Krewella - Be There (Official Music Video)

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  • NEW WORLD TOUR ON-SALE NOW (code: newworld)
    9/21/17: The Bomb Factory - Dallas, TX
    9/22/17: Emo's - Austin, TX
    9/23/17: Stereo Live Houston - Houston, TX
    9/26/17: El Rey Theatre - Albuquerque, NM
    9/28/17: The Van Buren - Phoenix, AZ
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    10/16/17: Marathon Music Works - Nashville, TN
    10/19/17: The Tabernacle - Atlanta, GA
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    10/28/17: The Fillmore Philadelphia - Philadelphia, PA
    10/31/17: Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel - Providence, RI
    11/2/17: Toad's Place - New Haven, CT
    11/3/17: Terminal 5 - New York, NY
    11/5/17: House of Blues - Boston, MA
    11/8/17: Phoenix Concert Theatre - Toronto, ON
    11/10/17: Aragon Ballroom - Chicago, IL
    11/11/17: Royal Oak Music Theatre - Detroit, MI

    This song came straight from the heart and we hope you guys think of someone you have a special bond with when you listen

    6/2 - Summerburst Festival - Gothenburg, Sweden:
    6/3 - World Club Dome - Frankfurt, Germany:
    6/4 - Neuraum - Munich, Germany:
    6/10 - Spring Awakening - Chicago, IL:
    7/8 - Electric Love - Plainfeld, Austria:
    7/21 - Tomorrowland - Boom, Belgium:
    7/22 - Parookaville - Weeze, Germany:

    'Be There' available everywhere:
    Amazon Music:

    Video by:
    Brandon Parker
    Producer: Jayson Martinovich
    Drone: Patrick Parks

    Additional footage by:
    Miles Evert
    Rory Kramer

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  • affan omer
    affan omer 12 hours ago

    krewella we need you in pakistan !!

  • Edgefuck Gladion
    Edgefuck Gladion 1 day ago

    Im just sitting here crying over someone i know ill never meet :(

  • Genis Bibin
    Genis Bibin 1 day ago

    Krewella ROXZZZ 😊 AS ALWAYS!

  • Raheel Pervaiz
    Raheel Pervaiz 1 day ago

    Bring back RAINMAN.

  • Leonks Gameplays
    Leonks Gameplays 3 days ago


    FELIPE CASTLE 4 days ago


  • 7BeAsT9
    7BeAsT9 5 days ago

    Shit! It is nice!

  • Keatan Mahi
    Keatan Mahi 6 days ago

    im a fggt m8

  • Bradley Jac16
    Bradley Jac16 6 days ago

    I love you 🖤

  • jose
    jose 6 days ago

    amo amo bieber

  • Nati BL
    Nati BL 6 days ago

    I absolutely L O V E this video ❤🔥❤

  • Drugzzz
    Drugzzz 6 days ago

    Krewella Should be on top getting 1 billion views too

  • Jack Moon
    Jack Moon 6 days ago

    I want to travel but i see the light im a poor guy hahaha

  • DanceBoYS222
    DanceBoYS222 7 days ago

    I love This song :)))))

  • D Rum
    D Rum 8 days ago

    Listened to you guys since Come & Get It, Iove you guys!

  • byNaXiL
    byNaXiL 8 days ago


  • Lucas Roberto
    Lucas Roberto 8 days ago

    i love vcs são de mais

  • stars games
    stars games 8 days ago

    Go see my youtube channel please :)

  • Eio Io
    Eio Io 8 days ago

    its so cooL...

  • mochathelynx13
    mochathelynx13 10 days ago


  • AThousandMilesOfZak
    AThousandMilesOfZak 11 days ago

    Krewella = Female Fall Out Boy! Who agrees?

  • Tyler Gannon
    Tyler Gannon 11 days ago

    This song reminds me of family. Great job guys...

  • Nurgul Orhan
    Nurgul Orhan 12 days ago


  • ThuNderOff
    ThuNderOff 12 days ago

    The world needs Krewella!!

  • trendME
    trendME 12 days ago

    beautiful vocal🤗

  • 손동휘
    손동휘 12 days ago

    song is super good!!

  • Atıl Ilıca
    Atıl Ilıca 13 days ago

    Yasmine <3 #Love

  • Pche nash
    Pche nash 13 days ago

    Good song!

  • Sarah K. B.
    Sarah K. B. 13 days ago

    I love you Krewella! ♥♥

  • Yuuta Natsuki
    Yuuta Natsuki 14 days ago


    SAGAR GUJARATI 14 days ago

    she didnt even have 1m subscribers whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy..............................

  • Muhammad Nader
    Muhammad Nader 15 days ago

    congrarulation you make nice song

  • D!docs
    D!docs 15 days ago

    I do a remix of alive by krewella would u check it out? Thanks and have a nice day bros 😬😬

  • ふっくー ふっくー

    love ya☺☺☺☺☺

  • Georgexx 13
    Georgexx 13 17 days ago

    Never seen a video suiting so good a song

  • Noob Nab
    Noob Nab 18 days ago

    1:16 😂😂😂 i'm in love

  • Nisekoi
    Nisekoi 19 days ago

    Nb3 🌝

  • Tuning /// Music
    Tuning /// Music 19 days ago

    now the second sister is more beautiful

  • Tuning /// Music
    Tuning /// Music 20 days ago

    is so sad this video .. I want the video with just lyrics 😭

  • Bethany Francia
    Bethany Francia 21 day ago

    I was born 2 days after the home video they had in the beginning lol 😂😂 My birthday is August 29, 1994

