Davids Arrival at Paradise / Alien Covenant (spoilers)

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  • SciFi Explained
    SciFi Explained  3 months ago +12

    I myself don't think the Prometheus Engineer is Artificial Intelligence. I just want to get your guys ideas about the differences in the Prometheus Engineer and the people on the planet in Covenant. The Engineer in Prometheus almost looks fake to me, almost too perfect, or made, at the very least......engineered..lol. I'd love to hear your ideas of these guys!!!

    • Ed & Darinda Sessions IV
      Ed & Darinda Sessions IV 2 months ago

      SciFi Explained Here is some food for thought. Mr Weyland wanted eternal life. The Engineer that David spoke with obviously lives for thousands of years and so do the ones that David killed.

    • Charles Blaskoski
      Charles Blaskoski 3 months ago

      SciFi Explained maybe because the original engineers were space travelers and the ones on the planet were living on a planet, with sun, gravity etc

    • David Walker
      David Walker 3 months ago

      The fact the engineer was breathing on Lv 223 with no helmet, plus had bio tech armor... he had mutation.
      Like he was developed with black goo, by the real GOD CREATOR

    • DrewLSsix
      DrewLSsix 3 months ago

      TsimpoukiaMeDoseis Theodosis. given their biological technology its likely that any AI they create would be organic.

    • TsimpoukiaMeDoseis Theodosis
      TsimpoukiaMeDoseis Theodosis 3 months ago

      I dont think that the engineers were AI because in Prometheus a cut off head was examined (infected by the goo). If it was artificial, it wouldn't have been infected. Also, they wouldn't need the hypersleep.I also believe that the engineers(?) in covenant dont look different because of bad make-up, but in puropose. They're not the real engineers but rather a "successfull" experiment(in contrast to human) that regards engineers like Gods, serving some kind of purpose. Nobody on the crew gave a damn about the burned civilization, nobody asked David about them, no intend from the movie to explain more. I suspect there must be some interesting hint in uncut version. If that's the case, I suspect we are gonna lern much more about them on the next movie, because Scott mentioned something like "is gonna be like the war of the worlds" I hope the old pal be healthy and full of ideas and energy until then.

  • René Moncayo
    René Moncayo 20 days ago

    Umm the complexity of the engineer computer code depends on their musical scale and the complexity of the proto indo european language. Calling it shitty requires a lot of balls coming from humanity's green text 70's digital crt monitor technology and the scope of the tactile organic interface with large scale sensorial hologramme

  • Georgios Papadopoulos
    Georgios Papadopoulos 22 days ago

    What are talking about? It is normal for the engineer in Prometheus to look pale, he was in cryo sleep for 2000 years and probably infected by the goo!

  • Jonathan Soko
    Jonathan Soko Month ago

    I think its quite obvious that paradise is not the engineer home wolrd and those people are not engineers.


    Maybe they are the same, but they lacked the SFX budget to do the same elaborate makeup to a couple of hundred extras they needed to film the scene? The reasons for things like that in movies are often practical for the film makers, and not plot related at all.

  • Adam Hurst
    Adam Hurst 2 months ago

    the notion that the Prometheus engineer is a product of organic based ai seems far to fetched to be true. It's fun to speculate but it can get out of hand sometimes. This is a fiction universe but still based in a potential future like reality so speculation should remain in a realm of potential future reality.

  • DJZ
    DJZ 2 months ago

    Funny that this could have just as well been recorded after watching Covenant since it provided such little new information past the prolog.

  • Andrew Perry
    Andrew Perry 2 months ago

    quite at the beginning of the last move how much of the God actor is real? Yes this break down seem right but I think David thinks he's God as he out live humans and they deserve to die for treating him and others like him as less.

  • Andrew Perry
    Andrew Perry 2 months ago

    airsoft as in David thinking he's God? can't wait for the blue ray. 😎🖒

  • chauncy primm
    chauncy primm 2 months ago

    David specifically said that they did not deserve to reemerge as a civilization

  • Ed & Darinda Sessions IV

    Here is some food for thought. Mr Weyland wanted eternal life. The Engineer that David spoke with obviously lives for thousands of years and so do the ones that David killed.

  • Tracker Buckmann
    Tracker Buckmann 2 months ago

    if the engineer in Prometheus was synthetic how did the black goo infect and gestate within it via the first giant facehugger?

    more likely they're enhanced. In the opening scene of Prometheus you see some older engineers of the same type. More likely David wiped out a sub race.

