Modern Educayshun

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  • Music Mask
    Music Mask 41 minute ago

    Holy shit the girl in the end is cute as hell.

    Oh fuck

  • No One
    No One 57 minutes ago

    This entire thing is complete bullshit.

  • AntoPlayz
    AntoPlayz 4 hours ago

    The girl on the tumbnail is hot

  • Beshayer otaibi
    Beshayer otaibi 5 hours ago

    this is how fucked up we are if we keep saying and accepting every thing not normal
    we're just Male and female....

  • Rancid Rocket
    Rancid Rocket 7 hours ago

    These videos have amazing storylines

  • Rancid Rocket
    Rancid Rocket 7 hours ago

    Ur engrish is much good

  • akemi Jones
    akemi Jones 8 hours ago

    1 + 1 = multiculturalism. Advanced math for me in my school.

  • DigGil3
    DigGil3 8 hours ago

    Hey! It's a sequel to Die Welle.

  • Curtis Weber
    Curtis Weber 10 hours ago

    It`s been 2 weeks since I began enjoying this brain training game “nonu amazing only” (Google it) and I am surprised how it helped me focus well in other cases! This is fun, tough but not irritating. I have not paid something to be able to play it.

  • Ramuneるいか
    Ramuneるいか 12 hours ago

    I feel really annoyed

  • LivyReads
    LivyReads 14 hours ago

    Proving their point I'm trying so hard not to be offended 😂

  • Living Lou
    Living Lou 15 hours ago

    12,436 people got their feelings hurt.......boooooo hoooo. RETARDS! Ooops...was that offensive?

  • Bennn
    Bennn 15 hours ago

    fuck this hypersensitive society

  • Tippetarius
    Tippetarius 16 hours ago

    This is terrifying

  • AQW Vortex
    AQW Vortex 17 hours ago

    You dont seem so educated with that english

  • Rataev94 Rataev
    Rataev94 Rataev 18 hours ago

    Ow, that abusively

  • Wayneisboss
    Wayneisboss 18 hours ago

    I wish this wasn't so accurate

  • richard Mars
    richard Mars 19 hours ago

    fantastic..All dressed in black..The new left fascism.

  • Peanutbutter 1014
    Peanutbutter 1014 20 hours ago

    Is it me or is that girl fit enough to bang

  • Ruairi Logan
    Ruairi Logan 20 hours ago

    I am a liberal but not to the extreme where I don't listen to other people's opinions, that's barbaric.

    KING OF GAMES 4 20 hours ago


  • Daniel Ortiz
    Daniel Ortiz 21 hour ago

    This doesn’t even qualify as liberalism anymore, this is just fascism

  • The Most Interesting

    Wow... great film making!

  • Dunn
    Dunn 22 hours ago

    "Stop violating me with your different opinions" this video is awesome, shows how the typical libtards are thinking

  • Otto Carius
    Otto Carius 1 day ago

    This shit is a sick! Fight for a normal life!

  • J.J. Moveology
    J.J. Moveology 1 day ago

    Interesting. Any "sides" can be made to look insane when we don't question our beliefs with the innate truth in love. Love IS always respectful and never limited to a belief system.

  • ThisCatIsOnFire
    ThisCatIsOnFire 1 day ago

    The ideology in all of this IU s out if whack and bullshit

  • 8
    8 1 day ago

    Oh it's that kinda video

  • Navada 524
    Navada 524 1 day ago


  • BigPikachu1
    BigPikachu1 1 day ago

    This is a fucking mess, the right trying to brain wash everyone

  • PixelPixeliado P.P

    This video is so beatiful and the best part are the comments of sjw or liberals trying to potrait this video as false and "propaganda" ahahahahahaha.

    What a great video ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤.

  • FateSama Queen
    FateSama Queen 1 day ago

    Free speech no one should be hurt if we have time to be hurt by word how about we make time just to enjoy life.
    Its not supposed to be a crime to speak what we think. just means your open minded. i'm fat people can say that but don't treat me like i'm weak. i don't need pity. no one does. pity isn't and answer a push to be ourselves is. why be mad over what someone says they can be who they want just like you can be what you want. {0.0}? so..... why start a war. why not be happy with who you are with out being bothered.....we aren't all the same. we can say something is wrong. and we can say something is why be mad? everyone doesn't think the same as you??{^~^} lets all be happy!

