Gordon Ramsay's perfect burger tutorial

  • Added:  2 months ago
  • Here's your guide to making the perfect burger from the 'Master Chef' Chef himself, Gordon Ramsay!

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Comments: 16 411

  • Darco The Fox
    Darco The Fox 2 minutes ago

    Ramsay is the bob ross of cooking

  • Oscar Sandström
    Oscar Sandström 2 minutes ago

    He is obviously bought by big salt and big pepper.

  • Keith Allen
    Keith Allen 15 minutes ago

    Has he found that lamb sauce yet

  • plyzwthsqrlz
    plyzwthsqrlz 26 minutes ago

    I bet he seasons his wife

  • R H
    R H 28 minutes ago

    I dunno why but i actually got a boner from this

  • Mr M.A.D
    Mr M.A.D 49 minutes ago

    ITS RAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET OFF THE CAMERA!!!!!!!!!

  • Patrick Howard
    Patrick Howard 50 minutes ago

    Duuuude cross contamination, he put raw meat and the veggies on the same foil tray

  • YouCan'tRoastMe
    YouCan'tRoastMe 53 minutes ago

    He made a perfect salt burger

  • Trollololol
    Trollololol 58 minutes ago

    How the fuck are you supposed to eat that? its like 50 miles fucking high! You would bitch like a woman if ANYONE brought you that on hells kitchen..... What a hypocrite.

  • Starwars Nerd
    Starwars Nerd 59 minutes ago

    Make sure to make as many hand gestures when cooking 1:29 XD

  • Karate Caveman
    Karate Caveman 1 hour ago

    He forgot the lamb sause FAIL

  • the dude
    the dude 1 hour ago

    how long have these burgers been sitting in the fridge?

  • Carlos Espinosa
    Carlos Espinosa 1 hour ago

    Looks good though it seems like he could've used a bit more seasoning.

  • Joseph Moore
    Joseph Moore 1 hour ago

    Shit nigguh! Those burger are too thicc and they are raw!

  • Sidney Sitter
    Sidney Sitter 2 hours ago

    he said that "litly brush the burgers" no he doesn't O-O I don't know anymore

  • NIK
    NIK 2 hours ago

    Yo this comment section😂 Why you gotta do Gordon like this💀

  • Desmond Miles
    Desmond Miles 2 hours ago

    Spoiler alert before watching this video: It's the krabby patty formula.

  • Captain Juice
    Captain Juice 3 hours ago

    those meat arent cooked good enough

  • Captain Juice
    Captain Juice 3 hours ago

    that is thick meat

  • Trivit30
    Trivit30 4 hours ago

    Why not grilled red onion

  • David May
    David May 4 hours ago

    that meat looks raw, nasty

  • The3Natural
    The3Natural 4 hours ago

    Manipulate the lettuce. That's new.

  • The Katy Perry Meme Channel

    Krabby patty recipe leaked

  • Wong Jefx
    Wong Jefx 5 hours ago

    Sounds like he has a burger restaurant in Vegas? He forgot to season the bun, lettuce and tomatoes.....nope he seasoned that too.

  • Tango Storm
    Tango Storm 5 hours ago

    He forgot to season the grill, swimming pool, and the camera man.

  • Masonmei 354
    Masonmei 354 5 hours ago

    Where the pickles at?

  • dakota hoffman
    dakota hoffman 5 hours ago

    out of control burgers

  • Ibraheem Esam
    Ibraheem Esam 5 hours ago

    Ever tried grilling tomatoes, it'll change the flavour totally, it's like you're eating a global burger.

  • Ebnac_ _Mongrel
    Ebnac_ _Mongrel 5 hours ago

    "Manipulate the lettuce"

  • chris Moore
    chris Moore 5 hours ago

    I doubt I would ever be able to make this. The grill temp is a mystery to me.