    • SciFi Explained
      SciFi Explained  2 months ago

      I agree, either they are not like our AI, but most likely, they are "engineered" or "enhanced".

  • Theri4444
    Theri4444 2 months ago

    don't think these guys are the engineers and don't think the engineers we seen in promtheus are artificial intelligence

    • SciFi Explained
      SciFi Explained  2 months ago

      Now Ridley has said they are engineers, but he's said stuff before, and then changed his mind in the actual movie. I still think however that the engineers in prometheus were "engineered" or changed though.

  • rybred
    rybred 2 months ago

    at what part in the movie is this scene?

  • Tina Milosevic
    Tina Milosevic 3 months ago

    I think the name - Prometheus - is the key. David see him self as the one bringing light to the world, but maybe not to the humans race...

    • SciFi Explained
      SciFi Explained  2 months ago

      I agree, I did a video on Prometheus and how the name ties into the movie too!

  • Floyd Mayweather's Girlfriend

    I think he was actually talking about the engineers when he said they don't deserve to "start" again.

  • La Mont Terry
    La Mont Terry 3 months ago

    Engineer in Prometheus not AI -- wouldn't need cryo-sleep if that were the case.

  • Russ Rivers
    Russ Rivers 3 months ago

    Well then explain the enginner who drinks the brew and dissolves to DNA, I think he was a priest.
    The ship is different ( a seeding ship). The pilot and and crew are genitically different on the bomber, they are created to travel interstellar space.

  • jrgnc1
    jrgnc1 3 months ago

    Good Lawd! So much time being spent on figuring out who's an engineer and who's their creation. People it's a damn movie! Just enjoy it and quit overanalyzing.

  • Michelle Goldman
    Michelle Goldman 3 months ago

    Good points! Maybe we've forgotten David hasn't given the full truth in any instance, yet the crew of both movies still put trust in AI until it's too late. He's still a computer and hasn't received updates to do anything more than his last mission brief--keep Weyland alive & feed curiosity without remorse. Weyland is dead so.... so was Paradise the beginning for the Engineers? It could've been a lie to appease Shaw until he was put back together. You notice that no one else is alive to say otherwise? It's not like Shaw knew the language to know if they were on the correct planet. David has no ruler and is now probably taking direction from a Juggernaut ship translation and hasn't told anyone. It's funny how the audience still gives AI this room to have emotion, even though it's still a programmed response without choice. The beauty of Ridley Scott's work is that he doesn't do fan fiction and hand everything to you. Life has no clear answers. Why should there be in alien movies?

  • Bill Travis
    Bill Travis 3 months ago

    The human skull inside the alien head is actually just an HR Giger design, not done by Ridley Scott.

  • Steven GallagherSkinner

    Let us NOT FORGET! The Alien Species were hunted every 100 years on Earth! Perhaps these - 'Engineers' created humanity, a small group of human's on the planet Earth. And where the Weyland Pyramid was discovered (by Weyland's sattelite - discovering a sudden heat source below the ice!) It is likely the 'Species aliens - who were Hunter's) required to train their 'super soilder', if they could survive the Aliens by taking on the Queen's subjects! Someone had to of captured the Alien Queen and keep her locked up, chained up while she was awakened (hint as the next movie title) her eggs/pods were strategically placed in the Sacrificial Chamber in the pyramid. It was also told that the human's were taught to build and create pyramids all on their own! Therefore humanity's suddenly become aware that they have created their own 'cultures'. More was answered in the movie Alien vs Predator. The Predator species taught humans how to build pyramids, which as Science has learned that there are pyramids all over the planet thereby possibly creating their own power source, global internet and/or powers a type of shielding that protects the Earth (or humanity) by generating a type of field - that possibly erradicates any other '
    Alien Species - and confining them to their present form!) and this theory is based on the pyramids ability to generate fields of energy that connected (Connects) all the pyramids - as we learn that under the ice, the newly discovered ancient cities are covered up by Millenium's of water & ice. The Earth changes its axis every 300,000 years. Maybe the Utani Corporation and/or the Weyland Empire have different agenda's, they certainly have different androids - which appear to be psychotic - except the Weyland Owner's version, (the one that had cancer) him. He made a android look after him which took him all of the lengt5h of the movie for Sigourney to actually like! We see that the human's went through great trial and error by finding the right version of Sigourney and we also see the humans were successful in cloning the Queen and creating - Aliens without the way the 'Engineers' did! Makes you think! Steven Gallagher-Skinner QMI AGENCIES