  • Tw!nKiE
    Tw!nKiE 21 day ago

    best song ever

  • RRaepy
    RRaepy 21 day ago

    This moment when Trap Nation has got more clicks than the original song

  • Furballninja
    Furballninja 21 day ago


  • Nuna Hero
    Nuna Hero 22 days ago

    I wanna have a bff to stay together, be like sisters/brothers and sing this song every time TOGETHER 😭❤️❤️

  • Jesusita Bislip
    Jesusita Bislip 22 days ago

    love these song aruba on love

  • Yasmen Yaso
    Yasmen Yaso 22 days ago

    perfect , Amizang song

  • Aamir Xargar
    Aamir Xargar 22 days ago

    one of the best song ever

  • Dalia Salmeron
    Dalia Salmeron 23 days ago

    I wish I could go to there world tour but I can't all well

  • xSeriouslyable
    xSeriouslyable 23 days ago

    lol the bird xD

  • Bilge KrewellaFan
    Bilge KrewellaFan 24 days ago

    is there anyone from Turkey/Türkiye

  • Raven Pope
    Raven Pope 24 days ago

    I can't wait to see yall in St Louis

    DONYA MOHAMAD 25 days ago


  • Taiane Carvalho
    Taiane Carvalho 25 days ago

    as melhores 💗😍


    I love this song



  • Jacqui Francis
    Jacqui Francis 25 days ago


  • Alissa K
    Alissa K 25 days ago


  • JT
    JT 25 days ago

    So well done! I hope to be able to do this some day with an awesome band. ;)

  • Kashish Agarwal
    Kashish Agarwal 26 days ago

    That beat drop is everything!

  • Vaibhav vaghmare
    Vaibhav vaghmare 26 days ago

    Wtf why only 1 million views for billion

  • LinaBelouadah
    LinaBelouadah 26 days ago

    she put the bird in her mouth omg

  • hockeysaint23
    hockeysaint23 27 days ago

    Fell in love with these girls the first time I heard the Breathe vocal remix 5 years ago.. still leave me breathless..

  • martin marikyan
    martin marikyan 27 days ago

    It's so cute!

  • Fatty Engineer
    Fatty Engineer 27 days ago

    what is the name of effect in 3:09-3:11

  • Allan Aoyama
    Allan Aoyama 27 days ago


  • anders hviid
    anders hviid 28 days ago

    2:04 hello potterheads! (ヽ´ω`)

  • Tigran Harutyunyan
    Tigran Harutyunyan 28 days ago

    crazy sitersss

  • Veu Studio
    Veu Studio 1 month ago

    from indonesia <3

  • saurav gangurde
    saurav gangurde 1 month ago

    u both are awesome......

  • dipankar debnath
    dipankar debnath 1 month ago


  • BangtanIsMyShiteu
    BangtanIsMyShiteu 1 month ago

    I don't know why but I feel really connected with Krewella because I'm half Pakistani too and people can be so racist like wtf. These just make me feel better haha ❤️

  • Marek Depeš
    Marek Depeš 1 month ago

    I'm also very impressed by his superslicer!

  • Iti Shree
    Iti Shree 1 month ago

    They are only who always make so energetic music. Love you!

  • jeremiah Mancera
    jeremiah Mancera 1 month ago

    who else called THE FUCKEEN NUMBER

  • Yujus Bangs
    Yujus Bangs 1 month ago

    they never disappoint with them bops

  • Kely Trindade
    Kely Trindade 1 month ago

    What a song ma Krew!!!!! so so proud of this girls!

  • Jordan Castillo
    Jordan Castillo 1 month ago

    This music video was soo cute, omg😍

  • kaef
    kaef 1 month ago


    KOKO ASHRAF 1 month ago

    I think I have heard a song like this song before especially in the part of I will be there

  • mochathelynx13
    mochathelynx13 1 month ago

    so emotional... so beautiful... so best :')

  • Alee :D
    Alee :D 1 month ago

    nice ×-×

  • Dax Records
    Dax Records 1 month ago

    <3<3<3 love and blessings to you all good vibes in this music i am so happy and grateful for your success

  • Harry Potter
    Harry Potter 1 month ago

    I freaked out when I saw my name on screen

  • omar Waheed
    omar Waheed 1 month ago


  • Ihsan Iqbal
    Ihsan Iqbal 1 month ago


  • Pradip Dey
    Pradip Dey 1 month ago

    superb. like u too much both of u.. :)

  • JL Santiago
    JL Santiago 1 month ago

    Is Krewella is twin cuz I keep seeing double of her in each video?

  • Suzana Rocha
    Suzana Rocha 1 month ago


  • aaasd fadfd
    aaasd fadfd 1 month ago

    Fucking bitches shame on yah bring the rain man back you suckers

  • Kshitij Rane
    Kshitij Rane 1 month ago

    644 People are inhuman here

  • Kshitij Rane
    Kshitij Rane 1 month ago

    Why such great songs dnt become popular

  • jeremiah Mancera
    jeremiah Mancera 1 month ago

    who else called the number 😂?

  • Dani
    Dani 1 month ago

    Well, I want this on my funeral. :')

  • kartik bisht
    kartik bisht 1 month ago

    hey listeners check my first music work

  • Anthony Mayo
    Anthony Mayo 1 month ago


  • wahba buda
    wahba buda 1 month ago

    seriously I'm in love with this song ❤

  • Jerome4tification
    Jerome4tification 1 month ago

    yasmine is so cute

  • Jao Heather
    Jao Heather 1 month ago

    they're so impressed with your super slicer

  • That single Guy
    That single Guy 1 month ago

    Banana gaming send me here ❤️

  • Nick D
    Nick D 1 month ago

    Why does this not have more views

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