    TOASTED POTATO 1 day ago

    this makes alot of sense so if not alot of you get it so here I go....he was what you may call a politically incorrect as in freedom of speech and assembly and the right to speak his mind, but the class don't like people like that so when they mean it will end soon they mean they're trying to get rid of proper functionality of how the world works and get it to become a cold dark place of if you breath you offend me

  • Geoff T.
    Geoff T. 2 days ago

    It was like I was watching Black Mirror

  • caruuso
    caruuso 2 days ago


  • Jano Topercer
    Jano Topercer 2 days ago

    Dark sarcasm in the classroom. But Achtung Baby, liberalism etc can become as extremistic ideology as was communism or nazism.

  • D Cruz
    D Cruz 2 days ago

    Look at all these white people complaining about their first world problems.

  • ArrowAngelFTW
    ArrowAngelFTW 2 days ago

    Sunshine was actually adorable

    TONYSTARK557 2 days ago

    This is unnerving because only a few decades ago we fought against its opposite. How easy it is for us to forget.

  • T Gen
    T Gen 2 days ago

    Thank you for this. So much.

  • Gelo Laforteza
    Gelo Laforteza 2 days ago

    what is this shows name

  • Patrick LohKamp
    Patrick LohKamp 2 days ago

    This feels unfortunately accurate in a number of real life scenarios.

  • PeachyBum
    PeachyBum 2 days ago

    This made me Triggered.

  • Tabmaker VE.
    Tabmaker VE. 2 days ago

    I am a human? (- * error *)

  • Oktopodenbrah the Great

    Thats literally Instagram's LGBTQ+ Community.

  • OutoSyzygy
    OutoSyzygy 3 days ago

    this makes me want to kill myself because it is so accurate.

  • Smeagol Dislikes Fat Hobbitses

    Lol 12k people were triggered

  • Call Me Mace
    Call Me Mace 3 days ago

    I like this guy

  • Doge
    Doge 3 days ago

    Actually I think that equality has hit the point where we are equal there are still some people who think equality isn't right. But that doesn't mean everybody thinks that. I think these are people going to a new level of brain dead honestly anybody would want to put a gun to their head listening to sjws ignore the questions asked by interviewers

  • Bart Simpson
    Bart Simpson 3 days ago

    That makes me agressive.

  • 司徒祖恆
    司徒祖恆 3 days ago

    It is scary! But that is true!

  • JKmakeupmaster
    JKmakeupmaster 3 days ago

    The statement is "questions are offensive " is offensive. I feel upset

  • Damian Wyrębiak
    Damian Wyrębiak 3 days ago

    5:45 so what about the feelings of this brown-skinned man. He may have them too, you know.

  • Damian Wyrębiak
    Damian Wyrębiak 3 days ago

    So from now on having an opinnion is offensive...
    If you run for equality then nobody should have priviladges over others.
    If women have priviladges for being a woman then the women are the sexist ones here...

  • Trevor Hunt
    Trevor Hunt 3 days ago

    I understand that this is supposed to be satire, social commentary, and start a dialogue and all that jazz, but honestly what I got out of this more than anything is that if there actually was a surrealist horror-type miniseries with this premise then I would totally set aside a Saturday to binge the *fuck* out of it.

  • Logan Poe
    Logan Poe 3 days ago

    fucking communist liberal I hate them and their so called "rights" which is total bullshit and don't let us speak our minds

  • EpicGummyBear99
    EpicGummyBear99 3 days ago


  • EpicGummyBear99
    EpicGummyBear99 3 days ago


  • LeeSanKachu
    LeeSanKachu 3 days ago

    Penelope: WE DONT ASK QUESTIONS, Questions are offensive
    Me: You also asked a question saying "You think gender equality is a joke?"

  • Jaren C
    Jaren C 3 days ago

    This is how people feel about learning about different people? Bruh nobody really cares that deep that you're white. Boundaries can't be this scary. I know not to come up to your grandma and call her names, because I know what a limit is. "Speak your mind" but understand that a REACTION won't always be the one that you want. You want freedom of speech but not freedom of natural reactions and responses. Doesn't work like that unless you would like to have a one sided conversation. You need to listen just as much as you need to be heard.