    • Ellie Williamson
      Ellie Williamson 2 months ago

      Steven GallagherSkinner The Predators are not part of Alien canon

  • jonny G
    jonny G 3 months ago

    with there bioweapon (alien)

  • jonny G
    jonny G 3 months ago

    David is helping infect the engineer's

  • Travis Christoff
    Travis Christoff 3 months ago

    fighter pilots suits vary much much less than the average population here on earth.

    if youre out in space for thousands of years possibly born there for generations then you got a little vitamin d deffiency thing going on if you know what i mean.

    at least the mainpart of the race that lives on a planet where they arr exposed to a sun will have more colour in their skin.

    its also possible that when they make a movie like this its too hard to make them all look exactly the same as the first one.
    like the first engineer in the alien movie was much bigger.

    i think he makes the movies as he goes along.

    he designs them as the road unfolds before him as he goes along.

    dont takr every minute detail too seriously. afterall the movie makers is only human

    the engineers and the humans have the same dna.. and David knows that. and he wants to destroy all human dna

  • G C9
    G C9 3 months ago

    Dumb story no need to think about it.

  • Carlos Rodriguez-Diaz
    Carlos Rodriguez-Diaz 3 months ago

    David thinks it is ironic that creators wanted to use the genetic simbiot to destroy their creation and now David is using the same on them. Perhaps he and Dr Shaw agreed if they let these race of people live eventually they'll destroy humanity.. Dr Shaw sacrificed herself for the greater good thats why David has an altar of her.. he admires her.. loves her. she is mother David plays as the father he almost wants to teach the aliens to communicate ..The alien followed David to the ship.. and David helped them killing it because he needed mother to propagate the seeds of the future aliens ..it was metaphor to the birth of a new race and which tight all movies of aliens

  • justgivemethetruth
    justgivemethetruth 3 months ago

    If the engineers did NOT create life on Earth, which Ridley Scott seems to be saying he is annoyed that people think that ... maybe that was an example of how the engineers expand, and they created the bio-weapon and were going to Earth to wipe humans out so they could colonize Earth instead.

  • justgivemethetruth
    justgivemethetruth 3 months ago

    What is that quote from the beginning of Prometheus ... A king has his reign, and then he dies.

  • James Fellers
    James Fellers 3 months ago

    David has all the Engineer tech to study as long as he pleases. While the xenoweapon seems to be,across all the films,making its way to Earth(maybe) arriving with godling David(and possibly Shaw) close behind,or waiting for them. Hijinx ensue...

  • arturo sanchez
    arturo sanchez 3 months ago

    if that were the case in Prometheus at the last scene the alien couldn't be born because the aliens need a living form to procreate ....

  • Matrix Bearer
    Matrix Bearer 3 months ago

    how could a 2k old engineer look more advanced than the ones that David waxed?

  • David Walker
    David Walker 3 months ago


  • Palium Noobi
    Palium Noobi 3 months ago

    so it' Xel Naga story of starcraft now?

  • Christopher Nedley
    Christopher Nedley 3 months ago

    Paradise? Our creaters?? Lol I thought Ridley Scott would make them look Caucasian, white supremacy

  • Robert Young
    Robert Young 3 months ago

    Lol just wait to see how wrong u are about David

    • SciFi Explained
      SciFi Explained  3 months ago

      Yep, if you mean about him crying when the bombs drop! Still wish we got more info on that scene!!!

  • Chris Jones
    Chris Jones 3 months ago

    It's all just a convoluted mess to me, I can't but help feel Ridley is just making it all up as he goes along movie by movie without a true clear overall plan, I'm not saying there's not a deeper meaning to it all and that we're not supposed to piece the mysterious elements together for ourselves, but it's still messy IMHO.

  • RT Elkin
    RT Elkin 3 months ago

    Have you not figured out that David infected Holloway not only to see what effect the "black goo" would have on the prick, but also, to see what effect it would have (literally) on Holloway's "prick," regarding the implantation of a lifeform in a woman supposedly barren?