  • Donald Benson
    Donald Benson 5 hours ago

    LID DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ethanyangg
    ethanyangg 5 hours ago

    What was that "mMMMmmM?" LOL

  • Mino - Youtube Kacke
    Mino - Youtube Kacke 5 hours ago


  • Redspring
    Redspring 5 hours ago

    He didn't season the knife

  • Ceol
    Ceol 6 hours ago

    3:24 he knocks over the oil but in the next shot it's standing upright and a pan is magically on the chopping board and is falling. M I N D F U C K

  • Nate Albrizzi
    Nate Albrizzi 6 hours ago

    And... ON

  • Lavar Ball
    Lavar Ball 6 hours ago

    Let's play a drinking game

    Every time he says seasoning/season take a shot

  • Savage Mickey
    Savage Mickey 6 hours ago

    Kraby patie

  • Baki József
    Baki József 6 hours ago

    Ain't no burger is perfect without bacon

  • thatabu
    thatabu 6 hours ago

    Move it as LESS as possible.

  • SnoopDoge
    SnoopDoge 6 hours ago

    I'm hungry.

  • Josh
    Josh 6 hours ago

    Best comment section ever if i did stand up heres a whole set !! Lmfao. Ramsey puts seasoning on his SALT AND PEPPER, then , on his tongue once before eatiing, IN ON IN DONE , BEAUTIFUL

  • X-Cell
    X-Cell 7 hours ago

    I wish the burgers at your restaurant would look that great

  • Rick McFish
    Rick McFish 7 hours ago

    Okay.... I touched myself whilst watching this. Who else did (don't lie!)?

  • HotBird Birds
    HotBird Birds 7 hours ago

    did anyone count how many times he said (the burger) ?

    GAMERMIKE52 7 hours ago +1

    Bob Ross of cooking

  • V. God
    V. God 7 hours ago

    He forgot to season the comments section..

  • Cerulean Asteroid
    Cerulean Asteroid 7 hours ago +1

    Amazing advice, I'd follow when I get the chance, but he forgot to season the camera

    Despite it being a dead joke or not, never trust edited comments, you can easily be trolled

  • xXSilentAgent47Xx
    xXSilentAgent47Xx 7 hours ago +1

    It's ironic that he makes fat burgers when he complained about "Cowboy" burger in Kitchen Nightmares.

  • Jacob Mann
    Jacob Mann 7 hours ago +1

    Did season the cameras before shooting?

  • Alevandet
    Alevandet 7 hours ago

    How many times have you said "how many times"?

  • M1K3Mc533 -
    M1K3Mc533 - 7 hours ago


  • baum stamp
    baum stamp 8 hours ago


    BRENDON OWENS 8 hours ago

    Dude seasoned everything. Legit he seasoned the grill before he started

    BRENDON OWENS 8 hours ago

    He forgot to season the grill

  • tabaks
    tabaks 8 hours ago

    Looks like shit!

  • Vinyl
    Vinyl 8 hours ago

    Whats the beef blend? What are the ratios? How is it ground up?

  • HenkeChanged
    HenkeChanged 8 hours ago

    Super Ramsey :) gonna try it tommorow

  • Vladimir Putin
    Vladimir Putin 8 hours ago +1

    Am i the only one who thinks his spelling was more cringe than Joes Food Reviews?

  • Crimea ball
    Crimea ball 8 hours ago

    How tf am I supposed to take a bite of that humongous shit

  • bboyy
    bboyy 8 hours ago

    I needed to season my eyes before watching this, f word!!

  • Super Spider Gamer
    Super Spider Gamer 8 hours ago

    Is this a war or something?

    Gordon: "Toasting it will protect the bun"

    Me: "Wtf?"

    Please sub to me and stay active. Lol.

  • doingitnaturally
    doingitnaturally 8 hours ago

    I've never seen someone so excited about a burger

  • Tyser Hicks
    Tyser Hicks 8 hours ago

    9:20 Im having an orgasm

  • akshay raj
    akshay raj 9 hours ago

    3:16 "Lid back down!". Doesn't put lid down.