  • Follower of the Apocalypse

    This is very true message maybe a little exaggerated but the message is very accurate

  • Kayla Fritz
    Kayla Fritz 3 days ago

    Am I the only one who feels offended by this video yes freedom of speech but as long as it doesn't offend anyone's beliefs or existence!! I am feminist and sure call me a snowflake or a liberal what ever you want but at some point we are going to look back at this and say " wow we where dumb for not agreeing with those "snowflakes" cause now we are all screwed " so you know what make fun all you want but in the long run equality means a lot !! And sooner or later you will realize that !!

      NO ISLAMONAZIS 2 days ago

      If one doesn't offend then how does one change someone's beliefs or existence. i.e.
      Islam is the original Nazi docrine but it is Islamophobia to question its horrible ideals and practices?
      third wave feminism is about supremacy and so it conceals this with victim play. But one is sexist if challenging it?

      Kayla-I hope this helps you understand!

    • Kayla Fritz
      Kayla Fritz 3 days ago

      seafoam the feminism you see is from the wrong perspective and you need to educate yourself on feminism before you disagree with it but thanks for voicing your ignorant opinion!! It was really interesting to here such a ... common response said once again !! So please take your arrogance somewhere else !! Goodbye

    • seafoam
      seafoam 3 days ago

      Kayla Fritz i'll have you know that feminism is man-hating. no one gives a shit about what the dictionary says feminism is, what matters is what feminism DOES.

      when a man opened a sexual abuse center for men, as there are *thousands* of these centers just for women, the public barely supported it and feminists harassed him into closing it down and even sent him death threats.

      feminism claims to support 'gender equality' and they support cancer research, mainly breast cancer. and that's great and all, but 30%+ men die of prostate cancer every year, and they get a small fraction of donations compared to the colossal amount of donations breast cancer gets. and men are more likely to commit suicide than women, men have all these high mortality rates, but does feminism care? no because fuck men, right?

      those are just a few examples, what i'm saying is, what's from stopping people from saying *feminism* isn't offensive, considering all of the toxicity that comes from the movement. differing opinions offend people, because we have it hardwired in our heads that we are morally right.

      and i know you're about to say "oh well that's not what true feminism is about!" that's a logical fallacy. there is no 'true' feminism, what we see is what we get, and the feminism i'm seeing in the modern world at the moment is absolute shit.

  • MCPunk55
    MCPunk55 4 days ago

    So when I was in my Psychiatrist's office, I was harassing her? We definitely looked at each other for more than 15 seconds. Does that mean she was harassing me? Of course not. Women are incapable of such things... except for all the cases they are, like 78% of domestic abuse cases. That's right. 78% of male on female domestic abuse is actually instigated by the woman, meaning the man is acting on self-defense. The fact these male victims see no support, not even legal support, already flushes Feminist rhetoric down the toilet and brings to the surface what it is: MISANDRY. But in all honesty, this has been adressed so many times it's not even funny anymore... until you see an "asian" wearing nothing but a smile and thick glasses saying "I'm gay, I'm trans, I'm asian, I'm overweight" and all that nonsense. That made me laugh.
    P.s: I suffer from astigmatism, farsightedness, dyslexia, depression, I'm overweight, my left knee joint's gone, I'm hairy as all hell, I don't abide by the tradicional path of birth, growth, marriage and death, I'm not interested in romance or sex whatsoever. How many privilege points?

  • Jay Amundson
    Jay Amundson 4 days ago

    EXCELLENT! But I have a suggestion. Lower the music level. It's hard to hear the dialog.

  • Aria Grill
    Aria Grill 4 days ago

    if this wasn't reality this would be so good for a horror movie

  • Great White7
    Great White7 4 days ago

    Its edumuhcation BTW.

  • Anarnam
    Anarnam 4 days ago

    That was dark.

  • Antichrist 666
    Antichrist 666 4 days ago

    This is what happens if the left won

    • Bo Holbo Rasmussen
      Bo Holbo Rasmussen 4 days ago

      Antichrist 666 No.. This is what happens if the retarded third (or fourth depending on where you live) wave feminist were allowed to rule the world!