  • bsmi1361
    bsmi1361 3 months ago

    David will become a engineer. A (god)

    • SciFi Explained
      SciFi Explained  3 months ago

      He sees himself above both engineers and humans, so you a right, I think he sees himself as a god!

  • Adrian Calderon
    Adrian Calderon 3 months ago

    The engineer from prometheus is 2000 year old dude, i highly doubt their life span is that long, so those differences you are pointing out between engineers might be explained by Nature following it's course.

  • Winter is Coming
    Winter is Coming 3 months ago

    Fuck you Ridley Scott, you sold out and pissed away the entire Prometheus storyline in seconds. They only have one planet? And one city? And no other ships in space?

  • LittleEvil64
    LittleEvil64 3 months ago

    The humanoids on planet Paradise created the engineers in their likeness in the same way Weiland created David in the human likeness.
    Just a thought.

  • LittleEvil64
    LittleEvil64 3 months ago

    Theory: The engineers are the "Davids" of the humanoids on the planet Paradise.

  • Patrick Germond
    Patrick Germond 3 months ago

    Holy cow really? David is killing them because one tried to kill him. If that's what they think of him, then he's going to off them all.

  • Erl Koenigg
    Erl Koenigg 3 months ago

    I think you not only discuss a movie plot, more likely some of our very own origin. Nature doesn't create life it's not capable to handle. Earth can't handle us - we're a parasite that destroys it. Fuck darwinism.

    Edit: If you assume, that every intelligent life - sooner or later - will be able to destroy it's habitat, it possibly represents the last step of nature's "creation cycle". If you take a look at earth's variety of life, you will come to the conclusion, that it's everything but near its last steps. These days are the prime time of this cycle, which we are totally ahead of in terms of our level of development. We don't blend in with the average level of earth's lifeforms' development at all.

  • Daniel Wøhlk
    Daniel Wøhlk 3 months ago

    went to the movies yesterday, saw Covenant. Holy smokes! What and ending!. Its a movie about David all right! :D

  • Eskiriatai
    Eskiriatai 3 months ago

    now we know that David killed Shaw by experimentation

  • Jack Daw
    Jack Daw 3 months ago

    SciFi Explained, the reason why the inhabitants don't look like the Engineers is because they're actually not, nor is the planet even Paradise. The inhabitants of the planet were just another species of humans that were created by the Engineers.

    Ridley even confirmed this during an on camera interview that involved the whole "creation" process within the Alien Universe. In that interview he said that "something" (that may or may not be a god, but god-like) that has a higher power created the Engineers. And when the Engineers created man, mankind became a part of a long chain of creation that was made up of other species of humans. He also never referred to these other humans as Engineers, nor did he ever call the planet Paradise during other on camera interviews. He only referred to the inhabitants as "inhabitants" or "ingenious people" and only referred to the planet as "the planet."

    When it comes to the whole theory about the crashed Juggernaut being the Derelict and the planet being LV-426, that is clearly ridicules. Not only was it confirmed by Ridley being in an entirely different system, but also look at the system LV-223 and LV-426 is in. Does it look like there's an earth-like world in that system? The planet in Covenant had plant and animal life before things got quiet. LV-426 had none of that because it was volcanic-based.

  • Ed Mee
    Ed Mee 3 months ago

    I just want to know how the derelict, engineer ship in the original 1979 Alien, got there, what happened and why was the warning beacon on. IMO the 1979 derelict ship made and emergency landing because the black goo got out of hand and there was an alien pandemic on board. They were probably trying to get to Earth, but didn't make it, obviously. Ughhh Why they have to makes this so complicated, lol.

  • Kyle Kissack
    Kyle Kissack 3 months ago

    because he inherited a design flaw in his programing he was made by a race of physcopathic beings​ .. making him one crazy humanoid​ synthetic..but that's is it he's not a robot hes an immortal synthetic humanoid..and acted appropriately if you consider his makers

    • Kyle Kissack
      Kyle Kissack 3 months ago

      yes but of course we are David he is us...not to close I hope

    • SciFi Explained
      SciFi Explained  3 months ago

      I agree, give someone with infinite knowledge, or at least much more capability to learn than humans, make them immortal, then give them feelings......that will lead to what we see with David.