  • Dust Blog
    Dust Blog 9 hours ago

    Why does Gordon seem strangely uncomfortable here? It's like he's distracted or not himself, and he's got a sore throat too. Don't overdo it Gordon!

  • Martin Luizaga
    Martin Luizaga 9 hours ago


  • Tormentor
    Tormentor 9 hours ago

    Disagree with the way he assembled it, the rest looked damn fine though.

  • Fraternal House
    Fraternal House 9 hours ago

    What is the RIght Amount OF Fat in the BUrger?

  • Dean Holbert
    Dean Holbert 9 hours ago

    Good looking grub, but the plugs and lack of proper scripting was cringe worthy. Still...looked like some killer burgers and a great time.

  • kouneli adams
    kouneli adams 9 hours ago

    this man ain't need a reason to season

    SZCZERZO KŁY 9 hours ago

    I move and say like this when I really need go to the loo.

  • Jeffrey Daniels
    Jeffrey Daniels 10 hours ago

    I'm telling Mr. krabs

  • Leo M
    Leo M 10 hours ago

    He forgot to season the grill.

  • Ανθέλληνας Rothschild

    He forgot to season the seasoning of the seasoning of the seasoning

  • Jonathan Fornes
    Jonathan Fornes 10 hours ago

    who would rather just eat a carl's burger

  • smievil
    smievil 10 hours ago

    7:08 snap it, break it and gently push it down
    so catchy

  • Flamp
    Flamp 10 hours ago +1

    Comment section:
    1% actual comments
    99% seasoning jokes

  • Tye Moore
    Tye Moore 10 hours ago

    What about the cross contamination going from hands on raw burger directly to the buns and veggies

  • Jon
    Jon 11 hours ago

    I don't like raw meat

  • katsabis10
    katsabis10 11 hours ago

    Ramsay watches never the NBA playoffs. Only the regular season

  • tsleel escappa
    tsleel escappa 11 hours ago

    I wouldn't be proud of living next to kimye. Fuck em

  • chekdis1
    chekdis1 11 hours ago

    damn Gordon, I just had lunch now I'm hungry again, thanks for that.

  • Eugenio Plaja
    Eugenio Plaja 11 hours ago

    Lol way to overcook that burger Gordon. Get rekt.

  • Your Mom
    Your Mom 12 hours ago

    New lyric for Daft Punk: 7:04

  • Elijah Baltazat
    Elijah Baltazat 12 hours ago

    How many times is he going to say how many times?

  • Zeus
    Zeus 12 hours ago

    he forgot to season the butter

  • Zeus
    Zeus 12 hours ago

    0:43 fucking sellout

  • mellissa harrison
    mellissa harrison 12 hours ago

    He can season my grill anytime!

  • dannymcdonald
    dannymcdonald 12 hours ago

    He forgot to season the grill

  • Lukáš Jirsa
    Lukáš Jirsa 13 hours ago +1

    Do I have to season my keyboard before writing a comment in here?

  • bob joe
    bob joe 13 hours ago

    If anyone was going to cook with charcoal i thought it would be Ramsey. A little disappointing seeing a god like him use propane. =[

  • C00LER
    C00LER 13 hours ago

    Toast those buns lol

  • Reloo X
    Reloo X 13 hours ago +1

    Drinking Game: take a shot everytime he says Seasoning.

  • Billy1205_NRN _
    Billy1205_NRN _ 14 hours ago


  • Gabriel C
    Gabriel C 14 hours ago

    Season is my city

  • Ben Driver
    Ben Driver 14 hours ago

    Why does he complement himself so much?

  • Trazor Bitter - Clash of Clans & More

    he forgot to season the pool.

  • kevin hudson
    kevin hudson 14 hours ago

    Yeah touched the raw meat then the veggies

  • kelvin arasa
    kelvin arasa 14 hours ago +1

    I was salivating all through the whole video😂

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