  • Trevor Shannon
    Trevor Shannon 4 days ago

    Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it. McCarthyism- a political purge by trying to purge out suspected communist ideals living among us within America and the people possibly behind it. Political Correctness- a political purge by trying to purge out suspected beliefs that might be offensive that are living among us within America and the people possibly behind those beliefs.

  • Much Unique Jim
    Much Unique Jim 4 days ago

    There needs to be a sequel to this

  • ZZ Cat
    ZZ Cat 4 days ago

    Wow. You've come a LONG way since your Aussie in 2 Minutes video, Neel. Excellent work here.

  • Doctor Wollin Richthofen

    If i was the student coming into that class with my profile picture clothe
    I will kill every single one of these asshole after I say my punchline "Class is dismissed"

  • Doctor Wollin Richthofen

    "And i once watched a pigeon die"
    "Wonderful, Sunshine"
    Well isn't that ironic

  • Doctor Wollin Richthofen

    1+1= Multiculturalism
    3*3 = Gender Equality
    My life is a lie, but then what does 3 cubed equal

    simple joke/question

  • Chris
    Chris 4 days ago

    You fucking nailed it!

  • AlbinoWalrus
    AlbinoWalrus 4 days ago

    these videos are amazing!

  • Never leave without highlight

    Can someone explain this to me?

    • diego cadena
      diego cadena 4 days ago

      Never leave without highlight It's about todays sjw's and feminist in a nutshell on how they think

  • Benjamin Rennie
    Benjamin Rennie 4 days ago

    .... Well actually.... it's illegal to fight back against 2 of the people.... but for the other two, it's open season.

  • diego cadena
    diego cadena 4 days ago


  • K Kaiser
    K Kaiser 4 days ago

    The very beginning and very end I think is a metaphor of each kid not knowing what happens walking into the insanity known as school and the next coming after to experience the same

  • alienc23
    alienc23 4 days ago

    This political correctness is sick and the worst part is that no one publicly speaks about it! People wake you up!

  • Michael Heyness
    Michael Heyness 5 days ago

    I am so glad to live in a country where nobody care about some Social Justice movement and when someone does, (s)he's not taken seriously, far left is being frowned upon and most of the population is atheistic, from this point of view, it's paradise.

  • MrNicko OD
    MrNicko OD 5 days ago


  • Cruzy
    Cruzy 5 days ago

    This video shows how bad my generation actually is. Thank god my school hasn't jumped on the social justice bandwagon, and hopefully never will.

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 5 days ago

    These are the the little shits that I died for?

  • Derpy Organism
    Derpy Organism 5 days ago

    The teacher can't math in this video.

  • Kani K.
    Kani K. 5 days ago

    i dont get it

    why did he bump into the thing and then the girl later on also bumped into it?

  • Rosey Santacruz
    Rosey Santacruz 5 days ago

    This goes past satire and into idiocy. This isn't mocking liberals, this is being plain silly because while some people are probably that intense into equality, that's being communist and not liberal. And I will note that being communist believes that everyone is paid equally, regardless of value and effort, and that is how a communist society had worked before.

  • Jake Zalesny
    Jake Zalesny 5 days ago

    Sunshine scared the crap out of me WTF

  • Charlie Thomas
    Charlie Thomas 5 days ago

    I'm HELLA confused!!!!

  • TheCoolCow1000
    TheCoolCow1000 6 days ago

    When the box makes a thump thump sound and the teacher said ignore that it will end, I thought it was a heartbeat and the teacher was basically saying you will be dead soon

  • luzier x
    luzier x 6 days ago


  • botekp
    botekp 6 days ago

    Leftist marxism at its best. At which point West got retarded like this?

  • Joshua Alto
    Joshua Alto 6 days ago

    i have Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

  • ArabicMaple
    ArabicMaple 6 days ago

    if i get 7 of 10 i be happy

  • dan tan
    dan tan 6 days ago

    this getting close to reality each day

  • Filip Mucala
    Filip Mucala 6 days ago

    sad true in these days

  • Somali Girlfriend Who Pirated Your Pirate

    I would 1 + 0 penelope if u no wut i mean

  • Scott mcscott
    Scott mcscott 6 days ago

    reminds me of uni

  • Dark Blaze
    Dark Blaze 6 days ago

    I came from FBE,anyone?

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