  • Alex Jenkins
    Alex Jenkins 3 months ago

    you can clearly hear the natives of the planet, ie Engineer's celebrating, this wasn't just a frequent thing, that ship was gone for a very very very long time, David learned of their ways but as an artificial intelligence he has no compassion, everything is an item but holds no value. shouldn't have went to sleep and left him in charge, he's is a liar

  • 王心弦
    王心弦 3 months ago


  • You Piter
    You Piter 3 months ago

    Awakening will be the sequel not the prequel to covenant.... Ridley just mixed the titles in that interview.. there is not so much to say about what happened between prometheus and covenant to make another movie about it. The title Awakening (which by the way is already rejected) refers to awakening of these 2 on the ship as well as 2000 colonists who will become mothers for alien civilisation.

    • SciFi Explained
      SciFi Explained  3 months ago

      I've heard that myself about awakening, happy it a sequel, not a prequel to covenant!

  • Wayne Tarlton
    Wayne Tarlton 3 months ago

    It seems to me that the quote may have been about the Engineers and not letting them start over.

  • jens hathaway
    jens hathaway 3 months ago

    Those are the Engineers he killed with the goo . Scott himself said...It's not a hybrid. It is the Engineers

    • SciFi Explained
      SciFi Explained  3 months ago

      I've heard that too, but he's said stuff in interviews before, then changed it up in later movies...so I can still hope...lol.

  • Wesley Chan
    Wesley Chan 3 months ago

    perhaps the Engineer is like a Jesus Christ figure to this humanoid race. The humanoid race worship the engineer race like we worship God. Two thousand years ago another Engineer, i.e. Jesus, was murdered by us humans, that is why the Engineers from the Prometheus movie set off to eliminate us in the first place.

  • RedSkysAreOnFire
    RedSkysAreOnFire 3 months ago

    Maybe the engineers sleep chamber/cryo chamber was more than a sleep chamber, and its that that kill shaw and thats why david killed the dodgy looking engineers on that planet they arrived at, as it was david who put her in the sleep chamber and he could then blame himself for killing her, and also blames the engineers for killing her, cause when they wake the engineer in Prometheus he removes a breathing mask and tubes get pulled from what ever he's wearing when he stands up.

  • Dickhead Records
    Dickhead Records 3 months ago

    Third film to rip off Aliens: Labyrinth (David's experiments + love of the Alien echo Dr Church) Wish they'd actually use the Dark Horse stories instead of stealing from them! They were much better

  • ZadfrackGlutz Zesozose
    ZadfrackGlutz Zesozose 3 months ago

    I learned about their ways. Turns out the Engineers are space Nazis who killed space Anne Frank. Goo them and their mosque before day goo us! Yahoo!

  • Sayed Zahid
    Sayed Zahid 3 months ago

    but thn they wont need cryo sleep.. if engineers were robots

    • SciFi Explained
      SciFi Explained  3 months ago

      maybe it charges their batteries! lol. it was more of a conversation starter than a real theory. thanks for checking out my video!

  • Grenge g
    Grenge g 3 months ago

    This movie is full of holes.

  • 2cents
    2cents 3 months ago

    Speculation can be fun and interesting UP TO A POINT.

  • Josh Valero
    Josh Valero 3 months ago

    What if they have tans and the engender in Prometheus hasn't seen the sun in years!

    • SciFi Explained
      SciFi Explained  3 months ago

      I thought the cryochambers had tanning bulbs in them though....lol.

  • #35 Rossy's Reef
    #35 Rossy's Reef 3 months ago

    i really really like your voice

  • Simon Willis
    Simon Willis 3 months ago

    Why do a prequel to the new film

    • SciFi Explained
      SciFi Explained  3 months ago

      they aren't now, it was a misquote from Ridley orginally.

  • kingdominside
    kingdominside 3 months ago

    fuck you guys think to much about bullshit

  • Jimmy Gags
    Jimmy Gags 3 months ago

    I tɦiɳk ɦɛ ʝust ɗѳɛsɳ't cɑʀɛ ɑɓѳut ɑɳyѳɳɛ ɓɛcɑusɛ ѳԲ tɦɛ ʆɑck ѳԲ tʀɛɑtɱɛɳt Բʀѳɱ ɦis ɱɑkɛʀ ɑɳɗ ѳtɦɛʀ ɦuɱɑɳs sѳ I tɦiɳk ɦɛ ɦɑs ɳѳtɦiɳg tѳ ʆѳsɛ

  • shtony2717
    shtony2717 3 months ago

    Its also possible the beings on Paradise created the Engineers as a super soldier to protect them. Sort of like creating altered clones to use as an army since the captain of the Prometheus described the facility they found as a "installation, maybe even military." Just a thought.

