & Milkshake are awesome!

  • Twist of Taste
    Twist of Taste 17 hours ago

    I want to pet her... so cute.. omg

  • Suicidal Squid
    Suicidal Squid 18 hours ago

    These videos are so precious

  • Good Deeds Everyday
    Good Deeds Everyday 18 hours ago

    1:49 I think Smoothie tried to resist then gave in but made it look like a coincidence.
    "Is that a mouse? It looks like... Let me check. Oh wait wait no. I'll just sit here."

  • Waffle Dressing
    Waffle Dressing 18 hours ago

    My cat did

  • Kagerou X
    Kagerou X 22 hours ago

    my god your cats are so damn cute. O_O

  • The Goddess
    The Goddess 1 day ago

    Omg... your cats are totally one of the most beautiful cats in the world ! I love these cats ... their strikingly vivid emerald green colored eyes are just stunning beyond words .... wow ! ❤️

  • Swankster
    Swankster 1 day ago

    If you weren't filming her, she would have gone right into the 'flat box'.

  • Moonstar
    Moonstar 1 day ago

    It's a cat trap!
    I feel like this video should be called how to catch a cat

  • Gaelin Wade
    Gaelin Wade 2 days ago

    I can see her thinking, "you're trying to trick me with the two colors."

  • A New Conception
    A New Conception 2 days ago

    LOL Smoothies head bobbing when Milkshake stepped in... lol

  • Mimzy Von Angels
    Mimzy Von Angels 2 days ago

    wat een schatje zeg. moet je dat koppie zien, om op te vreten!♥♥♥

  • Stranded73
    Stranded73 2 days ago

    She has the prettiest eyes!

  • God I Want To Die
    God I Want To Die 2 days ago +1

    "Oh she's just molesting the tape"😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • 1stAmbientGrl
    1stAmbientGrl 2 days ago

    That's an intelligent cat. She contemplated about it for a long time.

  • 2SilverEyes
    2SilverEyes 2 days ago +1


  • TheMsiaddict
    TheMsiaddict 2 days ago

    That expression "You want me to sit inside the box? Here we go...It's still fake, though. I just want to make you happy. I hope you are satisfied with it".
    She's a smart kitty.

  • Erin Vandalay
    Erin Vandalay 3 days ago

    Lol... I just love watching kittehhhhhs. Such cuteness 😘

  • Smol n' Salty
    Smol n' Salty 3 days ago

    Milkshake was like "MINE"

  • Hayley Williams
    Hayley Williams 3 days ago +1

    Sits in box 'are you happy now?' 😂

  • Sherry Berry
    Sherry Berry 3 days ago

    Smoothie makes me laugh so hard. She did a very thorough investigation!

  • Brielle BAMMA
    Brielle BAMMA 3 days ago

    You have the cutest cats 😻 😻

  • Lulu Charlene
    Lulu Charlene 3 days ago +1

    I wonder what flavours smoothie and milkshake are

  • bobdole461
    bobdole461 3 days ago

    Definitely was fighting her instincts to take a seat!

  • Nefetiri Sian Nephele

    You have the prettiest kitties ever! How are they so pretty???

  • Bella & Izzy
    Bella & Izzy 3 days ago

    C'mon can do this!!

  • Jasmine la
    Jasmine la 3 days ago

    I love that when smoothie either sits down or lays down, she just goes flop and becomes a puddle of cat

  • V&S Electro Music
    V&S Electro Music 3 days ago

    beautiful cats 😚😘😙😻😻😻😻😻😽😽😽

  • Ulle Bishope
    Ulle Bishope 3 days ago

    2:24 my life

  • Alain Charreyre
    Alain Charreyre 4 days ago

    Adorable et quel look !! Je veux le même !!! 😻❤️👍

  • Abby
    Abby 4 days ago

    So cute!

  • Vassi Leonard
    Vassi Leonard 4 days ago +1

    smoothie is simply smarter, she likes thinking outside the box!

  • Sarah Cash
    Sarah Cash 4 days ago

    Haha! She didn't want to make it obvious that she wanted to sit inside. So in the end she acted like she heard something but she ended just up sitting in the square! So cute!!

  • Mary Dillon
    Mary Dillon 4 days ago +1

    Oh my god I'm in love with these cats!!!

  • Jayne Luke
    Jayne Luke 5 days ago

    beautiful cat x

  • Melissa Ivy
    Melissa Ivy 5 days ago

    Wow milkshake just walked right in it hehe these cats are soooo gorgeous

  • And Then I Said
    And Then I Said 5 days ago

    What breed is smoothie?

  • Good Night
    Good Night 5 days ago +1

    Your cats are so fucking cute. I love cats to death. 💗

  • Alicia Colon
    Alicia Colon 5 days ago


  • Anna K
    Anna K 5 days ago +1

    the tape goes nicely with the colour of her eyes :)

  • Bryna L.
    Bryna L. 5 days ago

    Get it!

  • Keeping Up With The Kitdashians

    Tried it with my 3 cats, no luck

  • Tori Gibson
    Tori Gibson 5 days ago

    She tried so hard to resist the temptation😂😂😂

    • TheMsiaddict
      TheMsiaddict 2 days ago

      Tori Gibson
      She just made her hooman happy by sitting in it. She knew it's not a real box. A smart kitty.

  • Aref Eshghi
    Aref Eshghi 5 days ago

    Are those Persian cats?

  • Jennifer Webb
    Jennifer Webb 5 days ago

    13+ mice dislike this video

  • lizichell2
    lizichell2 6 days ago

    Such beautiful cats

  • ira astawidjaja
    ira astawidjaja 6 days ago

    i guess smoothies thinks out side the the box...

  • Flipping Penguins
    Flipping Penguins 6 days ago

    1:25 Me looking at this week's class assignments 😂

  • Leonie Katoa
    Leonie Katoa 6 days ago

    Milkshake thinks outside the box

  • No Wuv Deep 80808
    No Wuv Deep 80808 6 days ago

    So fluffy.

  • victrola2007
    victrola2007 7 days ago

    Smoothie - paralysis by analysis by a skeptic vs. Milkshake's 'huh?'

  • Rosalita Ramirez
    Rosalita Ramirez 7 days ago

    she's molesting the tape that is an interesting way to put it XD

  • Toronto
    Toronto 7 days ago

    Apparently your cats are smarter than you are...

  • Katelyn King
    Katelyn King 7 days ago

    Her eyes are stunningly gorgeous! :D <3

  • Plain E
    Plain E 7 days ago

    Gad she is just stunning. And cute at the same time.

  • shahram samani
    shahram samani 8 days ago

    at the thumbnail the cat looks like a baby fox

  • D3vious ME
    D3vious ME 8 days ago +4

    MilkShake: Nice Place to sit.
    Smoothie: Ok Fine Milkshake.

  • Thomas Jefferson
    Thomas Jefferson 8 days ago

    Smoothie's eyes!!!

  • Ramo Amino
    Ramo Amino 9 days ago

    Those two kitties are adorable 😘😘😍😍

  • Deni Purwana
    Deni Purwana 9 days ago

    Smoothie knows she is the queen of the house. Nobody makes her do anything. She's the one to decide when.

  • Ally Squires
    Ally Squires 9 days ago +4

    "She's just molesting the tape" 😂

  • ajluci
    ajluci 9 days ago +1

    I love that the tape matches Smoothies eyes 😻

  • Mahii Tistic
    Mahii Tistic 9 days ago +1

    My cat wasn't tricked either. examined it from the outside and chewed the tape ! he'sfrom similar species as smoothie maybe they're smart?

  • Queen Coco
    Queen Coco 9 days ago +1

    What cat are those??? I WANT ONE 😻😻😻😻😻

  • Helen Voss
    Helen Voss 9 days ago

    That look of consternation when he put the two colors of tape down 😂

  • Rosrychaplet
    Rosrychaplet 9 days ago +2

    tape molester

  • smolbox
    smolbox 9 days ago

    I'll just...
    Take this...
    **grabs smoothie**

    Whoops I forgot something
    **grabs milkshake**

  • Lisa Jo H
    Lisa Jo H 10 days ago

    So cute❤️

  • Jericho the Gray Cat
    Jericho the Gray Cat 13 days ago

    Your videos are delightful, and Smoothie's eyes are such a beautiful green!