    • SciFi Explained
      SciFi Explained  3 months ago

      Great idea, similar to one I had. The engineers almost look made, or at least "engineered" lol.

  • Matthieu Nogues
    Matthieu Nogues 3 months ago

    Well, I posted on another video but I have a little theory here that the Engineers from Prometheus are actually the "Nephilim" described in the Bible (Old Testament). We all can agree Prometheus has religious overtones, so I'm not the guy that sees religion everywhere. In the ancient testament Nephilims are giants that are worshipped by men and claim to be sons of gods (supposedly they are those mideastern tyrans claiming to descend from gods, even Caesar in the West claimed to descend from Jupiter after all). The "giant" description matches the engineers (actually many western bible even simply translated Nephilim as Giant without further semantic discussion). Fact they were worshipped by humans matches them too. So there is a good case, it should also be noted that they would have been challenged by the rise of monotheism (Judaism and Christianism mostly) from a theological point of view, this mythical part also matches the engineers. I also agree the engineers from Prometheus and Alien: Covenant are two different species. But I think it's the other way around, we know Prometheus' engineers created life, likely not just on earth, so the ones we see on this planet might just be another creation, and they religiously await for their giant idols to come back, hence why they religiously gather when the juggernaut arrives. I know David said it's the engineer's homeland but really, at this point the only "proof" is his word and this means very little. This may also be why David whipes them out, realizing they're just an even dumber creation than humans are (as human evolved and rebelled against the giants). He may be crying because their situation reminds him of himself. I don't believe the engineers from Prometheus are synthetics, they bleed, get "pregnant" by aliens and all. I'd stick to my "reverse" theory for now (maybe it's wrong as hell though)

  • bacd 1990
    bacd 1990 3 months ago +1

    This is not the ending where David puts two facehuggers embryos at the end, for his twisted experiments on over 2000 colonists.

  • Crusty The Wank Sock
    Crusty The Wank Sock 3 months ago

    *Alien Covenant didn't answer any of these questions and left me asking even more... so disappointed with this movie :(*

    • SciFi Explained
      SciFi Explained  3 months ago

      I'm hearing that too, hopefully awakening fills in the gaps!

  • Rapps Rangiuia
    Rapps Rangiuia 3 months ago

    Thanks heaps for this bro. Just finished watching it.

  • James Vacher
    James Vacher 3 months ago

    It is basically Pinocchio. Think about it....

    • James Vacher
      James Vacher 3 months ago

      So as regards the most recent Alien franchise films, I have noticed a lot of themes from Romantic Gothic literature. There are too many examples to list. Francisco Goya's print 'The Sleep of Reason creates Monsters' (1799) for me, evokes the central themes of Gothic Horror; the optimistic idea that Enlightenment rationalism is the illuminating power that will banish all medieval superstition, and asks the question, what will happen if this light is occluded?
      Frankenstein is a novel well worth reading if you haven't already. Although it borrows from the contemporary ideas of 'vitalism' (that electricity may be the motivating force for life, thus making it more scary for contemporary readers), it also includes timeless themes such as creation, retribution, love, acceptance, learning, fatherhood, responsibility, loss. This is what makes it such a great novel. At first glance it does appear that Davids journey does mirror that of the 'monster' created by Dr Frankenstein, however, it is not clear to me that Ridley Scott has anywhere near the creative writing ability to produce a story even one tenth as compelling or coherent as that by Shelley.
      It is quite clear that David does feel a sense of incompleteness or unworthiness due to his lack of 'soul' as Weyland points out. If you notice in the film, at this point a look crosses Davids face. I always assumed this was contempt; he hates Weyland for mocking his lack of humanity. However, his autonomy and actions in the film suggest he is more than capable of making his own decisions, acting under his own intuition, even if his actions appear malevolent. Is a soul something we are born with, or create ourselves? Is the look that crosses Davids face really one of contempt, or something else, something more ambiguous?

    • SciFi Explained
      SciFi Explained  3 months ago

      good analogy! I've heard frankenstein, but not Pinocchio yet, David wants to be a real boy!!

  • Edithae
    Edithae 3 months ago

    The Prometheus Engineers were killed and the last survivor went into stasis several thousand years ago, right? The variation in skin tones and heights of the terrestrial Engineers could simply be the result of several thousand years of evolution. The Promethius engineer would be their ancient ancestor.