  • Bethany Platte
    Bethany Platte 17 days ago

    Noooooooo, I had so much hope for you!

  • Yağmur Aden v
    Yağmur Aden v 18 days ago

    it suppose to be circle not square that why

  • SkinCareLuver
    SkinCareLuver 18 days ago

    She is breathtakingly beautiful

  • Mini Manta
    Mini Manta 19 days ago

    I tried this on my cat too, he completely ignored it. It was as if it wasn't even there xD

  • M H
    M H 19 days ago +1

    Smoothie is a feminist.

  • bustXaXmovee
    bustXaXmovee 20 days ago

    I love how phony Smoothie was and had to pretend she was stalking something just to sit in it.

  • Sakinah Hussain
    Sakinah Hussain 21 day ago

    The look at the end says it all!! As if she is saying "seriously! This is what you want me to do .... humans."

  • wawa3636
    wawa3636 21 day ago

    I love how u name ur cat drinks

  • Lilith Devon Rex
    Lilith Devon Rex 23 days ago

    haha your's broke free

  • Lilith Devon Rex
    Lilith Devon Rex 23 days ago

    i just tried this on lilith
    she wasn't interested at all have left it up all morning and hasn't even gone back to sniff it.

  • Kitten Power
    Kitten Power 24 days ago +11

    Smoothie and Milkshake are beautiful. I love how Smoothies eyes pop with her fur color and same for Milkshake.

  • MrSnookieCute
    MrSnookieCute 1 month ago +1

    And people say nobody can be pretty and smart lol

  • Donna Rupert
    Donna Rupert 1 month ago +6

    Smoothie says, "I have the prettiest green eyes in the world silly human, I'll do as I please" 😻

  • Violet Agnew
    Violet Agnew 1 month ago

    Smoothie is very intelligent she sat down just to placate her caregiver lol, happy now shes thinking... <3

  • Victor VonDoom
    Victor VonDoom 1 month ago +5

    She's a stunning cat, love her eyes!

  • Sam W
    Sam W 1 month ago

    My cats will sit on square things, any square things, napkin, piece of carpet, flattened box, book, scale, little box, piece of tile, piece of wood anything square.

  • Sam W
    Sam W 1 month ago

    What kind of cat is Smoothie?

  • Ana Valeria Lima
    Ana Valeria Lima 1 month ago

    where did you find so beautiful cats??

  • Chrissy Jensen
    Chrissy Jensen 1 month ago

    what kind of cats are they?

  • Yoshi and Kawa
    Yoshi and Kawa 1 month ago

    Eventually they give in! :p

  • Lixa Diane
    Lixa Diane 1 month ago +4

    I found Smoothie on Instagram, and I'm in love, she is absolutely gorgeous!! A supermodel amongst cats!!💣😍😻💞

  • MilkshakeMoviesHD
    MilkshakeMoviesHD 1 month ago

    +smoothiethecat are you dutch? (I dont mean the cat, i mean the guy XD)
    because your accent sounds like that lol (no hate, it just sounded like that)
    btw i am dutch :)

  • rdkater
    rdkater 1 month ago

    all cats love boxes

  • debra bolton
    debra bolton 1 month ago +1

    Beautiful cats! Are they traditional Persians? They look very much like my Persian.

  • Kathryn Mitchell
    Kathryn Mitchell 1 month ago +1

    Lol, you trapped Milkshake and Smoothie!!!
    Beautiful kitties!!!

  • Anusha Singh
    Anusha Singh 2 months ago +1

    dont you have a channel for milkshake? why the discrimination?

  • calico27
    calico27 2 months ago

    Can we have more smoothie please?

  • DatCatTho :p
    DatCatTho :p 2 months ago

    How could someone dislike this video?!?!?

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