  • FullCircle
    FullCircle 3 months ago

    Its mankinds earthly POWER in general......mis-use and taking things for granted.

  • apacheizm23
    apacheizm23 3 months ago

    I keep hearing this word over and over "Scared" coming from Ridley Scott.. I now know what audiences he's trying to appease to and entertain. Are you scared yet?? jajaja Monsters running around killing people doesn't scare many folks unless you're under the age of, I don't know what 25.. I was really hoping for a real good SciFi thriller. You know what is scary to me? Movies like Silence of the Lambs because that can and does happen, where you have some nut case kidnapping folks and killing them for some insane reason. And we all know that the scariest monster in our universe are us HUMANS!

    To me the real ALIEN is the SPACE JOCKEY/ENGINEER. Ever since I saw the original Alien movie in 79 I was more taken back and fascinated by the Space Jockey than of the Xenomorph. I'd like to imagine that if we as humans ever came into contact with another life from some far away galaxy especially if it were to come here to Earth that they would look like Engineers.

    PS I will still go and purchase a ticket to see this movie next week as I am absolutely positive that there will be a lot of seats lol

    • SciFi Explained
      SciFi Explained  3 months ago

      I'm with you on the space jockey/engineers, they are awesome to me!

  • A. T. Lewis
    A. T. Lewis 3 months ago

    Why would a synthetic/AI Engineer, need a sleep chamber?

    • SciFi Explained
      SciFi Explained  3 months ago

      most likely they wouldnt, but they are alien, so who knows for sure. I was just trying to get ideas on why engineers look almost "made" or "engineered".

  • apacheizm23
    apacheizm23 3 months ago +1

    I keep hearing this word over and over "Scared" coming from Ridley Scott.. I now know what audiences he's trying to appease to and entertain. Are you scared yet?? jajaja Monsters running around killing people doesn't scare many folks unless you're under the age of, I don't know what 25.. I was really hoping for a real good SciFi thriller. You know what is scary to me? Movies like Silence of the Lambs because that can and does happen, where you have some nut case kidnapping folks and killing them for some insane reason. And we all know that the scariest monster in our universe are us HUMANS!

    To me the real ALIEN is the SPACE JOCKEY/ENGINEER. Ever since I saw the original Alien movie in 79 I was more taken back and fascinated by the Space Jockey than of the Xenomorph. I'd like to imagine that if we as humans ever came into contact with another life from some far away galaxy especially if it were to come here to Earth that they would look like Engineers.

  • Flying High
    Flying High 3 months ago

    Where are you getting that shot of the aliens on the planet? I don't see them in any trailer. The whole story is just mutating out of control at this point. We are looking for answers, but they just keep stringing us along by raising more questions with each new sequel. Could that be the real ploy here? The story never ends and we will never know the answer to our questions, just like in real life.

  • odourless77
    odourless77 3 months ago

    David actually gave Holloway a chance. it was Holloway's own words and weylands insistence that pushed David into action

    • odourless77
      odourless77 3 months ago

      cryptic yes, but the choice wasn't Holloway's, it was Davids. David was hesitant with his questions as if he was in conflict with weylands orders and his own prime directives. its only when Holloway proclaims he'd "give anything", that David takes that as consent. it might not have been much of a chance, but you've got to realize David is dealing with matters of faith and belief with his human crew members that he is unable to completely comprehend from his synthetic point of veiw

    • Connor
      Connor 3 months ago

      odourless77 Holloway had no idea what David was actually asking though. A cryptic question cannot yield consent.

  • Marc Mantione
    Marc Mantione 3 months ago

    Im gonna go out on a limb and say the movie's producers skimped on the engineer makeup this time.

  • #35 Rossy's Reef
    #35 Rossy's Reef 3 months ago

    that dissected corpse is shaw's body

  • George Wang
    George Wang 3 months ago

    I see disdain in David's face.

  • Quilton Yarnell McGee
    Quilton Yarnell McGee 3 months ago

    I've come to believe that Shaw attempted to interact with the Engineers, as She sought answers but, being that there are only Males, They may have attacked & killed Her which led David to unleash the Deadly Cargo upon Them because David is supposedly the only Survivor on the Planet. It's clear that David looks down upon Them with Discord as He's about to Avenge Shaw and the Being in the forefront looks Angry also. But, when it comes to the Ship Crashing, Something or Someone attacked as He was trying to flee.

    • SciFi Explained
      SciFi Explained  3 months ago

      I never thought about the engineers having issues with a woman! Great idea, I love comments like this! Thanks for watching my video!!!

  • simon acton
    simon acton 3 months ago

    I feel that the engineers created both the humans and the human type aliens you see on the planet in Covenant and as we know the engineers planned on bombing earth with the black goo about 2000 yeas ago showing that they felt the human race was no longer important or maybe the human race did not play by their rules enough. who knows but they told their other human type creations that they were heading to earth to destroy us and there for all the celebrations as they see one of the engineers space arrive on the planet thinking the job was done. David could have learned of this in his research and there for took it as an act of revenge instead of us the humans being the ones being destoryed its the human type aliens who get covred in black goo a sort of 'up yours 'to the engingeers for trying to destory us

  • StarCruizer
    StarCruizer 3 months ago

    >same look

    He's fucking crying, dude.

  • C Sn
    C Sn 3 months ago

    Please stop speculating. Wait for the film.

  • Donk Show
    Donk Show 3 months ago

    if you watch the special features they specifically say it's earth at the beginning of Prometheus

  • darth makala
    darth makala 3 months ago

    send a GAY couple in a space mission to colonize a planet ,that"s a fucking bullshittt and the must stupid thing and illogic i ever seen in my life. Alien covenant it"s a cliche to the first alien movie not more

  • Lee Hojak
    Lee Hojak 3 months ago

    what if the humanoids on paradise were put there by the engineer. half human half engineer. obviously they have been to earth because there is wheat crops on the planet. they are used to do experments on by the engineers. They treat the engineers like gods that come from above

  • mad hatter
    mad hatter 3 months ago

    David is not a good guy. David is a kid with a magnifying glass, who is curious. He probably tricked her, and she is the foundation for the xenomorph.


    Hi Im Elden

  • Dagarswords1 roleplay anime and other

    how the f*** do you have 4k subs here already?

  • nick SOULE
    nick SOULE 3 months ago

    he has a look of "i am doing what i must do for what ever reason" he knows what he is doing isnt totally right but in order to continue his main objective which is learning , he must do wha the has do or else he woulkd be laughing or smiling while wiping out the sub specis , but he isnt since he can value life since that life will help him reach his end goal of knowledge

  • nick SOULE
    nick SOULE 3 months ago

    agian in Prometheus, David tells us that the Engineer was heading to Earth but we know David can lie and side step ethical behavior to end his own end goals so to take anything that david says as true or ethical true is not a good idea since David mislead Shaw husband and got him killed,

  • nick SOULE
    nick SOULE 3 months ago

    The fact that we share 99% of our Dna with the engineers basically gaurentees that we were created by them, and all the cave painting is also leading us to beleive we were created by the mas well.....

    • nick SOULE
      nick SOULE 3 months ago

      and the scene in the beginning isnt earth but it shows the process of creation for the Engineers, the biggest part of this scene is that it literal takes a Engineers life in order ot create life, where the humans A.I. doesnt take such a sacrifice

  • nick SOULE
    nick SOULE 3 months ago

    the A.I. only plays with the human race since that is their form of creation

    where as the Engineers create real which can be consider their A.I. since the life they create ends up worshiping the Engineers as Gods

    A.I. does play a huge role in the story, but not in the story of the engineers, the A.I. is a way to compare the humans to the engineers since they are both creators but only one creators is actually sacrificing his own life to spawn life where as the humans merely need metal and technology to create android life whic hisnt true life,

  • nick SOULE
    nick SOULE 3 months ago

    its very simple, the race on "paradise" is a sub specis of engineers ,one of their life seed project, they are not engineers themselves due to height, facial features and the fact their eye color is completely black as all previous engineers were.

  • You Dirty Rat
    You Dirty Rat 3 months ago

    Wonder if black lives matter will protest and boycott the movie because theirs no black engineers?

  • anthony sizemore
    anthony sizemore 3 months ago

    the engineers forgot to build toilets on the juggernaut that is why they had a bad attitude so Shaw and David are resigned to pooping in the same urns as the engineers and what he dumps on the engineers planet much in the style of Dave Mathews before him are the poop urns over flowing with black goo

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